Sacred Art & Timeless Treasures
Hierlooms & Antiquities


Rishi Devra’s sacred art collection of timeless treasure’s and heirlooms has been lovingly curated directly from the Himalayas of India and Nepal and is a reflection of her long-standing personal relationships with the monasteries and craftsmen of the region. Many of these pieces are hand-carried down some of the worlds highest Himalayan trails from high-altitude monasteries and villages, having been deeply imbued with the prayers and meditations of their craftsmen who painstakingly bring their meditations to life through the mastery of their craft, some taking over a year to compete.

Each work of art is commanding presence that inspires a sense of reverence and grace, having been personally blessed by Rishi Devra to impart a sacred ambiance to your home, garden, temple or meditation room. Our statuary and paintings are rare curator pieces of exquisite quality and detail, many of which are life-sized in scale, ranging five to seven feet tall and profoundly emanate the palpable presence of the divine.


We invite you to visit the Rishi’s sanctuary to personally experience the profound beauty and stunning presence of this collection. We are located in the desert highlands in north Scottsdale. Please call us for an in-depth description of our paintings, statuary, furniture and antiquities, for the history of their origin and details of interest to curators, collectors and art lovers. * We also curate statuary in the 30′ tall plus range and specialize in large-scale installations.

For private showings by appointment: 480.575.1276