Chapter Two

The Rapture of Initiation

The Lighted Way of Destiny Souls

Conveyance on The Presence Absolute

(Excerpt from The Initiate’s Path of Gold ~ The Divine Science of Celestial Initiation)

In the centuries past, taking initiation was rare, secreted and enshrouded in the hidden mysteries of the esoteric. This most holy of spiritual mile-marker was reserved for secluded groups of high initiates, priests and oracles, elders and illumined minds in whose hands the stewardship of souls was entrusted. Most initiates knew that they were chosen among many, to undergo a momentous change beyond the involutionary, flesh-bound existence that entraps the soul in the lower nature of the survival impulsive persona.

Through the intensive infusion of the holiness of light itself, thus, the initiate who was deemed in readiness could aspire unto the great human potential to make the spiritual progression to live in the illumined radiance of divinity that awakens a magnitude of omnipresence within the incarnational encapsulation of a human life. The initiate would become the living bridge between spirit and flesh, to live in the world but not of the world.

Thus, great care was taken to preserve the sanctity of the direct illumination of immortal presence, in centuries past and even now, I too strive too to all in my wisdom of power to preserve that sanctity. Thus, to envelope the process with a sacredness of heart and mind, is the only way that authentic initiation can be honored in its true right. With few exceptions, the divine science of initiation has largely been an enshrouded science and even less has been said about the personal experience of taking initiation or the terrain of life affects that are encountered. Little has been detailed as a credible guide for initiates, due to the necessity of the one-on-one transmission from master to recipient.

To mentor the initiates in my care, I wrote a brief guide for initiates in the early nineties, entitled Passage into Light, and although many have given accolade to this little treasure, it is indeed but a very brief overview. It is our entended endeavor, that this treatise will open far more doors on the experiential, as well as the science and could well be considered to be more like taking a voyage on deep spiritual journey, than merely reading a book or guide.

It is this potency of direct transmission, that is assured of omniscience, when received through a master, whether living or ascended. While there are mimics of the idea of taking initiation through well-intended ceremonies and misnomers of proclamation, yet does the authentic stand alone as the unmistakable majesty of what taking initiation truly is. For it is here, that holy light of The Presence Absolute is first issued forth during the out-pouring of the initiations that are a unifying endeavor of the spiritual hierarchy whereby the human soul I quickened unto a higher frequency by the omnipresence that is the permeating reality of existence. Although the degree of inflow is gradually increased over many initiatory influxes of direct illumination, it is that first igniting quickening that rouses the presence absolute from within your flesh and blood existence to become conscious of the divinity of the ensouling reality of your timeless being.

Nonetheless, despite the scarcity of a convened roadmap, the indelible footprints of initiation are secreted in the mystical traces of the ancient priesthoods and I have spent many years returning to the source of these divine streams. I have ventured far beyond the beaten track, traveling the world to leave no stone unturned, often going where travel is physically difficult, restricted or near to implausible, whether by foot, canoe or horseback. Thus, it is from a rare depth of firsthand personal experience that I provide sacred knowledge on this supremely holy gift, yet my greatest offering is to rouse and ignite your own divine memory. I have taken initiation in many streams and traditions, although as one can well appreciate that only a very few offered the authentic anointing of the sacred. I have been graced with the direct inflow of omnipresence, by those holy elders whose lives were given to the preservation and transmittal of the timeless light of the immortal presence. So too, have I been seeded by the Most Holy. Thus, I am a vessel and a conduit through which the sacred inflow of timeless light is being passed to you, from the offering of sacred knowledge convened by this treatise, but moreover from the transmission of omnipresence itself.

As mentioned earlier, I began the path by receiving direct transmission from my grandmother as a child, and despite my lack of having any scope of intellectual understanding at the time, I surely knew that I was receiving a profundity beyond measure from her very presence. She was a living saint by all definition and a member of the brotherhood of light which I came to understand later in my adulthood. Although she held her status of illumination in considerable secrecy, she plied herself to the care of all those in her midst, a mother to thirteen children and pillar in her rural community, by living an exemplary selfless life of loving service to one and all. She was an uncelebrated master in her own right, yet few who ever met her failed to notice her radiance. So it was, that I knew with an unquestionable instinct, that what I was being given was a treasure of living divinity, that I would one day pass on to others. It is this potency of direct transmission, that is assured of omniscience, when received through an illumined teacher, elder or master, whether living or ascended. While there are mimics of the idea of taking initiation through well-intended ceremonies and misguided proclamations, yet does the authentic stand alone as the unmistakable majesty of what taking initiation truly is.

Thus it is, that a pure transmission of divine presence is being passed to you, through a long line of master souls of which I am reverently a part and were our past lifetimes spread out across our planetary history, we would be seen as the pioneers and guardians of many movements, philosophies, priesthoods and royal houses across the globe. We have always passed the sacred to others, whether in the secrecy of a candle lit chamber or by means of the written and oral testament that was considered possible at the time. We are passing the sacred now. Thus, the transmission you receive is enriched and enriching beyond compare. Yet, it is your depth of reception and your purposeful conveyance of your divine selfhood to others, that is the true measure of what you receive. This measure is increased greatly by what you pass on to the greater world through your mandates of service. As you too increase your capacity to live your life foremost as a divine instrument, so too, you will be shaped and honed, polished and prepared to become the clear channel, the empty silver flute, the pure heart and trusted emissary of the Godhead. Taking initiation serves this purpose, as the causal force of the divine floods your being again and again with the exquisite majesty of pure consciousness.

Thus, may your realization deepen, that you pass the sacred by your very presence and that you do so by whatever service endeavors are your divine calling. So too, does your awakening have the power to become an exponential influence. For by your passing of the sacred to others, the inflow of illumination received by this planet is increased many fold. As the passing of the sacred from its source, to the presence of source within each soul, so too, do we strike the chord of remembrance that changes the world, but moreover, pierces the veils altogether once and for all. It is here, that we know ourselves as light bearers who are bringing the dynamic magnitude of intentional transformation to all phases of the human experience. We do so as illumined initiates, whose consciously-willed transition from the dense flesh, to the realms of radiant being is our calling.

