Overview of Omni Meditation

The Passage from Friction to Radiance

“Through the methods of the masters and the command of the principles within them, the neophyte steadies their steps, the adept gains the strides mastery and the master perfects the supra-genius of enlightenment.  As the initiates preservers to integrate sacred knowledge into daily life, the mastery of all three fires of creation is underway. Thus, does the subtle energy of the planes of creation also become discernible as the proactive of Omni Meditation steadily opens the veils beyond the body-fixated temporal consciousness to the radiance of the soul and the electric power of the divine.  These planes of higher consciousness are referred to the Three fires of Creation.

The transcendent uplift of Omni Meditation gives access to creative aspect of the fire of friction that is the realm of the ego, where the first stages of conscious, intentional transformation begins and the plane of the higher self and Budhic consciousness progresses to the fire of radiance that is the realm of the soul and the plane of Monad and Christ Consciousness begins,  wherein the wonders of conscious co-creation are revealed. With steadfast focus, the uplift of Omni mediation accesses the fire of cosmic electric force that is the realm of Source-Creator and the pure divinity of the highly potent planes of Adi and Logos.

So too, does your passage through the three fires of creation, serve to expand the consciousness that is yours to wield during a sanctified earthly incarnation, inclusive of the fourth and all-consuming electric cosmic fire of omniscience, should Maha Enlightenment become the your reality of timeless existence. The fire of friction can be more greatly appreciated as the ego’s swing between polarized internal differences that play out externally, when you come to understand that by transforming the nature of friction between opposites, that the radiance of the soul creates the benevolence of complimentary harmonics between the what appeared to be differences. Aspects of positive attribute are indeed divinely willed to co-mingle and it is the great convener of The Truth of Omni Illumination, the first of the four pillars of the Royal Path, the pillar that gives alignment, embodiment and relativity unto the unfathomable principle of Cosmic Agni, that issues forth the first fire of cause that ignites the soul with expansions of higher consciousness.

From this synthesis of understanding, I reverently offer an inroad of appreciation of the factors from which intentional alignment leads to the infinite expanses of omnipresence. From the first stages of the quickening to the thrust of the electric empowerment, divine alignment plays an essential role. By your gaining sensitivity unto the vibration of the sacred, so too is your alignment further activated by the process of ascent and decent that is the hallmark of conscious transformation. My signature divine alignment method of meditation is a sacred art, with as many expressions are there are seekers who enter its potency of translation. Thus, the principle of intentional alignment holds great significance, especially so, as the experiential nature of the daily practice activates the power of Omni Meditation to lift the veils.

What I am providing is not someone’s theory or hypothesis, nor is it a recital of conjecture or intellectual surmise. It is the foundation upon which my own entrance into the thresholds enlightenment has flourished to become the grace and influence of an awakened life. The Royal Path converges a synthesis of all eight limbs of yoga, as so brilliantly expressed by the great master Pantangali and you will also sense and observe the presence of both a tantric-centered approach, as well as a knowledge-centered approach. This provides an umbrella of “energetic presence” that offers the masculine-feminine balance that I have found to be indispensable. Lines and spheres, points and spirals and all that they create are present in Omni Meditation. My conveyance of the sacred art of omni-alignment may or may not follow the premise or doctrine of your previous understandings. I offer you the jewels of the path as one who has tread the path, healed the inner humanity and sustained the impact of the highest of initiations.

In this vein, my personal antidote on the anointing of the third eye in other writings has been offered for your learning, with the understanding that this anointing was but one among many of the major initiations with which I have had the enormity of blessing to have taken. It was monumental because it annihilated fear from my consciousness, which propelled my path enormously thereafter, as the distractions of fear-based thought and emotion ceased to arise and even the echo of fear dissipated from vibratory registration. The great masters call this notable milestone, “sealing the doors where evil hath dwelled.” It was 1994 and I had reached 44 years of age when this great mercy of annihilation occurred. My primary message to each of you is that the milestone of surmounting fear-based, judgmental or negative thought forms were made possible by the diligent, disciplined, devotional practice of divine alignment and the transcendent empowerment that Omni Meditation fosters.

In a holy instant, this rishi’s life was catalyzed with a new internal dynamic, one that moved from a certainty of truth that was so powerfully, palpably impactful that I was forever transformed through and through. It was here, that a new stage of metamorphous had begun that amassed the building-in of the permanent sheaths of illumination that became the fearless fertility from which all reality, all physicality, all spirituality would play out its purposes free of fear for all time. The sheer impact of the great rod assured a permeation that was beyond mere intellectual understanding. It was here, that the Great Fire of Agni provided the awesome power of an initiation that literally burned away the seed-origin of fear and in all finality, did fear become non-existent in my being. Yet, what I seek to share is that this initiation was made possible by the devoted practice that an avid observance of divine alignment had afforded.

