The Initiate’s Path of Gold



The Divine Science of the Celestial Initiations

A holy book for the discerning seeker.

A master piece of sacred knowledge.

Essential to your spiritual  library.

A treasure for all initiates

A bedside resource at its finest

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A masterful expanse of sacred writing on the divine science of true and authentic, spiritual initiation that combines sacred knowledge and accounts of a Living Rishi’s personal experience. A timeless treatise on origins of celestial  initiation, “The Initiate’s Gold “ is a ground-breaking treatise for disciples, adepts and arhats, that will empower initiates to become masters of genuine divine service, that will be read again and again  hundreds of years from now.  Written by the western regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Great Masters, The Rishi Devra Surya Adi Maa, this is an experiential read at its finest and an a brilliant, bedside resource of divine illumination for modern times. A section on Divine laws and principles, detailed explanations on the progressions of the minor and major initiations from an eloquent synthesis of eastern and western orientation, that brings the Egyptian and Pharonhic elements of the rite of holy initiation to life for the contemporary initiate.

This very special limited edition is now available for reservation pre-order. Reserve your personal copy of this extraordinary holy book. White and gold leather hard-bound copy, signed and blessed by the Rishi.

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