From the Rishi…
“The Supreme Raja is an evolutionary gateway that unifies the Logic of God Consciousness and the Shakti of Absolute Being, the masculine and the feminine aspects of creation that makes manifest the Royal Flower of  Life…  love realized, love incarnate and love existent. In this truth, much is revealed.”


Since times immortal, the Great Masters have transmitted the Supreme Raja of the Royal Path to high priests and pharaohs, seers and saints in whose hands rested the perfecting of the realms. Now the gates have opened to the destiny souls of the new potential, who will lead the way.

The Royal Path of Supreme Raja

The Sacred Knowledge of Love Manifest


The Halls of Sacred Knowledge


The Universal Halls of Sacred Knowledge

THE UNITY OF SHAKTI & KNOWLEDGE… The Rishi’s Royal Path Master Teachings are uniquely empowering, because they unify the trnamsision of divine shaki, with the timeless wisdom of pure consciousness. The permeating light of both sacred knowledge and divine shakti illumines body, mind and soul, providing pranic activation to the DNA, the chakras and the sacred glands of the endocrine system. Sacred knowledge that is endowed with divine shakti awakens the Master Self through the power of divine synthesis. The Mataji Rishi is a master of sacred knowledge and a living vessel for the divine outflow of divine shakti.

TELEPATHIC TRANSMITTAL… The Great Halls of Illumination hold the Book of Records for our universe, the foundational laws and principles of the cosmos and the the unfolding universal life, a repository of recorded reality that eclipses linear time, conveyed through the telepathic language of light, that is devoid of culture, creed and religion. Telepathic since childhood, the Rishi retained her connection with the celestial worlds of which humanity is an integral part. The Royal Path imparts the celestial telepathic transmission that activates the godhood that dwells within the soul.

RAJA YOGA AND CELESTIAL RAJA… The Royal Path embraces but is not limited to the revered philosophy of the Hindu translation of Raja Yoga, that great saint Pantangeli so eloquently translated to provide the inroads of the Eight Limbs of Yoga from the Hindu perspective. His body of work remains a pristine gold standard for spiritual students. Yet, ultimately the Royal Path of Supreme Raja is stellar in origin, and stands for all time as the sanctified composite of the ageless master teachings for our universe, known as the Great Halls of Illumination granted to initiates through the direct transmission of omnipresence.


Path of Awakening
Path of Healing
Path of Co-Creation
Path of Enlightenment

THE MATAJI RISHI has convened each of the four paths of her archives as a corner stone of soul-based learning for initiates. Each path conveys a brilliant compilation of Royal Path Master Teachings to empower transpersonal integration for completion of the karmic wheel. Each path offers a phenomenal syllabus that activates your remembrance of your stellar origins, while honoring your deepest humanity with a modern realism that integrates all worlds of experience. Each is transmitted at three wavelengths of reception – the electric permeation of cosmic fire, the dynamic immersion of spiritual fire and the radiant fire of love that envelopes the soul in healing light.

OMNI AWAKENING… The Rishi’s teachings instill an exponential awakening through the spiritual fire that stimulates a continuous metamorphous, much like the seedling that become a fully blooming flower. Profoundly energetic, radiantly all-loving, intellectually expansive, emotionally  fulfilling and physically palpable,  igniting an ascending and descending phenomena, omni awakening occurs through downloads of divine light that viscerally move from the crown chakra to the root chakra, upsweeping the kundalini to co-mingle with the divine, to initiate the transition from carnal involution, to divine evolution.

OMNI HEALING… The power of truth, love and will are the triad of causal factors that transmutes the soul’s fragments and samscaras, clearing the way for inner growth to become exponential. Omni Healing produces an exponential trajectory of transformation that heals the core humanity, championing the persona to embrace its own upliftment. The active principle of divine synthesis serves to embrace accept, love serve and unify all parts of the self into wholeness. Omni healing is essential for the seamless cohesion of enlightened mastery.

OMNI CO-CREATION… The transformative healing process is an act of co-creation, a viscerally enlightening progression, whereby density, illusion, and the soul-misaims that are the root cause of suffering and thwarted potential are transmuted. Through divine synthesis of divestment, a dynamic principle on the Royal Path, ego-patterns cease to have relevance, whereby the emotional-thought patterns of illusion commence dissolution and cease to arise altogether, a process of awakened self-responsibility. Self-responsibility is the evolving action of co-creation from which an ever-increasing depth of personal integrity and mastery is embodied.

OMNI  ENLIGHTENMENT… Engaging in conscious co-creation is an active stimulation of full presence, that rouses and ignites the sacred fire of the four stages of enlightenment. Each stage of the flowering of enlightenment is proceeded by an ever greater expanse of mastery and co-creation, a more encompassing knowledge of divine law and principle and ultimately the reality of enlightenment, wherein knowledge is synthesized into the effortless no-mind of living from the radiance and co-creative genius of the enlightened heart.

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The Mukti of Divine Logic

The liberation from illusion commences the soul’s mastery of all three worlds: the divine, the spiritual and the material, from which the supreme raja of divine logic is embodied, transcending the astral projections of ego-attachment. Transformation, self-mastery and world service is brought into its highest expression through the effortless outflow of divine logic. The flowering of the enlightened heart establishes the greatest refinement of sesames presence from deep meditation, to the breakfast table,  to the greater world through the excellence of divine service that Royal Raja imparts. The Rishi extends her auspices through many facets of involvement from allied collaboration between organizations, to the deep walk of spiritual proteges who enter her Path of Enlightenment Program.

