Activating Your Soul Mandate

The Over-lighting of the Great Masters

To be aware of your spiritual mandates commences the onset of living from the inner imperative of fulfilling your higher life purpose. To be clear, this is far from the futility of “ego-doing.”  It is the natural response of the living light that you are, that selflessly responds to the nature of the service to which your soul has been divinely mandated. It is the actualization of your mandates that inspire, develop and advance your soul to a higher plane of existence. Cultivating the actualization of your mandates is also your greatest learning. Your mandates are divinely designed to vivify and make manifest the Atma and Christ consciousness of your master self.

When you are truly soul inspired and soul guided you also naturally, magnetically attract masters and guides into your life experience. As your motivations become ever-more selfless and pure, an over-lighting from celestial beings and teachers is a natural progression of spiritual development. It is a progression that accelerates your awakening, your ascension, your mastery and your service.

To have your mandates undergo the potent energy transmittal of activation and ultimate permeation of over-lighting, sets free the inner fire within you, that pierces through all uncertainty of ego, to reveal your timeless knowing. This is a divine empowerment that literally ignites  your  soul’s causal blueprint,  bestowing your path with the tangible presence of the spiritual hierarchy.  Over-lighting is an unparalleled boon for activating the prime directive of that lies within the coding of your DNA, that calls your master self into actualization and your mandates into action.

You yourself amplify the process through divesting from  ego to become empty of desire and attachment. It is your emptiness that allows the limitless outflow of the enlightened genius that inspires selfless world service and benevolent endeavors. Egoless transformation amasses a continuum of heightened awareness, as the ego relinquishes control, to reinstate the providence of conscious co-creation that is your inherent birthright.  Conscious co-creation is an  instinctual imperative as a free-soul to precipitate the causal power of willed-seed-thought, rather than be a slave to circumstances.

Your awakening heralds the coming age of conscious creatorship that propels the transit to unity consciousness.

A benevolent society of world citizens will evolve and prosper, led by a global fellowship of enlightened leaders. It is this supreme leap on the evolutionary scale of mind-over-matter, that precipitates the Divine Plan into materialization. It is with a greatest of love, that I  impart the Path of Co-Creation, one of the four gateways of the Royal Path, yet, it is from your deepest realization that you embody the full potency of your  godhood. You are the lotus born, the 144,000, the destiny souls, of a new time.

Upon your yearning to stand before the thresholds of light, so must you peer deeply into the sacred learning that stirs the voice of your soul. Let that resound of purpose be your instrument of creation. Your soul’s vibration, its voice, its wisdom, is but the brilliance of your own genius that provides the very circumstances that sparks your entrance into the endowment of Omni Awakening. Thus, upon this endowment do you enter the Great Halls of Illumination.


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