Thus, may you appreciate that the themes of conscious ego-death, rebirth, renewal, and regeneration is the mantra that I am called to impart, in a manner that is befitting the modern seeker. The renewal of divine entraining with each initiation, sweeps the effects of the past from the equation of existence and purifies dross and density of the lower grades of matter. You must die to old attachments and identities of the persona each time that you receive the empowering grace of an initiation, the life of the persona must give way to the life of the soul. The term “born again” can be appreciated from the vantage of a spiritually endowed mile-marker and most of you will attest that you have been born again many times upon the path, with each profound moment of ego-death and spiritual realization. Each emergence of spiritual birth washes away the karmic samaras that are inherent to the Hall of Learning that earthly incarnation provides. Most of you, will readily attest that you have “died to yourself,” through radical karmic episodes of purification that were immensely liberating, despite the ardors leading up to the shift in consciousness that freed your soul from the entrapments of illusion. Yet, with each temporal ego-death, you are reborn in The Presence Absolute.

To add depth to the process of conscious death and rebirth, I will share from my experience of “yogic death” in later chapters, wherein my life energy was consciously withdrawn from my body altogether for an extended period of time. The awe-inspiring experience of conscious death and rebirth is a thread that runs through all facets of intentional transformation. It is enacted at all major progressions and cross roads on the path, as a saving grace beyond compare. So it is, that the shattering of the unreal is what allows each of you as a destiny soul to then be infused with greater light and universal understanding. Thus, is taking initiation, a process of renewal and rebirth in its most expansive, experiential domain.

So it is, no matter what I might offer from my chalice of wisdom as an elder of the timeless wisdoms, it is your garden of the soul that must be tilled and made receptive. For those of you who are spiritually sensitive, you are actively cultivating your spiritual development in which the ideals of intentional transformation are based. You recognize the miracle of spirit. You are learning to read its signs and symbols, its vibration of tone and registration of light. You are listening to the greater voice of your soul and you are withdrawing from the lesser voices that dim your way and cast shadows on the truth. Thus, the initiate learns to “read and hear” the vibration of truth by means of an instinctive, intuitive telepathy, by drawing nigh not just unto an intellectual understanding of the concept of oneness, but living vibration of the oneness of the real. For it is here, in the vibrational recognition and supra sensitivity to divine presence, that you no longer find attraction in the entrapments of denial and victimhood, but rather you seek new ground for self-empowerment when challenges arise. You are choosing the timeless immediacy of living in the unadorned, but glorious truth of existence.

It is the prophecy of the ages, that I convey and for this outflow of conveyance I am an instrument of The Word of The Presence Absolute Thus, I am a witness of the future days of a new time. For I see that with head and heart uplifted, your gaze has turned away from the apparitions of false images, toward the clear light of pure consciousness. As your knowing abides in the sacred mysteries more deeply, so will you discover the true science of the divine, in which no mystery is entertained or touted, but rather The Omniscient Real makes its holiness known to you and thus, you are realized by direct experience. Hear now the higher voice. Feel now its transmission. One by one the jewels of the royal path will be revealed unto those who truly seek the divine design, by which their unique form of higher purpose will be empowered. It is here, that awakening takes hold to set a new course, that naturally adheres to the greater causes of a divine creation, as each jewel of eternal truth steadily delivers you from the ignorance of the perpetuating effects of involution.

To establish oneself in the cohesion of oneness is the compelling call. Thus, the enthroned presence within becomes the ever-gaining voice that is the source of all discernment. Through this greater voice, so do the inner doors open before the proven initiate whose service has swelled in the sound so true, that the angels of the heavenly host joyously build the forms that make verdant the prolific seed of the inner-master. Throughout the trials and tribulations of the proving true, does the voice of destiny’s calling resound above din and drone. Beyond the tethers of vice and limitation has the initiate’s gaze been restored. The days and hours of doubt and mistrust is now upon the finite count to the precious moment of completion.

Thus, the Great Trust of Creator is restored of its covenant within you, through the at-one-ment of your trust in God, to which you hold yourself. Thus, by your abiding trust, do you also become trusted unto yourself, a trust that ever so sacred as your true north of selfhood within. For, it is the trusted disciple, for whom the Royal Path is supremely endowed as the noble path of all paths to show the way. To regain entrance into the Living Trust of Creator, is to abide in the pristine light of the Order of Creation Guardianship for it is here, that the 144 Godheads for this universe dwell and have sent forth the Lotus Born to prosper and thrive upon the star systems that form the Lodges of the Sun, that oversee and preside ore’ the well-being of the prospering of races that have been seeded into being as the prodigy of the Godheads. For through them, the seeded ones for the Lotus Heart of God’s Grace, are all races and all beings assured of their birthright to thrive and advance upon the Great wheels of Light of the higher dominions that behold within the ever-perfecting perfection of godliness made manifest

For as the Royal Path beckons, it is here, as the initiate, steps forward to affirm the rules of radiance and rhythm of divine will, as all compelling in their lives. By your own trust, do you enter the Great Trust of Creator. Thus, by the holy seal of that Living Trust, is the initiate sanctified and proven true as a pristine star-seed of the Ancient of Days from which the Lotus Born are risen. For, it is those in whose blood the origin of the high heavens and the divine wheels of The Life Infinite where Time is Not is the living light of the divine decree of genesis, who are the star seeds of future worlds. It is those in whose blood does The Word and the Sacred Letters yet prevail, that the Prime Directive is Activated and the Divine Plan is set into motion as an unstoppable force of divine will for our planet. For it is those, in whose blood the living light of omni enlightenment is bestowed, who are also the Destiny Souls who will lead, heal and teach a world citizenry to become the immaculate trust in which the promise of godhood is instilled. For as enlightened lotus born rise, so too is the salvation of the world assured.

Thus, in this most holy truth is all trust to be found So too, it is Holy Seal of the Living Trust emblazoned upon the hearts of destiny soul, by which that has ever-been the guiding light that assures the master self to emerge in the godliness of love incarnate is absolute by divine decree. Thus is this trust absolute, despite traversing eons of density in the rift of time. For by this trust is the density of matter reclaimed unto its rightful holiness. Thus, is the Mother Principle of matter united unto the Father Principle of spirit, as the essential union in which all gender and all opposites cease in relativity, by which the higher wheels of creation express the unity of complimentary differentiation.