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Enlightenment Gateway

 “For those of you who find your way to the Royal Path, you are among the few who will gain entrance in my lifetime. Yet, from your embodiment of Supreme Raja, you will carry the golden flame of the path forward, as you too, serve as a gateway for those who follow. Supreme Raja is the eye of the needle and the ultimate divine fire through which all paths, all disciples, all initiates, all adepts must pass, no matter the tradition, practice or philosophy that has served you in the past. The raja logic that lays the foundation of embodied mastery is the gold standard from which self realization proceeds through the four thresholds of enlightenment.

Every spiritual test is a test of raja logic, whereby your greatest degree of consciousness is called into response. By imparting the light of raja insight into worldly affects, you activate and endow the greatest evolutionary leap humanity will undertake. Thus, the supra genius of Maha Enlightenment awaits you, as the new frontier of higher consciousness that reveals the sublime excellence that dwells within us all. Thus, I invite you appreciate your divine mission and your divine duty. The Royal Path opens the golden doors of the Akashic Records of the Great Masters. As you drink from the golden chalice of pure light, you immerse in the nectar of the Godhead and your birthright as a Lotus Born.”


Experiential Learning on the Royal Path

The four gateways provide passage through the four stages of enlightenment that prepare souls to taketh major initiation inclusive of those that are the highest possible for a human being. Together the four paths form a cardinal cross for in-the-world mastery through the vertical nature of ascension and the lateral nature of actualizing embodied mastery. The Rishi’s divine transmittals are potently palpable throughout the four gateways, imparting a electrifying endowment of the secrets of the universe, that forever pierces the veils, ending the soul’s confinement in the temporal envelope of existence, to reveal the wondrous illumination of God Consciousness.

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The Royal Path of the Great Masters

A conveyor of the holiness of spiritual initiation, the Rishi has written a treatise on the deep mysteries of initiation that are foundational to the Royal Path. This treatise is a master piece that also imparts an experiential reflection from the Rishi’s own precess of awakening. The spiritual vernacular of the treatise is profoundly impactful. Each chapter serves an essential spiritual road map that imparts both intellectual understanding and the potent shakti of God Consciousness, that opens the arcs of time, whereby self-realization is ignited as a powerful catalyst for awakening.

The Celestial Initiations of the Royal Path

Excerpt from Royal Path Prelude…

“No path of mastery or spiritual tradition is consummated, until the supreme raja of divine logic is attained by the evolving soul, wherein the illumination of the logic of god consciousness is realized, integrated into the material plane of life. So too, all progressions through the rank and file of the great brotherhood of light of any order, lodge or linage of enlightened masters is entirely dependent upon the degree of divine raja thus far established as the directing foundation of divine response. Thus, supreme raja must flow unto all service endeavors, as well as to the entire spectrum of the initiate’s thought life. Thus, to say that the Royal Path is the path of divine logic is indeed a far-reaching truism, yet, the word far-reaching implies a vast brilliance that umbrellas the universal and cosmic scope of the path, which is in its greatest reality, forms very basis of enveloping illumination of the love and wisdom, service and sacred knowledge that umbrellas all masters upon all realms and dominions, inclusive of those referred to as the highest of dominions of cosmic origin.”

The Initiations of the Royal Path

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The Rishi’s Divine Transmission

The Mataji’s hallmark empowerment of Omni Meditation, is the Rishi’s signature “Method of the Masters,” especially convened as the training par-excellence for all who feel the inner-imperative of soul-mastery in this lifetime. It is this transcendent illumination that is the sanctified gateway to awakening and divine connection and ultimately, the mastery of Royal Raja.

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The Profound Experience of Transcendence

The Rishi’s signature meditation unifies the timeless tradition of sitting in “the presence of truth,” as the Sanskrit word divine darshan implies, while immersed in a “divinely transcendent state,” as the term Omni Meditation implies. When doing so in the presence of an Living Rishi, new expansions of sacred knwoeldge are accessed that instill the soul with the illumination, love and wisdom of the purely divine. Omni Awakening is the phenomena that the Rishi bestows for the initiate who knows their time has come.


Preparing Initiates to take Initiation

Omni Meditation has served as a catalyst for thousands of students worldwide, a truly unparalleled Method of the Masters, that offers both the divine science and experiential practice that accelerates the process of spiritual initiation. The Rishi’s online course is a must have for your at home library; a direct transmittal of omnipresence that enhances and accelerates all modalities and previous levels of experience with the sacred emanation of illumination and the timeless foundation of enlightened teachings, for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners alike.


Method of the Masters

The sacred art of divine alignment is the training ground of mastery for all initiates. Omni Meditation is a dynamic method that leads to higher thought, emotion, word and action. Divine alignment accesses the fellowship of masters and spiritual guides who illumine the initiate’s consciousness, to break free from the maze of the time-bound mind. To be guided, is to be hierarchically aligned. To be hierarchically aligned is to dwell in the Abode of Christ Consciousness.


Omni Meditation Empowerment

Sustain divine alignment

Access the higher-self

Commune with guides and masters

Ignite the light body

Enhance meditative focus

Increase divine energy

Attain the neutrality of equanimity

Receive sacred knowledge

Become amplified with divine light


From the Rishi…
“Behold the rapture of the supreme anointing. For as you are illumined with the inflow of your timeless being, so too, is the god-light within you ignited. For it is here, in this holiest of union, that you are enlightened of your godly presence from star light to flesh, For you are prodigy of love, the lotus born, one and the same. You are Destiny Souls of the New Genesis.”
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