Mantra for Abundance and Blessing


The Poornam Mantra is an ageless chant that emanates the Eternal Truth of Infinite Being, the foundational wellspring of Rishi Devra’s teachings for an awakened life of service and higher purpose. Profoundly heart-opening, meditative and transcendent, Rishi Devra’s presence moves throughout the resonance of the mantra, beckoning you to immerse in the transmission of God Consciousness. The divine principle of abundance that the Poornam bestows, awakens your truth of being to become both receptive and invocational of the birthright of peace and prosperity for all souls: a gem among all sacred mantras for the emergence of God Consciousness.

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Rishi’s Sacred Mantras

Experience the profound divine resonance that Rishi Devra’s favorite musical mantras brings into your sacred space for healing grace and spiritual attunement. Composed as gifts of love and service by her supporters, the chants and mantras express the longing of the soul for blessing, abundance and protection on the path of liberation. The Surya Devi Chant was created especially for the Rishi as a recitation of her spiritual name to invoke inner peace, empowerment and transcendence beyond illusion. The Abundance Chant is a powerful energetic amplifier as an invocation for divine flow and abundance in your life.


The Ancient Chant for Abundance

Composed as a gift of love for Rishi Devra…this timeless chant is a soothing balm for the soul and wings for the heart. Take the journey of transcendent remembrance that moves from the abiding trust in the divine to supply all sustenance. It is this remembrance within your heart of hearts that allows you to be carried into the ultimate love and healing that the eternal fullness of the universe effortlessly pours forth. The Poornam Chant brings the pure resonance of the spiritual law of abundance into your home, your mediations, and your life. A profound gift for friends and loves ones, the chant reminds us all of the divine nature of omnipresence and our spiritual birthright to live our lives in Divine Flow.

Poornam Ada… Poornam Idam… Poornat Poornam Udachate… Poornasya Poornam Adaya…
Poornam Eva Vashishyate.

“Receive the Pure Grace of Abundance into your heart of hearts. Infinite abundance is your divine nature. Let it awaken you. Let it pour forth.”

-Rishi Devra

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