The flowering of illumination followed. I did not have to mediate in a cave for forty years to sustain illumined states, though my gratitude for those who have done so runs deep. The rapid increases of divine alignment that set-in soon after the anointing of the third eye, provided a merciful shift of inner clarity, that was based upon the supreme raja of divine logic, devoid of the clouds and mists of fear. The anointing marked the sanctification of the single eye in the raja of love, which also marks the eradication of the vice of judgement. While many novices may be psychic, the freedom from duality rests only in the single eye and the divine vision of enlightened heart. To say that I experienced an immortal truth during the third eye anointing would not do justice to the up-swell of the electric force of an initiation of this magnitude. The renting of illusion from the equation of thought and emotion annihilated the energetic footprint of fear throughout my being. An upsurge of divine discernment rooted in the law of balances and the companion law of correspondences powerfully took hold as ‘the certainty’ and ‘the most certainty’ came into a visceral experience. Yet, is the certainty that I speak of empty of identity, due to the many years wherein the practice of divine alignment tilled the soil, making alluvial the ajna chakra and seat of clear vision.

Within a several hours period of time, I had received not only a direct revelation of far-reaching cosmic realities, so too, did the unleashing of the inner force of primal energy surge upward through my body and soul to shatter the content of the mind of the dual eye; thus, propelling the function of mind unto the fertile bright of what I have long called the ‘golden grid’ of the universal bank of enlightened supra intelligence. The annihilation of fear also liberates the internal compass of one’s most dependable instincts of the raja of love and the eye that beholds the Divine Plan. Thus, by divine alignment, does the ultimate cohesion of instinct and love become unified and so too, did I attain the permanence of the non-mind of the witness, the silent watcher that dwells within pure and the nameless and the royal heart that rules the third eye.

Much can be attributed to the meditative practice of ‘witnessing,’ made possible by the attunements and alignments that prepared the foundation for this expansion occurred. Witnessing, conscious breath, truth inquiry, alignment with causal forces, intentional transformation, healing illnesses, receiving higher guidance, inner-plane training to name just a few of the creative applications are all greatly enhanced by the concentrated chamber of vivified divine energy that the pillar of light offers. Each of these aspects of energetic focus has a methodology of divine science that I have convened within the Royal Path Master Teachings. Thus, the practice of divine alignment has been the cornerstone of my signature method, that provides the empowerment by which the four fires to be mastered. Thus, building the pillar of light begins the mastery of the fire of creation, which indeed is where adeptship is truly grounded in the humble reality of clear vision and the continuous alignment that becomes effortless abidance.

You might be familiar to references to divine alignment; the column of contact, the rainbow bridge, and the golden channel as well as the pillar of light, as all being terms commonly used to describe this light-filled amplification of the access to higher consciousness. The capacity of this meditation to elicit transcendence is phenomenal and unsurpassed. It is phenomenal because the portals and channels of divine alignment are amplified by the collective focus of the regents, rishis and enlightened masters, who in their great wisdom have formulated this method for initiates. Building your pillar assures our access to you, as well as your access to us, whereby steady, integrated advancement is made possible for the earnest seeker. Thus, Omni Mediation engages an experiential practicum using the timeless pillar of light as an onramp unto the higher self and ultimately for the master practitioner absorption in the cosmic fire of the Absolute. It is here, that you will find a trusted tool of transformation and an indispensable empowerment. Its inherent multidimensionality when masterfully wielded, can be compared to a chamber of infinite creation. Thus, its purposes and applications are ever malleable, adjustable, flexible, boundless and profoundly omniscient.

The ability to withstand the impact of omnipotent forces when taking initiation is made possible through the process of ‘building-in’ the matrix of light. The etheric structure of the pillar creates a continuum of energy alignments can both access and sustain the divine force of the initiatory influx upon the mortal flesh. While this chapter serves as but an introduction to the power and extent of applications that your pillar of light assures you of alignment, please be assured that my archives of sacred teachings are well fortified with discourses, practicums, tutorials and as well as a full array of courses that impart the extensive majesty of this essential method. Enrichment for the novice on the path, as well as the seasoned adept is provided and again, I emphasize the adaptability of the practice to fit all stages of growth. Much in the way of frustration and setbacks on the path can be avoided altogether by the building-in of the light-filled continuum of divine alignment. The adept who masters this method of intentional transformation also becomes a radiant beacon unto the world. Thus, what one instills by within oneself by principle and practice, is what one becomes.