Thus, are the 144 Godheads also the origin of the prime directive for the “unity of the diversity,” that is the holy mandate for this universe to make manifest, whereby the greatest diversity of life is set forth by divine decree to attain the harmonic convergence of the greatest unity and by that convergence, is the promise of All Cosmic Days yet to emerge assured of The Life Infinite in God and Godliness. Thus, is it the Alfa and Omega, who are The Star Mothers and The Star Fathers of the origin of human life, a life so cherished and loved, that the Ananda of Pure Bliss is the splendorous harmonic from which animating amrita gestates the many races of humanity throughout the Milky Way and the sister galaxies that are the home worlds of the star-seeds. For by the Law of Ten is the gestation of godliness also the birth right of the star born. It is here, that potency of the Great Rod of Initiation is throttled and by the Law of Ten is the concentration of Godliness thus imparted and infused into the initiate’s totality of being.

For as their gaze is fixed upon the path of enlightenment, thus does the eye of the 144 become single in its sight and so too, the raja supreme from which eye of the Godhead is awakened within their terrain of endeavors is unified in the brotherhood of the great masters, who are the elders of the race. For by the single eye of the Living Trust of Creator is the birthright of life upon the wheels of divine evolution assured for all souls, all peoples and all nations. Thus, in like summation, it is the 144,000 risen master souls of the earthly rounds of creation, who together amass the sacred sum by which human ascension for the whole of the race is ignited. For by the unity of the 144,000, by their love and by their seal of brotherhood in the Living Trust of Creator, will all nations be realized as the guardians of a sacred earth and a benevolent humanity.

So too, as the 144 Lotus Born enter the Living Trust of The Presence Absolute, through the resounding swell of the unity of the diversity, so it is, that the harmonic emanation that is The Word of Unity Proclaimed, is fulfilled of the amassing of light, that issues forth the striking of chords of true time, that is the clarion call for the 144,000 to turn their gaze toward the treading the path of enlightenment as their life calling, and so too, will the nations of the world join together to make this so. For it is here, the Great Halls of Illumination will be risen in the light of day amongst the nations of the world, whereby the sacred knowledge of the higher heavens will become the living trust and treasury of humanity shared by one and all. So too, will the Living Light of the Word become the true gold and wealth of all nations. Thus, by the Law of Ten will the few uplift the many.

For it is here, that taking initiation can be understood is a fullness of comprehension that has never before on earth been delivered of its power of wisdom. Thus, is the conveyance of this treatise also assigned of this purpose, to awaken the royal heart of those arhats, who by the power of the Love Immaculate are awakened at last, to pass through the thresholds of light for it is here, that they are made whole of sight. Yet, must the rod of initiation penetrate the dross and transform the common mud of the flesh unto the glories of light. For within the Holy Rod of Sacred Fire lies the treasures of the heavens and the initiate’s true gold.

For it is here, that you may ponder my conveyance, a conveyance that will awaken the few who are respondent to clarion call of the 144 Destiny Souls, who together form the holy matrix of living light. For too, is this holy matrix, also The Word of the Divine Decree that emanates is the trigger-code of The Light Supreme for the awakening of the master self within the 144,000.

If this conveyance speaks to you, if its light and love stirs the longing of your heart may you be deepened of your presence and wizened of your birthright. Thus, you are called to put away the playthings of the child to prepare yourself of the worthiness of the Living Trust from which you endowment of godliness are bestowed. For as the world has lost its grip on you and the path itself becomes your true north, so too are you realized of your selfhood from which you receive the prime directive activation that lends its boon of the law of ten unto you. Here too, the path grows narrow, no longer giving a wide berth to the remnants of spiritual adolescence or the wavering notions of the novice. Nor does apathy and inertia gain entrance into these most subtle of the divine realms, nor can a single molecule born of the shadow-mind of illusion find passage through the narrows of time. Many dark nights of the soul have been traversed of their purpose, in the revelation of the absolute within the divine dilemma that arises from shadow unto light, that you might stand in the twin flame of your abiding trust of God and of yourself once again. For in that most holy trust, is the Love Immaculate also found.

It is here, that a thousand choices now resound, multiplied by the exponential nature of light, to amass in the midnight of the narrows, where faith reveals the Great Central Sun of the Lighted Way and the Royal Heart of the Godheads that gestate the star seeds of The Unity Everlasting who are the prodigy of love’s boundless perfecting. In that moment of the darkest narrows, whereby you are tested through and through, so too, do the lesser voices recede in the finality of the perfecting silence that judges no soul or circumstance. For where doubt or judgment cease to stir, so it is, that the greater voice of your godhood prevails and by the resounding truth of the Unity Everlasting so too, is the Living Trust sealed of its majesty. For, in the majesty of the unity, is the royal blood of the godheads consecrated for all time and thus, is the amrita of bliss the true life blood of the divine, and of the awakened Word within this liquid light is the Christ Presence risen from within as the sacred nectar of the Gods.

Upon a waxing wheel of purest light, the true-to-true within oneself becomes the faith-bound listening, by which the enlightened ideals become the divine order through which the precipitating inflow omnipresence if made manifest. Thus it is, that the unfathomable seeding of the Godhead prevails within the countless points of light that become materialized with each initiation. Here too, the true voice within the celestial seed issues forth the foundation upon which divine will is manifest. Through faith, the narrows are surmounted to their end and it is then, that the narrows close shut in a final obscuration of all lesser forms. Again, does the force of decision beckon. Again, does the remembrance of the trusted pledge swell, where renewed faith becomes the womb of the tangible forms born of the fire of mind. Again, is the highest utterance at last heard. By faith and fixation upon the divine, are all things lesser reversed of their course, to become all things greater of the perfected key and chord. Thus, in the still point of the balancing of the scales, does the power of the covenant reverse the arcs of time. Thus, does the sanctification of the initiate in the Great Trust of Creator, seal the doors where evil hath dwelled, manifesting the pure mind that serves the Royal Heart as its instrument. For within the Great Trust has your enlightenment been ever secured and so too is the endowment of mastery your holiest of birthrights.

