A City of Light for Awakening & World Service

Unity Consciousness & World Service

Sedona is a rising global mecca for the spiritual awakening and world service that humanity so urgently needs. The Rishi’s purpose in Sedona is   profoundly “mission worthy” of the very best hearts and minds, an extraordinary opportunity for growth, service and fulfillment. Your wisdom of  support and generosity is timely as the ascended masters commence their long awaited externalization.


The Rishi’s Archives: Housing over 35 years of her written and audio teachings, the archives need a Digital Management System and archive manager, while her book projects require several dedicated people for continual editing.

The Rishi’s Sanctuary Residence: Central to the moving the mission forward, is a private residence in or near Sedona that is spacious, accommodating, and vibrationally uplifting for a Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy .

Royal Fire Center: Proposed state of the art facility to house the Rishi’s archives of enlightened transmissions conveying the universal principles and sacred knowledge that heal and transform global consciousness.

Eco-Wisdom Complex for Sustainable Living: An integrative learning complex for all disciples of environmental education and collaborative initiatives that foster sustainable stewardship, inclusive of an agricultural extension for a”sacred land” learning practicum.

Unity Institute for Healing & Transformation: Bringing together the best of learning environments for dealership mastery with year-round courses, conferences for established healers & medical doctors who are dedicated to energetic and alternative medicine.

Sedona Center for Conscious Seniors: Taking the concept of the retirement home to the ultimate purpose of fostering awakening and enlightenment for senior citizens during their golden years, to create a model for elder enlightenment.

CONTACT US DIRECTLY:  928.963.4197 or  480.575.1276

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“It is rare that I would ever say much about money and spirituality, a delicate topic for many, but I feel called in a very compelling way to say, that while the scope of the Rishi’s mission is so very ground-breaking and unprecedented, it is her presence that is a golden capstone for humanity, deserving of every penny that I could ever contribute.”

Marion McMillion

“We have a long way to go to bring western values into balance. But after giving money to so many causes, I have found something of great value that deserves all that I can give. I have finally learned to value the sacred in a very real way. I cannot emphasize enough what a rare and priceless jewel the Rishi is. With a single sentence or word of wisdom she can instantly cut through the crazy-making of ego. My realizations keep coming for months thereafter.  Just being in her energy field is an incredible, incredible gift, nothing short of life changing and amazing. It is priceless!”

Susan Baldwin

“When you think about the onslaught of charities that need funding, there is really no comparison to benefaction of the Rishi, due to the profound impact her teachings and transmissions will have on an ever-growing number of people even hundreds of years from now. It’s worth everything we can give, is the short and long of it. She has always been ahead of her times, but that is the point. I have opened my eyes in uncountable ways, as to why for thousands of years the wise ones recommend an enlightened master to guide the way.”

John Gimeni

“Om Shree Mataji Rishi Maa, There are teachers and then there are teachers of teachers. But, now I know why many believe that you are a master of masters. My life has been lived from spirit for decades, but you have opened new doors for me. So powerful. Beyond all words. What a gift. What a discovery to have found you. I very humbly offer my gratitude.”

Patrick Mason

“Some people give me attention because I have been a benefactor of the Rishi for over twenty years. But I know that I have given little in consideration of what I have received. Her enlightenment is a historic milestone for women of all faiths. I am a humble witness that her mastery of the modern world as well as the spiritual world is astounding, as well as impeccable. What better cause could there be? I have made a life time commitment. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done.”

Julio Williams, MD
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