The Royal Path of Omni Awakening

Transmission of the Supreme Logic of Divine Love

Rishi Devra reminds us that we are living in a great time of awakening and we are witnessing what is rapidly becoming a virtual renaissance for higher consciousness around the world. The thirst for the authentic spirituality of direct experience is flourishing. This demand on the part of souls from all walks of life is gaining in momentum. With its roots in times immemorial, the Royal Path of Omni Awakening is a timely and deeply profound source of enlightened teachings, but moreover it is the palpable radiance of illumination convened by the spiritual hierarchy of enlightened masters for our planet.

It is as timely as it is potently uplifting, primarily because it is a direct transmission of the Great Masters and the sacred knowledge that awakens Christ Consciousness and the process of enlightenment. The Royal Path convenes a universal archive of divine laws, principles, and understandings, as well as the Methods of the Masters that prepare the initiate to become an adept to bring about a benevolent proliferation of divine manifestation to fulfill one’s divine mission of endeavors as a server of humanity. The teachings move from pure deity and the Trans-Himalayan Lodges of the Masters that foster the great work of the conscious evolution from duality to oneness and from separation to synthesis. As tools for transformation and treasures for the soul, the teachings are an unprecedented catalyst for all phases of awakening and the ultimate victory and liberation of enlightenment.

From Rishi Devra

“Since times immemorial, the Great Rishis have opened the light-filled chambers wherein the Royal Path of Supreme Raja is convened solely at the onset of a new celestial cycle when the prospects of unlimited potential is in optimum potency, from which new rounds and chains, eras and ages are inspired to take hold. Supreme Raja is the sacredness of divine logic and the ultimate logic of what can only be defined as the infallible intelligence pure love. During past epochs of earth’s immense span of stellar history, the Raja of the Royal Path has been offered to those priests and oracles, kings and pharaohs, elders and illumined minds in whose hands the stewardship of souls and the wellbeing of realms and empires was entrusted. However, in its full premise of endowment, the Royal Path was rarely unveiled and even more rarely transmitted and yet its indelible footprints can be found in the deeply mystical traces of the ancient Judaic, Essene, Mayan, Egyptian, Tibetan, Vedic and Indigenous priesthoods. However, its first footprints can be traced far beyond the accepted timeframes of these cultures, in the divine memory that has been stirred into awakening, as the quickening of human consciousness is activated in tandem with the quickening of time. 

Held in common appreciation by the eastern traditions, Raja has long been revered as the yoga of supreme logic. As such, it is also understood to be the distillation of the collective wisdom begotten from all of the yogic paths combined. As a grand assimilation that not only consummates the enlightened state, it is also the threshold of divine consciousness wherein all spiritual paths and yogic traditions must ultimately converge. While this eastern description holds true, in its authentic origin it has remained veiled. The Royal Path of the Golden Flame is as obscure in antiquity, as it is today. It is obscure because at its source of origin, it is devoid of cultural, religious or time-bound colorations, including those of the eastern vein. Obscure though it may be, it is the Crown Jewel of the Godhead.” 

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