Rishi’s Divine Transmission

Enlightened Teachings and Spiritual Shakti

The Royal Path is honored as the great gateway of all illumination unto which all paths must ultimately converge. Thus, the path has always transmitted a rarified emanation not only of enlightened teachings, but also of enlightened presence. Any and all teachings, profound though they might be, are instruments through which the vibration of oneness and omnipresence flows outward from the divine into the hearts and minds of receptive souls.

Many souls who first come to me initially ask what is the nature of my teaching, because my gift to the seeking soul is the direct transmission of the divine. I have authored the sacred archives for the Brotherhood of the Great Masters who stand behind the Royal Path as its conveners and conveyors, and I have been privileged to do so, primarily because of the care and training that I received that propelled me to anchor my life in Divine Presence. It is this abidance in the divine that enables and empowers the sacred emanation of divine transmission to be conveyed through a continual transmittal of omnipresence and what the eastern traditions call Spiritual Shakti. The Royal Path is a conveyor of the transmittal of source energy and the presence of all things divine.

One can understand the emanation of the divine in many ways from the context of the light of higher consciousness, God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness or simply the tangible presence of supreme deity.  The direct transmission of the divine emanates purely from the divine, from source, from the origin of all that is sacred in this universe and beyond. It is not dependent on words on a page or spiritual practices, meditation methods, rituals or ceremonies as a means of providing a personal experience of direct contact with the realms of the sacred, although any of these influences and methods can enhance one’s ability to receive and benefit from direct transmission.

Direct transmission offers all possible wavelengths of human experience, because it is holographic and infinite in nature.  It can be received intellectually, emotionally, kinesthetically or transcendently, through the channels of the mind or the heart or the soul, as well as through the primal instincts of physical body awareness. The life changing, heart pounding, mind expanding, transcendent goose-bump moment wherein direct transmission is experienced opens an immediate bridge to all things of pure spirit, by virtue of the manifest presence of the divine. Only those masters, rishis and gurus who have achieved divine embodiment have the capacity to emanate omnipresence. They have embodied that of which they speak and teach. They have mastered the lower nature and the illusions of the ego. They have crossed through the veils and live in this world but not of it. They are not merely regurgitating a doctrine or representing a given philosophy. Divine Presence cannot be contained or defined or regulated by a form of any kind, no matter how brilliant a teaching, treatise or philosophy might be. This is not only very important for the seeking soul, initiate or disciple to embrace if what they seek is a true master to guide their awakening… it is crucial. The divine is transmitted through vibration, thus the vessel of transmittal must itself be enlightened.

What I offer does indeed uphold the sacred principles that all traditions aspire to, but the transmission of omnipresence is not a specific religion, spiritual theory or doctrine that spells out the ‘dos and don’ts’ of a path at a mundane level.  The transmission that empowers my teachings calls forth unto your own divine light to make itself known to you and the begin the profound connection whereby your master-self becomes your guide and ever-present teacher. I do indeed teach the unparalleled illumined teachings that comprise the Universal Sacred Archives of the Brotherhood of Light that prepares the initiate for entering aura of The Royal Path of Omni Awakening. The archives make available the sacred knowledge of the laws and principles of creation, and methods that perfect one’s ability to awaken to, embody and serve the divine. However, what I truly offer is an immediate, ever-present bridge or gateway to the divine, because I am that gateway. I am one and the same. I embody it, sustain it, emanate it and therefore provide it. The eastern traditions call the capacity to emanate spiritual energy “the shakti of divine force” however; this phenomenon has many, many levels of manifestation, understanding and application. What is received by divine transmission is unique for each soul or pilgrim on the path. You will experience what is timely and resonant for you because of the boundless, all-encompassing nature of divine light to give precisely what is most needed. Divine Presence is what I offer you, whether I am teaching or sitting with you in silence and for the mature initiate much of what I transmit is best given in perfection of silence.

I extend to you the welcoming grace of the direct experience of the essence of the divine, because one cannot know God or even oneself solely through the mind or intellect, we must experience divinity with our entire being.  My teaching is not limited to the words that I speak, although my teachings do offer an enlightened cohesion of thought.  Yet, beyond this, I am a master of the living word whereby divine light itself becomes the teacher as the purity of vibration reverberates throughout one’s entire being. This stimulates the spirit within one’s self to become stirred and roused to greater consciousness and self-awareness. I am also a master of directing divine force to activate the light-body or energy field that envelopes the physical body to increase its vibration.

