The Karmic Wheel and the Akashic Records

The Principle of Reversing Darkness to the Light

(Excerpt from The Initiate’s Path of Gold ~ The Divine Science of Celestial Initiation)

Anyone who is drawn to this book, has heard many wisdoms and philosophies on the nature of karma and the thoughts, words, deeds and energetics that bring merit to the karmic scales of positivity or on the other hand, add to the debt and density to the involutionary counter clockwise spin into greater density. What I offer you is a deeper grasp of the mirror of self-reflection through comprehending the Great Book of Records in which your life’s advancements and set backs are archived. As you come to understand that your every word and deed has an afterlife of vibrational effect, you will bring far greater attention to how you live your life and whether you are as yet creating more karmic patterns to transmute and transform through karmic repetition or whether you are nearing completion of your karmic wheel whereby, you at last are endowed with the causal truth by which you declare yourself victorious as a freeborn soul.

I say this, to bring a much-needed certainty to what appears to be uncertain times, as the playing out of the extremes of duality reaches a zenith of the exposure of the hidden echelons of negativity and darkness on our planet. Exposure reveals and by so doing, what is revealed can be transformed. So too, we must be united in rapidly exposing the hidden negativity of illusion within ourselves. We must support one another to be humble and vulnerable when exposure is essential to our purification. Your power lies in your own willingness to be exposed and to be vulnerable first and foremost to yourself. For it is here, that purging and purification is an empowering undertaking, when compassion is present within the light of self-inquiry and self-examination.  To identify the energetics of a positive spin state, from a negative counterclockwise spin state, is one of your trusted tools of transformation.

To pause in the midst of everyday occurrences, to make note, to reflect, to hold oneself accountable is an attentive observation will serve you well. Positive spin states build lines of force that create optimum trajectories or on the other-hand, negative spin-states deplete and marginalize the lines of force that would otherwise bring positives into play.  This is a deep teaching of sacred knowledge, as well as a deep exploration of discernment and the raja logic of outpours from the enlightened state. A more indepth delving will come in later chapters, but begin with the intention to discern spin states as a tool of transformation. My training on the sacred art of manifesting and reading positive spin states and lines of force, is invaluable for the recognition and confirmation of the status of a person, place or thing. Take this training and master it and it will change your life. It will speed and make certain the completion of your karmic wheel. It will change the nature of your akashic records from recitals of the failure to learn to the learning that manifests your master self into fully integrated physical reality. This learning will very readily, very profoundly bring the knowledgeable light of your master self to your empowerment of discernment. For it is here, that your master self becomes wielder of discernment. For it is here, that the mastery of higher discernment will accelerate your advancement upon the Royal Path.

So too, will your light of higher discernment be increasingly invaluable to your life and those whom you influence. As our global reality is increasingly spins out of control, you must find your true north and your center of being. By the clockwise spin, is the spiral of divine evolution set upon its course. There will be nothing to cling or cleave to, other than the simplest truths of the ages. Yet, it is on those pristine truths that a new world will be built. For in the midst of the mounting clamor and strife around the world, ever greater numbers of initiates are indeed piercing the veils, to fill the ethers with their revelations, prayers, meditations and higher knowing. We are creating a new lightbody for our planet and for the whole of humanity. Thus, the “Akasha of the Initiates” is growing and glowing. Thus, bring your all to the akasha that your build. It is not merely personal, it is collective. Not only can you no longer afford a negative spin state to anchor itself in your inner world, you can no longer afford the inertia of passivity or indifference that depletes the subtle substance and illumination of the akasha of the initiates. The Book of Records is opened before us as the incoming round of new genesis provides ample opportunity for our return to light and our evolving divinity. You must now become the conscious author of your akashic records, by working hand in hand with the hierarchy to aright your Pharaoh’s ship, to follow its north star, thus finding its way unto the incoming wheel of light, that you might be counted among those who made the planetary shift on the power of divine love and service.

