Omega Divine Discourse

Divine Omega, Fire of the Feminine

The Golden Bridge of Unity

“All over the world the Fire of the Feminine is emerging. Women are finding their voice and are reaching out to all those whose voices have been smothered by thousands of years of repression. It is an explosive power that is taking hold. But it is also a delicate, ever so delicate reality of emergence.

A new era is dawning, like a thousand suns rising on the horizon of profound hope. Born of the strength, wisdom, power and persistence of great souls in female bodies, we are forging our way and changing the world around us. It is an explosive power that is taking hold. But it is also a delicate, ever so delicate reality to bring into its full potential.

Our hard won victories and deepest aspirations are finding a new balance. But like an infant that has gone through the great demands of leaving the womb of dreams and aspirations, to live as women of both power and wisdom requires an internal revelation of the deepest truth of our being. I especially say this to all initiates and spiritual seekers, because we have a greater responsibility than ever before, not just to be heard, but to also lead and to lead impeccably. An omniscient light of The Great Mother Omega is enveloping us and never before has our opportunity been greater.

Because of the gift of both light and opportunity, we must call ourselves to example all that we have longed for to walk a new walk. We must walk hand in hand with the divine as holy women with our feet on the ground. We are the keepers of the sacred flame who must anoint all things practical in the world with pure love, pure consciousness.

We can rejoice the awesome omniscience of feminine power and unleash it to transform the old in countless ways. Yet, we must never abandon what is most the vulnerable, subtle and delicate part of the omega aspect of life within our feminine nature. Balance is the clarion call as we move forward. We are endowed with the mystery of the most powerful fierceness of love and the most delicate and fragile vulnerability that expresses a breathtaking beauty of it own. We are the bridge between the greatest polarities. It is the holy fire of our love that transforms that bridge to gold.

The Omega principle is moving through us to ignite the inner-omega that is awakening within us. The active nature Omega is essential to awakening and essential to enlightenment. It is also essential to planetary ascension. As the great transition from the masculine to the feminine is underway, the call to transform our entire planetary system is resounding.

We must be the golden bridge between the greatest polarity on the scale, no matter what that polarity might be. We are here to regenerate a new world, while living in the world but not being of the world.  The miracle is that only the Divine Omega is endowed of both the masculine and feminine and thus, women are the sacred keepers of the power of regeneration. We carry the life principle of the cosmos itself within our very genes and subtle light of the divine within us that goes far beyond our genetics.

We are the womb of creation that has the power to regenerate itself. We hold the poles between the feminine and the masculine and we are the bridge between them that unites two aspects of life into a single wholeness. It is that wholeness that is regenerative.

As we discover the core truths of this sacred knowledge, we are the women and men who will awaken to the secrets of regeneration. We are rising all over the world as teachers and healers and leaders of a new era. Regeneration is at the core of creation a new world. Together the world will ultimately be renewed though our wholeness and unity. We are the women and men in whose hands will be placed the welfare of souls and nations.”

– excerpt from the Rishi’s “Fire of the Feminine.”

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