Darshan with The Rishi


Sit among the selected few.

Enter the Sedona Gateway.

Immerse in Divine Radiance.

Sundays in Sedona
9 am – 12 pm

Dec 12…  Dec 21…
Jan 16…  Feb 11


When the soul is ready the master appears…

Divine Darshan serves as a spiritual gateway to The Mataji Rishi and the radiance of divine light.

As you walk through her doors, you enter the tangible presence of the sacred. For those who discover this rare opportunity, you are auspiciously blessed.


Upcoming Darshan
“Abundance & Creatorship”
December 12th, 9am – 12pm

For the few who will influence the many…

Ascension Teachings for  Initiates

ASCENSION TRANSMISSION FOR DISCERNING SOULS   Gateway to God Realization…Next Level Sacred Knowledge for High Initiates, for activating the “Creator Codes,” to awaken your destiny to master co-creation. The Rishi’s darshan conveys the power of divine radiance, a high vibrational transmittal of supreme light for the palpable experience of the purely divine.

PRIVATE DARSHAN FOR THE SELECT FEW  The Teacher of Teachers…  A clarion call to influential souls. A rare opportunity has opened to receive the empowering presence of an enlightened master. For profound elevations of consciousness and a refined grace of awakening. Spiritual enrichment at its finest, each darshan bestows a dynamically potent acceleration of divine illumination for awakening, mastery and world service.

LOTUS HEART FELLOWSHIP  A Service to Global Awakening… Darshan is a service provided by the fellowship, Rishi’s gift to sincere initiates who are committed to attaining enlightenment in this lifetime. Sedona’s premier awakening fellowship is an extraordinary, exclusive and exquisite opportunity for advanced spiritual focus for collective enlightenment.

FOLLOWED BY REFRESHMENTS AND FELLOWSHIP  Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul…. the Rishi graciously provides time following darshan for integration, grounding, and relaxation with fellow initiates, a heartful time for meaningful conversation and connection. Cathedral Rock Trailhead is nearby or a walk in our neighborhood amidst Sedona’s majestic vistas is an exquisite way to complete your darshan experience.

OFFERED BY DONATION Your wisdom of generosity is appreciated… Please be invited to take a look at our purpose-giving and benefaction pages, and the many ways your involvement is profoundly purposeful.

COMMENTS FROM FELLOW INITIATES  The Unique Perspective… every soul has a sacred journey that is unique to their higher purpose for incarnating into an earthly existence.  Awakening, Healing, Co-creation, and Enlightenment are the four pathways that The Rishi offers and each focus for personal transformation is endowed with its own remarkable gifts for living a truly conscious, purposeful life.

Early registration is advised.

(Upon RSVP, you will receive address, gate code and darshan details.)

Sedona, Arizona, near Cathedral Rock in Chapel Hills


info@TheRishi.com and 480-575-1276

A Message from The Rishi…


Sacred Knowledge for Modern Mastery
I am humbled to commence this profoundly dynamic teaching on “abundance and creatorship,” because it truly is a new beginning. I say this as a servant of the divine, who has for the past forty years been called to teach at the edge of what few are ready for.
I know in my heart that years from now there will be those bright souls for whom these teachings are the igniting fire of a new time on our planet, a prolific era for the advancement of the human soul. We have begun a great leap forward in our shared human evolution, one that endows the supra-consciousness that is governed by the pure heart. This metamorphous has always been the true alchemy of the ages of the highest accord.
I am opening a Creator Gateway. To say this is indeed humbling. It is also a mandate that I have utmost resonance with.  It is easy to question what opening a “Creator Gateway” in the midst of so much global turmoil could possibly mean. Yet, it is a divine calling. I am joy-filled to serve this divine work.
I will offer a simple truism, that guides my every breath… The more you love, the greater your awareness, and the greater your awareness, the more you love.  To love unconditionally is to live in grace.  To live in grace is to open the creator gateway for all souls.  Join me in the simplicity of the humble by omniscient heart. This is where our surrender must begin. This is where mastery begins. This astounding gateway opens the inflow for a new genesis of Creator Consciousness for humanity.
We are collectively ready to take this monumental evolutionary leap. The teachings will speak in a deep way to your higher self and through this magnificent over-lighting of sacred knowledge, a new time of conscious co-creation will become the golden shores of a new beginning.”


Divine Darshan for High Initiates

The Rishi convenes sincere applicants whose inner character and life potential for awakening, mastery, and positive endeavor is aligned with the imperative of personal and collective transformation.  It is your deepest knowing that opens the Rishi’s doors.


Comments & Reflections

from Students and Attendees

“There can be no words to describe her radiance, other than it was radiance that I saw and experienced. I have attended trainings and conferences from coast to coast for the past 20 years, but my intensives with Rishi Devra are in their own stratosphere. My eyes are now open to the potential of my own enlightenment. Her audio teachings start my day and continually take my healing practice to expansions that I never thought possible.”

Margie Obermeyer Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist/Energy Healer

“I have noticed a tremendous change in the depths of my work as a healer since discovering Devra’s teachings. There are no words to explain the caliber of the impact on my clients from the groundbreaking, healing methods I have learned from the Path of Healing. I am always taken to the next level when I work with Devra.”

Shirley Boyle, Healing Practitioner/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Devotee

“My healing experience was tremendous and incomparable. It is difficult for me to speak on the physical, emotional or mental experiences. I was truly in God’s Grace and my will was completely turned over to a higher purpose. For so long I “covered” myself up, unable to reveal myself to anyone who (I believed) could possibly understand, and then it is like WOW. With you, Surya Maa, I am totally “naked”…and amazingly and unexpectedly, I was gladly willing. There is a saying: ‘the unexpected is usually the best that comes’.”

Sharon Parker, Seeker/Healed from Hepatitis C

“You don’t have to be an advanced healer to benefit greatly from this work. Reading her passages and working with her audio teachings is a daily must. As a result, my ability to manifest what I want in my life has increased to levels that are beyond my understanding. And, as a healer, my work has deepened to levels that continue to awe me. As a teacher of young children, my work has grown to all-new levels. The many, many blessings I have received as a result of this work are truly incredible.”

D. K., Montessori Teacher

“Devra Surya Maa led me through intense reconnection to the Divine Will in my life. Healing has begun to manifest throughout my body. Through the flow of divine energy, a new height of joy is intensely experienced that has aided me in my healing process. What a marvelous prescription Surya Maa presents about new life!”

Barbara McGrath-Miller, Client Diagnosed with Terminal Illness


You are the Rishi’s Spiritual Guest…

Private & Exclusive

An opportunity like none other… To experience the grace of mastery in a fully modern context, is a rare experience of the highest accord. A western luminary of extraordinary global awareness, the Rishi is a modern-day holy woman and one of the few enlightened masters whose focus is on private work with souls of substance. As the light that stands behind leaders and world servers from around the world, she is a catalyst for personal and collective transformation and the influential positives that will uplift humanity for generations to come.

Sacred & Sublime

A sacred space for profound awakening…  The Rishi’s Abode of the Masters provides an exquisite personal experience for the auspicious transmission of Divine Light and the Sacred Knowledge of the Great Masters and Avatars of Royal Path, a direct transmittal of timeless wisdom that empowers your soul to navigate personal and global transition with wisdom and clarity during this unprecedented time in history.




For the Few Who Will Influence the Many