From the Rishi…

 I welcome you to walk through the doors to the timeless expanse of this sacred place. Empty your mind and be touched beyond all expectations. Your experience is very own private journey through the infinite heavens, as you receive the cosmic permeation that is so present here.


“I am the very grateful recipient of an unexpected but stunning experience of awakening in Sedona. It was 1990, and it was as if the celestial floodgates of pure radiance had opened. Taking initiation became a continual undertaking carefully guided by the Great Masters, with surges of immense light that enveloped my being and astounding visas of sacred knowledge that permeated my consciousness, Now, looking back almost thirty years later, I remain awed and ever more grateful that the divine corridors opened, the veils lifted and the masters appeared. It was a divine calling of the highest accord.”

Sedona with the Rishi

 Abode of the Masters


As you arrive, you are the Rishi’s spiritual guest at her “Abode of the Masters,” high in the hills overlooking the renowned Cathedral Rocks.


Upcoming in Sedona…

October, 15-17, 2021
Three dynamic days with the Living Rishi in the majesty of Sedona.

A true sanctuary for the sacred for a private retreat, the abode basks in the majestic presence of Cathedral Rocks, one of Sedona’s primary vortices. Tranquil and serene, yet powerfully endowed with the divine presence, the Rishi’s abode is a secluded jewel for spiritual respite and renewal. A divine encounter with the living rishi is riveting, life-changing and unforgettable. You are embraced body, mind and soul when taking a walk, basking in the sun or just sitting beneath these magnificent red rock towers – an integrative experience like none other.


The door is opening….. As a visionary and early pioneer of the spiritual movement in the West, she was called serve the higher purpose of guiding and awakening healers and teachers, many of whom continue to serve as catalysts for thousands of souls who choose intentional transformation. Now, after thirty years since her first sojourn to Sedona, the profound experience of spiritual homecoming has only become ever-more powerful.

The Twelve Gateways for Participation


The Sanctuary Corridor

The Rishi is endowed with the spiritual power of opening the divine corridor in Sedona, which serves to unify the major vortexes of Sedona into the single force field, creating a global energy portal that benefits the whole of the western United States and ultimately, the whole of the western hemisphere. Omni Meditation is in full activation at the Rishi’s sacred abode. Time transcendence that stops mind-spin, elevating the awareness of divine oneness, restored the divine memory of the True Self. As each of designated “global chakra” becomes activated, our planet will reach the inevitable tipping-point-energy-vector that ignites the ascension into Christ Consciousness for all souls.


Over-lighting of Masters

For many initiates, the over-lighting of a master is a life-changing mile-marker that floods the heat with gratitude and activates the light-body, for the process of building-in the Temple of The Presence. When the soul is ready, the master appears and when the life of the soul is given to divine service, over-lighting is an empowering boon that endows clarity and spiritual power.

Over-lighting takes place in three essential stages from initial contact, to a continual telepathic contact, to the ultimate merge of the soul’s consciousness with the spiritual realms. As a Mataji Rishi Regent and revered member of the fellowship of masters, The Rishi’s sanctuary exists between the worlds, to enhance the process of over-lighting for those who are in readiness to receive this extraordinary gift of spiritual activation.

Rishi’s Discourse on the Over-lighting of the Masters


Soul Empowerment

The Rishi’s sanctuary is a divine abode to all the spiritual beings who guide the way for embodying the soul’s limitless light. It is also a focal point of the spiritual hierarchy. Her signature method, Omni Meditation is sanctified by the Great Masters, as a primary tool of transformation that they actively amplify, activating an unsurpassed catalyst for elevations of higher consciousness, opening the ethers to the direct access to masters and guides. A proven method that accelerates transit through the four thresholds of enlightenment, transmission meditation enhances an excellence of mastery for becoming an instrument of divine service.


The Profound Experience of Direct Transmission

Omni Meditation unifies the timeless tradition of sitting in “the presence of truth,” as the Sanskrit word divine darshan implies, while immersed in a “divinely transcendent state,” as the term Omni Meditation implies. When doing so in the presence of a Living Rishi, new expansions of sacred knowledge are accessed that instill the soul with illumination, and the love and wisdom of the purely divine. Omni Awakening is the phenomena that the Rishi bestows for the initiate who knows their time has come.


Preparing Initiates to take Initiation

The gateway that has served as a catalyst for thousands of students worldwide, a truly unparalleled Method of the Masters, that offers both the divine science and experiential practice that accelerates the process of spiritual initiation. The Rishi’s online course is a must have for your at home library; a direct transmittal of omnipresence that enhances and accelerates all modalities and previous levels of experience with the sacred emanation of illumination and the timeless foundation of enlightened teachings, for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners alike.

Learn more about Omni Meditation


Online Training – Coming Soon

~ learn transmission meditation
~ sustain divine alignment
~ access the higher-self
~ commune with guides and masters
~ ignite the light body
~ enhance meditative focus
~ increase divine energy
~ attain the neutrality of equanimity
~ receive sacred knowledge
~ become amplified wth divine light

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