From the Rishi…
“It is the unstoppable light of the altruistic soul that truly has no limitations. It is from the brilliance of the enlightened heart that your human nobility reclaims its greatest purpose. It is in the shift from good-will to the Will-to-Good that humanity becomes united in the great work of world service from which a new era of life legacies is the hope of future generations.”


“The clarion call of world service is resounding with the unstoppable power of the Will-to-Good. Unleash your own inner calling and you will ignite your sacred fire. You are the thinkers and planners, the teachers and peacemakers, the leaders and guardians of a new world.”
~ The Rishi

Stewards of a Sacred Earth

Unity Consciousness, Life Legacies and Service Leadership


Divine Service and the New Potential

World service is the sacred ground upon which a new potential of life legacy will rise. In the midst of global strife and turmoil, the human spirit is rising to the Clarion Call, roused by the inner imperative to bring our greatest aspirations into a thriving reality. The Prime Activation of the Divine Plan is on the move. It is the Rishi’s holy commission to activate and guide leaders and change agents who have undergone the amplification of awakening, guiding them to greater influence in their endeavors of world service. Her private sessions and programs are especially designed not only to guide world servers, but to also ignite them with the holy power to manifest a new potential of life legacy. Life legacies, beyond all others, are where human excellence meets the extraordinary for setting the stage for the massive transformation of our entire planetary system. The sacred sums for humanity are amassing as key points, tipping points and juncture points of predestined significance become the golden keys that unlock the true north of our true human potential.

Private Sessions

True North Fellowship


The Will-to-Good and Global Guardianship

“When all aspects of one’s inner being are in compliment and service to all others, the unification of a cohesive, wholeness emerges in the Oneness of Absolute Existence.”    — The Rishi

Unity within and unity without are the Rishi Mother’s teaching. The principle of unity through selfless service rouses the nobility of the inborn human spirit, and it is this undeniable power of the Will-To-Good that brings people, families and nations into the oneness that prospers all souls to flourish. Unity Consciousness is the reality that the spiritual hierarchy embodies and, above all, no matter the Rishi’s focus of service, she lives and works from unwavering presence of oneness. She is commissioned to inspire a dynamic tipping point of unity consciousness that inevitably restores benevolence to world affairs, as initiates and world servers across the globe become beacons of unity consciousness. It is this guiding principle that runs throughout her purposes, programs and world broadcasts.

World Broadcasts

The Twelve Gateways of Participation

Private Retreats and Programs


Disciples, Star Seeds and Way Showers

Intentional transformation amasses a continuum of heightened awareness, as the ego relinquishes control, to reinstate the providence of conscious co-creation that is your inherent birthright. Conscious co-creation is an instinctual imperative as a free-soul to precipitate the causal power of willed-seed-thought, rather than be a slave to circumstances. It is an evolutionary birthright and a hierarchal principle to awaken initiates to the truth of their universal mastery. The Mataji Rishi is an igniter of this inborn divinity. As you step forward to receive the sacred knowledge of the Royal Path Master Teachings, you step forward upon the shores of a new time for humanity.

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Funding the Rishi’s Life Mission

The Golden Flame Benefactors Group engages philanthropy, wisdom giving and endowments for Mataji Rishi’s enlightened enterprises in a unified sponsorship of her life mission. Her tireless commitment to world service has never wavered, whether her focus is devoted to silent meditation or active endeavor. The great work of her Regency deserves our foremost dedication of attention and expertise to “put the love back into the money and service back into leadership,” a profoundly practical quote from the Rishi’s teachings. We serve as the “in the world” backbone that executes a spiritual directive of the highest accord to not only create sustainable, divinely-empowered wealth for world good, but to also change global financial dynamics by doing so. Through our unity of service, we open ourselves to receive divine amplification to the fullest outflow of prosperity consciousness for the transformation of global finances.

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Sacred Knowledge and Higher Purpose

Service leadership is the true north that will change the world. The Rishi’s True North Program is convened in response to and remedy to the outcry of humanity for leaders to teach and uplift, rather than use and abuse. As she opens her archives of sacred knowledge to innovators and change agents, the light of the Great Masters will amass a monumental global tipping point, through those souls who affirm the principles of integrity, compassion, equality, and inclusiveness. The initiate retreats and mentoring are profoundly empowered with the Rishi’s brilliant Path of C0-Creation Teachings. Ground-breaking laws and principles from her archives will be presented for experiential practicum during retreats, such as The Seven Laws of Reciprocal Balance. The Rishi’s True North Leadership Program is an unprecedented opportunity for life-changing breakthroughs that set a new course for lasting legacies of enlightened leadership.

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From the Rishi…
“Your soul has chosen this lifetime to play your role and fulfill your gifts and purposes. We are here to amplify your greatest positives, as you channel the power of divine illumination through your endeavors. Since times immortal, we have served as the catalysts for countless historic advancements, from the building of the Great Pyramids, to the writing of the constitution of the United States, to initiating the concept for the internet. Know that you have readied over many life times to be the vanguards of a global awakening, You have endured many unspoken sacrifices, undergoing a rapid, ardent process of awakening. As you step forward, we are here to stand by your side. As you reach out for us, we reach out to you.”
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