The phenomena of the akasha of the initiates is a reality of tremendous boon and energetic wealth for each of you.  It is your shared wealth. This expansion of higher consciousness is restoring your collective universal memory on a massive scale. The process of taking initiation is increasing this akasha and this omniscient potency is amassing. There are many, many teachers who are serving the upswing of evolving consciousness on our planet, yet none can be summed of the amassing of light beyond that of the adepts, arhats and cohans who now stand with the ascended masters and living rishis, who do so on the material, earthly side of the veil. Each group of initiates is also a vital amassing, as they are rapidly being drawn into the divine embrace through countless realizations, and it is here, that our collective wealth is emergent from the rift in time. Be very keen to ponder this reality.

Thus, be dedicated to your akasha of light. Be fully and willfully intentional that your akashic records be a testament to that which is the highest and most noble of human expression. So many intiate’s want knowledge of the akashic records of the past. But give little regard to what they imprint by means of thought, word and deed on the akashic records that reflect their lives now and in the future expressions of the ever-perfecting perfection that will bring all akashic records into the brilliance of the great and boundless bright. So too, may you bring high regard and conscious co-creation to the akashic records of the spiritual groups with whom you are affiliated.  The Great Book of Records is revered through-out our universe. Thus, the initiate is wise to revere this testament to truth and to add the recitals of accomplishment and advancement, or discernment and of proven mastery that are exemplify the victory of spirit within the form worlds.

For it is here, that the light of conscious has begun its upward rise out of the density of matter bound physicality and those of you who have stayed the course are unwavering in your commitment to see that it does. As you read this chapter on the theme of “taking initiation,” I invite you to sense the enrichment of the ethers, that you will bring to our collective amassing of illumination, through your epiphanies, your contemplations and expanding resonance with the higher domains of our shared universal consciousness. For indeed, we are both creating and sharing this global repository, as our common bond of intentional transformation continues to increase illumination for one and all. By its amassing, the cherished realization of what is real is brought to bear in full waking consciousness. What is real surpasses religious platitudes. You are becoming a knower of the race. Yet, your proving true remains to be concretized and by your deeds of the noble heart is your most sacred knowing proven by what you embody.  Herein, lies the empowering fortitude of discernment that all initiates must master. Your proving true will be maximized. Expect no less from this time of exposure and karmic learning. So too, your experience of life has come with a profound advantage, despite the extraordinary challenges that have served to awaken you.

Yet, I will make it mercifully clear, that initiates must face the extraordinary, as the measure by which you are proven true to yourself. Your tests are far greater than that of the common masses of humanity, in that they are demanding of a finely-honed discernment and a detachment from worldly glamor. They are placed upon your path by divine design and soul agreement prior to you birth. You are the selected and predestined few who experience stringent encounters with trials by fire, often tremendously so, as you are called to master the dilemmas and complexities of navigating the contemporary world of our times, from a discernment that has grown to recognize the school of life as your sacred learning ground. With each test and episode of awakening, you have been fortified with an auspicious presence that has always driven your thirst for truth, as well as your sense of independence and spiritual sensitivity. Despite the extremes of your highs and lows, dark nights of the soul or exalted moments of epiphany and elation, you understand that there is no option but to move forward beyond the grasp of illusions sway and no choice other than to persevere upon the path of a higher destiny.

Yet, does the Akasha of the Godheads also light the way. For it is here, that the splendorous consummation of the seventh round for our solar system and the lodges of the sun for our universe is also the emanating brilliance of The Boundless Bright. For it is this blinding brilliance that opens the Book of Records for a new humanity and it is here that the history of the universe and the solar system of which Earth is a part is at last revealed. It is here, that the true heritage of the races is uplifted of its holy purposes, as the learning that proclaims the love of God for all peoples that conquers all divides and divisions of the illusion of differences. For by the equations of differences, is the ever-perfecting perfection endowed of the ultimate light of creation and the plethora of life, that is the vision of the Godheads in which the diversity within the unity is the bliss of illumination, in which the master self is seeded into the heart of the soul.  Be this understood as the Living Christ or the Satguru of the Heart or the Light of Allah matters not. It is the awakening of the royal heart of enlightenment that is omniscient as the force for good that will heal and uplift the world. For, as the seventh round has been perfected, so too do the four gateways open upon the higher dominions and through those gateways is ascension assured and by the rising up of the four pillars of the Royal Path made manifest by the 144, so too are the four gateways loosened of their hold and made ready.

