Wellness Protocols


For Visits to the Rishi’s Abode

With due respect for all concerned, we observe our most mindful “Stay Safe Awareness” for visiting the Rishi’s Abode of the Masters in Sedona Arizona for retreats, intensives, private sessions, audiences, meditations, darshan, and all other occasions. While we advocate a healthy immune system and wellness life-style as the common-sense approach to the global pandemic circumstances, we also engage a caring and responsible approach that embraces the full spectrum humanity’s current immune system wellness. We especially embrace all those with compromised immune systems or vulnerability due to age or pre-existing conditions. Your health and the health of others us our shared wellness concern.

Welcome to the Abode of the Masters…

Please observe the sacred space and mindful manners:

Arrive Freshly Showered: Please take care to shower and wear a fresh set of clothing when visiting the Abode. Self-care with love and higher intention for the cleansing of body, mind and emotions.

Use Courtyard Coatrack: Please keep all personal items, including cell phones, purses, backpacks, jackets and sweaters in the courtyard entrance. Remove shoes before entering the Rishi’s Abode of the Masters.

Hand Sanitizing: Please use the hand sanitizer provided for your use upon entering the Abode just inside the doorway. It is a non-toxic blend that is environmentally safe, specially prepared for the Rishi and her spiritual guests.

Namaste’ Greeting: Please greet and welcome one another with prayer hands, observing mindful space. Please refrain from all personal contact, hugs and handshakes throughout your visit.

During Your Visit: Wash your hands frequently and vigorously with anti-bacterial soap provided. Friction scrubbing is essential and thorough rinsing. Use sanitizer handwipes placed throughout the abode as needed for immediate cleansing.

Social Distancing: Please observe your stay safe zone of 6’ feet distancing and sit as assigned in our stay safe seating arrangement.

Temperature Check:  We use a quick and easy infrared device or any thermometer device of your preference for all staff, visitors and attendees.

Additional Abode Protocols Information:

  • Covid approved cleaning services and practices are used daily.
  • Antibacterial sanitizers are used to cleanse all surfaces, before, during and after all visits, events or occasions
  • Windows are judiciously kept open to maintain good air flow, reducing the concentration of virus/bacteria in the air.
  • Rugs, pillows, back-jacks will be removed, aired, cleaned and sanitized after each and every use, or occasion.
  • Furnishings are scrubbed down and sanitized each day.

 Advice for Vigilant Personal Care as Needed:

  • Maintain healthy lifestyle to build immune system.
  • Use an antibacterial to gargle three times a day: mouthwash, salt-water and hydrogen peroxide are good options.
  • Swab nostrils with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or colloidal silver etc., three times a day.
  • Change your clothes and place in plastic bag after being in public, shopping or trafficked areas.
  • Use the same “stay safe jacket or sweater” repeatedly, that can be placed in dryer for 2 cycles on high heat.
  • Avoid touching surfaces and purchases as much as possible.
  • Include your vehicle in your stay safe sanitizing practices.