From the Rishi…
“We are blessed with the sacred sanctuary of Sedona, a natural cathedral of majestic spires where the divine permeates the air.  My welcome to you, commences  a wondrous quickening of time that is radiant upon the ethers. As you enter my abode of the eternal heart, I meet you in the truth of your eternal existence, and the boundless enlightenment that you already are and ever have been. Oh Dear One, as you enter this sacred space of the True Self, there is no better time or place to let go and let God.”


The Rishi’s transmission of divine light catalyzes your Sedona experience to become exponential. As she parts the veils, the sacred purpose is ignited that quickens your soul to rise in the tangible light of a new beginning. Her words of wisdom are simple… to come empty and leave full… let go and let God. The journey through the thresholds of light awaits you.

Sacred Sedona

Transformation & New Beginnings


October 15-17, 2021

Three dynamic days with the Living Rishi for renewal and rest in the majesty of Sedona.

As the Rishi’s special spiritual guest, you are not only entering the power of her Sedona Gateway experience, but also the divine radiance of her presence.  You are embraced in your greatest potential, whether you are attending a private session, retreat or special occasion. We welcome you to become our VIP guest. From the moment you confirm your attendance, you are welcomed into the Rishi’s auspicious illumination. Please enjoy our website pages of information about Sedona, the Rishi’s sacred abode and our VIP activities for guests and attendees.

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Ascension Gateway ​

Sacredness permeates the air, opens the heart and stills the mind. As one of the western hemisphere’s primary portals for accessing the divine realms, Sedona’s enveloping vortex of heightened vibration is renowned for eliciting profound spiritual experiences, causing many souls to undergo an acceleration of self-realization and rapid expansions of higher consciousness. A revered place of pilgrimage and vision quest, the region is renowned for inspiring unforgettable realizations for positive change and lasting spiritual enrichment. The Rishi’s ascension teachings impart the sublime illumination of God Consciousness from a modern realism that keeps it real, yet provides the high vibrational quickening of divine transmission.


The Radiance of Over-Lighting

The Rishi’s quiet but profound presence in Sedona as a reclusive master, provides a continual over-lighting of healing grace to the region. She was first called to move to Sedona in 1990, entering an intensive period of accelerated awakening that culminated in God Realization. Among her many revelations, was a vast comprehension of the nature of cosmic creation, the process of ascension and enlightened insight on the mirror of reality. She also receive in-depth understanding that Sedona would increasingly serve as a global pilgrimage site for awakening and ascension and this revelation has prevailed throughout the years.  She has returned after a sabbatical to complete scared writings to call Sedona her home in the West and to open her doors to sincere initiates who life imperative embraces enlightenment and divine service. We invite you to appreciate the scope of opportunities available for you to participate, to evolve and to contribute.

The Twelve Gateways for Participation


Mecca for Awakening​

To summarize our overview,  Sedona is a primary planetary focal point for awakening, enlightenment and ascension and is home to kachinas, wind-walkers, and nature devas, as well as visiting stellar beings, celestial guides and masters, making its ethers spiritually active and vibrantly fertile with spiritual phenomena, drawing seekers, wisdom keepers, healers and teachers from all traditions. Healing the past and envisioning new beginnings is one of Sedona’s primary empowerments. Impossible to describe with mere words, it simply must be personally experienced and its impact internalized. It must also be protected and preserved for future generations. The Rishi’s life mission must also receive our wisdom of support. A penetrating permeation is activated from the moment of arrival with the Rishi’s blessings and healing grace for your spiritual journey. May you give and received to the fullest in all ways possible and may you pass the power of the sacred to others.


Regent of the West

The Rishi is Sedona’s enlightened master-in-residence. As a teacher of teachers, she is a divine catalyst for thousands of souls the world over. Her archive of master teachings is revered by countless initiates, yet it is her presence that is so impactful and unforgettable. Pioneering programs for transformational leaders since the early nineties, she has been a guiding light for the awakening movement. Now, thirty years since her first sojourn to the red-rock canyons of Sedona, the Rishi continues to ignite the higher purpose of all who are called to this mecca for healing and awakening.

Private Retreats and Programs

A shared experience…

“I cannot emphasize enough what a rare and priceless jewel it is to be able to be the recipient of the grace and wisdom of a Rishi Regent. What you receive is so deep and timeless, but also utterly current to the immediate matter at hand. Our beloved Mataji can offer a single sentence or word of wisdom that can shatter the confusion or uncertainty in a way that applies to countless issues and life circumstances. It is like a flood-gate opens that has such deep roots in universal truth, while also becoming a laser beam of discernment that instantly cuts through half-truths and unclarity. But it doesn’t end there. Realizations keep coming one after another for weeks and months thereafter. I simply do not have the words to even begin to express what I have witnessed after over twenty years of intimate encounter with the living Rishi, Devra Adi Maa. Her siddhi abilities are astounding, her exceptional clairvoyance being only one of them.  I found myself receiving tremendous voltages of light, taking very high initiations, comprehending in-depth sacred knowledge.  Just being in her energy field is an incredible, incredible gift. Adding her personal instruction and mentoring however, is priceless!”
— Tanmayo Coffin  – long-term initiate and benefactor


The Vision Quest Tradition

Sedona has been home to indigenous peoples for tens of thousands of years. Native American vision quests, and sacred ceremonies have blended with the creation myths about the “four worlds” and prophecy that the commencement of the fourth world makes way for “the new beginning.” These mystical teachings date back to 8,000 BC, coinciding with the Rishi’s visionary testament that a new celestial genesis for the advancement of the soul’s birthright of has indeed begun. The Rishi has spent in-depth time with the tribes of the region through the auspices of triple elders, who passed their timeless wisdom into to her keeping, instilling a sacred duty to revere their traditions that she holds very dear. The Sedona experience activates the soul to transcend the superficial, to recover and restore the sacredness of life and our shared spiritual origin in unity and oneness.​

From the Rishi…
“From a very young age, the elders of the western tribes have guided my path. It is by divine grace that they found me and invited me into their holy presence. At 23 years of age, I sat in all-night ceremonies led by revered elders Little Joe and Tellis Good Morning, kiva prayers of the Taos and chants by renowned Henry Pollingyama of the Hopi, sacred medicine plant teachings with Medicine Bear Chief of the Ojibway Blackfoot and the sweat lodge ceremony with the grandson of Black Elk Speaks of the Lakota,  to name a few of the profound souls that imparted their wisdoms. These indelible encounters formed a foundation of reverence and grounded understanding about the circle of life and the sacredness of Mother Earth that become part of my core being. I owe much to these elders for their profound guidance during my early years on the path. It was beyond mystical and otherworldly. It was truth itself.”


Environmental Stewardship of Sedona

Sedona has become a global spiritual destination. The continual flow of visitors from around the world have an impact on the fragility of this unique high-desert region. It deserves our conscious, caring, compassionate stewardship. Eco awareness-in-action is inherent to the Rishi’s teachings and organizational culture. We receive much and we must give back. The scales of balance must always be honored and sustained in reciprocal exchange.

You are invited to learn more about the local and regional initiatives that the Rishi supports and join us to keep Sedona sacred for future generations.

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Sedona Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

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