The Principle of Divine Anticipation


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This principle is indeed one that is infinite in its reflection on on the spiritual path. It is one that produces a heavenly experience simply by exploring it, an awakening of being to practice it and an even more sublime reality of presence to master it.

To live in a state of mind and heart that anticipates the perfection of divinity to reveal itself in your life, is to also discover that you are invoking, eliciting and welcoming the divine to do so. To anticipate light and illumination is an effortless renunciation all that is otherwise. It is said by avatars and immortal masters, that when the disciple take one step toward God, God takes ten steps towards you.

I offer this without concern about distinctions between a personified, abstract or formless perception of God and divinity, because at the root cause of all things, is the energetics that live within the truth of what is being conveyed. The energetics of divine anticipation are very powerful. The energetics of living unceasingly in divine anticipation create an empowering gateway to realization and enlightenment. Anticipation proliferates That which is energized by this omniscient principle.

Whereas, the mind of ego resists and rejects all that it dislikes, fears or judges, the soul that anticipates the divine presence, divine perfection, divine unfolding, is a soul that is focused on God by anticipating the energetics of living divinity to move through ones own life. No matter what you may be experiencing externally, the mindful awareness that anticipates the divine, is also an awareness that is attracting the divine.

To be mindful of divinity with a sense of anticipation of its power of grace is an active state of awareness, that naturally leads you to be attuned to the nature of your own godliness. Your ability, eagerness, and willingness to spiritually sense the divine, opens your intuitive channels, your chakras and your channel of alignment to the subtle energies. It is your more subtle states of awareness that naturally, powerfully resonate with divinity. Divine resonance is alive with vibration and the quality of vibration magnetically attracts harmonic energetics.

The key to mastering the principle of divine anticipation is to mindfully day by day, thought by thought, increasingly master non-attachment. Non-attachment strips away all but the True Self. Anticipation magnetizes the boundless nature of sacredness. Anticipation is alive with fullness. Non-attachment is alive with emptiness. This is a wondrous co-mingling of emptiness and fullness.

To live in the world but not of the world requires the committed observance non-attachment. To live in divine anticipation cultivates an enriching, magnetic aliveness. These comments are so very brief as a mere introduction to this principle. Yet, you can begin to cultivate awakening this principle with your awareness and your mediations. Meditate on this dynamic principle while being every mindful of observing non-attachment and you will find your divine gateway, your empowerment.


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