From the Rishi…
“We are being given a very sacred commission to manifest a a new matrix of giving and receiving here in Sedona, that establishes a higher vibrational fellowship of spiritually minded souls, that honors the sacred stewardship of Sedona as a rare treasure and global pilgrimage site. By rising in the light of our divine potential, we begin building a higher dimensional environment that is inspired by the majesty of Sedona and all who have come here for renewal, vision quest and awakened living. Our presence in Sedona, whether for a day or a lifetime, is a profound opportunity of conscious co-creation of a most timely significance, that has the power and the destiny to uplift the whole of the world.”


The Rishi’s illumination of love and wisdom opens the sacred gateway to your divine potential. The quickening of awakening and the deeply personal experience of unity and wholeness is a sacred passage into the nature of reality and the inner sanctum of your heart of hearts.

The Rishi’s Gateway

Transformation and Divine Homecoming

Upcoming in June…three dynamic days with the Living Rishi in the majesty of Sedona for Summer Solstice. Learn More


Sacred Tours to Enrich the Soul

The Rishi’s abode basks in the majestic presence of one of Sedona’s primary vortices, located in the midst of a plethora of sacred sites. A sacred journey into the backcountry is a memorable inner and outer exploration that expands higher consciousness for lasting spiritual enrichment. The Rishi’s personal guide, and one of Sedona’s top sacred site Sedona experts, is a true spiritual guide who will escort you to the most profound sites, breath taking hiking trails, hidden pools and water falls, caves and canyons known only to the most experienced of “enlightened guides.”

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Sedona Information & Retreat Guidelines

Whether you attend a private retreat, a special occasion or have a personal session or audience with the Rishi, you are her spiritual guest. You are embraced in her auspices of love and service, as well as her graciousness. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Retreat Guidelines

Private Sessions

Programs and Retreats in Sedona


As a visionary and early pioneer of the spiritual movement, the Rishi has guided, trained and mentored healers and teachers across the globe, many of whom continue to serve as catalysts for the thousands of souls who choose intentional transformation. Now, over thirty years since her maiden sojourn to Sedona to live amongst the sky-piercing spires, the Rishi continues to emanate her love and wisdom to all who are called to Sedona for the profound experience of spiritual homecoming.


The Enrichment of Private Retreats

Private retreats and special darshan meditations with the Rishi are enhanced with the visionary artistry of Sedona’s most talented musicians, chant masters, sound-healers and artists. The Rishi’s guests are provided with a wonderful array of inspirational souls who serve enhancing your Sedona experience. Special presentations that uplift and elevate your experience, are especially chosen to bring the truly exceptional into the sacred space of the Rishi’s sanctuary abode wait you.


Transformational Modalities

The inner experience of deeply transformative healing is a profundity that instills the marvels of new realization and karmic resolution. Receive the gift of true mastery through the healers and body workers who are part of the Rishi’s hand-selected group of highly adept specialists, who have mastered their craft and perfected their healing arts to an exceptional degree. Referrals to that special healer whose unique work and mastery is fine-tuned to your needs is a body-wise, spirit-enriched option to compliment your time in Sedona with the Rishi, and most importantly to assure the essential integration that most grounds and actualizes the expansions common to retreats and gatherings at the Rishi’s sanctuary. Your retreat with the Rishi, comes with the option of selecting from a listing of healers and body workers whose lives are dedicated to their service and expertise of healing and transforming the lives of fellow seekers and initiates.


The Royal Path of Excellence

Fellowship and unity is one of our most treasured human experiences. As the Mataji’s special guest, you are invited to experience the fellowship of sharing, from the food that is served, to the music that fills the Abode, to the views of red rock cathedrals from every window. The spirit of gracious giving permeates your experience at the Rishi’s Sanctuary.

Retreats and gatherings are inclusive of delightful snacks and delicious buffets that feature locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, beautifully crafted dishes, with non-gluten/non-dairy options. The Rishi is a living master of The Royal Path, a path of personal excellence, simple elegance and life mastery, in the spirit of selfless service.


Sacred Art and Heirlooms


Gods and Goddesses from the Rishi’s private collection of fine art and antiquities welcome you to her sacred sanctuary as an impressive reminder that you are truly entering an Abode of the Masters.

Our beloved Mataji’s love for the ancient tradition of the meditative, spiritual art of the eastern cultures and longstanding personal relationships with the monasteries and ashrams of Himalayas is reflected throughout her exquisite collection of life-sized stone statuary, large scale Thankga paintings, bronzes and wood carvings. Curated from her many pilgrims to the monasteries and ashrams of India. Tibet and Nepal.

View a sampling of THE RISHI COLLECTION
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Contact us to view collection online or to schedule a private viewing.


Sedona Service Initiatives

Sedona is an auspicious location for the Rishi’s sacred teaching transmission and world broadcasts due to the regions renowned heightened vibration. Yet, it is the honoring of Sedona as a global pilgrimage site that defines walking one’s talk as spiritual teachers, students, and initiates. Attendees to the Rishi’s meditations and retreats are encouraged to become active in her environmental endeavors to preserve the region, by working in alliance with Sedona’s eco-organizations in support of their environmental initiates. The principle of service that is foundational to the Rishi’s teachings of the Royal Path is brought to life through the shared stewardship of Sedona’s sacred environment.

Royal Path Calendar

Sedona Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

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