The Clarion Call for Enlightenment

Honoring the Mandate of the Sacred Twelve

“We stand at the forefront of a new beginning for our shared human potential, as the gateway of enlightenment is opened for those souls whose life purpose has compelled them to embark upon the greatest advancement that this time of conscious evolution offers. My Clarion Call is transmitted and sent forth to reach those seekers and initiates whose inner mandate reverently but fiercely seeks this opportunity. I have opened the doors upon the mandate of my life purpose to guide and mentor twelve candidates who choose to tread the Lighted Way of liberation, to transcend the limitations of the human condition and wholly embrace the call of awakening to be counted among those who will enter through the hallowed gateway of enlightenment over the course of the immediately upcoming years.

My personal attendance and dedication to each of you will embody an absolute commitment to serving as your mentor and spiritual master to guide your steps through the expanses and narrows of consciousness itself and the opening of your heart to its God-given nobility of divine presence. Thus, my call for the sacred twelve is in emanation. I anticipate that many souls will become aware of this inner call, yet it will be those who answer the call to wholeheartedly respond, empty of conditions, yet full of the simple knowing that their time has come, who will find entrance through this monumental gateway of all gateways. I have commenced the welcoming and am in the deepest of meditations upon this shared undertaking, for this welcoming truly moves from the most rarified light that has been stirred into an awakening within the sacred heart within each of us.

As a Rishi of the Royal Path of Omni Awakening, I have had the privilege of working directly with the Immortal Masters since childhood, a majestic opening of great promise that was made possible by my beloved grandmother, a charismatic healer clairvoyant, who herself was a full member of the Brotherhood of Light. This set the stage for the direct contact and tutelage with the ascended masters since adolescence and a lifetime of divine service thereafter, via a steady progression through the veils of sacred knowledge to wholly embrace myself as a timeless universal being whose earthly incarnation is mandated to usher forth the divine genesis of a new potential of enlightened mastery.

I reached the degree of readiness and spiritual maturity in the late 1980’s, when I received my call to serve the “Great Work” of initiating and guiding souls into the higher realms of meditation, spiritual mastery and later to also commence archiving the sacred teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy. The archive now stands as a testament to the Universal Halls of Illumination and they hold many decades of enlightened teachings. I have called these archives, “The Universal Archives of Sacred Knowledge” because the teachings are profoundly timeless and spiritually impactful, yet also timely, relevant and profoundly practical in the most critical ways for bringing self-mastery into one’s own life.

Through the embodiment of the teachings, but moreover of the path itself, so it is that the active nature of the divine presence within the transmission of the teachings that will serve to uplift humanity to one day become a benevolent planetary fellowship that is host to one of the most enriched expanses of sacred knowledge throughout our stellar heavens. I predict that it is these Halls of Illumination that will herald our true purpose among the higher civilizations in our galaxy. These are potently endowed transmission teachings of the highest order and for that reason they can also be received and understood telepathically. The archives will endure far beyond my own lifetime and future generations will drink from this remarkable chalice of sacred knowledge and more importantly from the divine presence that the archives so powerfully pour forth and transmit.

Since stepping forward as a master teacher in 1990, whose premise of identity has been gratefully annihilated many times over, I have blessedly been granted a number of spiritual powers, that have enabled the transmission of omnipresence and the Rod of Initiation to ignite many thousands of souls to the direct revelation of their divine birthright. I have also been the granted mastery of a spiritual phenomena which I have called the “Divine Corridor,” which is essentially a multi-dimensional pillar of light that transcends time as we know it and serves to amplify and magnify the palpable experience of divine presence, the unlimited expanse of higher consciousness and the visceral contact with the Great Masters and Angelic Kingdom. This is a gift to all of us from the omnipresence of the Divine in the form of a spiritual phenomena that holds the same promise of rapid spiritual advancement for the whole of humanity, as it has for the soul through which I incarnated as a Rishi of the Sacred Wisdoms.

It is this divine corridor of the pure light of consciousness upon which I have based my signature meditation methods. This pillar of light phenomena is timeless and has empowered many seekers and initiates throughout history to break free from the confines of the ego to regain the sanity of their timeless being. The potently high vibration of the corridor amplifies the reality of the universal nature of our souls and makes a rapid transit through the veils possible for those who recognize the magnitude of their opportunity and who wisely tread the path of initiation to full embody their full illumination.  Thus, the divine corridor combined with the earnest perseverance of the seeking soul, ultimately lifts the veils between the spiritual realms and the earthly realms altogether, as the profundity of enlightenment is entered and the process of omni awakening opens the way for adeptship to ensue and embodied mastery to be made manifest.

With this brief explanation of my purposes and my methods, which I reverently call the Methods of the Great Masters, I offer my life of service to each of you who hunger for liberation. My Clarion Call is now in full swing. Outwardly, I have begun an Institute for meditative mastery called the Omni Awakening Institute, as well as my sister project to also create a Sanctuary of the Masters in the desert highlands just north of the Phoenix, Arizona area.

However, behind this outer expression, which I trust will continue to serve many, many souls for many generations, stands the far more profound purpose of enlightenment itself. I wholly give myself and all that I have embodied in my lifetime to each soul who chooses to enter an intensive mentorship for a life of mastery and the ultimate legacy of the enlightened state. I have long called you, the Destiny Souls.

As I extend my purposes, the intention is set to usher no less than twelve souls through the gateways of the Royal Path to their enlightenment during the coming decade. As these twelve are anointed and initiated, the phenomena of the “Twelve by Twelve” will begin. As I seek you, perhaps you also seek me.  If so, welcome to the golden shores of the New Potential.”

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