Thus it is, that initiates must rise above their own self judgement and do so with great fortitude of pure joy in the birthright of the lotus of the royal heart that lies within. When the tests of truth, faith, love and discernment mount upon the life crises so common to the initiate, self-loathing will be exposed. The lament is, “why have I drawn in such extremes of painfully shattering life lessons? I must be anything but spiritually inclined.” My words of wisdom is to remind all of you to have compassion. Hold yourself close to your own heart. Do not deprive yourself of your own love and understanding. Your tests are greater than the unawakened, because you have the inner-fire to see past the superficial and to not only surmount your tests, but to also consciously glean the greatest wisdom from the seeming set-backs and shattered dreams you have endured. I have long ago, embraced the bliss of celebrating the shattering of illusion and the attachments that imprison the soul. So it is, that you must welcome your tests of emancipation. You must embrace them through and through, to reveal the core truth and everlasting presence of the divine within them.

To shed realism upon such profundity, so it was, that I received revelatory knowledge about the phenomena of the destiny souls with whom I would share a most noble planetary mission, when I was introduced to the concept at the age of nine during a powerful quickening of divine light. During this revelation, the celestial commission to mentor, teach and guide initiates to full liberation was made clear to me. So too, I was duly informed that my soul must be proven through of is sacred measure and that the testing of my certainty-in-God would be rigorous. As a nine-year old, I didn’t question the overall power of such a revelation. There was nothing revealed to me that was other than an instinctual knowing. So it was, that I was prepared by Divine Word itself for the tests of severity yet to come, yet premonitions and prophecy made the tests no less arduous while in the midst of their humbling.

Thus it was, that I learned to surrender and yield and to wait for the clarity that rose from the ashes of my own ego destruction, for the wisdom that was forthcoming only after I had allowed full absorption and became accountable for the lesson learned. I learned to eat my pain. I learned to sacrifice resistance of inertia, fear and dross, and to seek the nectar of the Godhead and bliss of majesty of the Unity Everlasting that lies waiting within all suffering, as suffering is discovered ot be but the child of illusion.  It was then, after countless episodes of surrender and waiting, that I summoned the will to master each lesson through and through, by understanding the laws and principles that applied to the learning. This became the navigation system that I now offer to you, as the experiential wisdom of a humble rishi whose life was destined to just part the veils but to also rent them for all time at the appointed hour.

Despite my quandaries of who, how, where and when destiny souls would appear, I made the deepest of commitment to this commission as the years unfolded. I must also say, that I was genuinely concerned that few would stay the course to embody the fruit of their own enlightenment. I knew the bone-deep, growl of my own humanity, that rose from the churning that writhed within myself between the lower nature and the higher nature, especially when the greatest of my tests were in full demand upon my existence. I knew that only those souls who ere exceptional of grit and purpose would endure the tests of the highest accord that prepare adepts for enlightened world service. So too, I had angst, that fewer still would become sufficiently seasoned as high-initiates, to become the enlightened guardians of souls and nations, although I believed that many perhaps would indeed live contributing lives that serve to improve humanities walk upon earth.

