Progression Through the Four Halls

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Unveiling the Great Halls of Illumination is a part of my mandate as a solar rishi. The existence of the Great Halls assures a glorious degree of consummate mastery for humanity now and in the future. Within several hundred years, the halls will be in full physical externalization, function and orchestration, with high initiates and guardian beings from around the galaxy and beyond, in active congregation and benevolent exchange

The Karmic Wheel and the Akashic Records

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Anyone who is drawn to this book, has heard many wisdoms and philosophies on the nature of karma and the thoughts, words, deeds and energetics that bring merit to the karmic scales of positivity or on the other hand, add to the debt and density to the involutionary counter clockwise spin into greater density. What I offer you is a deeper grasp of the mirror of self-reflection through comprehending the Great Book of Records in which your life’s advancements and set backs are

The Rapture of Initiation

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In the centuries past, taking initiation was rare, secreted and enshrouded in the hidden mysteries of the esoteric. This most holy of spiritual mile-markers was reserved for secluded groups of high initiates, priests and oracles, elders and illumined minds in whose hands the stewardship of souls was entrusted. Most initiates knew that they were chosen among many, to undergo a momentous change beyond the

Financial Principles for a New World

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The Mataji Rishi’s Invocation... I offer my mind, my heart, and my soul to this transmission and as the Rishi Devra Surya Sai Adi Maa, I ask for the attunement and precision that will allow this Royal Path Master Teaching to be in utmost clarity, in fullness of radiance, an abundance of love, serving the very highest good of all beings throughout this world and throughout the greater creation of which we are a part.

The Seven Laws of Reciprocal Balance

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I offer this eloquent sequence of laws to my selection of conveyances for your wisdom of contemplation, due to its sweep of profundity that calls for recognition and learning. This sequence of laws provide a vista of sacred knowledge that I hold dear. So too, I wish to say, that these laws are a precept of illumination that is in continual broadcast from the hierarchy to receptive souls the world over and has been a force for good

The Permissions of Truth

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Divine Guidance, Renunciation and the Plane of Adi -- Throughout this treatise, I refer to the active nature of omnipresence as the lines of force and power and the spheres of focus and being. Your Tempe of the Presence is a magnificent masterpiece of divine design composed of lines and force and spheres of being, that create your existence upon all planes of solar and universal expression...

The Path Begins

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Springboard for Surrender -- With every birth there is a life that unfolds.  With every spiritual awakening there is a story of how the path was tread and how the grace of divine remembrance was experienced. Each awakening is unique and held in the heart of the divine as a brilliant point of redeeming light that opens the way for all who also commence the amazing phenomena of illumination...

The Transition from the Disciple to the Adept

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Non-Attachment and Omni Awakening -- The ensouling consciousness of divine selfhood is reborn from the ashes of surrender and it is here, that the death of illusion is rejoiced upon the glad heart in divine anticipation of each new expanse. It is then, as the disciple wisely, eagerly offers all materiality unto the inner fires of selflessness...

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