From the Rishi…
“Upon your yearning to enter the gateways of higher consciousness, you peer deeply into the sacred learning that stirs your soul. It is your soul’s vibration, its voice of wisdom and its genius of being that is your greatest wealth in this lifetime.  It is your higher presence that walk the royal path, where your mastery truly begins.”

Your Higher Calling

Come… it is time to experience the ultimate. The rarest of opportunities awaits you. If you are called to the new era of awakened leadership, guardianship and stewardship that is grounded in the science of consciousness and the timeless teachings of sacred knowledge, The Rishi’s sacred call to Sedona is sublimely exclusive for the truly discerning soul. As you walk through her door, the permeating power of a great purpose is tangible in the air, and you will simply know it be true.

Sedona Program Overview

The Private Work Experience

The Rishi’s Selective Focus

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PRIVATE PROGRAMS FOR SOULS OF SUBSTANCE… VIP Retreats, Master Intensives, Private sessions and consultation, mentorships and initiatives for world service.  The Rishi private programs are convened solely in the auspices of the highest of purposes, for fostering a new potential of awakened mastery for souls of integrity, vision, influence and leadership. Her mission is to serve and uplift the few who can in turn service uplift the many.

TEACHER OF TEACHERS…. This rare opportunity to receive the personal focus of an enlightened master has never been offered until now. As the western Regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Mataji Rishi is a jewel among jewels and a teacher of teachers. The exclusive nature of her private programs provides  optimum illumination and individual attention, a dynamic energetic of mastery, and the pointed focus that best serves personal, professional and planetary transformation.

THE DEFINING DIFFERENCE... The selective nature of private retreats and programs convenes the greatest individual illumination for awakening your Master Self. You will be among a small group of accepted attendees or candidates, to assure personal exchange with the Rishi to activate essential breakthroughs.  This selective, concentration of “divine focus” from an enlightened master is the defining difference that affords the greatest expansion of consciousness, as well as an optimum depth of integration. Whether you are attending a two-hour morning meditation, a one-day intensive, or a seven-day enlightenment retreat, the Rishi’s service remains focused upon “the few who will influence the many,” a principle that activates an optimum group synergy.

The power of group synergy is a profoundly causal factor that ultimately serves the global shift of awakening among all souls.


Spiritual Synergy & Synthesis

The Rishi convenes a masterful synthesis of the eastern, western and indigenous spiritual traditions, distilling the essential truth that lies at the core of all spiritual paths. From the moment you are in her presence, you are embraced by the tangible experience of your divinity.She is an experiential teacher at its finest, who ignites the flowering of enlightenment. With clarity and grace, she reveals the godliness within our deepest humanity and the expansive nature of our godhood. She welcomes seekers, initiates, world servers and leaders of influence. She mentors spiritual proteges and adepts, providing her Path of Enlightenment Program for the direct transmission of The Royal Path of the Masters and Avatars.


Divine Partnership & Destiny Souls

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our program overview,  to receive a full sense of the higher purpose of the Rishi’s private work with those whom she refers to as “destiny souls.”  Destiny Souls are gifted with the divine endowment of a new human potential, that is bestowed through many means of exceptional ability. The term destiny soul refers to the inherent light-coding of the soul’s blueprint, the DNA, and an integrity of character and divine mission, not only for awakening, but also for the divine partnership of genuine world service. Service to our planet, its kingdoms and its peoples, is the means by which our service is actualized as our individual and collective gift. Omni Awakening and The Royal Path for Enlightened Living is a phenomena of divine evolution, that is powerfully designed to remedy the human suffering that is rooted in entrapment in illusion. Our inherent partnership with the divine and with each other is our gift to the world.


The Rishi’s life work is mindfully monetized, to foster her overall mission on behalf of humanity and the planet itself. We invite all participants to embrace mindful abundance and purpose giving. Her private work is both selective and inclusive in mutual exchange  that is intentionally exponential. Whereas significant fees are required for attendance to retreats and programs, attendance to meditation-darshan and special occasions in Sedona are offered by donation. Merit based work trades and scholarships are offered to those who are truly called to the Rishi regardless of economic circumstances.


Retreats, Initiatives and Programs


Monthly Meditations and Special Events


Work Trades and Scholarships

Learn More About Purpose Giving


THE ROYAL PATH ARCHIVES… The Rishi is a conveyor and author of an extraordinary divine transmission known as the The Royal Path of the Avatars. The path itself is not merely a compilation of sacred teachings, it is a celestial gateway to the soul’s higher evolution, that is especially reserved for Master Souls, Destiny Souls,  Creators, Leaders, and the Lotus Born Avatara Prototype. Her archive of  Royal Path Master Teachings is revered as one of the most significant repositories of enlightened teachings in the world. Within the archives lies her sacred knowledge transmissions and discourses FOR the four essential paths of soul-based learning for embodied divine living.






Activating the Divine DNA

The Rishi provides a transmittal of divine acceleration that literally shifts our human DNA to the true light-codes that restore the supra genius of our divine birthright. Her shakti of divine energy creates a bridge of light that accesses the evolutionary arc of time that reconnects the soul with the higher dimensions. The DNA of our full divine potential as advanced, benevolent, spiritually developed stellar beings is well within reach and it is this greater potential that is the Mataji Rishi’s dedication of focus. Our divine DNA exists in the “infinite now,” and can be activated for a quantum leap of divine evolution. The regenerative nature of omni-consciousness is an area of advanced sacred knowledge for realizing our full human potential.


