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The rare opportunity of private work with a Living Rishi is the gift of all life-times. The Mataji is one of the few enlightened masters in the world today, whose life calling is one-on-one focus with souls of substance. As the guiding light that stands behind the great minds of our time, she provides the extraordinary opportunity of private sessions & individualized retreats for leaders, teachers, change-agents and spiritual proteges, whose inner imperative of excellence, ethics, innovation and leadership that charts a new course for a new era of human potential. As a reclusive master, her devoted, global clientele appreciate the auspicious nature of Sedona’s best kept secret. Please let us know of your unique needs and interests and be advised to book in advance.

Testimonials & Comments from the Devoted

ONLINE SESSIONS… To accommodate travel issues, the Rishi offers online private sessions to guide those whose mpersomaland professional mission demands  clarity for navigating karmic issues, pivotal life decisions and unpredictable world conditions. Rising above challenging times, to see the hidden opportunities that open the way is gift of the enlightened eye that the Rishi bestows.

The Rare Opportunity of Private Sessions

SESSIONS IN SEDONA… To be the Rishi’s special spiritual guest in the majesty of Sedona is offered solely on a selective, exclusive basis, to those whose life mission and current circumstances sincerely demand guidance and insight. The divine encounter with the Rishi is a Godsend that bestows expansive elevations of consciousness, clearing the way to embody a higher reality of life purpose. For an overview of the Sedona experience as the Rishi’s guest click below:

The Exclusive Sedona Experience for the Refined Traveler

LIFE LEGACIES…. Her depth of clarity is impeccable. As a clairvoyant “seer,” since childhood, the Rishi provides the penetrative insight of supreme raja that charts a new course of awakened living. Fulfillment of your aspirations and higher purpose mandates for creating an extraordinary life legacy is her hallmark. To review the Rishi’s spectrum of focus for private work, programs & retreats:

Extraordinary Private Programs for Discerning Souls 


When the soul is ready, the master appears. As the light that stands behind leaders, world servers and spiritual proteges across the globe, receiving the supreme raja of the Rishi opens the thresholds of mastery and new beginnings for life legacies of unlimited influence.




As a consummate master healer, clairvoyant and spiritual luminary, the Mataji Rishi provides enlightened insight but, more profoundly, she bestows omniscient spiritual activations for profound depths of personal growth and empowering clarity for decision making, well-being and life mastery. For all initiates, completing your karmic lessons is also a process of conscious co-creation and learning to master the principles of sacred knowledge. The Rishi’s Royal Path Master Teachings provide the tools for transformation that bring karmic cycles into a new beginning of higher purpose and mastery.



Renowned for her penetrating insight, the Rishi’s private sessions for leaders, world servers and innovators are a stand-alone, phenomena. The rarity of an enlightened master who works privately with initiates moves from the highest accord of divine response. This exclusive opportunity is offered on a highly selective basis. For those who are ready to manifest their next tipping point, private sessions are invaluable for gaining clarity for navigating challenges. The Rishi is a master-catalyst for creating pivotal shifts and optimum trajectories, especially geared to unpredictable world conditions and the emerging dynamics of “noble endeavors.”



Private sessions, consultation, mentoring and training intensives for transformational healers and teachers are an opportunity of a lifetime to bring accomplished service into its most perfected form. As a true teacher of teachers, The Rishi empowers your focus of endeavor with new thresholds of awakening, mastery and prosperity, fostering your full eloquence of expression through the transformational arts. Bringing the enlightened eye to honing your gift allows new vistas of excellence to flower, empowering your healing and teaching endeavors to uplift and empower others.



Convening new positives is the Rishi’s hallmark for mentoring groundbreaking innovation for conscious enterprise and higher-purpose prosperity. As a genius mind, visionary and global thinker, she offers insight from a wide-sweeping degree of global experience, assuring that you take the right step, at the right time, for the right reason. Actualize your objectives ground-breaking innovation, and lasting prosperity into an exponential degree of lasting influence is her hallmark. The brilliance of enlightened decisions that produced optimized positives has opened the doors to the new potential of the excellence of personal and professional mastery.



Masterful philanthropy is the golden fruit of an extraordinary life legacy for souls of substance who aspire to seed and sustain lasting initiatives. The Rishi provides the Sacred Knowledge of Co-creation Formulas and the eye of the “ master-seer,” bringing essential purposes into a clear view for the inspired and purposeful funding that makes the greatest impact for improving global conditions. Her insight into your akashic records and the sum total of your previous lifetimes, allows you to bring your greatest wisdom and spiritual genius to the forefront of your present-day aspirations and endeavors creating significant positives and world good.

“Because I have been a student-initiate of Rishi Devra since the mid 90’s, I am eager to let the serious initiate know what a treasure she is. First, I’ll say what a profoundly indispensable tool that her signature Omni Meditation Method has been for me to align and connect with Source. She unifies the internal experience of transcendence and the power of her direct transmission, activating elevations of consciousness beyond all description. Over the years, I have had the privilege of traveling extensively with her across the globe, and I have seen firsthand and up close what a true enlightened master is all about. I have seen hundreds of students going through initiations and expansions that are simply rarely available and I have sat at the feet of a number of masters, guided by the Rishi to do so. Rishi Devra Adi Maa is a Master among Masters, not just a Teacher of Teachers. Now as 2018 is well underway, I am more than blessed to be in continual service to her and to all whom she touches. For anyone whose heart calls them to the supreme path where all others converge, then I say, come to the presence who will take you to deep fulfillment through the union with pure omniscience. I will forever be in gratitude to everything I have received from this Master. She is the jewel in the crown and a godsend to one and all.”
Tanmayo Coffin, Director of Benefactors Steering Committee
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