The Unraveling that Frees the Soul

Doorways on the Path to Truth and Integrity

To become an ardent seeker of truth is where the path of awakening truly begins. As your inner yearning arises for a greater reality beyond the ego-bound persona, your life circumstances will inevitably lead you to a personal crisis, wherein you must find the enduring light of your core integrity as the primary means by which a resolution of your circumstances is empowered to take hold. It is then, that the door of awakening welcomes you to step forward and all other doors that open will inevitably lead you to an unraveling of all that is incongruent with your core integrity. It is this unraveling that is so exquisitely humbling and uncontrollable, from which a life of love and service ultimately emerges.

This may be a two day process, a two year process, or a 20 year process of self-inquiry, discernment and shattering of the ego’s control. From the shattering will come the new life choices that honor and align with the truth of your innermost integrity. Trust that all pretenses will be shattered by necessity and you may be either grateful or horrified, as your every attachment is undone of the illogic of your impulsive grasping and denial. Wherever your persona has deviated from your soul’s core integrity, there you will find the great work of simply letting go. There you will also find the attachments that bind you to your untruths and illusions. Your life and its constellation of focus may crash and burn and yet what rises from the ashes is the true gold of your core integrity. Being humbled by the stripping down is often the sword that severs the ties to attachments that dissipate rather than strengthen your essential knowing. Ego death is to be welcomed. Ego death is to be expected.

With each shattering of illusion’s hold on your life, you are given a choice to pass a test of discernment. What you choose to align with and what you no longer choose to align with. This is a natural process of inner recognitions that is designed to very pointedly give you the opportunity to encounter and pass many essential tests that together form a series of real life initiations. The real life initiations are preceded by those initiations of quickening that move from the light of your soul that illumine a higher plane of consciousness that then shines a piercing light upon the untruths that have been allowed to fester, necessitating that all forms of denial be exposed. It may seem as though a wild madness is running rampant through your life, as you are being undone and untethered from the illusions of untruth.

Yet, no matter the seeming madness of the unraveling, as you preserver and seek only to be done with the charades of illusion and the samskaras of untruth, your life reflections will offer you a ruthless but merciful mirroring of what is true and what is not, what is real and what is not. It is then, that your inner and outer compass becomes aligned, cohesive and utterly at one with your core integrity. The sheaths of dross and nonsense become irrelevant and fall away, no matter how painful or frightening the letting go may have been. Once the letting go has taken place, a peaceable relief is sure to follow.

It is then, that your ardors upon the path bear the fruit of illumination, your unraveling is complete and your inner integrity becomes your impeccable guiding north star. It is this light within yourself that ultimately restores you to your inherent wholeness of being. It is also then, that the doorway of awakening leads to what I call an “Eternal Divine Immediacy,” that is ever present as your guidepost and way shower, a sacred awareness that recognizes Existence Itself, from which a life of love and service is the natural outflow because you are free to simply be yourself.

Ahhh… The Self is realized as the inherent and enlightened part of you that is entirely free at last to be embodied by living an awakened life.”

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