While it is essential to have a solid foundation of intellectual understanding, which the Royal Path Master Teachings provide like long lost treasures of perfection, it is also essential to provide the palpable force field of divine grace, love and wisdom as the sacred space that is most conducive for the spontaneous unfolding of personal spiritual revelation and what has long been called self-realization in the eastern traditions. What I offer does not come from books that I have read or doctrines that I have ingested or teachers that I claim to have trained with. It has always moved from within in a spontaneous way, through light and through the sound within light since my experiences of divine ecstasy and holiness became conscious as a small child.  Light has always been my primary teacher and gateway to the supreme heart of God, although there have been significant influences along the way for which I am ever grateful that came from embodied teachers and immortal masters.

I grew from childhood to adulthood fully awake to the divine worlds, and the connection to the spiritual side of life has always been far more vivid and real for me than this world of fleeting forms and reflections of a time-bound existence. This was passed to me from my grandmother who was a very holy woman, a charismatic healer and by all definition a true saint.  We sat together in recognition of the truth of God. I have always known that spirit is eternal and that life is sacred and that I am here to serve the awakening of consciousness within form. I have always experienced all of my lifetimes here on earth as a single time continuum or composite of wisdom, no different than experiencing the various sundry experiences of a single day, as being a cohesive whole from waking up in the morning to retiring for sleep at the end of the day.

Likewise, I experience my universal embodiments in a similar fashion, as a cohesive whole. I live in a continuum of wholeness. I live in the eternal ocean rather than in a momentary droplet of water. I live in the infinite body of the Divine, rather than in a single incarnation. As I say this, I want you to also know that the beauty and significance of the single droplet of water or a single incarnation is no less sacred or meaningful and no less full of life, wonder and opportunity for immersion in the divine from that vantage point in time. You too have the same capacity to know your true self and to abide in what I lovingly call your timeless Selfhood.

It is the supreme love within the Divine Plan for the salvation of all souls, that has always provided humanity with awakened teachers as guideposts and way showers. It is this divine presence in the flesh, right here in the midst of everyday life, that opens the way for the skeptical, fear burdened mind, to become the illumined, fearless mind. It is the vibrational presence of truth and love that enables seekers and initiates to enter the gateways to their own divine remembrance of what is true and real and holy. I am no less aware and embodied of my essential nature in God, whether I am playing with my grandchildren on the floor amongst diapers and toys or offering a sacred ceremony while robed in a white silk sari. The divine is the unchanging permanence behind the temporal coming and going of all manifest forms. All is the Lotus of Divine Life, all is divine, all is the life with the Life.

So my life example and the living of a wholeness of embodiment is also my teaching of enlightenment. I am very experiential. No true master teacher can be otherwise. I love to teach initiates in the midst of the everyday life stuff. That is my most fertile classroom. That is where real mastery must be brought from the lofty towers of mere understanding and ideals to the visceral embodiment of divinity in the midst of any and all circumstances.  One cannot merely know, one must “Be” and this being is indeed effortless, because the enlightened soul is simply being itself. It matters not what the outer surroundings are. The divine cannot be other than itself.

This is something of a challenge especially for westerners to comprehend something so immediate and intimate. Westerners in particular tend to portray themselves through layer upon layer of social masks. Skepticism, mistrust and withholding are so prevalent. Here in the West, our web of life is very shattered. Our primary fear is of each other. Soul level bonds are rare, rather than the norm. So, I understand why many people who come to me want a package deal. They want an explanation of my teachings that they can examine, sniff and evaluate with a time-bound ego. They want techniques and quick fixes. But more that anything they want to be able to “know” what lies ahead and thus “control” their experience of me and of themselves from the framework of ego or personality.

But how can one receive a direct experience of the divine, if the ego mind is controlling the entire experience? So this is the dilemma here in the west. We can’t tell the difference between the inherent wisdom of discernment and the skepticism that pushes away what it doesn’t already know, so it can derive a sense of control and false supremacy.

What I will tell you is that you cannot control the divine. One cannot examine or second-guess the spirit of oneness. One cannot control the unknown or the great mystery of the holy of the holies or the pure splendor of spirit. One can only open like a lotus and immerse in the great ocean of being, sinking one’s roots deep into the essence of the infinite presence, until the lotus and the ocean are unified and only God remains supreme.

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