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Guiding Wisdom for Transformation

The Mataji Rishi’s Invocation… I offer my mind, my heart, and my soul to this transmission and I ask for the precision of attunement that will allow this Royal Path Master Teaching to be transmitted in utmost clarity, in the fullness of radiance, an abundance of love, serving the very highest good of all beings throughout this world and throughout the greater creation of which we are a part. I call forth for those Great Masters who are especially attuned and assigned to overseeing the emergence of sacred knowledge for the global transition to a benevolent society of souls through the service leadership and global guardianship that is reflective of the divine birthright of humanity.

From the Shamballa Counsel of the Great Masters

“Beloved peoples of this most sacred Earth and beloved Chelas and Initiates of the Ageless Wisdoms which convey the sacred knowledge that sustains all worlds and all beings, we, of the Shamballa Councils, bid you welcome and extend our light and our illumination to each of you. Know that we are of a collective mind even as we function in the individuality of our specific higher purpose and yet we join together today in a unity of mind and purpose, so that this information can be radiated upon many planes of understanding, upon many frequencies of vibration and upon many wavelengths of comprehension. Therefore, we invite you to receive what is being shared in the unique capacity of your own understanding and to consider your each and every realization as a blessing unto all the world.

Also, we ask that you be aware that as we hold forth as the Council of Shamballa for the guardianship of this planet, we do so in attunement, alignment and conjunction with the planetary and solar councils of many, many, many circles of souls, councils and lodges of guardian beings universally. For you who are the vanguards of enlightenment will one day be reunifies with our fellowship on behalf of the well-being of earth and her peoples. For the day is hastened through the enlightenment of each noble soul who pieces the viels, that we might materialize and stand before you as we once did when the merged reality of dimensions was the normalcy of earthly, solar and universal life, prior to the veiling of humanity, until such time that benevolence was restored within the heart and the Will-to-Good was the primary principle that runs through all global governance.

Our primary purpose is to uplift all worlds of existence unto the original concept for the perfecting of creation, worlds and realms. For within the mind’s eye of Prime Creator is the perfect vision that consummates an exquisite of a sacred formula which demonstrates the ever-perfecting interplay of sound and light.  This manifestation is the emanating illumination of Creator that imitates, sustains and perfects infinite proliferations of life that are the spendorous resounding of sound and light in a union that is endowed with the root cause of infinity itself.

Be with what has just been said, giving yourself a moment to ponder and to contemplate the vastness of which we speak. Opening many gateways of understanding both within your own minds as well as inter-dimensionally and as you open your intuitive capacity, we invite you to behold the universal family of light that serves the kingdoms of Earth and the divine evolution through the wheels of time  into the full potential of consummation from which all lights of form were originally conceived. We offer this teaching on this day that a multitudinous array of understandings might be opened in the many minds that will receive the universal teachings of the Royal Path hereby conveyed.

We wish to begin by emphasizing the divine partnership that lies within all life forms to be unfolded and the way in which that partnership is continually in a synthesizing and uplifting exchange. For truly it is that the fusion of mind and the fusion of purpose and fusion of loving response to one another that upholds, uplifts and sustains the greater whole of creation. As the human family comes to understand the essentiality of the premise of a sacred trust of partnership between all beings, thus, a new era of cooperative and complimentary service to the highest good of all can then become the keynote that heralds the thousand golden years of peace that has been foretold in prophecy. This is indeed a principle that we very much advise and wish to see instilled in all educational processes and institutions worldwide. From the youngest to the oldest of the human family that the keynote of mutually benefiting partnership be the principle that sets the state for peace and prosperity worldwide. “

The Great Law of Balance

The Light of Divine Law Applied to Steward Leadership

For within the good-will of benevolent and mutually serving partnership is to be found The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance, the first of the laws that create the exponential and sustaining unfolding of ever increasing abundance, wherein, the very nature of abundance is the propelling force that sustains all of creation and therefore, is an aspect of the sacred equations of infinity itself. Within The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance there are many subsidiary laws and principles and even the smallest child can very readily assimilate this sacred knowledge and therefore envision, if you will, the way in which future generations would be assured of a sustainable planet.