I have since come to know, that the few would lead the many. It is these very few unto whom my clarion call is most potently, pointedly broadcast. These few will be the influence that throttles the power of the divine plan that is extended into human hands, each in their own way as they rise as  teachers, leaders and healer of a new time.  Having reached my elders years as a Rishi of the Royal Path, my commitment to guide and mentor initiates has only grown deeper and much has been made ready for your ascent into illumination. I have no doubt that miracles will be in the making, as our paths cross and intermingle, whether upon the inner planes or through the outreach of my teaching endeavors or through the direct tutelage of the mentorships that I hold in reserve for those whose time has come.

Thus, be fearless as well as yielding, as your tests prepare you and ultimately release your from your karmic wheel. Know that completion of the wheel of repetition is the purpose of all tests. Although, some of you have tread the path of initiation for decades, whereas others have only just begun, no longer must you waver. Your ascension can be rapid and filled with much joy and grace, despite the challenges along the way.  But you must sustain a positive spin state and an evolutionary line of force. Devolution is ill-advised. Disunity with yourself is ill-advised. Continue to yield to the merging of unifications that are converging within yourself. Your inner opposites must find their compliment. The significance of this merge, calls you to embrace yourself as the dawns light of a new potential for mastery and the supra-genius state. Your awakening is your candle in the dark. As you hold your candle high upon the horizons of time, you will discover that there is a new sun rising, that beholds a most exquisite broadcast of divine decree that is specifically directed into the minds and hearts of destiny souls.

For those who answer the call, will you walk the path not only of the neophytes initial awakening but also of the mastery of the high adept? There are very simple questions that can guide you.   Are you ready to be accountable? Is your integrity uncompromised? Are you truthful with yourself? Are you keen to sever attachments when they arise? Are you anticipatory of the perfection of divine remedy when hardships test your strength? Are you loving to yourself? Do you hold yourself in the divine embrace? Are you selfless but principled?

Thus, there is not only the profoundly life-changing process of initiation for you to consider, there is also the call to embody a consummate degree of mastery that has never before been feasible.  It is to this greater calling that I seek to inspire you. The significance of which I speak is a far-reaching profundity, not just for your own advancement, but for the whole of human existence by virtue of your influence, as your enlightenment bears the fruit of a zenith of mastery. Thus, this treatise for initiates seeks to ignite a new potential, your potential. It also beckons you to not only engage the prospect of your awakening, but to also make a monumental transition that allows you to commence a new cycle of divine genesis in the midst of modern life.

To become self-realized, god-realized, spiritually-realized, is indeed astounding in its brilliance, yet you also have before you an even greater prospect, as you are beckoned to stand among the few who will influence the many, as the vanguard of a new era. Let this understanding propel your thrust through the tests that deepen you in your divinity. For those who make the ultimate commitment to stay the course throughout all of the demands that foster liberation, indeed an extraordinary vista awaits you, that is sure to follow upon your hard-earned gains of integrity. To take initiation, is indeed an unparalleled opportunity of a lifetime, yet to tread the Royal Path is to consummate your mastery and it is this brilliance, that is truly an awe-inspiring prospect. For all who sense the magnitude of what I am conveying, may you be quickened unto a fresh fertility of divine genesis.

As you ponder my words, the marvel of the continuum of omni awakening is being seeded unto your awareness, wherein you are called to masterfully externalize all that you have so profoundly internalized. Our shared commitment harkens the timeless ideals of a new era of co-creation that emerges from an ancient promise that rests in our hearts. The life of omnipresence is an ever-prospering life. Its radiance is reaching our tiny planet with a compelling expansion, that has been set into motion since times immortal. As initiates, we are here to lead this prolific expansion. While we may revere the sacred within many traditions, we are not easily satisfied with the superficiality of conventional constructs, religious or otherwise. Many of us have been spiritual nomads, traversing the world to steep in the wisdom of the ancients.

