Conscious Co-Creation


Mastery Intensives are designed to be a prime-catalyst for transformation and manifesting a new potential of consciousness and actualized excellence. The Rishi mentors personal and professional mastery for all arenas of service endeavor and enlightened enterprise. The Rishi’s Co-Creation Entraining provides Tools for Transformation and the Methods of the Masters to bring directional leadership into new clarity and fresh horizons of purpose.  Each intensive is especially convened to focus on the specific areas of expansion and growth that move aspirations into expansive exponentials for individuals, groups and organizations.  Intensives offer the enlightened eye of the Rishi’s full auspices for identifying unseen positives, and energizing the specific tipping points and breakthroughs that further your personal or organizational mandates. Bringing greater consciousness to our global conditions via the divine principles of enlightened enterprise is the Rishi’s forte. Private Mastery Intensives are held at her sanctuary abode, amidst the pristine energies of Sedona.

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The Rishi convenes private intensives and mastery trainings for personal and professional transformational development.  Divine activation and the integration of timeless principles into practical application is the Rishi’s forte for individuals and organizations who embrace fulfilling higher purpose initiatives and divine mandates.

Co-Creation & Personal Excellence

Divine Activation for New Positives






Revealing Optimum Potential

To be in the presence of an enlightened master, brings the palpable quickening of truth and new potential  into a divine immediacy of “malleable time.” Restoring vital states of potential and optimum timelines for not only the manifestation of mandates, but also an exponential lateralization of materialization that is based upon the “Divine Spheres of Focus and Lines of Force” that activate manifestation, to precipitate intention into material sequence. When karmic positives are synthesized into the present, the process of reversing negatives to positives, and the unrealized into actualized materialization, sets up a powerful energy dynamic. Spiritual activations are the Rishi’s gift to those whose inner most imperative serves their higher life purpose. Many have made deep sacrifices over the course of your lifetimes, your lessons are learned and you are ready for the grace and power of of illumination that opens the way.f  materialization.

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Amplified Manifestation

Experience the Rishi’s profoundly powerful method for divine manifestation, that ignites Spheres of Focus and Lines of Force from the causal levels of creation into precipitation on the physical plane. A Method of the Masters that combines the omniscient energetics of divine revelation, soul-realization and material activation, an interactive triadic method that reveals all aspects of an endeavor’s potential into a full spectrum of realization. Co-Creation Formulas activate a “living divine matrix” that actualizes intentions, plans or projects from their illumination of divine concept, into the practical lateralization that brings mandates and higher guidance into material expression. A rare but immensly empowering miracle method of divine manifestation, that the ascended masters have gifted to the Rishi, that  reveals what is truly possible, illumines soul-based realization and activates positive trajectories into amplified vectors of precipitation. The activate vectors manifest as “living light” that actualizes the tipping points that lateralize and ground the greatest potential into exponentials of  materialization.


Select Your Preference
Half-day Private Intensive $15,000 per individual – group fees as applicable
Full-day Private Intensive $30,000 per individual – group fees as applicable


Honoring Your Sacred Exchange

Mastery Intensives… It is our tradition that you and or your organization bring a gift of flowers as a sacred exchange and or make an offering of earnest intention that commences the intention of divine manifestation. In the east, this small gesture is known as the “prasad” that brings your devotional requests and invocations into a humility of inner-most intention for materialization. As you are embraced in the Rishi’s presence, it is the time to honor a shared sacred space, a space that is highly potent for divine manifestation to occur. Your Mastery Intensive is a time release past issues from the canvas of creation. By bringing your awareness into conscious “manifestation environment,” of am  empty but fertile canvas,  a potent attraction for realization and activation takes place.

Take care to give several hours of integration time of contemplative reflection for expanded manifestation after your session has completed. Sustaining you receptive  focus allows for continued realization to unfold. The Rishi will continue to guide and over-light your process of co-creation long after you mastery intensive has completed. Follow up sessions and consultations may been planned per the Rishi’s wisdom of advisement.


Preparing for Divine Manifestation

Please review the areas of session focus on the Private Work Overview Page.

As you complete your Mastery Intensive Intake Form, you may include multiple areas of focus or concerns to reference your request. Please provide background information on the nature of your organization or group intentions, project, mandate or endeavor. All commentary is assured confidentiality. Include your thoughts and comments about your personal, professional and spiritual background, inclusive of your goals and challenges and your insight into your circumstances and current intentions. Feel free to express your concerns and aspirations. Thoughtful, contemplative attention when filling out your intake form  begins your process of conscious co-creation and the activation of divine manifestation that the Rishi provides.

Please have patience with our session booking process, due to the number of requests received. The Rishi’s wisdom to provide private work for seekers, initiates and world servers is rare among enlightened masters and her resource of or time is understandably very precious, Booking in advance for future intensives is advised. We extend our warmest wishes for your wisdom to afford yourself. group or organization with the illumination and clarity that sets a new course for a higher plane of life expression. Divine Manifestation is mastery-in-action when pure intention and selfless service is foremost in the creation of all forms of divine service or enlightened enterprise. ~Blessings for a truly light-filled mastery intensive.

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Guidance for Your Session

The Rishi honors your personal and professional aspirations and especially embraces world servers who are aligned with positive  mandates of service. She appreciates the purpose of your endeavors and gives her all to those who have dedicated to pioneering a new potential for humanity She brings a brilliance of scope to  all fields and sectors of our shared endeavor to uplift all peoples and nations. The divine light that she transmits can be quite transcendent, as the vibration of holiness saturates the room, beautifully enveloping your body, mind and soul. She may also convey a very powerful spontaneous healing or offer her guidance for your personal path or higher purpose. Should you begin to experience an elevation of transcendence or a streaming-in of divine energy, simply embrace this loving grace, as you deepen in your connection with the guiding light of your soul’s timeless presence.

After seeing the Rishi, you are welcome to rest and integrate to more deeply absorb your experience by sitting quietly in meditation and reflection. You may wish to lie down to immerse in illumination and light. Please feel free to ask for any assistance you might need before leaving her Abode of the Masters or make inquiries about further participation. You may wish to acquire her books or CDs for your continued enrichment. Thoughtful contemplation is suggested for several days after your session, to deepen your insights and receive further guidance to broaden your wisdom of understanding.

It is our pleasure and privilege to be of service to you.

TO SAY “Thank You”

After your intensive, we welcome you to express your gratitude as you may feel guided. Your donations of time and resources make the rare opportunity of private intensives with an enlightened master possible. Your wisdom of generosity is appreciated in support of the Rishi’s tireless endeavors for global awakening. Please feel free to inquire about the Rishi’s projects and endeavors and our ongoing service support for her life mission.



“My life purpose seemed to be slipping into vacuity, until I sat down with the Rishi and got real with myself. What I thought would be so very difficult became effortless. Her presence washed over me from head to toe, inside and out. Her every word was like a shining light on my truth. What a Godsend. Pranams Dear Rishi, I am ever grateful.”

James Markus, Business owner, Entrepreneur and life-long Seeker
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