When this reciprocal balance is established within oneself, not only is health and well-being assured, but also the right balance of mind and emotion is restored. For, through one’s own innermost  balance, are all forces within oneself made manifest in an optimum upswell and outflow of illumination, in an infinite upsweeping of illumination, that illumination being the divine nature of one’s very own godhood. Therefore, we beseech you to comprehend that a leader or creator or servant innovator, who truly seeks to serve the whole and the greatest good, must first seek to balance one’s own internal dynamics of selfhood and do so within the principality of love, wisdom and service as the guiding light and mainstay of all self-entraining and all illumination from on high. From the self responsibility of accounting for one’s thought, word and deed is the nobility of true stewardship the informing light that inspires all endeavors of leadership, brought into expression and from that outflow of expression is the Will-to-Good emergent from within the inner light of one’s own godhood. For to create is Godly and to steward creation is the very nature of Godliness.

To serve and the lead is a holy endeavor that calls for the great  responsibility of the dedication to self-accountability.  To account for all that one is, for one’s totality of thought and emotion is to also avail oneself of the Great Law of Balance. To do so with love and compassion for oneself is to do with love and compassion for others. Herein lies the Law of One and the eternal oneness therein from which the the whole of the cosmos exists. This, must all noble leaders begin with the divine partnership with oneself with God and with creation.

If these most essential teachings were being made available to the young worldwide and certainly to all phases of the educational process, whereby, every aspect of learning and every trade and every industry is always moving from the keynotes of sacred knowledge wherein the quantum physics of an eternally self-sustaining sequence of universes is to be found. For if the learning and the specific training of every profession and every trade and every industry were based upon the sacred knowledge of the equations of creation itself were foremost the initiating premise, you would behold the ultimate eventuality of all industries and all professions, all trades, endeavors and activities worldwide, moving along the parallel lines wherein the ideals and Divine Idea of reciprocal balance, a mutually sustaining service to the higher good of the whole, would be the endowment of benefit that each specific arena of individual and group development would then, in turn, contribute unto the whole.

The idea of mutually benefiting partnership is one that is certainly easy enough to comprehend as being beneficial, however, we further make known to you the way in which these essential laws and principles must be brought into your educational processes in every way, shape and form worldwide and in every arena where in learning takes place, to include the home and hearth, to include the place of worship and spiritual illumination, to include all phases of the educational development of youth and children and most certainly to include in the sequencing and specific implementation of this principle into every aspect of educational learning as it is understood in the university and graduate aspects of higher learning. Then too, as these laws and principles become the very basis of world governance, this then will herald the opening of the thresholds of a new era of peace and prosperity for all beings.

First Subsidiary Law
The Empowerment of Self Responsibility

The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance, which is the informing God-in-action law, makes possible the Divine Idea of mutually and benevolently benefiting partnership. For within this primary law is also the seven subsidiary laws that bring God in action, that bring the light of illumined mind into the activity of human exchange. The first being the subsidiary Law of the Empowerment of the Self Responsibility wherein the striving to attune, obey and execute the activity of these laws in all thought, word and deed, becomes the educational process that is conveyed to even the youngest of the human family. The joy and the empowerment of knowing that one truly is in balance with the creation of which one is a part secures one’s own knowledge of the sense of belonging, the sense of giving unto the whole. For truly it must be understood that no life form can achieve the sense of fulfillment that gives meaning to life itself without the acknowledgement that one truly is contributing to the truest and fullest of one’s capacity to the whole. For it is through that fullness of contribution that one is truly at peace and in Divine Complement with the greater creation of which one is a part.

The first of the subsidiary laws of The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance is the God-in-Action to be found within self responsibility wherein the desire and the decision become one and the same. The choice is made to be in continual balance and equality of giving and receiving to the greater whole of which one is a part. So often the beauty and power of human exchange is shortchanged because of the withholding and the lower mind that misinterprets and instead engages in the strife causing beliefs that perpetuate all manner of withholding, all manner of greed, all manner of coveting, and incorrect possession of that which truly does belong to the whole of humanity. This, oh people of Earth, must be changed, transformed and corrected if you are ever to consummate the Garden of Eden as it was conceived on the part of Creator for a benevolent Earth for all peoples, all nations and all kingdoms. This empowerment, this joyousness of self-responsibility to right thinking wherein self-responsibility becomes equality of giving and receiving, indeed, must be implemented into every aspect of education and higher learning. Were this to become the basis of education, the thousand years of peace and prosperity would be rapidly forthcoming.

