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Our Sedona Mission Brochure offers a brief overview of the significance of Sedona as the Rishi’s international headquarters.  A reclusive spiritual master, she has recently come out of a decade long seclusion to guide, orchestrate and chart a course through the unprecedented upheaval that our planet is currently undergoing. Challenging though our global circumstances may be, an exceptional opportunity awaits those who are selected into the auspices of the Rishi for either private consulting or collaborative focus.

As you to visit her website, “be warmly welcomed to stay awhile.” Take the time to read about her truly incredible scope of life experience. Become aware of why it is so frequently said, that she is a teacher of teachers and a masters of masters. We invite you to read the pages The Rishi, The Teacher, and The Regent to receive an initial impression of what a phenomenal blessing it is to have an enlightened master in our midst here in Sedona, who exists in the supra genius state of god consciousness. Yet, she is a spiritual presence who is also modern and globally-minded in every regard. Be very aware, however, that her life story is epic and her mission far more so and what can be revealed on a website is limited and secured by necessity. Her radiance and grace, however is constant. Her transmission of divine presence pours through this website.

A prophetic master with an uncanny clairvoyant accuracy for over 30 years, the Rishi has provided a wide scope of prophecy, that includes the precise occurances, realities, timing, and specifics of the global challenges we now face, from climate changes to pandemics, to unprecedented political upheaval in the United States, to the collapse of financial systems around the world. Without doubt, the benefit of enlightened insight and clairvoyance is priceless to all who support, partner, and collaborate with the Rishi. It is to be respected, that her engagements are reserved to serve only the highest of purposes, especially now, which defines the discerning scope of her endeavors and the selective nature by which those who are invited into her realm of focus are chosen to participate.

Welcome to our Sedona Mission, which is where it all begins. Sedona is a rising mecca not only for awakening and enlightenment but also for the new leadership, innovation, and world service that humanity so urgently needs. Whereas her presence in Sedona is designed to serve an international outreach of significance, the true extent of her overall global focus is a mission worthy of the very best minds and hearts that the human race has to offer.

Are you called? Are you more than aware that you are here to fulfill a higher purpose? Do you sense the inner imperative that the time is now? If so, our warmest welcome is extended as you read the brochure and absorb what is said.

As you feel called, reach out to us, let’s talk and explore!  Also visit her sponsors page and benefactor page under the donation button, which explains more fully the projects that are dear to the Rishi’s heart. Blessings for an auspicious opening of the highest accord.

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“It is rare that I would ever say much about money and spirituality, a delicate topic for many, but I feel called in a very compelling way to say, that while the scope of the Rishi’s mission is so very ground-breaking and unprecedented, it is her presence that is a golden capstone for humanity, deserving of every penny that I could ever contribute.”

Marion McMillion

“We have a long way to go to bring western values into balance. But after giving money to so many causes, I have found something of great value that deserves all that I can give. I have finally learned to value the sacred in a very real way. I cannot emphasize enough what a rare and priceless jewel the Rishi is. With a single sentence or word of wisdom she can instantly cut through the crazy-making of ego. My realizations keep coming for months thereafter.  Just being in her energy field is an incredible, incredible gift, nothing short of life changing and amazing. It is priceless!”

Susan Baldwin

“When you think about the onslaught of charities that need funding, there is really no comparison to benefaction of the Rishi, due to the profound impact her teachings and transmissions will have on an ever-growing number of people even hundreds of years from now. It’s worth everything we can give, is the short and long of it. She has always been ahead of her times, but that is the point. I have opened my eyes in uncountable ways, as to why for thousands of years the wise ones recommend an enlightened master to guide the way.”

John Gimeni

“Om Shree Mataji Rishi Maa, There are teachers and then there are teachers of teachers. But, now I know why many believe that you are a master of masters. My life has been lived from spirit for decades, but you have opened new doors for me. So powerful. Beyond all words. What a gift. What a discovery to have found you. I very humbly offer my gratitude.”

Patrick Mason

“Some people give me attention because I have been a benefactor of the Rishi for over twenty years. But I know that I have given little in consideration of what I have received. Her enlightenment is a historic milestone for women of all faiths. I am a humble witness that her mastery of the modern world as well as the spiritual world is astounding, as well as impeccable. What better cause could there be? I have made a life time commitment. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done.”

Julio Williams, MD
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