Fathom if you will, that by the omniscient power of the enlightened heart, what once appeared as the impossible becomes the all-possible. For it is here, that the holy fire of initiation burns away the dross of involutionary causes, to begin the building-in the lightbody of divine presence. It is here, that the golden matrix of the divine design is made manifest, as the creators own hand endows the lines of force and the spheres of being through the Words of Power that throttle the fire of initiation steadily reveal the miracle of the supra-genius form made manifest. By no other means is the full promise of this miracle of transformation made possible. For by the rod of initiation and solely by the rod of initiation, is the inner potential of the master-self awakened and brought into consummate expression.

For it is here, that the purpose of the Living Trust of Creator is also revealed, within which the divine human has existence, awaiting only the genesis of the higher wheels of light to provide the rarified light that is the true mana, that lifts up the life essence of the soul unto the mastery that merges spirit and flesh in the supreme union that makes manifest the divine design. For it is also here, that by the initiates own will-to-transformation is the inner force summoned from within to stay the course Thus, by rousing and directing the will of the Inner Absolute, is the small will endowed of the Great Will. So too, by this means of inner-will does the resolve of the initiate meet the criteria of the proving true, that grants the miracle of the divine design to be made manifest.

By the pure of heart and the absolute of will, is divine love is realized to be all-powerful by its very nature, as the premise of That Which Is Unconditional that has been seeded into the soul, awaiting only your own realization to emerge from a sleeping latency to an awakened reality of living presence. Thus, does the fire of awakening also ignite the inner will to become absolute. Thus, what is possible for you, is made manifest in the flesh by your own realization and the fire of mind, whereby the your power of mind returns to your heart, as the servant of the raja of divine love. For by your realizations so too, you are the master-in-the-making that rises resolute as the master emergent, standing free in the most certainty of the divine selfhood declared. The rifts of doubt forever recede, to become the incoming tides of an ever-calm but fiercely committed presence of will, that pierces all temporal appearances with the Raja Supreme. Oh Chela, rejoice this promise…. Oh Arhat, resound this truth…. Oh Cohan, make manifest the splendor of the sacred trust.

For as your inner most heart is made glad as the reflective instrument, so too is fear-born judgment conquered through and through, and reversed of its rifting aberrations. For it is here, that Presence-to-Presence, removes all impasses created by the dual eye, where judgement has dwelled in the festering of illusion. For, to see the divine perfection that is the domain of the single eye, it is be free of the fear that forsakes the Great Trust. Thus, by the pure heart is the Living Trust of Creator remembered as one’s own most holy source of origin and infinite promise of the master plan and by the clear sight of the single eye wherein all opposites are unified, are all aberrations born of the shadow-mind, transformed and reversed of orientation. So too, is the absolute equation of the exponential nature of light awakened within all darkness and thus is the whole of creation restored unto the Great Trust with but one moment within the great expanses of time, whereby the single eye opened upon creation and by the omniscient power of the single eye are all opposites unified and made whole in the oneness that is the infinite nature of the Great Absolute.

By this immaculate restoration, are those who are Lotus Born remembered of their origin by direct revelation of The Presence Absolute. This is the promise of the Ancient of Days that is awakened by taking initiation, as the inflow of the godly-seeded light, is received into the inner sanctums of the initiate’s heart. It is here, that the true wealth of the Living Trust of Creator is revealed to you. For by the power of The Word of divine decree, is your enlightenment also the actualization of your Living Trust, ever-endowed and ever-lasting, ever-pure and ever-true.

In the victory of the most certainty of that trust, does godliness dwell. From your resounding proclamation of this truth, are you restored of the Power of the Word as your most holy endowment and thus shall the Word be yours to wield in the will-to-good, whether by silence or by the Great Will which you are compelled to voice. Thus, your word is a sacred trust. For by no other means than your own word, do you pass through each stage of initiation, whereby your power of recognition and discernment between the lower and the higher is actualized. For by your word, do the gates of divine evolution open upon your higher destiny and by your word, so too do the doors where the evil of involution hath dwelled close behind you. For by the fire of the will-to-good that unceasingly serves the higher keynote and chord is the initiate freed. For by intention alone, no soul is freed.

For it is here, that the divine equation from which the human form is divined, is proven of its origin, as the human initiate becomes the manifest glory of the omniscient promise. So too, is this emanate glory issued forth directly from the Great Living Trust of Creator, in which the infinite sea of countless points of light lies the wealth of the divine bestowed upon creation from Cosmic Day unto Cosmic Day. Thus, by your realization of the omnipresence within light, that seeds, sustains and perfects all life within the unfathomable cycles and rounds of solar manifestation, is your passage gained upon the arcs of time. It is here, as you yourself are manifest as the arc of the covenant, that you are at last unsheathed of the temporal, to once again be clothed in the omniscient light of The Love Immaculate.

It is here, that your moment of liberation has come. It is here, that your will to transform has pierced the veils and it is here, that you stand before the counsels of light, who beacon you forth as the true master that you have become. By the fire of celestial initiation, so too have you been granted your endowments from the Living Trust. You stand resplendent realized in your godliness, and thus does that same godliness pour forth from your center of being. For, by the promise of the Ancient of Days is your endowment established in your timeless name, to be manifest by the Power of the Word of Divine Degree, and so too, was this holy promise seeded into the equations of time, as the certainty of the most certainty, bestowed by the Most High. Thus, is the Living Trust of Creator also the means by which the Divine Plan is your eternal light of salvation.

The Holiness of Taking Initiation Sacred Transformation by Direct Transmission

As a recipient of great rod and the life blood of the Cosmic Christ, so too, I have taken all stages and magnitudes of initiation from the first opening of the thresholds that saturated by being as a child, to the highest initiations known to human form as a rishi regent. Having sustained states of immersive samadhi and the life mastery that actualizes illumination, I have also served as an ‘initiator of initiation’ for many decades. Thus, my insights move entirely from the vantage of a hard-earned and expansive vista of personal experience. Hence, I impart to you, that it is the experiential impact of receiving the influx of light that is charged with divine love, will and intelligence that so viscerally opens the door to your abidance in the great emptiness that is ever-full, as omnipresence itself floods the vessel of your being. So too, does the inflow of pure consciousness palpably move through the entire continuum of your being, as each initiation takes place and it is here, that you are touched by holiness through and through.

