Intentional Transformation

The Path of Mastery

(Excerpt from The Initiate’s Path of Gold ~ The Divine Science of Celestial Initiation)

As you begin your journey into the profound domain of spiritual initiation, you are also commencing a journey through the veils of time that merge and synthesize a universality of being. As you delve and deepen within yourself, so too are you opening to the dimensions of pure existence that offer not only the life-changing impact of the direct and palpable experience of the divine, but also the revelation of who you are beyond the time-bound realms. It is here that you will find your primary and most authentic state of being and you will do so through your own direct experience. From that realization, your foundational purpose for incarnation as a human soul is also quickened into an enduring revelation that changes how you experience your physical, time-bound life.

For all who are arriving at the portals of illumination, you are blessed that the parting of the veils has now begun on an unprecedented global scale to reveal an extraordinary vista of sacred knowledge that until now has been obscured for many tens of thousands of years. You are joined by earnest souls the world over who are also seeking the authentic providence of the direct inflow of spiritual illumination. For those of you who are seasoned initiates and adepts of the path, I welcome you to join together to bring forth a new genesis. If you are a newly awakened neophyte, a truly wondrous phenomenon has begun that reveals the secrets of the universe unto those who stay the course to become the pure of heart, who will hold the sacred mantle for future generations of initiates. It is this auspicious opportunity that informs my conveyance, as we embark upon the miracles that will surely transpire as the transmittal of this treatise is absorbed by each soul who reads it. Thus, I welcome you to an auspicious new arc of time from which human enlightenment will spread its wings.

As the world clamors with an endless litany of suffering and strife, the awakening of humanity is nonetheless steadily moving toward the domain of higher consciousness and human compassion that is being populated with an ever growing amassing of souls. Awakening is on the rise. Enlightenment has come out of the obscurity of the past into a viable appreciation amongst far more souls than ever before. During the time that I have expended to write this paragraph, hundreds of souls have made their way to the life-altering realizations that will forever change their lives. So too, I am acutely aware that enlightenment is taking hold in the most unlikely of places and circumstances, to reach an inevitable increase of probability. Though it is rare, it has now begun its own upswing. I sense this, I intuit this and I know this. There are those whose heartfelt gaze has been cast toward the thresholds of enlightenment and there are those who have made significant strides towards their liberation during the moments wherein my words have just been written. Such is the force and power that is stirring across the globe to bring the potential for an illusion-shattering transformation for all who are respondent to the clarion call that now is the time.

We are living in an accelerated time when inner shifts in consciousness among initiates are accelerating a tangible shift in the outer world of human affairs. Your every realization of a higher nature, your every choice for compassion, exponentially inspires an expansion of consciousness for the whole of humanity. I count myself among those who rose through the thresholds of illumination, despite the challenging nature of my outer life circumstances, which from the outside looking in would seem to be an entirely unlikely if not implausible set of conditions. Yet, the demand of enlightenment took hold of my soul, due in part due to an inner imperative to simply break free and in part due the causality of the cosmic time clock that pulses at the core of those whom I have come to call destiny souls. Liberation was an instinctual yearning that may not have been clothed in an intellectual summation during my early years of treading the path, yet from an energetic standpoint, I felt a compelling drive to be sovereign of consciousness. Even as a young child I knew that of all the life accomplishments that I could hope to attain, that all paled in significance when viewed from the ultimate vantage point of the liberation that would free a soul to live from their instinctive integrity of being. Thus, my awakening began very early in life with a deep degree of questioning and inquiry into the existential nature and sense of being. The surface of what I witnessed did not draw me, but rather the spirit behind the form and function of cause and effect spoke to me, calling me to question all societal norms. As a truth seeker, awakening was the fiery bright of direct discovery, the moment that I understood that intentional transformation was where the path of awakening became a consciously willed process. To be awakened was to transform. To transform was to awaken. I knew that all else in my life would be supremely served by this single objective.