The Second Subsidiary Law
The Free Extension of Abundance Itself

The second of the subsidiary laws is The Law of the Free Extension of Abundance Itself wherein the divine flow of abundance becomes the very premise within the construct of not only human exchange but also the exchange between humanity and all other kingdoms. It is a great and in fact severe inaccuracy of thinking wherein the leading governments of this world put forth the idea the economy is more important than the health of the global environment. Oh people of Earth, truly we impart to you that there is no lack, no inadequacy of wealth or abundance that can constitute the withholding of reciprocal balance with the very air that you breathe and the water that you drink and the sacred Earth that you walk upon. For it is this thinking that destroys the very things that sustain life on Earth as it was originally conceived. For to live on a dying planet breeds an ever increasing despair unconsciously, subconsciously and consciously within the intelligence of all life forms on this planet, from that of a newborn child to that of a grain of sand, from that of a young, aspiring man or woman to that of a senior citizen, knowing that their knowledge is being given to a planet that ultimately has no future.

We call you to take to heart the inevitability wherein the imbalance of excess in relationship to insufficient accommodation of the very life sustaining elements on this planet can no longer prevail if indeed you do not wish to be a citizen, a resident of a planet that even now is on a course of death and destruction. We call forth for a changing of the guard. We call forth for a changing of all thought and belief and we call forth for an outpouring of the transformation of mind into all aspects of global guardianship and therefore governments wherein the unity of nations and the Federation of the United

Nations for Peace on Earth becomes a stronghold of sacred law that assures a vital and life-giving planet for all generations to come.

Therefore, let the educational premise be begun, wherein the coveting of excess is known to be as a scourge upon the land and among peoples rather than anything that could be considered an economic power. Let this then apply to all aspects of individual, group, organizational and national precept of Divine Law into the function of governance that rules all manner of the distribution of resources. Not merely limited to finances and economics, but also, extended to all manner of resources wherein the wealth one possesses is the very thing that one is honored to extend to others. It is through this extending that exponentiality itself is infused with the very light that perpetuates the unfolding potential that indeed has no beginning and no end universally. Let then the premise of excess be coupled with the empowerment of the function dynamics and government of the distribution of abundance of all things…of mind, of spirit, of heart, of all manner of wherewithal.

The Third Subsidiary Law
The Fundamental Energetic of Sacred Ratio

The third of the subsidiary laws is The Law of Sacred Ratio. The law that brings balance between beings, between family members, between families in the communities in which they live, between communities in the regions in which they live and ultimately between nations that share the natural resources of this planet. For long has it been established that the tithing of ten percent be the requirement that not only brings one into right relationship with one’s creator, but also, brings one in right relationship with the creation of which one is a part. Therefore, as this law of tithing ten percent becomes endowed into the very basis of human consciousness it becomes then a form of empowerment that is a shared empowerment, a singularity of empowerment that becomes as a great wave of the will to good worldwide. It is the very basis of philanthropy and is one that teaches even the youngest of children the principle therein.

The empowerment of giving ten percent of one’s wherewithal becomes an unleashing of the spirit of generosity that circulates throughout the great web of life worldwide, thereby serving as the very essence of unity of love, of service, that reconnects and recreates the web of life itself worldwide.  For since the ancient of days, this Divine Law has been the very principle that would create peace among family members, peace among tribes and communities, peace among regions, states and providences and ultimately peace among nations.

Envision, if you will, from the smallest of children to the greatest of nations a continual tithing of ten percent of all wherewithal and the unleashing of the power of giving which in turn brings the end to the horrors of coveting excess. The withholding of wherewithal which has become the true ill on this planet, affecting not only peace among nations but virtually peace within the human family itself and the cause of disease of every manner worldwide wherein the fear of survival becomes the shared human experience, rather than the assurance of a self-sustaining creation which is the spiritual birthright of all souls upon the higher wheels of light wherein partnership and complementary co-existence are the very basis of life itself.