Thus it is, that this self-driven pursuit of essential truth prepares you for the monumental surges of light that come with the first soul merge, to also precipitate the far more potent onset of the initiations that are primed to follow. Those whose affinity is drawn to truth, immediately recognize the awesome omniscience within each experience of taking initiation, through their instinctive knowing whereby the very fiber of their entire being is keyed unto the resonance of the heighted vibration of a divine revealing.  This vibration of unfathomable atomic frequency is none other than the direct force of the spiritual fire that ignites a true initiation and propels a rapid, purposeful completion of your karmic wheel.

Thus, initiation occurs through the palpable impact of subtle spiritual energy and the unmistakable influx of the potent quickening of light itself. The word subtle is not to be mistaken to describe a barely discernable occurrence. In the context of authentic initiation, the greater the subtlety of divine energy, the greater the impact of what is decidedly electric in nature. Thus, an initiation is an impactful, revelatory experience of extraordinary measure that forever transforms one’s orientation of reality.  It is not merely a symbolic life passage of worldly tests and trials, although moving through a major crossroad can prepare you to become yielding to the divine hand that delivers the visceral power of the highly potent forces of a true initiation.

It is here that I will say, that various religious ceremonies and rites of passage are not to be confused with the omniscient impact of celestial initiation. Although ritual and symbolic passages may serve a purpose, it is solely the sheer intensity of each initiation serves to vibrationally emaciate the soul from the quagmire of illusion and the density of a matter bound existence. Thus, taking the full succession of initiations that lead to enlightenment, is the opportunity that begins with very first stages of vibrational quickening and the first soul merge. Thus, the emancipating force that uplifts the your totality of body, mind and soul is indeed a potent infusion of pure consciousness. A true celestial initiation provides the unmistakable inflow and ‘charge of light’ that is characteristically experienced as powerful ‘streaming-in’ of soul energy and divine presence. By use of the phrase streaming-in, I speak of a descending inflow of illumination that s sensed as coming in from above the crown chakra to cascade downwards, providing an immersive saturation of divine presence throughout the body. In some cases, for the neophyte, only the crown chakra is sufficiently clear to become illumined and in the cases as the true apprentise, the entire chakra system opens to receive the inflow.

The intensity of initiation can take place through a stunning, all-encompassing magnitude of energy transference from a living master or group of ascended masters, or it can be far more subtle and yet notably uplifting and life-changing as a potent vibrational influx occurs. An initiation often begins with a sense of heightening vibration, which in essence of a dimensional shift of the quickening of time, followed by a steady influx of omnipresent love that instills an all-encompassing direct experience of the purely divine. A living master can envelope an initiate in his or her aura, thus producing states of samadhi. Ascended masters can do the same, when a souls arrives at the portals of light in readiness. Often a period of mild but steady quickening and lifting of vibration will be enlisted by the attending guardian master or masters in order to sufficiently increase the vibration of an initiate, to allow for the more potent and quantitive in-streams of light, as the opening of the divine corridors of the celestial realms provides the igniting force. It is here, that I would add, that the soul is the primary unit of consciousness that ‘takes initiation,’ although the body, mind and emotions are deeply impacted and lifted in vibration.  Thus, one must be soul orientated to be a candidate for initiation. While the persona is indeed awestruck by the magnitude of love and force that is being experienced, it is the soul’s awareness and aura of energy that is primarily ‘swept-up’ into the divine embrace of transcendent union and this is a deeply moving inner experience.

