Radiance Retreat with the Rishi


Sedona Gateway Fall Retreat
October 15-17, 2021 and Spring, 2022

For the few who will influence the many

Convened as an exclusive opportunity for a selected few, the Rishi extends this extraordinary opportunity for the awakening of “master souls,” who are divinely gifted to be instruments of collective transformation.


The Secrets of the Divine Design

THREE DYNAMIC DAYS ~ OCT 15 to 17, 2021

You will be among a small group of candidates who is given the rare opportunity of four extraordinary days of profound spiritual immersion with an enlightened master, a divine encounter of the highest order that charts a new course for a life of mastery.


Your deepest knowing…

The Rishi convenes those sincere applicants whose inner character, karmic merit, and life potential to serve the divine is aligned with the great purpose of the Great Masters. It is your deepest knowing, that now is the time to be of service that opens the Rishi’s doors.

Sedona Spiritual Retreat

For Souls of Integrity and Purpose

To experience the majesty of Sedona in the Rishi’s presence is a divine encounter of the highest accord. She welcomes initiates and adepts as her spiritual guest, to enter the solstice solar gateway to receive the palpable presence of the purely divine that elicits accelerations of consciousness. Opening the Petals of God Consciousness awakens the radiance of being that is inherent to your divine birthright and the supra-conscious state of enlightened mastery that is the new frontier of human development.

Three exquisite days for the renewal of body, mind and soul, through the direct transmission of the Avatara Light Codes that initiate the radiance of being that is our inherent stellar birthright. A Prime Reset Activation that resolves repetitious karmic patterns, clearing the way for fulfilling your greatest potential for spiritual advancement for this life time.

Your Divine Design

Restoration of Your Divine Blueprint

You will receive the Rishi’s sacred manuscripts on awakening the “Petals of The Presence,” to treasure, read and absorb long after your retreat has ignited your path of awakening. Rare sacred knowledge on restoring the divine design of our celestial birthright, by reprograming the set-backs of genetic tampering from previous solar epochs.

A dynamic activation of The Twelve Petals of the Soul is the holographic light-coding that brings the Atma-Soul into embodiment that bot only corrects genet tampering it also culminates in the flowering of the 1000 golden petals of the “Lotus of the Logos” of the enlightenment. -a profound ascension gateway for spiritual initiation with the Great Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the illumination of your Master Self.

Opening the Lotus is a profound spiritual activation of divine realization and lightbody expansion through the sacred process of awakening the Twelve Petals of the Soul. A profound permeation of Supreme Light that renews the DNA and restores the original divine blueprint for human evolution.


The Rishi Has Opened Her Doors

The Mataji Rishi bestows the palpable radiance of Christ Consciousness and the profound phenomena of Omni Awakening. Her western sanctuary in Sedona is a sanctified global focal point of the Great Masters, that emanates a continual outflow of divine illumination. The selective nature of her private retreats and programs is designed to impart the power of accelerated awakening and transformation to those who are called to the wisdom and mastery of authentic service. It is your desire to become a divine instrument that attracts divine grace and power into your life. It is the undeniable light of your inner calling that opens the Rishi’s door.

You are the Rishi’s spiritual guest when you attend a Sedona Gateway Retreat. Not only do you receive life-changing transformation, but you also receive the most enhancing of the “Sedona Experiences” offered in the region. Many doors are opened for you for the enrichment of body, mind, and soul. Sedona is breathtaking throughout the year and every season is a wonderment to behold.

Sedona Gateway Retreats are held in a private estate setting that is surrounded by breath-taking vistas that silence the mind and inspire the soul.  The Rishi’s Abode of the Masters receives one of the most intensive amplifications of divine light on the planet. You will receive rapid elevations of consciousness, yet it is the Rishi’s extraordinary radiance and effortless ease of mastery that is the ultimate experience that is forever yours.


Attendance Overview

Your immersion in divine radiance is 9am to 6pm daily, at the Rishi’s Private Abode of the Masters, providing an exquisitely refined spiritual experience for the auspicious transmission of Supreme Light and the Sacred Knowledge of the Royal Path….a direct transmittal of the timeless wisdom that empowers your soul to navigate rapid personal and global transition with wisdom and clarity during this unprecedented time in history.

Abundance Empowerment…
Your retreat investment helps to fund the Rishi’s endeavors and sanctuary in Sedona endeavors and her tireless service to humanity.

Private Retreat Investment: $5,000 tuition

Special tuition allowance for Lotus Heart Members

Gracious discount for Sedona Residents

Candidate Application

Sedona Gateway Retreats

Tuition fee: $5000
*non-inclusive of lodging
*inclusive of daily luncheon buffet

Sedona Gateway Retreats are open to accepted applicants, who may attend as often as desired. It is advised not to delay in submitting your application for admittance if you are sincerely interested in taking part in this extraordinary opportunity. * A small number of work-trade exchanges are available. If you are interested in a staff position to assist with the retreat, please make an immediate request to Omni Institute, the Rishi’s sponsor organization: info@OMNIinsituteDS.org

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Rare ~ Refined ~ Remarkable

Sedona Gateway Retreats are unlike any other retreat experience. Each retreat is specifically attuned to the unique energetics of your retreat group, to provide an intensified focus for your awakening, healing and ascension.  It is the unique purpose of the Rishi’s private retreats to also activate the siddhi-abilities that enhance your evolving mastery and endeavors of divine service. Each Gateway Retreat creates a living matrix of highly concentrated divine light to trigger tipping points for the succession of positives that most serve your expansion of influence.  Of monumental significance, is that the Rishi’s private retreats are powerfully over-lighted by the spiritual hierarchy and also serve as a major planetary conduit for the emanation of God Consciousness.

For the Few Who Will Influence the Many