The Fourth Subsidiary Law
The Exponential Increase of Ten

As we move now to the fourth sustaining law understand that we are essentially giving you the subsidiary laws of creation itself and when there is the honor and the trust, then all beings give in like formulation of ten percent of all wherewithal. The fourth law then automatically comes into being wherein a great unleashing of illumination and clear thinking and solutions to the problems of the world will come in a rapidity of activity.  The freeing of the very human spirit itself becomes the light of mind. The creative process of thought is joyously and adamantly given to the correction of imbalances, to the giving of insufficiency wherein sufficiency has caused harm and the balancing of excess where excess has caused harm and the cooperative complementary fusion of the human spirit will be as a tsunami; a force of illumination which causes a rapid increase of love and intelligence, of wisdom and soul empowerment to virtually be as a great wave of awakening for all souls worldwide. Imagine, if you will, the flow of even a mere ten percent of the wealth of all world citizens as a shared resource, set into motion for the right use of all beings worldwide, which brings us now to the fifth subsidiary law of The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance.

The Fifth Subsidiary Law
The Harmonic Response to Need

This is The Law of Harmonic Convergence in Response to Need. Harmonic convergence in response to need wherein the need becomes the prevailing factor of consideration and the ability to give to that need becomes the illumination of wisdom that propels the factoring of response into the creation of solutions that satisfy the need. So often needs are glowingly exemplified worldwide. From the statistics that must be taken to heart on the part of every human being wherein insufficient food, shelter, medical care and sustenance of so many platitudes are more than spelled out unto every thinking mind. But instead, the need be the priority. The sin and the allowance of withholding and coveting excess is the very thing that perpetuates the extremities of disparity and imbalance upon your world which indeed echoes throughout the ethers and upon the winds and in the waters of all things that sustain this planet; the fact of the eventuating death of a planet where this imbalance cannot sustain this world and cannot assure a planet which can support for future generations.

The harmonic convergence of the response to need will become an automatic complementary likeness of mind that through the unleashed, free human spirit through the likeness of mind a convergence of purpose will become the response to need in all of the specifications and factoring that is required on the part of the human mind to truly become stewards of this planet and therefore, brethren and peacemakers unto one another. For as the ill of withholding and coveting of excess is no longer the order of the day, so you shall see an emergence of the blossoming of intelligence and the freedom of the human mind to seek its own potential of illumination by virtue of the desire to heal the needs of the world, the imbalances of a planet and the cry of despair wherever that cry might be alleviated.

The Sixth Subsidiary Law
The Truth of Intelligent Sequencing

Moving now to the sixth subsidiary law will then be wherein the illumination of mind in freedom and the abundance of giving are empowered to utilize the factor of intelligence in the appropriate sequencing of giving that can best afford the alleviation of world suffering wherever it might be found. So herein lays The Law of Intelligent Sequencing in the provision of the distribution of wherewithal into the balancing of need wherever it might be found worldwide wherein the balance that is reciprocal is also found.

Through this law those in need are thereby empowered and required to initiate a reciprocal giving unto the whole in return. This is not merely giving unto the needy but giving unto those in need in such a way that they are empowered to give as well in return. Herein lays the intelligent sequencing of giving, wherein the recipient is thereby empowered through the construct of intelligent sequencing, planning and formulation, to also then engage in the giving of the great law of the ten percent tithe in return. Then, even the poorest of the poor are empowered to give in return, thereby restoring the very basis of human dignity and healing the deep despair. The inability to contribute to the whole is a sadness that can only be overcome through the mutual recognition; the need for all life forms to be a part of the divine flow of reciprocal balance worldwide.