This omniscient benevolence commences the active balancing of all opposites within your psyche, whether the rifts of discord are conscious or unconscious, by which the internal conflicts, soul fragments and rifts in time that you have encountered through human incarnation are forever absorbed into the supreme love that manifests a far greater sum than all previous parts. So too, does taking initiation heal, resolve and empower you to consummate an ultimate unity of being through the grace of divine love. Thus, profound expansions of the spiritual energy and vibration initiation by their very nature, is a soul-shivering, hair-raising, exalted exhilaration, that often begins with subtle shift in your awareness, the expansive sense of timelessness and the sense that you are being enveloped in a sense of sacredness. A sudden heightening of sensation, body tingling or a sense of transcendent elevation in the crown chakra or the entire body is common to the experiential nature of the soul merge and the initiations that continue to follow, if the heart has begun to turns towards truth, love and the imperative, to withdraw from the unseemly, to begin cleaving unto the divine. When in the presence of a enlightened master and rishi of the rod, this spontaneous elevation and spiritual lifting-up, can become very tangible. It is here, that the presence of an enlightened master charges your lightbody with divine energy, causing an increased resonance with your master self to occur. It is this charge or elevation of vibration that stirs, rouses and ignites your inner divinity to awaken. So too, does the awakening become a dynamic life-changing reality.

After the initial process of the soul merge FN has taken place, it is the reception and integration of increased vibration of higher consciousness, that sets the stage for the potential of becoming a true initiate, who makes the commitment to the holy process of undergoing accelerated divine transformation, through the increases of vibration that is uniquely and solely provided by taking initiation. After the soul merge experience has revealed the existence of the illumined soul to the persona, the path of initiation becomes a potential gateway to enlightenment. Continued initiations So too is the sensation of an impending initiation can be a physical, as well as intuitive knowing. Similar to sensing the onset of incoming rainfall, so too, is the approach of the great masters and angels a subtly tangible experience, when the awareness of the soul has been allowed greater presence in the overall life of a prospective initiate.

For seasoned initiates, an impending initiation is most often intuited. An incoming, enveloping sacredness is sensed. As the onset of higher vibration increases, an energetic downloading of divine light moves through the entire energy system, with a tremendous influx of spiritual illumination that cascades through the body, opening and filling each chakra with the subtle essence of pure consciousness. Thus, the feeling nature of this energetic is beyond the words and can only be described as palpably divine. Taking initiation is stunning in its all-encompassing magnitude. So too, the description of being flooded with light is a way to express the experiential nature of the holy passage into greater illumination.

All the while the influx of divine light is taking place, the resolution of many deep existential understandings is also underway, core realizations about the nature of truth and love are often part of the acceleration of consciousness. Deep healing of the wounds and samsaras of illusion take place with powerful impact, as core understandings and celestial revelations are poured forth, bringing peace to inner convolutions of mind and emotion. Some say they were instantly healed of disappointments with loved ones. Some say they were shown the birth of the entire cosmos on fast forward. Others proclaim they are shown their universal soul in robes of light. Some see the an uplifting interplay of their karmic relationships with loved ones, as old wounds and disappointments are flooded with understanding and forgiveness. Yet others, proclaim they were shown vast domains of sacred wisdom or the future of our planet fully resplendent with the cities of light of prophecy. While, others have experiences that are less visionary and far more kinesthetic with the registration of the feeling aspect of receiving an outpouring of light. yet, I assure you that no matter how an initiate experiences initiation, three things are true, an increase of vibration has taken place, an expansion of consciousness has taken place, connection with the soul, the masters and the angels has taken place and the direct experience of divinity has taken place.

FN Soul Merge – the mile-marker of the onset of the spiritualization of a ego-bound persona’s life; the sacred passage, wherein the lightbody of the soul literally descends into the physical body, through the persona’s increased resonance with the soul, with a tangible radiance that saturates the overall consciousness with a sense of holiness; a heart opening, often stunning, memorable and cherished experience that commences far greater spiritual awareness.

I have undergone the full range of the processes that are inherent to receiving potent influxes of illumination, as well as in the direct inflow of logos consciousness, an awesomely powerful deluge of light, so profound in its impact, that my entire body was stunned by electric force, as though I had been hit by a bolt of lightening. So too, did my face, cheeks, lips and limbs become numb and unmovable, until the process of integration had taken its course over a several-day period of time to absorb the heightened frequency that had been so powerfully and mercifully bestowed. This degree of voltage is only possible to withstand, through a successive acclimation to the divine realms As an assurance, this degree of force comes with the terrain of the major initiations and are never bestowed until such voltage can be assimilated from a health and wellbeing set of considerations. In my case, I had been well-acclimated over many years of increases of kundalini, samadhi and many initiation passages. Thus, the impact to the nervous system and psychological stability must elicite the nod of approval from the Lopika Lords of Karma, FN who together review the progression of all souls, most especially those who are moving through the rings and rungs of increasing mastery.

In all instances, the initiate is readied, reviewed and assessed to benefit, each according to their unique pace of acceleration. Thus, the profound soul-healing and restoration that is inherent to the minor initiations and the vast domain of cosmic knowledge and intensive vibrational increases characteristic of the major initiations provides a wide range of experience that is exquisitely and optimally individualized. Although this commentary is but a very generalized differentiation, what is primary to my conveyance is the assurance that each soul receives illumination within the criteria of physical soundness and moreover in an intimately personal way that is deeply meaningful and liberating for their unique life circumstances.

By any means of definition, entering into the transcendent contact with your divine presence for even one moment is an experience that you will not soon forget. Each “merge with divine light” opens a threshold of experiential divine contact and abidance also called samadhi, that produces an exalted state of transcendence which catapults the human vessel of the soul into the awesome vivification of divine union. The time-bound world of illusion is for a time entirely irrelevant. As this all-encompassing expanse is opened, the literal spiritualization of human form is begun by infusing the light of omnipresence into matter itself. It is here that I must say, that this is not the “idea of.” It is the “reality of.” Over time, the activations of the transcendent state integrate a new normalcy in daily life, from which one steadily exists from the façade of the persona, allowing the initiate to make a monumental leap into the true selfhood of limitless being.

