The Clarion Call of Spiritual Mastery

Awakening The Few Who Will Lead The Many

As a godsend of our time, there are an ever-increasing number of awakened teachers who are rising upon the visionary power of their unique mandates for global awakening and the spiritual stewardship of our planet. Our collective Clarion Call is building in momentum every day and every decade. Each of us is calling forth with a unique chord and wavelength of spiritual influence that moves upon the ethers with its distinct vibrational frequency, as well as through the outer work that defines our path and purposes. Because we are living in a time of prolific global awakening, all teachers and teachings have an essential role to play and each is significant in its own domain of contribution. So too, is there a varied range of spiritual development that is active on the part of an awakening humanity from the neophyte, the aspirant, the disciple, the apprentice,the adept and finally the realization of the spiritual mastery that outpours from the enlightened state.

Thus, the Clarion Call for spiritual awakening is a multi-octave broadcast that moves into the sea of souls, who are in readiness to take part in the planetary phenomena of our thrust into a higher plane of existence. We are a collective of ascended masters and living masters who are unified in the mission to establish the long-awaited fifth dimension of Self Realized Christ Consciousness. Among us, there are the spiritual heads of inspirational movements who are assigned by divine mandate to begin the process of awakening for large numbers of souls, to uplift the masses with a general broadcast of the timeless truths that embrace love and brotherhood as the base note for the salvation for all souls. There are also those more specialized teachers who are assigned to encourage and sustain the aspiring soul on an upward swing of expansion, once awakening has been initiated. In this case, they do so within a narrow range of keynotes that express a philosophy, methodology or particular focus that fosters personal growth upon the path. Then, there are those of us who are referred to as the Master Rishis whose mission entails the far more in-depth work of igniting and mentoring seasoned initiates and accomplished adepts who are dedicated to the full ascension of consciousness, who perhaps could be called the chosen few who are well-fitted to lead the way, embarking upon actualizing an all new human potential.

Some say that this chosen few is a collective of initiates that are understood to be star-seeded souls and that their teachers are Universal Master Souls or Solar Rishis who incarnate into a solar system in order to bring about a major sequence of soul advancement and planetary development. Rishis and master teachers are the “universal fixers” who serve as the celestial safeguards, by incarnating into planetary systems to make the needed adjustments to establish the life-giving, governing principles that sustain creation. I have always simply known that such star-seeded souls or guardian souls are pre-coded and divinely designed to carry a higher expression of human DNA into existence. I have always known myself to be a teacher and mentor of these souls and that my mission is to ignite the divine memory of their greater mission and to guide them via a universal synthesis of the world’s sacred expressions of unity and oneness, into a new strata of what is possible for modern spiritual mastery, while also embracing a richly endowed human experience within themselves. This terrain of timeless wisdom and the deepest interiors of the human experience is the domain of the initiates of sacred knowledge and the new era of living masters, whose self realization and thus also their natural sense of the guardianship of earth is undeniable, as well as essential. To usher in a new era of modern spirituality is a general theme for these few pioneering souls whose numbers are not among the masses, but whose illumination offers a great spiritual prosperity to the masses. The more far-reaching theme that umbrellas our efforts, is to ignite a new potential for human existence that moves upon a perfecting arc, that expresses a diversity of endeavors within the unifying oneness that is the true underlying mandate to embody. Thus, the life of an initiate is also the life a the chosen few. it is a fellowship that crosses all boundaries of race, creed, age, nationality and spiritual tradition that may have attended their childhoods.

In this case, the process of advanced soul development is designed and purposed to move from the causal impetus of the divine fire of successive spiritual initiation, and the progression of initiation that takes place during a lifetime of devotion and dedication to the spiritual path. Thus, taking initiation until enlightenment is embodied lies at the core of the awakening process, as well as at the core of a sanctified teaching path that unifies all orbs and thresholds of higher consciousness, with the life mastery of a brilliance of functional enlightenment that is ultimately applied to world service. Likewise in this case, the full chord of the enlightened state must be resounded by these master teachers, as well as all of the distinct keynotes existent within the overarching chord of liberated being. Vibrationally, the unified resound of oneness, as well as the full range of all octaves of potential, must be resplendent in a unifying chord of living mastery that sets into motion and defines a new and promising future for humanity. In essence, it is this “diversity within the unity” that fully expresses not only the new frontier of modern mastery, but also the new potential for humanity that fulfills a primary universal principle. It is this unified diversity that also externalizes the next round of the expansion of the spiritual hierarchy, whose timely externalization into world view will collectively express all aspects of enlightenment for the human soul. The new phenomena of living mastery will chart a new course for humanity. Awakening the few who will lead the many. One might liken this to the creation of a symphony orchestra of higher degree initiates, wherein all the finest instruments are assembled and are harmonically attuned in spirit and form as well as in mastery and function. It is for this reason, that the Clarion Call of the Great Masters resounds within its magnificent swell, a majestic diversity for the awakening of the human soul, that is also harmonically resplendent and wondrously prolific with a perpetuating and boundless potential.

