The Permissions of Truth

Divine Guidance, Renunciation and the Plane of Adi

(Excerpt from The Initiate’s Path of Gold ~ The Divine Science of Celestial Initiation)

Throughout this treatise, I refer to the active nature of omnipresence as the lines of force and power and the spheres of focus and being. Your Tempe of the Presence is a magnificent masterpiece of divine design composed of lines and force and spheres of being, that create your existence upon all planes of solar and universal expression. Yet, as you tread the path, you must wield the power to disengage yourself from the false voice the ego and the controls and negative influence of the astral plane. You must become aligned with the voice of your soul and godself. You must divest from the involutionary lines of force and spheres of being and align, and re-assign that life energy to empower your at-one-ment with the divine presence that is ever-ready to align with you.  Thus, as you welcome the divine to moves through you, as you so most potently as the empty vessel of divine service. Yet, you must surmount the magnetic pull of involution and grow immune to the voices of falsehood and untruth. To withdraw and establish your immunity from illusion, you must grow sensitive to the voice of the divine and you must seek the truth of the divine permissions that guide you unto the straightaway of your true north and the Lighted Way of the Great Masters.

Thus, the attunement to the divine permissions is not only paramount, it is one of the most significantly powerful practices one can engage to empower one’s inner-spiritual life, to further one’s awakening, to deepen one’s devotion, to strengthen one’s life alignments and to potentize the active side of service endeavors. Thus, one of the most powerful forms of divine inquiry is to ask for divine permission, prior to making decisions or enacting upon them.  Note that I speak of divine inquiry, rather than self-inquiry, so common to the ego-meditation of novices. To engage the sacred art of divine inquiry, one must transcend the orb and sphere of the egoic persona, and establish steadiness in the spheres of illumination of one higher nature and the lines of force that empower the initiate to fulfill their soul mandates and thus, serve the Divine Plan.

One must become adept with the divine permissions and thus, the inflow of divine guidance becomes one’s constant companion and trusted refuge. One must know both your own voice of true north and the guiding wisdom of the hierarchy.  One must adhere to the practicum of the divine permissions but moreover, one must immerse in the source light of the outpouring of the Lighted Way, from which divine permission is granted.  For it is here, that we guide you, protect you and envelope you in the illumination of love and wisdom. Divine guidance is your birthright, but you must choose the divine over the illusionary fields of astral projection, that aggregate the rift in time, the cul-de-sac of the “astral bardo” of the murky waters that lie between the true life and the false life, from which the soul must be freed. One must grow keen to notice the murky waters that hide the quicksand of the astral plane and this especially true of empaths, mediums and psychics and all those who dabble in the astral arts to confuse the pure inflow of higher intuition with the ego-driven pursuit of delving in the astral planes. Where there is ego, there are dangers through astral energies and the energetic associations of the Shadowlands when those wherein godly forms and elementals seem to dwell, but are none the less astral forms and projections.

Thus, to free yourself from all astral is to break chains that tie your soul to the wheels of involution. By the power of the adherence to divine permission, are the chains rent. Thus, is the spell of the shadowlands forever broken, as the soul mounts the white horse of sovereignty, wherein the Kalki Christ is given the reigns of your life force. Thus, is the life force of the adept-arhat now free to build-in the temple of immortality.  Thus, does the Phoenix rise from the density of matter, to effortlessly soar skyward with the wings of divine selfhood spread wide.

To align one’s life, one’s aspirations, and one’s endeavors with divine and the purposes of the divine is to align oneself with the forces of benevolent creation. These forces are omniscient and therefore, they are all powerful to intercede, activate and empower in the circumstances of your life, should your karmic balance allow for this grace. Thus, to become attractive to the divine, to become radiant and blessed, one must become adept at the permissions of truth, every hour, every day, every choice, every decision. The constant practice of the divine permissions opens the door to at-one-ment, immersion, and absorption in oneness and thus, in the divine lines of force and the divine spheres of being.  The practice is also a powerful form of renunciation. Each time that you align to attain knowledge of the divine “yeah and nay,” the yes or the no that is granted with spiritual permission, you withdraw from ego influences. So too, do you withdraw the power of your focus and attention that you give would otherwise mindlessly or fearfully give to it. The destiny soul is wise to practice the permissions, wherein decisions large and small come under the rule and rhythm of divine order and right alignment. So too, by the divine permissions is the pillar of light made radiant and strong of angelic presence and the subtle substance of the immortal soul.