Thus it is, that if optimum conditions prevail, and the initiations continue toward the full culmination of human potential, the transit beyond all manner of fear and illusion and suffering, to all manner of spiritual empowerment and supra-intelligence is actualized. The intensity of each initiation impacts cellular transformation, to also penetrate into the very core of the DNA messaging and the atoms that are the basis of the atomic cohesion that produces our physicality. So too, the DNA is illumined to spin anew upon a higher spiral. Yet, above all, what is most profound for the initiate is the unique nature of their personal experience and the deeply meaningful intimacy of that learning, until the transit from minor initiations unto that of the major initiations reveals the supreme causes of reality and all that was once held as ‘personal’ ceases to have relevance and the universal “I” is the only remaining sheath of identity, lending an effortless mastery to how one’s life is lived in the midst of the challenges of density.

Indeed, the initiations can be unquestionably ecstatic, the very nature of divine union instills the human experience with the rapture of bliss itself. Bliss is the final sheath of divine consciousness as the soul returns to its origin of inherent light, wherein all previous identities of selfhood throughout time are superseded by the eternal peace and bliss of absolute being. This is the souls journey from individuation to the unity of enlightenment, wherein one realizes the supreme existence of all spectrums is the seamless harmonic of the singular and the infinite. Thus, the annihilation of the illusion of the separate self in the bliss of divine union, is one of the highest vibrational sheaths of Samadhi that am initiate can experience. So too, does the saturation in the light of samadhi, amass in the immersion in the divine and as immersion is sustained, permanent abidance welcomes the initiate unto the real of true and timeless existence of The Presence Absolute.

It is here, that I will say that the inexplicable intensity of the power of pure love far exceeds any and all carnal orgasmic experience. Initiation is the transmission of cosmic union and exaltation. As the whole of your existence receives the Rod of Initiation FN and all life and limb, all strata of mental and emotional being are unified by a grand unleashing if you will, from which emerges a virtual concert of resplendent oneness. As the initiate’s consciousness gains upon the realms of supreme presence, the separation of forms ceases the illusion of division and it is here, that diversity enters the harmonics of complimentary coherency. So it is, that the fiery nature of the great rod of initiation issues forth the truth, love and intelligence of existence, as well as the divine decision from on high, that bestows the granting of boon of advancement upon the initiate’s being, through and through.

Thus, you are enveloped in an overwhelming sense of divine union from the moment, wherein the light of God cascades through your vessel of being. The shakti of divine force is palpable in a fully literal sense, whether a passage is a gentle shimmering stream of light accompanied by the tears of gratitude of a neophyte, or the piercing force of white-light voltage that is well beyond description that renders the senior initiate silent and speechless for days ongoing. The nature of rapture is limitless, beyond the conjuring of expectations. In rapture, we touch the exquisite grace of boundlessness. Thus, be assured that at all stages of initiation, the passage is a deeply, deeply moving experience, made possible by the merciful loss of ego control that is the defining moment, wherein all aspects of the self are joyously reabsorbed in the grace of divine love

As the soul is bathed in the brilliance of light an internal longing is set free. Union is all encompassing. Deep is the penetration and yielding. Tears, whimpering, trembling, rapid breath, moaning, and even wailing, heaving and crying forth from the inside out, are all natural responses to so profound an experience. Gut level releases and utterances are common as all levels of the body mind and soul are viscerally involved. Thus it is, that the rapture of divine union satisfies a core yearning. Experiences of trembling, mild to intense quaking, euphoria to intense ecstasy can all be experienced as the refined nature of the over-soul fuses into physicality. For some, there can be sensations of intense elation, as waves of light are spreading throughout the body. Intense tingling and even momentary numbness in the extremities of the fingers, arms or legs can be experienced as the comingling of spirit with the flesh is underway. Time as we know it is entirely suspended, as light of an eternal nature floods the entire being in the ecstasy of the divine embrace. So too, the transmittal of sacred knowledge is naturally occurring through the union of all things, within all things.

My conveyance of the palpable nature of spiritual initiation moves from my divibe calling to ignite and guide the initiations of many thousands of souls. I am wholly grateful to play the role of a world server and regent of the brotherhood of light, a master of the divine corridor, a wielder of the great rod, a keeper of the timeless wisdoms, a mentor of enlightenment, a guardian of the Great Halls of Creation. Yet, I am foremost a humble mid-wife of the spiritual birthing of the soul. So too, last but certainly not least, a mother and grandmother of a very full and busy household of children and grandchildren. A rare integration of the sacred and the human experience has been my unique calling to synthesize and it is this profound enrichment of wisdom from the human perspective that I share with you. So too, I do so from abidance in The Presence Absolute.

As you bear in mind, that this treatise is a but a mere introduction at best to the vast and holy science of solar, universal and cosmic initiation, please know that much in in swing to open those greater doors as well, yet the humanity that is essential to the process must also be revered. It is for this reason, that I have given considerable leeway to the sharing of personal experience in these chapters to serve as a bridge for modern initiates. Although, the existential profundity of the Upanishads, Bible, The Ancient Commentary and similar sacred writings move from the impeccable vantage of omnipresence, the vantage of contemporary aspiration offers new territory for passing the sacred onto future generations.

Thus, what must also be said, is that initiation is beyond what can be written or taught by any means of literary conveyance and so too, it is beyond my own humble efforts as well. Initiation stands alone. It is your own transcendent experience of taking initiation through which your intimacy with divine presence truly deepens. An initiatory experience powerfully and absolutely eclipses your waking intellect. Yet, it ignites your eternal supra-intellect. The need for ego control is so vastly irrelevant, that no attempt to control such a purely rapturous an experience would be conceived. It is here, that the core truth of existence conveys an omniscient authority and the soul is wholly grateful to receive this golden cornerstone as a foundational building block of realized sacred knowledge. So sacred is each passage, that it is entirely beyond anything that can be conceived as a religious ceremony or ritual, even though intonations, symbols, sacred words and mantras may be indeed be given on the inner planes by the masters who serve as sponsors for this momentous crossing through the veils. In this sense, your piercing of the veils is a uniquely enriching expansion and likewise, one that is caringly convened to provide what is uniquely yours to receive.