What is common to all initiations, is that the direct transmission of omniscience suspends and supersedes the sense of time, releasing the initiate’s awareness from the time-bound framework of existence. Thus, as the corridors of time are opened, time is not. The experience of initiation surpasses all that can be fathomed by time-bound consciousness, whereby the glass ceiling of the persona’s temporal experience is shattered by the spontaneous samadhi of pure love and the enveloping embrace of infinite selfhood. Timelessness is the fertile domain wherein limitless consciousness abounds.  As taking initiation is repeated, the sequence of expansions from stage to stage deepens and builds upon the divine revelations that are received. Similar to the testimonies of those who have gone through a near death experience, a largess of vista that far exceeds the confines of the ordinary mind is very often inclusive to the exalting experience of receiving initiation. As the soul is catapulted beyond the 3rd dimensional time frame, the universal memory bank of the soul is opened. As the process of ongoing successive initiates proceeds, the akasha of the soul is conveyed to instill the self-knowledge of oneself. I often call this unfathomable expanse of collective akasha “the golden grid.”  Past lifetimes and those life times upon other planes that bear relevance and wisdom to the fulfillment of your current incarnation are also made conscious during initiation, often times in deeply impactful energetic retrievals, not only of your memory but also of the soul essence that may have attained a high degree of attainment in that life time. You are in actuality, receiving the light essence of the higher dimensions of your souls presence and by doing so, it is common that deeply meaningful soul memories will flash upon the awareness, like a movie on fast forward.

Thus, as you become an initiate and tread the path ever-more deeply, you fulfill a unique commission as a destiny soul, to receive a steady influx of divine inflow through multiple infusions of omnipresence energy. As the initiations first commence, the influx of divine energy produces a dramatic expansion of consciousness that primarily serves to release the limiting concepts of what you are not. This also hastens your process of karmic completion and the tests that meet the criteria of passing from the rudimental learning of the gains of essential integrity. The ageold premise holds true throughout your choice points of completion. You are not existent solely through your body or your mind or your emotions, yet these are the vehicles of expression that you must master and perfect as instruments of conscious manifestation. You are not your thoughts. You are not your opinions. You are not your emotions. You are not your attachments. Yet, each of these domains of experience must be mastered. The senses must be mastered. Your karmic lessons must be mastered. You must transcend the human experience, while fully embracing it for the value of its learning. Thus, it is wise to seek no identity that binds you to impermanence.

I will also offer the wizened rule unto neophytes and adepts of all stages, that to awaken to your essential oneness, is but the beginning of the miracles of your passage through the gateways of enlightenment. While, it is a tribute to our time, that many souls proclaim their awakening, each unto their own tradition of understanding, I invite you to appreciate that passing through the initial thresholds of awakening is far from the eloquence of living mastery. Thus, dropping the sheaths of non-serving identity is the profound ‘truthing’ that the spiritual fire of initiation accelerates. As the essential within is fortified, the initiate is empowered to carry out their life obligations and purposes in greater clarity of perspective. Mastery is rooted in the essential. The essential is rooted in mastery.

As the path of initiation is tread to its utmost degree of illumination, one lives out one’s life of assigned mandates, obligations and commissions with the rarified grace and essential truth of supreme raja. It is here, that I encourage you to not stop with the prospects of taking a single initiation, but rather to take initiation in its full dynamic of progression of the ultinate spiritual advancement of manifesting a new prototype for humanity, one that will be dynamically seeded into human DNA through the penetrative properties of consciousness.  Consummate the initiations in the full flowering of your enlightenment. There is no greater or more worthy life focus or pursuit. Welcome each threshold of light with a fierce commitment to persevere through as many vibrational increases as can be granted you and if found worthy, to proceed unto the ultimate holy ground of full enlightenment As the initiate becomes the adept and the adept becomes the master, so too, does the essential truth of oneness become the effortless outflow of divine logic. It is thus raja of consciousness that convenes a benevolent response unto the world of human activity, be these obligations biological and family oriented, or material and professional in orientation, or spiritually orientated, to include those that express the utmost optimums of enlightened presence.