The Celestial Initiations of the Great Masters and Avatars, bestow an electrifying outpouring of omnipresence. “Taking Initiation” in its authentic reality is not merely a ceremony, no matter how profound a ceremony may be.  Each Celestial Initiation  issues forth  a monumental acceleration of living light, that shortens the stages of the soul’s spiritual development by many lifetimes. The Rishi is a revered master of spiritual initiation. She ignites this sacred passage through the direct transmittal of divine light and the sacred knowledge that is most needed by your soul for your growth and higher purpose.

The Rishi’s video on the Omniscience of Taking Initiation offers illumination and sacred knowledge that uplifts the soul and activates divine remembrance. Taking the full sequence of initiations, the highest allowable on our planet at this time serves to rapidly build the light body and “Temple of the Presence.”  Whether we call this the Christ Presence or the Universal Atma, taking initiation serves to rapidly complete the karmic wheel, ushering in a new genesis of enlightenment for initiates word wide. Each initiation bestows the phenomena of omni awakening, an omniscient endowment that is the basis ascension and mastery.Below is the Rishi’s advanced teaching on spiritual initiation from her ground-breaking book, “The Initiates Path of Gold.”Read: The Rapture of Initiation

The Rishi Has Opened Her Doors...

The Mataji Rishi bestows the palpable radiance of Christ Consciousness and the profound phenomena of Omni Awakening. Her presence in Sedona provides a sanctified global focal point of the Great Masters, that emanates a continual outflow of divine illumination. The selective nature of her private work with initiates and world servers is offered to those who are called to the wisdom of authentic service and it is  undeniable light of your inner calling that opens the Rishi’s door.


You Are the Rishi’s Spiritual Guest

You are the Rishi’s honored spiritual guest when you are attend her private meditations, darshans, retreats and programs. You not only receive life-changing transformation, you also receive the most enhancing of the "Sedona experiences.”  Whether you arrive for a private session or special occasion, many doors are opened to you, that provide the greatest renewal for the lasting enrichment of body, mind and soul. Learn more about The Sedona Retreat Experience.


The Rishi’s programs are offered to accepted candidates. Each private session or retreat is a custom formulated program for yourself personally, or for the inclusion of a small, intimate group of dedicated individuals with whom you seek in-depth mutual awakening and higher-purpose. *Early request is advised for entry into all programs.

-Private Sessions by request and booking appointment.

-Omni Meditation Training by request and booking appointment.

-The Sedona Experience Retreats by application and acceptance.

-Private VIP Retreats by application and acceptance.

-Lotus Heart Fellowship by invitation as a private darshan. 

-The Path of Enlightenment by application for spiritual proteges.

-Special Occasions are offered by invitation and RSVP.

*We invite you to be aware that the Mataji Rishi is committed to mentoring twelve souls into their full enlightenment in the upcoming years and this higher purpose convenes the selective nature her private work with world servers, initiates and adepts.


The Sublime Nature of Private Retreats

All retreats, programs and special occasions are held in Sedona in the tranquility of the Rishi’s Abode of the Masters, a private estate setting that is surrounded by breath taking vistas that silence of the mind and inspire the soul.  The Abode is profoundly over-lighted by the Great Masters and Avatars, holding one of the most intensive amplifications of omniscient divine light on the planet. You will receive rapid elevations of consciousness, yet, it is the Rishi’s extraordinary radiance and effortless ease of mastery that is the ultimate experience that is forever yours. What she examples is your birthright revealed to you, by the perfection of your own direct experience.


The Rishi embodies a refreshingly modern realism, while also serving as a guardian of the ancient traditions. She activates your god-given potential, and she often refers to “the humble fierceness" of true mastery.  We invite you to also appreciate that the Mataji Rishi is a modern master, who remains actively involved with her children and grandchildren as their guiding light, attaining enlightenment as a householder, which is living proof of what is possible for all initiates living contemporary lives. Her life example over the decades, bespeaks a hands-on response to the most critical global issues of our times, making her a true teacher of teachers and master of masters, whose wisdom and clarity as a western regent is a rarity among enlightened masters.


"The Few Who Will Influence The Many"

The Rishi’s wisdom of focus is selectively offered to the "few who will influence the many,” and those souls who are called to the great work of global awakening and world service. The profundity of exchange with an enlightened master cannot be over-estimated. The Rishi’s decision to offer private work for initiates and destiny souls is a Godsend.  You may or may not be aware of what it means to be a destiny soul, but if you are aware of an inner-calling to become a conscious co-creator, you are ready to receive the light of omni awakening and the sacred knowledge that will guide your greatest aspirations.

From the Rishi...
“Dear Ones, My Abode of the Masters in Sedona fulfills a very special commission to provide a high vibrational stronghold for planetary prophecy and world service. I am here to bring clarity to the global orchestration that will guide humanity through the coming years of widespread upheaval, that will take place side-by-side with new opportunities and innovation. I am especially mandated to guide, activate and counsel transformational leaders, teachers, healers, and innovators. My Sedona Abode is sanctified as a global focus for higher consciousness for world betterment. Unto this auspicious endeavor, an enlightened unity amongst world servers is the rising star that shines the rays of hope upon future generations.”

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Sedona Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

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