Supporting the Rishi


The Rare & The Necessary….What is rare is invaluable. What is extraordinary is beyond measure. What is a catalyst for major global change is an urgent necessity.

Exclusive & Selective…. The Rishi is a reclusive master who makes no public appearances. She is quietly but masterfully dynamic in her scope of endeavors. Access to the Living Rishi remains highly selective. Her work is exclusive and private. Her degree of illumination is rare and her genius is even more so. There are some who call her the jewel among jewels, the teacher of teachers. Some call her the best-kept secret. The Great Masters call her the Mother of Ten Thousand Suns.

Prophecy & Unprecedented Times… She has given in-depth prophecy on global conditions for over 30 years. Her accuracy has been uncanny. She foresaw the timing of the current pandemic and prophesied the radical upheaval of world affairs. Unprecedented times call for our greatest wisdom.

The Discerning & The Distinguished…The Mataji Rishi is a palpable presence. She is a powerful catalyst. Her life mission appeals to advanced souls, legacy builders, visionaries, big hearts and true servants of humanity. Her private work in Sedona is for the discerning seeker who instinctively recognizes her genius of mastery. She is dedicated to enlightened enterprise and visionary finances that change the world. Her dedication to, “the few who influence the many,” is exponential in scope. We are fortunate. We are the few who can do much. We are a small distinguished group who can do big things with great heart.

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Your wisdom of generosity
is so deeply appreciated!


What is the Law of Ten?
Funding the Rishi’s endeavors is an exponential catalyst for “wealth energy.”  It is dynamically charged by the Rishi with The-Will-to-Good.  The Law of Ten is a divine law of increases that moves through the power of higher purpose. The Law of Ten and The Will-to-Good activates the universal principle of 10-fold exponential increases for a lasting legacy.


How to Help & What its Needed


Golden Flame Benefactor’s Fellowship

Serving as a member of the Golden Flame Fellowship is a sacred undertaking of the highest order.  Your endowments seed and sustain the Rishi’s genius of service. Her mandates are substantial. Her scope is powerfully integrated. Headquartered in Sedona, her mission includes serving Sedona’s highest purpose to become a global epicenter for enlightenment and world service. Her auspicious focus umbrellas women’s spirituality, eco-stewardship, gifted children, global financial transformation,  leadership initiatives, immortality and the divine sciences. Funding such noble causes is a divine calling. Please be invited learn more the Rishi’s Sedona Mission, Projects and Initiatives: info@The

To Serve as a Benefactor

The Funding Mission

Benefaction of the Rishi’s Regency…  To assure the overarching scope of Regency International and The Omni Institute for perpetuity, to optimize the Rishi’s legacy of integrated enlightenment though awakened living and the global aspiration of higher consciousness for world benefit.

The Avatara Sanctuary... To create a world class retreat sanctuary for the Rishi’s most refined spiritual teachings, architecturally harmonic and befitting of the Great Avatars, Masters and Lords of Light and the Rishi’s mission to be a catalyst for the externalization of ascended masters and guardian beings from the ethers into materialized presence,

Residential Sanctuary for the Rishi… To provide a permanent home in Sedona for the Rishi, to umbrella her personal affairs, private sessions and audiences, resplendent with gardens, atrium and meditation chamber.

The Royal Path Archives… To develop, preserve and archive the Rishi’s world renowned

Omni Meditation Institute… To create an exquisite meditation center in Sedona that offers daily meditation practicum, personalized training sessions, private meditation instruction, the Rishi’s profound teachings via the video audio experience, and the Omni Mediation Teachers Certification Program.

Enlightened Living Complex… To create an enlightened lifestyle center as a “Sedona Destination Experience,”celebrating the sacred arts in its many modalities, from spiritual art galleries and curated fine art shows, a venue for speakers and presenters, to organic restaurants and tea house and indoor/outdoor theater space for artistic and musical performances.

White Lotus Retirement Center... The Rishi’s beloved concept for an enlightened retirement center for senior citizens in Sedona, to enhance the golden years with spiritual enrichment programs for the contemplative lifestyle and enhanced longevity.


Sacred Seva for Omni Awakening

Master Teachers offer us an assured gateway to our awakening. They have tread the path and opened the way. This is especially true of a living Rishi who continuously outpours her wisdom and illumination and the profound stimulus of Omni Awakening. She has pioneered western enlightenment and most importantly. enlightenment and service for female initiates who are householders, mothers and grandmothers. Her greatest gift to us all, is the example of their life and our personal opportunity to see, witness and experience embodied mastery in the midst of everyday life. When we offer our assistance in any capacity or regard, we are automatically brought more deeply into her auspices. It is spiritually empowering to dedicate all actions to God, to one’s own Godself and to one’s path of liberation. To serve God is to know God.  Seva is a powerful spiritual principle that that brings the intention to serve into actualization.

To Serve as a Seva Volunteer


Archive Work & Sacred Knowledge

The production and preservation of the Rishi’s sacred archives is made possible by the her tireless service as its author and by her benefactors and hands-on supporters who recognize that sacred knowledge of this rarity is an igniting empowerment. The celestial origins of her teachings is an unparalleled resource for enlightenment that will serve initiates and humanity as a whole for centuries to come. The archives are sacred work. The archives are a celestial repository at a universal scale of sacred knowledge. To work with the archives is to immerse in divine illumination itself. Please offer your service to make the archives available to an international readership. So many souls are now ready for the Rishi’s masterful teachings and illumination.

