Receive the empowerment of direct transmission from the Living Rishi for elevated states of Omni Meditation for lasting spiritual expansion. A guided meditation created for intermediate practitioners, but illuminating for souls on all paths, through transcendent attunment to the Rishi’s Shakti Emanation of Divine Light.

We are blessed with a Mataji Rishi who opens the gateway to a new genesis of spiritual awakening, never before available to initiates until now. As you walk through her doors, you are embraced by the palpable grace of divine presence and an opportunity like none other for the flowering of enlightenment.

Spiritual Regent, Devra Adi Maa conveys the Royal Path of the Great Masters for initiates and world servers for the direct transmission of illumination and new vistas of sacred knowledge. A reclusive master, she has come out of over a decade of seclusive in response to the monumental time of global change and upheaval and the role that initiates and world servers will play during critical tipping point that will define our collective future.

For those who instinctively know that their time has come to ascend through the thresholds of awakening and divine service, the Rishi welcomes you to a new potential of mastery as the leaders, teachers and healers of a new era of global transformation. “A single enlightened soul counteracts the negativity of many millions.”


Your wisdom of generosity is greatly appreciated!

Your gift of just ten dollars funds our efforts to offer the Rishi’s online teachings & discourses for collective awakening.

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