The Omega Principle…
“The phenomena of the awakening of the divine feminine is on a rapid increase in the West. As the great transition from the masculine to the feminine is underway, the call to transform our entire planetary system is resounding. To change the world, the inner-most dynamics within ourselves must also change  It is the Divine Omega within all souls that is the rising sun of a new era of balance and compassion that assures the salvation of souls and nations.”


The transforming power of the Divine Feminine is rooted in the Omega Principle. Endowed with the twin flame of both the masculine and feminine,The Mother Principle alone holds the sacred fire of regeneration and the secrets of creation.

Mataji Rishi

Omega Principle-in-Action


The Rise of Female Initiates

Realized Master, Modern Holy Woman, Spiritual Elder

The Living Rishi

Spiritual Regent, Master and Guide… As Sedona’s very own “Rishi-In-Residence,” the Mataji Rishi Devra Adi Maa is a contemporary, enlightened master whose illumination is a gift to all souls. Since 1990, she has authored a renowned scope of sacred manuscripts, videos and audios providing an astounding degree of masterful wisdom on an epic range of topics.

Teacher of Teachers

The Mataji Rishi’s master teachings are ground-breaking. Divinely endowed with spiritually sublime transcendence and practical realism, they are powerful wellspring of sacred knowledge that will stand the test of time for many generations to come. Forging new opportunities for attaining your enlightenment in this life time, she is masterful “teacher of teachers” in its most perfected form, who empowers initiates to embody their greatest potential.

In the tradition of the divine feminine, the Mataji Rishi provides an empowering opportunity for women initiates to bring the excellence of awakened mastery to their essential roles of service and, ultimately, for their unique role of leading the way for the ascension of humanity. Her life example as a spiritual householder embodies the Omega Principle and “in-the-world-enlightenment.” from the sublime to the mundane. As a spiritual elder, her masterful integration of the Fire of the Feminine is self-evident.


The New Era of Female Masters & Leaders

Omega Council Retreats for female initiates and women of substance are especially dedicated to the unique challenges that are inherent for female initiates and leaders. While many may speak of taking back your power, what the Rishi activates is beyond the superficial nature of the ego’s comprehension of power altogether. She is a living emissary of the divine power of the Omega itself. The Rishi’s omniscient transmission of the Omega Principle energetically ignites and amplifies the global influence that women are destined to wield, from guiding the family, to heading global initiatives, to leading nations.

The Omega Council


The Choice for Empowerment

Born into a staunchly patriarchal family, the Mataji Rishi’s path of awakening was sustained by an unwavering love of the divine and the guiding hand of her enlightened grandmother, a saintly soul and charismatic Christ healer, who awakened her to the “unseen” realm of spiritual causes. The epic range of her life experiences is a phenomena of fearless trail blazing. From her journeys into the deep Amazon, humanitarian work in the Middle East and her quest to have direct contact with the immortal masters of the Himalayas, she has been gifted with the “Shakti” of the divine feminine, embodying a fierce presence of truth, a sublime transcendence, and a deeply-loving humanity. Having forged through the gender stereo types of the 1950’s, she exemplifies a phenomenal genius of world affairs and the uniquely extraordinary mastery of a western luminary.


The Mother and Grandmother

Mataji Rishi’s life expression is a living legacy of enlightened house-holding. Integrated and engaged, yet free of ego and attachment, the Rishi has pioneered not only feminine enlightenment in the West but also enlightened family life. Her mastery of the Supreme Raja of Divine Logic brings her illumination to all life circumstances. Guiding children and grandchildren alike, the Mataji is an integral part of the family and a guiding light for bringing enlightenment out of the cave and monastery into the heart of modern enlightenment.


In-The-World Mastery

A VICTORY FOR ALL WOMEN…. Like many women of the past, our beloved Rishi endured a mean spirited patriarchal power structure that actively sought to deny her sovereign right to exist as a modern, deeply-spiritual woman who was free of patriarchal religious and societal controls. She prevailed with grace and dignity, winning a precedent-setting legal case and ten-million-dollar settlement, a balancing of power which she courageously engaged in on behalf of all women of every culture and creed.

