Wisdom Giving and Enlightened Philanthropy

The Royal Fire of Service Commitment

Our PURPOSE… To retrieve and preserve the sacred from our collective divine memory, to manifest the highest expression of love and service in modern times. The Rishi is a mantle bearer for “passing the sacred” from the ancient traditions into contemporary mastery. Her teachings are the ageless wisdoms, but moreover, she radiates the omnipresence from which she teaches. She fosters an eloquent synthesis of true spirituality that awakens our greater potential. Our shared philosophy honors all spiritual traditions, while also serving the illumination that the Rishi calls The Royal Fire of God Consciousness. Now more than ever, we are called to support the imperative of the awakened world service that will guide future generations.

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Thank You for Your Wisdom of Generosity…

Our Funding Mission

Benefaction of the Rishi’s Regency...  To assure the overarching scope of Regency International and The Omni Institute for perpetuity, to optimize the Rishi’s legacy of integrated enlightenment though awakened living and the global aspiration of higher consciousness for world benefit.

Avatara Sanctuary...To create a sanctuary complex for the Rishi’s that houses and provides the Rishi’s prolific wisdom teachings, befitting of the   mission of preparing for the externalization of ascended masters.

Residence the Rishi… To provide a permanent home in Sedona for the Rishi, to umbrella her personal affairs, private sessions and audiences, and provide a sanctuary-like environment that sustains and supports her divine work.

The Royal Fire Archives…. To develop, preserve and archive the Rishi’s world renowned body of spiritual teachings and transmissions, inclusive of book and course production and online spiritual education for global awakening.

Omni Meditation Institute…. To create an exquisite meditation center in Sedona that offers daily meditation practicum, personalized training, private meditation instruction, including the Omni Mediation Teacher’s Certification Program.

Lotus Heart Retirement Center... The Rishi’s beloved concept for an enlightened retirement center for senior citizens in Sedona, to enhance the golden years with spiritual enrichment programs for the contemplative, enhanced longevity.

Golden Flame Mission Statement

Modern Mastery & World Service

We commence… the founding of this fellowship for the express purpose to serve as benefactors for the life works of The Rishi, Devra Adi Maa AKA Master teacher Devra Patton West, for all of her endeavors of service now and in perpetuity to enable her Sedona Mission and its outreach for global enlightenment to flourish and proliferate.

We align… our life resources to humbly embody the noble nature of the royal fire of creatorship through the liberation of selfless service to continually be receptive to the development of awakened mastery in the domain of finances and ethical monetization that represents the new era of world service.

We establish… this fellowship to generate endowments to fund her efforts to produce works to enlighten humanity, to raise consciousness throughout human affairs, to educate and uplift through universal ideals, to further a benevolent human potential and to orchestrate humanitarian endeavors for those in need whom she deems as recipients.

We assign… our endowments to lovingly and abundantly sustain her ability to live and work in keeping with her divine nature for the full manifestation of her life mandates and to orchestrate our efforts in keeping with her life principles as an example to the world of enlightened endeavor and enterprise, as the golden flame of service to her and to humanity.estyle and enhanced longevity.


Wisdom and Integrity in Service


Our fellowship welcomes collaborative relationships and action-based benefactors for those who feel called to active involvement. Many may feel called to contribute solely through financial endowments, whereas other’s may feel called to partner with us in enlightened enterprise or allied philanthropy. We also invite our community members who wish to join together for local or regional charity projects. Sharing the heartfelt desire for a benevolent world and a better life for future generations is empowering for us all. If you wish to become a member of the Golden Flame Fellowship, we welcome you with a smile and an open heart.


Our common philosophy combines the old and the new. We are pioneers of contemporary sacred living that fosters a sense of personal responsibility and collective guardianship for our planet and its diversity of peoples, at the same time we are indeed subject to our own humanity in all of its contradictions and wonderments. As a fellowship of like-minded souls, we are an international community who call Sedona our spiritual home. We are from all walks of life and spiritual traditions seeking higher consciousness and the authentic spirituality of direct experience. We are fortunate to be blessed with a Living Rishi in our midst who exemplifies  partnership with the divine, as the learning environment behind all of our endeavors. To join in the mission to create inter-relationships of “sovereignty and sanctity” is to break entirely new ground.We accept this time of change and new possibility with courage and humility. Ultimately, it is enlightenment and only enlightenment that offers the final resolution. This, above all, is our commitment.