I have held the hand of many a distraught seeker, whose glories of awakening were followed by the inability to sustain the states of oneness that had been so awesomely revealed. It is not an easy thing to assist a soul who feels that their prospects for translating exalted moments of epiphany have been dashed and crashed, causing inspiration to sputter and falter. While divine revelation and experiential immersion are imperative, so too, is the building-in of alignment imperative to sustain expansions of consciousness in the midst of the onslaught and fray of everyday life such as it is in the modern world of our times. Thus, the foundation of your temple of the presence must be built, golden brick by brick, cornerstone by cornerstone, spire by spire with the continual practice of conscious alignment upon which the higher vibration of omnipresence can be established without causing the anguish of collapse and setbacks, due to the lack of ‘light body infrastructure’ having been adequately prepared and readied.

Ponder this truth of wisdom and much distress and frustration from the highs and lows of grappling with the integration can be surmounted. If your highs and lows have been minimal, then have compassion for those who struggle and enlighten them of this Method of the Masters and the principles of awakening are stand as the timeless presence within the method. To simplify, the inner work of vibrational awareness must prevail. The vessel must be built. Containment must be honed. The chalice must be cast of the holy gold. The temple must be built to weather all that comes and goes. Thus, are increases of illumination optimized and sustained by this sadhana, to assure periods of seamless integration following all instances of direct transmission. The inroads of alignment are yours to build. The lines of force are yours to fortify. The spheres of higher being are yours to embrace and it is from the reality of conscious alignment that you truly become the builder of divine forms, whereby your life is destined to flourish as a master builder of awakened living and its legacy of influence upon the world around you.

The pillar of light is not just a meditation method, it is an energetic force field that accelerates higher consciousness. The adept and experienced meditator is well advised to explore the divine science that is so essential to all expansions of consciousness and mastery. Thus, as you build your bridge of light, you are indeed eliciting far more in the way of spiritual boon than you can possibly imagine. Schools of modern science has proven the degree to which one hundred meditators have the power to influence global consciousness and as this becomes millions of meditators, an stoppable illumination will shower humanity with its grace. This is a ‘probable destiny,’ due to the inherent design of the human vehicle, for whom the antakarana thread is intact as each soul is born into incarnation. That thread is forever your link to the line of force that propels your consciousness into incarnation. I am a clairvoyant witness to the antakrana bridge of infants when they are born. There is no exception that all souls are endowed with this divine steam, other than when a soul chooses not to incarnate during or shortly after birth and it is then, that the silver thread of the antakarana withdraws the animation of consciousness.

Thus, do the pillars of light shine upon the pathway and an ever-uplifting spiral of becoming. As each line of force is laid into your matrix of being, so too is that which is the divine spark within your heart aroused to flame forth upon the God-given power to create, to build and to manifest. As the initiate strengthens and refines the crown chakra, opens and readies the heart and clarifies and aligns the lower chakras, the boon of divine transmission becomes ever-more systemic of synthesis. An overall transformation from ‘head to toe’ can be accelerated and embodied from pillar to point, from point to spiral, from spiral to an ever-becoming sphere of majesty that begins with the multidimensional building blocks, wherein many calibrations of key and chord, point to sphere lie. To understand the realm of causes is to understand what divine genesis truly is. Each wheel of light is a “sphere of becoming” and a preexistent golden ball of promise, potential and proliferation that is set upon its course. To attune with the splendor of divine cause, is to grow and prosper in the intimacy of the omnipresence, vibration by vibration, alignment by alignment, jewel by jewel. So too, is each golden ball bestowed upon our universe, a jewel in the crown of the Godhead.

Perhaps, as you intuit the spiritual intimacy with your divine nature, your supra-genius nature, that deepens from your daily practice of alignment, so too, can you gain a sense how the seasoned initiate comes to effortlessly attune unto the divine for all needed illumination, whether that be for resolving a major life crisis, gaining a moment of insight or preparing oneself for the full force of the initiatory throttle. Thus, I beckon you to reach beyond an initial grasp of this conveyance. It is ever my hope that you will penetrate beyond my words to the gateway itself. There, you will find your arc of time ready for to carry you home to the heart of God. -excerpt from the Rishi’s book, “ The Celestial Initiations of the Royal Path, Chapter 13, The Power of Alignment.

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