The divine corridor of light through which I provide the quickening of vibratory charge can be understood as an etheric initiation chamber. This portal through the density of rifted time, allows the divine to pour forth in far greater palpability of force that is otherwise possible. Divine phenomena in all of its forms provides a vibrational quickening. Yet, bear in mind that the divine corridor is far beyond what might be commonly understood as a vortex, in that it provides a rare dimensional link through which the spiritual hierarchy convenes to provide an immense amplification of omnipresence, encompassing individuals, groups, sacred sites and the lightbody of our planet for the purpose of increasing illumination. Thus, I wield the divine corridor at group, regional and planetary levels to amplify the purposes of global awakening, soul merges and initiatory passages and the enlightenment of humanity as a whole. The opening of the divine corridors for this planet enables the full strata of our earthly systems to receive an uplift of vibration, whereby the human soul is greatly benefited.

The word gateway suffices, the word solar gateway is perhaps more accurate, given that I am an externalized solar rishi whose awakening began very early in this life, as a means of more rapidly catapulting my consciousness through a multi-dimensional acclimation, that would prepare my nervous system for the potency of spiritual fire that I came to know and love as an essential aspect of igniting both individual and global awakening. I was endowed of this siddhi ability, when I was called to walk away from my seeming successes of worldly life, to begin my training to work directly with the great masters, that I might earn my right of passage to hold the great rod. Although, I was first telepathically trained to activate the divine corridor in the late eighties and early nineties, I was empowered over the years with a far more encompassing mastery, that deepened to became an effortless immersion in omnipresence. Thus, I convene the corridor of light whenever higher purposes call forth for an elevation of illumination. I am at one with the corridors and thus opening them for a divine purpose to be gifted to initiates and destiny souls who find their way to me, is as a means of igniting the powerful surges of illumination that assure major advancement on the path, for those who meet the criteria to receive the thrust of an initiatory acceleration.

Divine Corridors, Pillars of Light, Spheres of Presence, Waves of Illumination and Balls of Empowerment are the hallmarks of those enlightened masters, whose domain of focus is of planetary significance. All of these concentrations of divine energy come into play as need and benefit unto recipients calls forth these purifying, expansive, uplifting energetics. I have been blessed with the sacred privilege of wielding all of these manifestations of spiritual phenomena. They are powerful forms of divine purpose. These subtle but omniscient potencies are concentrations of illumination that are natural to the cosmos and thus are natural enlightened souls as spiritual empowerments. That which is naturally beneficial to the moment, is that which is spontaneously poured forth and I often work with more than one of these phenomena at a time. When I offer the empowerment of an Omni Meditation, the divine alignment of the pillar of light is amplified for aspirants, yet, all of these aggregations of divine energy from waves to spheres are elicited in a co-measured outflow of celestial transmission and it is here that the term ‘wielder of force’ might be more deeply appreciated. While it is true that as a rishi, the siddhi of wielding force is natural to my being, I invite you to open your heart to the profound nature of the love of God for the human soul. For it is God and only God that is the source and the creator of all spiritual phenomena and so too, is the divine, the ensouling holy presence within you.

Thus, when I offer the sacred passage of initiation to a readied soul or group of souls, I do so through the heightened vibration of my presence and the dispensation of a concentration of divine transmittal, in tandem with an assembly of ascended masters, who not only align and assist in the igniting of the soul’s timeless light in new increases of vivification; together, we provide oversight of the specific areas of development most beneficial for a progressing aspirant. Many prospective initiates have commenced the soul merge within moments of coming into my presence, which attests to their readiness, needing only the stimulus of a spiritual master for the gateway of transcendence to become activated. In some cases, these souls have taken a high degree of initiation in past lifetimes and thus their soul energetic is in a readiness of refinement. In some cases, they have had a deep affinity with myself and or the linages of masters that I have worked most closely with. Given the wide berth of a regent’s planetary focus, I embody many lineages of mastery, as well effortless align with multiple ascended masters simultaneously. Each assembly of guides and masters convene and minister, according to the purpose to be served. Annual sanctifications are convened for high holy days around the world, one fo th most significant is annual Wesak, held by the hierarchy during the full moon of Taurus each year. Yet, one of the most potent of all sanctifications is the attainment of enlightenment on the part of a single soul. The moment of emancipation is an infinite empowerment unto all souls and all kingdoms.

Thus it is, that by the scope and voltage of initiation to be granted, so too is the wielding the rod amplified by a corridor of light in specific co-measurement to profoundly activate a dimensional opening that makes possible an instantaneous experience of the timeless revelation of oneself. Those rishis and master teachers who convene and activate the initiations have also undergone intensive purification and training as high adepts and spiritual masters and each has their own set of beatitudes, divine endowments and unique gift of shakti through which they work and methods of delivery which can vary according the existing degree of consciousness of the masters as well as their students and recipients. When I have worked with large groups and assemblies of souls certain measures may be brought to the fore whereas, when I work in a one-on-one capacity with an initiate or a small more specifically focused group of initiates, the methods of delivery and intensity of activation is a natural response that is attuned to the unity of factors in play.

Of importance to you, as you enter the portals of initiation, is that it is impactful beyond compare. It is transforming beyond all else. The words… anointing, ignition, shakti, soul merge, amplification, activation, electric compounding and light acceleration, seek to describe what is taking place during the bequeathing of an initiatory download of divine energy. The experience is resultant of the merge of spirit and matter via the inflow of precise degrees of spiritual force into the whole of an initiate’s existence, from the most subtle and celestial aspects of their expanse of consciousness, to the most physically dense, cellular construct of the physical body. Thus, does the comingling of spirit and matter proceed upon a course of ascent and decent to provide penetration from the subtlest octaves of awareness, to the light codes of the DNA and the atomic levels of intelligence within the flesh. Truly, all aspects of reality throughout time receive a monumental influx of divine energy.

