The Law of the Lotus

Through the law of the lotus we find the active nature of supreme synthesis and harmonic unity as the attracting influences that unfold the lotus of the human avatar. Here too, we find the Jewel of The Great Self Revealed and The Light Supreme in active emanation, for through the energy and revelation of light is the ascent of divinity made manifest through the human embodiment of the inborn lotus of divine presence. This divine law is a companion law to many laws and is also a governing principle within the deeper mysteries of the law of attraction, as it relates to the unfolding of the petals of the soul, i.e., the Petals of Knowledge, the Petals of Love, and the Petals of Power and Sacrifice. It is a governing force within this law that first brought into manifestation the Divine Sons of Mind and the Divine Daughters of Love and by doing so, linked the two poles of spirit and matter, producing the egoic embryo of the soul lotus or “the flower of the self,’ within which is seeded the divine imperative for enlightenment, as the Alfa and Omega aspects of creation are unified within the royal chambers of the initiate’s innermost sanctum of the royal heart.

The law of the lotus governs the active nature of the relationship between spirit and matter. It is by this mystery of attraction between spirit and matter and between density and the highest ethers, and between consciousness and being, that the lotus of the self is empowered by the fire of divine will to draw from the various grades of matter the moisture and heat necessary for its unfoldment. The three expressions of self-proliferation; that of the sexuality of procreation that is transmuted by transcendence into conscious co-creation, and the apprenticeship of co-creation that is fulfilled of its mastery of godhood as the priestly endowments of causal creation are bestowed and wielded in concert with the harmonic decrees of the high-heavens. It is this progression of the initiates potential that is wondrously inspired and propelled by this law.

So too, the three fires of creation… the fire of friction, the fire of radiance and the electric fire of comic cause is also to be found with these corresponding laws. Thus, does this law gloriously govern and impart the fundamental process of the petal development. The process of soul advancement and maturation is taking place on the earth plane, simultaneously to the development of archetypal expression on the plane of adi and thus too, this perfecting impetus is a simultaneous sequence of the unfolding of pure existence upon the plane of logos. It is the merging of dimensional octaves of time and existence that fosters the divine genesis of the illumined twelve petals of the soul, which ultimately result in the manifestation of logos embodiment. By virtue of the flowering the lotus of enlightenment, the supra genius of the divine human is manifest.

Through the life of the lotus, we experience the full thrust of the primal impetus, as well as our celestial imperative. Despite the limited perception of appearances, they are in the final analysis complimentary aspects of creation. We derive essential learning, from the mystery of being submersed in the mud of life and the streams and eddies of our life experiences, from which we ultimately rise forth as the lotus of enlightenment. We rise and we transform to a higher expression, endowed with the fresh horizons of a new potential, in part because we have served to evolve the divine seed and spark within us through the challenges of density and the unique process of intentional transformation that becomes fully interactive with the divine. Thus, we are seasoned and weathered by the primal forces no less than we are refined and polished by the divine forces.

The lotus triumphs to rise skyward from the permeation of the primal elements of earthly heat and moisture, as well as from the permeation of the solar radiance of cosmic fire. Our metamorphous is produced by the sacred union of seeming opposites. I also call this transformative synthesis, the “blending of the lights,” in recognition of the holy light of God within matter and thus, within all things. Indeed, the light of the divine is within all things, as is it’s language of informing vibrational signatures. The law of the lotus and its expression of sacred synthesis is inherent to the Royal Path Master Teachings and this law has been essential to my ecstatic but grounded approach to mastery and my humble but empowered life expression as a living rishi.


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