ENLIGHTENMENT IN THE COURT ROOM… Her sweeping win was made possible due to the unwavering dedication that she demonstrated in the midst of oppressive misogyny and the unstoppable light of feminine mastery. She has risen to her role as a western regent with her feet on the ground and her clarity of purpose impeccably sustained throughout the past four decades, forging a path as a spiritual emissary of the divine feminine.


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Private Sessions & Retreats for Leadership

The Rishi not only offers private sessions for souls of substance whose wisdom and leadership is the dawning light of a new humanity, she shines an unceasing light on the path from which to navigate the obstacles that arise. She is an enlightened way shower through seeming impasses, whereby challenges are not only recognized as the instrument of mastery that charts new territory of applied higher consciousness but are deftly utilized as transformational positives through the principle of divine synthesis that unifies all arising appearances to their highest evolution of purposes. Alignment with the celestial true north is a guiding light of her mentorships. Her True North Leadership program for “men and women of purpose,” is the first of its kind in the west that is convened by an enlightened master to amplify the endeavors that will shape the world for future generations.

Private Sessions

True North Leadership Program


Sessions, Retreats, Mentoring

For Women of Power and Light

Enlightenment for women initiates is the Rishi’s spiritual calling. Empowering women’s leadership is her earthly calling. Her Omega Council endeavor is an expansive initiative that is especially created for the enlightenment of female adepts, the direct transmittal of sacred knowledge and, ultimately, the revelation of the secrets of regeneration. It is also an unprecedented focus for women’s leadership and the call to action in the most practical of ways. The Omega Council has a destiny to fulfill through the unified endeavors of its members.

Through the unfailing power of the Omega Principle, humanity is destined to witness the great prophecy of 1,000 years of peace and prosperity becoming a reality. This reality will be made manifest by the sacred fire of feminine that holds both the masculine and feminine matrix in its wholeness of being, a spiritual and scientific significance of great magnitude. Enlightened mastery that informs practical endeavors is the sacred fire that The Omega Council upholds for a new era of leadership that charts a new course for humanity. Convened in the red rock majesty of Sedona, The Council is a rising star for women’s empowerment.

 The Omega Council Women’s Initiative


~ with Rishi Devra Adi Maa ~

A Roadmap for Modern Mastery

Her groundbreaking book, The Call of Awakening, is an introduction to her life history and early years of awakening that is enriched with a plethora of in-depth personal stories about direct contact with the Ascended Masters, kundalini and rapid light-body expansion, taking initiation, and her initial experiences of opening the Divine Corridors in Sedona in the early nineties. Riveting from chapter to chapter, the book is more relevant than ever as a guide to spiritual activation and staying real on the path.

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Read the Rishi’s Book…The Call of Awakening

From the Rishi….
“The power of divine genesis is sweeping all spectrums of the universe to uplift both the feminine and the masculine aspects of higher creation. As a spiritual sensitive, as female incarnations, you are being awakened with the shakti of the feminine principle that has given you life for eons. If you are living your life through a male incarnation, you, too, are called to bring awareness to the divine feminine within all beings, inclusive of a brave, new recognition of the divine feminine within yourself. Together, we are being guided by the masters and logos of the feminine—from the Master Isis, to the Goddess Quan Yin and Saraswati, to the Solar Logos P’tah, to the Great Omega. Align and Attune. Heal and lift up in the realization of a new beginning. We are the few who will uplift the many. We are the visionaries and builders of a new world. Now, more than ever, the realm of masters and guardian guides are one with us, making manifest the Promise of the Ancient of Days that we would externalize at this time free of time-bound convolutions of the past, a time when you, too, would remember your vow to return, to take birth, to live in your timeless essence and to serve in ways small and large. We are emergent. We are present. Our promise is fulfilled. Your promise is unfolding and future generations will speak of this time of the Great Light of the Omega for thousands of years to come.”
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