Thus, initiation encompasses the literal, substantive issuance of causal force, released according to a specific mathematical equation, comprised of the three primary rays of consciousness and those sub-rays of divine light that provide the perfectly balanced “prescription” that most benevolently advances the overall consciousness, spiritual well-being, and life purposes of the initiate’s mandates of divine service, soul contract of divine legacy, or overall positive endeavor. I convey more on the divine rays of consciousness in chapters to come and in my book, The Splendor of the Rays and this reading as well as your own intuitive experience will serve your understanding of the qualities and attributes that are uniquely yours to unfold.

What is essential to grasp is that the source of the influx of divine energy is solely issued forth from the fountainhead of your own spiritual origin, as the activity of the divine rays of consciousness. Thus, the accelerated light of the divine corridor is an divine infusion of supreme consciousness, utterly free of all dross and distortion. This dispensation is not possible through any manner of humanly conceived ceremony or contrived rite of “initiation.” Although, I respect the value of the symbolic rituals, these ceremonies do not necessarily transmit the authentic, visceral impact of the divine force nor of a sacred seeding that is unleashed during a true initiation and this is especially true of the major initiations, the impact of which can render an initiate speechless and immobile for days at a time while immersed in states of samadhi. So too, is the infusion of divine seeding a phenomenally life changing event that often coincides within the granting of a new depth of siddhi endowments. It is my hope that this effort at definitions and discernments will serve our purposes, making clear that what the initiate is receiving is the profundity of the omniscient influx of a complex “blending of the lights,” whereby one is powerfully infused with the inflow of the purely divine.

Hence, the divine science of initiation embraces the complexity of the causal forces, as well as the complexity of the individual soul or monad and in the case of group initiation, FN the complexities of group development and their harmonic resonance as a unit of collective consciousness. The influx of light afforded the soul or group soul is not an entitlement, but rather it is earned acknowledgement of their proven discernment, self-responsibility, divine attunement and over all altruistic consciousness. Initiation is a divine response to each stage of realization, integration and deepening on the part of the neophyte, initiate or master who is seeking advancement upon the great wheels. Upon this sacred premise, the holy boon of intentional spiritual progression catalyzes far-reaching significance throughout the life of the seeking soul, as well as throughout the heavens, wherein great celestial beings and masters of light, as well universes also “take initiation.”

In its more expansive context of reality, spiritual initiation is a causal impetus that is celestially timed and orchestrated especially when a magnetic shift is taking place relative to our galaxy, as the dynamic magnitude of a yuga is on the wax. So it is, that you stand before an all-powerful turning point, and so too, do I invite you to pause and reflect what this means to you personally. Do you seek your emancipation from time-bound entrapment? Do you seek the liberation that brings peace and clarity to your soul? Do you honor your inner imperative to aid and assist your fellow humankind? Do you long for divine union? Feel your yearning. Meditate upon your opportunity. Seek your higher guidance. Recharge your awareness. The dynamic energy of new potential is crackling in the air, as the thrust of illumination is on the wax for all destiny souls.

It is rarely a first-time occurrence, for those initiates who are gaining entrance to the thresholds of light in modern times, wherein the piercing of the veils and the shifting of reality has begun. For most of you have likely been an initiate in multiple lifetimes. You have an instinctive sensitivity to the light and vibration of the clarion call, that strikes the chord of you inborn knowing and the pristine keynotes of your soul’s vibration. Attunement to the genuine presence of the sacred is so often a natural ab inborn sensitivity. Guided by your timeless awareness, you have been inexplicably drawn to the majestic portals of divine light and also to those teachers and masters who are your guides and guardians of the path. You may be at various stages of awakening, as you hold this book in your hands, yet not only are you the oracles, priests, healers and seers of ages past, your likelihood of having delved into golden streams of sacred knowledge to an accomplished degree is all but assured, despite what you may or may not remember in waking consciousness.

I am your witness unto your true selfhood in the divine, as you always have been and always will be. I am your witness now, as you are lifted up by the great wave of awakening that rises upon a sacred sum that has reached an essential amassing from which a arc of celestial time is activated upon Earth. Thus, be assured that the upward arc of your awakening will take hold, once it has begun, as the unreal drops away beneath your feet and you can no longer find reality where you once assumed it would be. For those of you who have reached the pivotal decision to build upon your illumination at all costs, with a “no matter what” willingness to surmount all imagined obstacles of illusion, you have joined a global fellowship of initiates whose time has come. You are entering the prophesized kingdom of your destiny of godliness, to discover that as each threshold of increasing light is imbibed and integrated, so too is the renewal of your presence all the more natural to your sensibility.

The upward arc of consciousness is taking hold for all souls, even as the fury of oppositional polarities across the globe build toward a deafening cacophony. So too are the polarities within yourself also roused, as the echoes of the dimmest past are likewise stirred to rise. Even, as you witness the unthinkable and the unconscionable rise into worldview, you are also witnessing the elimination of “the hidden” by its exposure to a global audience of witnesses. For it is here, that you are wise to allow and embrace the exposure of the hidden within yourself. This a “critical cause factor,” that is inherent to the prime directive that clears the way for the incoming new genesis to commence, whereby the sparking the great decision is ignited from which the essential unity is amassed in the love and brotherhood upon which a new world will be built. I say this, to make clear the significance that you as an initiate have upon the whole of humanity, as the being one of vanguards who is replenishing and restoring and amassing our planetary ethers with the grace, love and intelligence of your awakening.

The beauty and power of initiation commences the retrieval of your true wealth of divine memory, enabling you to have moments and expanses of recall, and with each initiation that you take, you are registering your presence of being upon ever more expanded arcs of time, that are so richly endowed with the far reaches of the most ancient and the most gossamer of horizons yet to emerge. This merging of the arcs of time and their bounty of illumination, opens the golden doors upon our individual and collective Universal Akasha, setting the stage for a monumental unveiling of ancient wisdom and sacred knowledge in modern day times.

Never before, has the ethers of our planet been so fertile and bountifully laden. Never before, has your personal path of growth and advancement as a soul been so abundantly blessed with the truth of the ages and the promise of the divine genesis that propels the wheels of light that offer us passage to a new potential. For it is the initiates of ardent service and purity of heart that are increasingly the witnesses of the heavenly worlds of the Most High the are the domain of The Presence Absolute.

This discourse is an excerpt from Rishi’s book, The Initiate’s Path of Gold – The Divine Science of the Celestial Initiations. Order your copy here


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