Thus, those living rishis who open and illumine the gateways to the full flowering of enlightenment for contemporary seekers are called to teach, guide and mentor initiates to awaken in the midst the fray of modern life and to also forge and pioneer an in-the-world but not of-the-world spirituality. They must not only have embodied enlightenment themselves, they must also have been fitted by many lifetimes of preparation to wield the focus and nuances of a very deep and visceral wisdom that can seamlessly foster the inner purification, the progressive illumination and the grounded practicality that rapidly and effectively ignites and nurtures a rarified state of wholeness for the advancing initiates to whom they are assigned. Their brilliance of wisdom must embrace the full gamut of soul development and the life mastery that actualizes the embodiment of enlightenment and the true adeptship of the sacred art of divine service for the modern world that assures future generations of sustainable planetary existence and a benevolent birthright for all souls. This is our very obvious necessity as a human race and our more than obvious necessity of applied service for all senior initiates and living rishis who work hand in hand with the great hierarchy of spiritual masters. Thus, those living rishis who will teach and guide the promising protégés who are keyed, coded and destined to commence a new potential for human divinity are also few in number.

While there are many octaves of consciousness that are interwoven within the collective Clarion Call of all world teachers, there will be those who trigger a powerful sense of remembrance for the souls who are drawn to them, for whom the spark of illumination initiates a deep arousal of the inner fire of spiritual longing and it is then that the greater flame of their spiritual destiny is awakened to its greatest intensity. There are many teachers who will provide the sustenance that moves the neophyte beyond the initial stages of awakening who long for a far deeper understanding of their own inner dynamics. There are those very few teachers who will guide the advanced and final stages of enlightenment and so too, there are the wizened rishis who offer the jewels on the path that sustain seasoned initiates through the narrows of advanced awakening, for whom the deep wisdom of a spiritual master serves to truly illumine their path with the nuances of experience that only a true master can provide. Thus, the Clarion Call of destiny souls is a summoning to step forward and be counted among those who will lead the way with the attainments that have rarely been embodied thus far by a human soul. There are the guardian souls of a new beginning, whose clarity and inner-purification have been proven true by mastering the challenges of the soul mandates and it is these few who will respond to the deepest most rarified Clarion Call by those very few spiritual masters whose mandate is to train and prepare the adepts who are the masters-in-the-making of a new time. For it is these souls who will influence all others with a universal illumination that resounds with the whole of humanity.

Thus, with all of these avenues of expansion in active swing, we are fortunate that the gateways of illumination have opened during the past several decades to avail this almighty celestial Clarion Call to many more souls than ever before in our planet’s history. This opening has issued forth a general broadcast of illumination to all receptive souls. It has also issued forth a very specific broadcast unto the few. This far more potent broadcast emanates the pure white light that is especially endowed to awaken those who will be among the destiny souls who lead the way through establishing the essential shifts of consciousness that will bring about the greatest degree of divine influence overall for humanity as a whole. There are very significant key points of influence that will create a series of tipping points for the global transition of a dimensional shift. Thus, there will be those very few souls who have a very substantial role to play, yet the fulfillment of their divine mandate may take place far from the public eye in small groups of dedicated initiates whose imperative embraces their full spiritual potential, whereby their contribution of vibration and purpose will indeed trigger the tipping points of illumination that usher forth a great and massive swing toward love and hope for all souls worldwide.

As a Rishi of the Royal Path, I am a caller unto all souls whose time has come to awaken, to make the essential progressions through the thresholds of higher consciousness that the spiritual path beholds. I ignite the sacred fire within. My teachings are a vibrational transmission that serves all phases of awakening. Yet, I am first and foremost a caller unto the few and a guide and mentor for those who know that they have a higher purpose to fulfill and a burning imperative to fulfill their divine mandates. These few respond to the spiritual light of a higher calling and this calling is a given fact of their existence. Once their inner fire is ignited, nothing can extinguish their imperative to fulfill their higher purpose. It is for these few, that responding to the Clarion Call of awakening serves as the base note that propels and sustains their lives. Moreover, they have been uniquely endowed with the intelligence, heart, willfullness and unique life experiences that can indeed translate into a higher plane of existence, for what I refer to as the seventh wheel of our planet’s progression into the spiritual mastery and the higher realms which for humanity will one day become the new normalcy of a benevolent fellowship of living guardians who together serve the world in all of its magnificence of diversity, all kingdoms, all souls, all life.

I have referred to this group of light-coded souls who have incarnated solely for divine purposes “the destiny souls of the new beginning.” I also call you, The Lotus Born. Essentially we are a stellar kinship and a celestial collective of Seed Souls. Yet, here in the midst of the fray of everyday life, we must recognize one another and fearlessly let the walls come down. We have worked together in various themes of sacred knowledge and spiritual depth over many lifetimes. Truly we are not strangers to one another even though this group is only now being called together. What do I mean by saying this?

Much has had to be weathered, prepared and made ready. The unique timing for the commencement of the influences of the seventh wheel has required that the fifth wheel be in a resounding clarity of manifestation, made possible by the ascension into Christ Consciousness on the part of those souls whose lives are now thriving in the principle of love and brotherhood. This is a building reality, as a majority of humanity seeks a higher rung on the ladder of spiritual evolution and have vibrationally set their sights on personally advocating a benevolent world.

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