Needed: Writers, editors, proofreaders, admin assistants, translators, videographers, digital technicians and archivists.

To Serve the Sacred Archives


Shamballa of the West

Sedona is blessed to have enlightened Regent-in-Residence. Creating a spiritual sanctuary befitting of The Mataji Rishi and the Great Masters is a divine calling. This project is a profoundly significant endeavor, that calls for an immaculate inflow of funding and divine focus to conceive, to create, to build, to expand and to sustain. Serving as a global beacon of light, Avatara Sanctuary of the Great Masters is literally what the words express;  a sanctified haven for enlightenment and the holy work of externalizing the ascended masters into material presence. A sanctum for the Lotus Heart Fellowship’s service focus for collective enlightenment, taking initiation, divine blueprint healing, and pioneering DNA regeneration for the evolution enlightened beings is the Clarion Call.  The highest possible energy frequency is essential, making every aspect of the creation and stewardship of the sanctuary a sacred endeavor.

Are you called to be a divine creator, builder, contributor, benefactor, steward or instrument for this profoundly significant endeavor?

To Serve the Sanctuary in Sedona


Teacher’s Certification & Licensing

The Rishi’s signature meditation, Omni Meditation is a groundbreaking methodology for awakening, divine service and living mastery that has served as a dynamic catalyst for thousands of souls. Her courses, mastery training and teaching programs offer unlimited opportunity for distribution and out reach. Omni Institute sponsors the Rishi’s teachings and the creation and outreach of her intellectual materials. There are many ways to serve the Rishi’s enlightened teachings from creating your own study groups, to sponsoring meditation centers on her behalf, that offer the Royal Path Masters Teachings in an experiential learning forum for spiritual development. Technology has made spiritual outreach an unlimited opportunity for giving and receiving through the transformational arts as a fulfilling life calling and professional endeavor. Are you called to serve the enlightened teachings of the Great Masters?

To Serve the Teachings


We invite you to appreciate the way in which the Rishi’s life work is mindfully monetized, to bring both balance and vitality to her overall mission on behalf of humanity and the planet itself. The divine principle of universal abundance is in conscious activation to prosper her endeavors, initiatives and scholarships.  We invite all participants to embrace mindful abundance and purpose giving. The Rishi embraces mutual exchange that is exponential. Her private work is both selective and inclusive. There are fees required for attendance to retreats and programs, whereas attendance to meditation-darshan and special occasions are offered by donation. *Merit based work trades and scholarships are offered to those who are truly called to the Rishi and Royal Path Master Teachings regardless of economic circumstances.

Retreats, Initiatives and Programs

Monthly Meditations and Special Events

Work Trades and Scholarships


The Rishi wisely approves the mindful monetization that has been created for her endeavors, to be inclusive of scholarships for those souls whose potential and higher purpose is a rising star of service whose life legacy of enlightenment should be supported and sustained. Scholarships are merit-based and  are established on the The Law of Balance and the Seven Principles  of Reciprocal Exchange. The Rishi’s  Sacred Knowledge Scholarships are foundational to the ideals of higher education in the transformational, awakening spectrum and we invite you to engage purposeful giving to endow and sustain this noble fund for seekers, protege’s and world servers from all backgrounds, age groups and economic circumstances. Below are the five funding focuses for scholarship awards.

To Serve the Scholarship Fund

Read: The Seven Laws of Reciprocal Balance

Mentorships with the Rishi

Attendance to Sedona Gateway Retreats

Participation in the Omega Counsel Initiative

Participation in the True North Leadership Initiative

Participation in The Path of Enlightenment Program



“It is rare that I would ever say much about money and spirituality, a delicate topic for many, but I feel called in a very compelling way to say, that while the scope of the Rishi’s mission is so very ground-breaking and unprecedented, it is her presence that is a golden capstone for humanity, deserving of every penny that I could ever contribute.”

Marion McMillion

“We have a long way to go to bring western values into balance. But after giving money to so many causes, I have found something of great value that deserves all that I can give. I have finally learned to value the sacred in a very real way. I cannot emphasize enough what a rare and priceless jewel the Rishi is. With a single sentence or word of wisdom she can instantly cut through the crazy-making of ego. My realizations keep coming for months thereafter.  Just being in her energy field is an incredible, incredible gift, nothing short of life changing and amazing. It is priceless!”

Susan Baldwin

“When you think about the onslaught of charities that need funding, there is really no comparison to benefaction of the Rishi, due to the profound impact her teachings and transmissions will have on an ever-growing number of people even hundreds of years from now. It’s worth everything we can give, is the short and long of it. She has always been ahead of her times, but that is the point. I have opened my eyes in uncountable ways, as to why for thousands of years the wise ones recommend an enlightened master to guide the way.”

John Gimeni

“Om Shree Mataji Rishi Maa, There are teachers and then there are teachers of teachers. But, now I know why many believe that you are a master of masters. My life has been lived from spirit for decades, but you have opened new doors for me. So powerful. Beyond all words. What a gift. What a discovery to have found you. I very humbly offer my gratitude.”

Patrick Mason

“Some people give me attention because I have been a benefactor of the Rishi for over twenty years. But I know that I have given little in consideration of what I have received. Her enlightenment is a historic milestone for women of all faiths. I am a humble witness that her mastery of the modern world as well as the spiritual world is astounding, as well as impeccable. What better cause could there be? I have made a life time commitment. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done.”

Julio Williams, MD
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