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The Clarion Call of the Sedona Mission

2019-07-24T15:35:41-07:00Video Transmissions|

A profound talk from the Rishi on the sacred work of opening the Divine Corridor in Sedona and her personal call to Sedona 30 years ago. The Rishi’s impassioned encouragement to be sensitive to your own inner divine calling and be willing to make changes if guided to do so. Materializing the Ascended Masters is a mandate the Rishi is commissioned to serve

The Great Calm of the Witness State

2019-07-24T15:38:29-07:00Video Transmissions|

The Rishi’s Discourse on The Great Calm of the Witness State and Establishing the Silent Watcher. The Master’s enlightened teaching on rising beyond the addiction of ego-drama by witnessing mind chatter from the impersonal state of neutral observation and the timeless technique of witnessing thought patterns.

Omni Meditation for Disciples and Initiates

2019-07-24T15:42:45-07:00Video Transmissions|

Receive the empowerment of direct transmission from the Living Rishi for elevated states of Omni Meditation for lasting spiritual expansion. A guided meditation created for intermediate practitioners, but illuminating for souls on all paths, through transcendent attunment to the Rishi's Shakti Emanation of Divine Light.