Thus, I became single focused. As the years passed, the focus built upon its own momentum. As one who has gone through the sheer impact of the powerful upsweep of spiritual quickening, my journey has been narrow in its single-minded, transcendent objective and wide in its berth of the exceptional experience, as I became increasingly aware of what was at stake and who and what stood behind the phenomena of true spiritual initiation. The Clarion Call had roused my knowing that I simply knew myself to be among the vanguard for not only the process of accelerated awakening but that awakening itself would catalyze and further the externalization of spiritual masters upon earth. So it was, that the externalization of masters into the clear light of day in nations around the world, ignited the rousing of an inner-fire and became all encompassing.

Since times immemorial, the great avatars, world teachers and ascended masters have stood before the light-filled chambers, wherein the Great Halls of Illumination open their doors to the neophytes, disciples and advancing initiates, who are candidates for service unto the Universal Brotherhood of Light. Precisely as planned for eons, our externalization has begun. Together we are the Phoenix rising for the human race. We are a new orb of existence. I have joined this fellowship of guides and masters from the higher realms. Our presence umbrellas all those who are the living rishis and spiritual masters of our current times and all those who have ascended to hold forth the sacred principles of the divinity of life, during the long traverse through the Kali Yuga and the cycles of karmic learning that have been in swing for humanity for the past 26,000 years. I am among the living masters who have merged with our ascended counterparts. Those who have taken their ascension are members of an echelon of advanced human beings who have humbly lived earthly lives, steadfastly traversing all life circumstances, to surmount the same themes and dilemmas as those facing the modern seeker, stemming from the density of the physical condition and the tenacious nature of illusion.

Thus, this collective assembly of master souls is simply known as the planetary hierarchy and as the world is crying forth for aid and remedy from its plight of confusion and suffering, we are stepping forward and our externalization is indeed well underway. As an essential aspect of the Divine Plan for humanity to awaken and to thrive upon a more benevolent plane of existence, we continue our divine mission from the immortal state, as well as from the mortal state as a merged reality of endeavor from both sides of the veil and this too is one of the most powerful elements of the Divine Plan. Often referred to by our spiritual elders, by masters and adepts alike, we are well-versed from the human experience and the tests and trials of our own lifetimes to teach, guide and uplift those seekers whose time has come to graduate from the wheels of karmic learning,  to commence an awakened life as adepts of sacred knowledge and as living masters of the Halls of Illumination who are stepping forward to open the way for those who are ready to do the same. Completion with illusion and withdrawal from the rift in time is our prime mutuality from which our service to all of humanity is convened.

Of tremendous significance, is that we are ever ready to offer the seeking souls of this new time the palpable grace of love and understanding at those critical moments upon the path when compassion, support and guidance is most needed. Our constant divine broadcast allows aspirants to receive insight, realization and epiphanies that would not otherwise be possible. Thus, the outpouring radiance of the unity of ascended and living masters offers a tremendous and often unseen benefit that companions and furthers all spiritual aspirants regardless of culture or creed.  Working through every possible means of communication and contact from the higher self, to angels and spirit guides, we are teachers and gurus of every vein. Our broadcasts of illumination are made possible through spiritual telepathy, enabling a mode communication that is beyond the limitations of time and space. Our blessings are reciprocal as well as immeasurable because our planetary hierarchy has convened a wondrous network of benevolent oversight, assistance and even divine intervention throughout history on behalf of all life on our planet. The transmittal of sacred knowledge moves from the very presence of the Great Halls of Learning, Wisdom and Creation Guardianship.  So too, we oversee the sacred passages of initiation that you are offered to advance your soul upon the wheels of light. Within these hallowed halls, are all of the enlightened ones who are especially assigned to guide spiritually sensitive souls through a concentrated acceleration of rapid growth and advancement that not only provides the catalyst of spiritual fire that ignites awakening, but also the long-term training and mentoring that assures the flowering of mastery that ultimately leads to enlightened states of being.

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