Thus, the practicum of the divine permissions, serves to powerfully, willfully withdraw your energy from the astral plane of illusion, wherein involution temps, shadows and pulls upon the lower mind and emotions. When you allow yourself to be engulfed in the astral plane of mental spins and emotional tangents you have allowed yourself and your life energy to be used and abused. This is why the astral planes exhaust and drain your life force, whereas the divine planes energize and illumine your life force. Your pillar of light is your refuge from the astral planes and the wanton desire of illusionary premise, that leads the best of intentions astray. By your alignment, are your queries that seek divine permission protected in the holy light of your pillar. It is your pillar that becomes your ascension chamber. It is your pillar that is your chamber of truth. As your pillar of light becomes anchored and vibrant within the inner sanctums of your heart, so too, is the illumination of the divine permissions rooted unto the heart’s supreme knowing.

Thus, I proclaim as a guide and living regent, that the initiate must adeptly wield the sword of truth. By the wielding of the sword, so too is the work of depleting the astral plane victorious. By the power of your discernment and decision, you withdraw your life force from the astral involution that has held humanity captive for far too long.  As you take your power back from the astral plane, it is then that you are immensely energized to build your existence upon the plane of the soul and monad, and it is here, that the fire of radiance draws you night unto  Plane of Adi and thus does the unity and oneness of Adi become and splendorous unto your higher sensibilities. For it is upon the Plane of Adi, that the final doors unto involution are shut forevermore. It is upon the Planes of Adi that your soul is truly reborn.

FN The Plane of Adi- The plane upon which oneness is expressed by the diversity of the divine qualities and archetypes. Also the plane of the master self that seeks human embodiment as the initiations build in the Temple of the Presence in which the master-self dwells in an incarnation through the enlightened state. The unity of diversity, the oneness of all archetypes, the unity of the rays of consciousness.

Thus, you are called by truth itself to deplete and withdraw all energy from the astral. Cease to feed it.  Cease to be swayed by its trickeries. Renounce it. Withdraw your eye. Withdraw your min. Withdraw your emotions. Do not feed it. Step back from the quicksand.  Energize and build in the divine light of your birthright. Rejoice it. Proclaim it and lift up your heart in victory and homecoming.

For it is here, that the Royal Path stands ready to open its doors to embrace your homecoming. For it is there, that you will find your luminous master self, your supreme avatar, your beloved godhead in all of its majesty of enlightenment and supra-genius. Thus, the truth of the divine permissions is also your gateway to the Plane of Adi, whereby you forever leave the astral plane of the rifts of illusion behind. For, indeed it is a momentous mile-marker on your path of the return to light, when the doors forever close behind you, where evil hath dwelled. For it is then, as the astral doors close behind you, that you are liberated, sovereign and free born once again.  So too, do you attract the divine in ever-increasing sums and measures unto your life. So too, do you also become one with the lines of force and the spheres of being of your origin.

Far too often, hear from disciples and initiates around the world, that they long to serve the divine. Yet, they are woeful, sorrowful and confused, de-energized and frustrated. They are either spinning their wheels backward or they are stuck in a ditch of their own making, and they are blind to how their life went off course, even though they walk a spiritual path. They set their intentions to be in divine service on a daily basis, yet they lament that their lives resemble a cacophony of clamoring chaos or a stagnant morass of impotence.  With the light of raja insight and closer observation, I can quickly, if not instantly see, feel and know where alignment is lacking and where astral doors remain open that suck the life force from the undisciplined disciple. Note how closely the two words, disciple, and discipline are wed and also bound by meaning and by commitment.

For it is here, that your commitment to divine permission must be no less than your commitment the higher calling of your service. One cannot adequately, adeptly, or masterfully service, until one is adeptly, masterfully an empty vessel through which the light of divine permission flows. Pausing to seek your pillar of light alignment and mindfulness, from which to ask for divine permission all day, every day is also your almighty sword of liberation.  Yet, you must discern between the energetics of the astral and the energetics of the divine. The tone of quality of divine energy is not akin to the tone and quality of astral energy.

As you deepen in your adherence to the divine permissions, you become disciplined as a disciple. Your pillar of light becomes strong and impervious to astral influences. Your discernment becomes keen and sharpened as the shining sword of truth in your life.

So too, do you become immersed in light and thus, is your radiance of being increased ten-fold, deepen your commitment to your master self and the light of your higher purpose.  This is where building-in the mindfulness to ask for divine permission prior to acting upon thought, word or deed is the inner-work of the initiate from novice and neophyte, to adept and arhat. As the discipline becomes habit, habit becomes embodiment. So too, by your alignment is your Temple of the Presence erected and built-in and herein lies the promise of immortality as the birthright of the Christ anointed soul.  Thus, is the Royal Path, also the path of immortality. For it is here, that you become a radiant sun that shines upon one and all and your form of embodiment is willed into being in accordance with the divine service to be enacted.

By your alignment, so you are readied. By your discipline, so are you empowered. By your discipleship, so you master the path. By your love, so is the royal heart awakened.  By your will, so is your temple built and by the building of your temple, so is your destiny made manifest.

This discourse is an excerpt from Rishi’s book, The Initiate’s Path of Gold – The Divine Science of the Celestial Initiations. Order your copy here


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