For Initiates, Leaders and World Servers

The Living Rishi welcomes you as her spiritual guest to immerse in the majestic red rocks of Sedona. A reclusive living rishi, her life’s calling is private work with initiates and world servers, convened solely in the sanctity of her Abode of the Masters in reverence for the auspicious nature of personal exchange with an enlightened regent master.

When the soul is ready the master appears. Come it is time… It is your soul’s wisdom that calls you to the radiance divine embodiment, a profound encounter with the tangible divinity that awakens you to the power of your timeless being.



Meditation for Initiates & Adepts

January 19th  9am to 10pm

The Rishi’s Clarion Call is a palpable radiance of light. She calls you to the nobility of your higher purpose.  She calls to you to a new life legacy, that bridges your deepest humanity with unlimited expanses of spiritual mastery. Rare among enlightened masters, her immaculate focus is exclusive and selective. Her divine calling is an activation of the highest accord for souls of purpose, substance and integrity, whose time has come.

“For the few who will influence and serve the many…” 


For optimum reception of illumination, the Rishi’s website is best viewed on a larger screen device, rather than a mobile phone. Her site is expansive, from information about private work in Sedona, to a large selection of videos and discourses, to her renowned glossary and page after page of sacred knowledge for initiates and adepts. *Also note that divine transmission of videos and audios are best received with earphones.


For the Few Who Will Lead the Many


Private Sessions & Programs

Sedona Gateway Retreats
True North Leadership
The Omega Council
Path of Enlightenment
Omni Meditation & Darshan

As the light that stands behind leaders, world servers and spiritual protégés from around the world, the Mataji Rishi is a tireless servant of global transformation. Her permeating grace gives an all-new meaning to the premise of private work with an enlightened master.  As you walk through her doors, the palpable experience of the purely divine awaits you.


~attendance by application~

~private sessions by appointment~

~mentorships by acceptance~


“To keep it simple – Sacred space, enlightened being, profound experience, immaculate teachings. Boundless gratitude!!!”
Sharon Henry, Transpersonal healer/counselor
“This was the most inspirational, life-changing week of my life – far, far more real, light-filled, powerful, productive, and effective than any Big Box program and I’ve attended many. You are the real deal. You are the one who made the difference for me. I’m overwhelmed and beyond grateful.”
Mark James, Spiritual teacher/author

“I’m utterly stunned and humbled. Days after, I’m awash in the light of your presence, Divine Presence, Omnipresence, Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for such an amazing retreat!!! It is hard to put into words the power and depth and completeness of this weekend! On one hand, your teachings are simple enough to guide me in my everyday questions. On the other hand, the profoundness of your transmissions light up my path and open a doorway of grace!! Thank you!!”

Alice Maquire, Meditation student

“There are teachers and then there are teachers of teachers. But, now I know why many believe that you are a master of masters. My life has been lived from spirit for decades, but you have opened new doors for me. So powerful. Beyond all words. What a gift. What a discovery to have found you. I very humbly offer my gratitude.”

Patrick Mason, Life coach, kriya master, humble servant
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