See now the beauty and the great equality that will be achieved between the poorest of the poor and the richest of the rich, where all move in to the commonality of the empowerment, wherein the free giving of the ten percent factor becomes a global governance that is rejoiced and happily engaged from the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich. For truly the day shall come where the United Nations for the Federation of Peace among peoples is indeed the guardian of a great world fund of the distribution of global resources in a preponderance of increasing intelligence where the very factor of engaging the empowerment of the poor and the needy to instill within them the ability to give back is automatically part of the financial formulations of all manner of response to need. Feel the unleashing of the human spirit when the multitudes of the poorest of the poor are empowered to also contribute to the whole. From the youngest to the oldest, from the richest to the poorest, all souls are equalized.

The Seventh Subsidiary Law
For the Stewardship of All Life

This brings us now to the conveyance of the seventh of the subsidiary laws, which together ignite and activate the Divine Flow to be found within The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance. This is The Law of The Unity of All Life in Stewardship of All Life. The unity of the principle of stewardship and the great change within the interplay of human exchange that shall ensue is all within a great renaissance of education and upliftment of intelligence.

A virtual insurgence of genius shall become a great wave of awakening upon the shores of human experience. For as a result of the steady convening and implementation of the preceding six subsidiary laws, so then will the seventh law become the consummation that sustains The Great Law of Reciprocal Balance and assures that never again is the divine flow of Creator’s power and love and intelligence ever again imprisoned within the dark mind that would think at and convey in the very antithesis of the premise of creation, “as it was conceived.”

So it is the experience of the unification of world resources for the law of ten percent tithing on a global basis into a global fund that is stewarded in a joyousness of guardianship among nations that will one day be the very light that opens up the gateways of ascension for this planet. This Earth comes to reside as a sacred Earth among all sacred planets universally, but where has also made this progression from the dark worlds of withholding and coveting to the worlds of light. Giving an intelligent, sequenced response becomes the quantum physics and formulations of a new world governance to include all financial factoring that brings balance and thus holds the principles of a sustainable planet that assures peace on Earth among nations and an era of emerging illumination for future generations.

The unity of mind, of heart, of soul, of wherewithal, of intelligence and resource becomes the shared ultimate resource of the human family. Its own unity of life is the greatest resource conceivable to be distributed amongst all souls worldwide. All peoples of Earth, you are a global citizenry, even as the uniqueness and higher purpose of each of your nations must continue to be upheld; each nation finding its contribution to the whole of the world. For we are not teaching that the diversity and higher purpose of each people be forgone but rather the potential of each people and each nation reach its true zenith which can only be fulfilled through the achievement in the contribution of the greatest contribution of every people and every nation to the whole of the world.

Through the conveyance of the seven subsidiary laws of the first of the great laws of exponential prosperity, we unleash a great light upon the shores of human consciousness and we offer our benediction onto every soul who drinks from this wellspring of The Sacred Archives of Universal Law, that sustains a life everlasting, a consciousness infinite, a being without end upon the higher wheels of the great life universal. Be in rejoicing in the depths of your hearts and the pondering of your minds, for as you continue to sit in silent contemplation of the sacred knowledge herein conveyed, we of the Councils of Shamballa, The Brotherhood of Light of The Christ Universal shall continue to radiate into the purity of your minds and the compassion of your hearts the unique understandings that can best afford the flowering of the human spirit within all souls. As above, so below, that heaven might indeed be the sacred Earth as she was conceived and exists now within the heart and mind of one true God that is the eternal existence of all life and all worlds without beginning and without end.

We are complete with this Universal Teaching of Wisdom, but we continue in the sacred workings of your own contemplations as you ponder the sacredness of the light that has thus been conveyed. Uplift in the illumination that is yours to behold.”

Rishi’s Closing… Allow your hearts, your souls to be penetrated with the power of benevolence that is within this Sacred Teaching. It is the very basis of a sustainable and infinite light from the higher wheels of creation. So sacred this is, let us cherish this moment, that we were able, each of us to be witnesses. Let us dedicate ourselves that this teaching goes out because as of yet, this teaching has not gone out. Very few have received this teaching, very few. Yet, can you not understand how significant it is now to be a guardian of the teaching, to assure that this goes out to those who are ready? For every soul that I mentor and guide, a beacon of light and an instrument of divine service is made ready.

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