Self-realization is the miracle moment, when you are established in the truth that you are divine consciousness first and foremost, and that all things in life will come into a divine order, as this essential truth becomes your center of cause and effect. As the temporal materiality of the content of your life is ‘seen through,’ in its true context of the appearances that come and go, you attain a state of compassionate neutrality and equanimity.  You realize that you are not merely a flesh-bound, temporal being at the mercy of renegade thoughts and emotions, whether by those generated by others or those that you yourself generate. Although for a time your human lifetimes will provide a framework of experience for your soul’s growth, the soul must be understood from the vantage of its universal context of having many sheaths of divine existence, from the seeming concrete materialization of the 3rd dimension, to its higher expressions upon the celestial realms of cosmic consciousness. The retrieval of your totality of being, is what initiation accelerates, thus soul retrieval is a predominant theme that precedes the actualization of living mastery. To move beyond the remedial learning of ego-discernment, one must complete the ones karmic matrix.  As the path is steadfastly tread to more elevated embodiments of consciousness, the function of the soul moves solely from the unfailing light of the permanent abidance in divine presence.

It is here, that completion with the stories of the persona becomes the compelling focus of the seasoned initiate. To be finished is to be free. The practice of selfless witnessing gives rise to non-attachment, non-attachment gives rise to equanimity, equanimity gives rise to the illumination of timeless wisdom. As the awakened pulse of liberation becomes essential to ones life, the initiate steadfastly wields the tools of transformation to anchor the lessons of the soul. The mind and heart are championed unto the cause of intentional awakening, as the ability to witness life circumstances from the calm center of equanimity, gives the capacity of objectivity and intuition a unified presence from which guide the way, making conscious what has been unconscious.

Thus, by your gaining presence of consciousness, your stockpile of karmic repetition is brought into a rapid, albeit fast-tracked sequence of conclusion, ending your seemingly long walk through the trials and errs of the Halls of Learning, which convenes the essential lessons of your karmic wheel, to secure your admittance into higher halls of sacred knowledge. Despite the ardors of myopic physical life, this time of ‘karmic learning’ is essential and especially so for the destiny souls that are divinely encoded to become the “living trust’ that prospers a global awakening, each according to their unique path of higher purpose. It is the journey through the temporal throes of the human condition. that assures the loving compassion and wisdom that inspires a life of altruistic service, that convenes the inevitable progression of the realized, awakened state.

Thus, the prime directive to all destiny souls is to finish the investment in a fictitious reality, a limited half-life of your greater presence of being. As you gain the clear ground of the ‘divinely impersonal perspective,’ the witness state is secured as the essential emptiness that effortlessly draws nigh the outflow of illumination as your blessing and boon. It is here, that you must also finish the fascination with your own awakening, as well as the tumbling convolutions of unconscious polarized beliefs, that arise to be worked out as the path is tread. Finish the story of what you are not and you will find that what has been inwardly polarized, will find peace and unity. Be ruthlessly and mercifully unattached. There is a blending of the balances, that you will find to  be your perfect path of completion. Complete you ego-story by withdrawing all identity from the grasp of illusion that has perpetuated the futility of dross desire. By virtue of your willingness to detach from the repetition of insatiable desires, you are liberated, replenished and renewed, fortified, provisioned and endowed with the mastery to bring about the fruition of your divine calling.

Your initial awakening is but the anteroom of the many chambers of initiation and halls of mastery that await you, as the initiate arrives at each new entrance of illumination, readied of fortitude, rendered of humility, and tempered by the power of love. My mention in this chapter of the significance of the initiate’s decision to attain completion is but an introduction to this crucial theme. More in the way of understandings and methods are conveyed further on in these writings, however as one commences to open the treasures of intentional transformation, all neophytes, aspirants and disciples are wise to remember that by completion with the old, can the new be embodied, relative to the purification process that initiation demands. Thus, you must complete your transit through Hall of Learning, as the gainsway that propels you unto the thresholds of the higher halls. As you are actualized of that which you have come to know, so do you demonstrate integration of that which has been given to you by the rapture of initiation, as the bliss of divine union is translated into the increases of conscious presence from which you live your life.  Yet, no matter the ardors of completing the karmic wheel and the halls of learning, let your remembrance that your reward is the wealth of the heavens be the golden flame that brings you joy.

This discourse is an excerpt from Rishi’s book, The Initiate’s Path of Gold – The Divine Science of the Celestial Initiations. Order your copy here


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