We are pleased to be the helping hands and earnest hearts that are bringing the life work of a Master Teacher to the world. Moreover, we are privileged to steward her vision as resonate with our aspirations as individuals and as a group. As an endowing fellowship, we are dedicated to facilitating her activities to include her allied philanthropic projects. Towards this end, we are socially and environmentally proactive in our ethical responsibilities to serve fellow seekers, our employees and our planet. We advocate collective enlightenment as the means to ensure human values for all world citizens. Behind all that we do and the various forms of our endeavors lies our true purpose… to seek the divine, by serving the divine and to welcome every opportunity for enlightenment that our service unfolds.

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Golden Flame Patron Member

Endowment of +$10,000

Golden Flame Sustaining Member

Endowment of +$50,000

Golden Flame Endowing Member

Endowment of +$100,000

Golden Flame Omni Benefactor

Endowment of +$500,000


Having been active in a wide scope of enlightened endeavors throughout her life, The Rishi offers a brilliance of insight and a refreshingly direct approach to unifying universal commonalities. Offering a piercing clarity to some of the most challenging dilemmas in today’s society, her heart-centered, enlightened but hands-on manner exemplifies her commitment to the many global issues she seeks to uplift. She is a tireless force for the full potential of the human spirit for all world citizens. She is dedicated to bringing universal principles of the Royal Path for the well being of prosperous and thriving humanity into contemporary life, through the ideals of the universality and global guardianship in its most benevolent premise.

To learn more about our Golden Flame Fellowship for Benefactors, please contact us.

To make an endowment or to learn more, please contact us.

From the Rishi…

“There is a Clarion Call that is reaching maximum resound, sensed by those who know the inner demand to follow the path of a higher destiny. You are accomplished in your endeavors, walking humbly upon the proven ground of your unspoken sacrifice. You hold a deep sense of planetary responsibility and see life mastery as your natural imperative. You are the Destiny Souls of a new potential. You are the few who will influence the many, from which a new genesis for humanity will emerge.”


Private Retreats with the Rishi

November 28-30, 2020

The Sedona Focus… Having been guided to Sedona in 1990, the Rishi has chosen Sedona for her most advanced teachings and divine endeavors, After a decade of seclusion and sabbatical for sacred writing, she has returned to make Sedona her western beacon of light.  As an international hub, Sedona is a global mecca for healing and awakening, which is ideal for our benefactor fellowship. There is an unlimited opportunity here in the Red Rock majesty of Mother Nature and with the greater community of Sedona to actualize positives.

To be a contributing member of the Sedona community, to collaborate and is our pledge and guiding light. The Rishi’s annual retreat in Sedona for the fellowship benefactors is a “ not to be missed yearly event,” that combines planning, visioning, divine guidance, and practical implementation. We suggest that living in Sedona full time or part-time is a consideration that brings us together and allows for the greatest continuity of our fellowship activities to unfold, both materially and spiritually.



“It is rare that I would ever say much about money and spirituality, a delicate topic for many, but I feel called in a very compelling way to say, that while the scope of the Rishi’s mission is so very ground-breaking and unprecedented, it is her presence that is a golden capstone for humanity, deserving of every penny that I could ever contribute.”

Marion McMillion

“We have a long way to go to bring western values into balance. But after giving money to so many causes, I have found something of great value that deserves all that I can give. I have finally learned to value the sacred in a very real way. I cannot emphasize enough what a rare and priceless jewel the Rishi is. With a single sentence or word of wisdom she can instantly cut through the crazy-making of ego. My realizations keep coming for months thereafter.  Just being in her energy field is an incredible, incredible gift, nothing short of life changing and amazing. It is priceless!”

Susan Baldwin

“When you think about the onslaught of charities that need funding, there is really no comparison to benefaction of the Rishi, due to the profound impact her teachings and transmissions will have on an ever-growing number of people even hundreds of years from now. It’s worth everything we can give, is the short and long of it. She has always been ahead of her times, but that is the point. I have opened my eyes in uncountable ways, as to why for thousands of years the wise ones recommend an enlightened master to guide the way.”

John Gimeni

“Om Shree Mataji Rishi Maa, There are teachers and then there are teachers of teachers. But, now I know why many believe that you are a master of masters. My life has been lived from spirit for decades, but you have opened new doors for me. So powerful. Beyond all words. What a gift. What a discovery to have found you. I very humbly offer my gratitude.”

Patrick Mason

“Some people give me attention because I have been a benefactor of the Rishi for over twenty years. But I know that I have given little in consideration of what I have received. Her enlightenment is a historic milestone for women of all faiths. I am a humble witness that her mastery of the modern world as well as the spiritual world is astounding, as well as impeccable. What better cause could there be? I have made a life time commitment. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done.”

Julio Williams, MD
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