From The Spiritual Hierarchy…
“We invite you to step thorough the corridors of time. All over the world, the veils are parting and the higher dimensions are merging with physicality as never before. The Clarion Call is now resounding throughout every spectrum of light. Your passage is made ready and the sacred corridors that connect all dimensions of life are  becoming evermore brilliant. Behold the glory of a new world, for you too are a co-creator of this.”
— Excerpt from The Unity Transmissions


Since times immortal, the ascended masters have transmitted the omnipresence of absolute existence and the sacred knowledge of the purely divine. We are the masters and world teachers of all eras and ages, cultures and creeds. We are the guardians, and guides who serve the Divine Plan and the birthright of Christ Consciousness. The time of the great light is upon us. We welcome you to the shores of the new beginning.

Fellowship of Enlightenment

Co-Creation & Divine Evolution

Externalized Masters

Global Solstice Alignment


THE LAW OF TEN ACTIVATION….“Behold the power of light to change the world. Conscious intention directed in the blessing of good will and the exponential power of The Great-Will-to-Good. You are the many points of light who are steadily amassing higher consciousness for our planet. Much is in acceleration as this solstice reaches its zenith of potency.

Join the global assembly of souls with an open heart in universal unity of The-Will-To-Good. No matter your circumstances, The Will-To-Good is endowed with the power of magnetic attractive to be amplified through the dynamic force of The Law of Ten. Do not doubt this empowerment. This a is a rare opportunity to make a major shift at all levels of your reality and life expression.

Hold your focus, your affirmations, your prayers and your divine decrees in the majesty of this Solstice Alignment Event. Make your request for assistance resound from your heart’s deepest knowing.  It is indeed a stellar event of significance. Hold forth your Seed Thought for Positives in the causal power of The Divine Plan during this alignment.

This Solstice is a change point for humanity and the future of planet earth. The Law of Ten is in activation throughout this time of stellar alignment. This law of sequential multiples is a compounding, intensifying force for Benevolence-in-Action. Thus, we beckon you to trust that your positives will receive a great boon. Concentrate on the clear purpose of your intentions, your aspirations and your master-mandates. Realize that your every thought and emotion imprints your vibration into the universe.

Solstice is a time of balancing and renewal. Our intention is global peace and prosperity as a reality that is not only well within reach, it is the most realist manifestation of all.  Our time of externalizing into world view is very near. Make way for our merge into the 3rd dimension and the uplifting into the fifth dimension that we set into motion.

Choose to declare yourself. Declare your intentions and your mandates of service. Declare your choice for world peace and prosperity. Vivify the ethers with your presence. You are seeding a new world be manifest. Together we are embodying ascension itsel,f and the reality of a new world of brotherhood, kindness and compassion. The Law of Ten will amplify your declarations and the great collective of souls who are aligned in positive intention. Declare the law of ten for yourself and others. Our Solstice Blessings are upon you. “

Also know….

“When the soul is ready the master appears. After thousands of years of waiting for the appointed time, the externalization of the Ascended Masters and Living Rishi’s is underway, to forever wipe the deep sleep of ignorance from the eyes of humanity. Millions of souls have become aware of their existence and millions more will experience their presence. The Rishi is a master of a great leap forward in divine evolution. The Clarion Call has begun. You will be called to Sedona. You will sense it, feel it, intuit it… or your soul will set up a divine synchronicity of your circumstances. The call of masters to initiates and initiates to masters is mutual. A long awaited celestial gateway has opened, allowing far greater direct contact, telepathic communication, and inspired insight than ever before.

We have reached the momentous of time for a dimensional shift in consciousness that your soul seeks to open your awareness to an all new level of receptivity and knowing.


The externalization of enlightened masters is taking place from both sides of the veils. They are stepping beyond the seclusion of caves, monasteries, and isolated dwellings to awaken, teach and guide those who are ready. The process of “the appearances” has begun through the rishis who have been prepared to fully open the veils before mortal eyes. Our beloved Rishi is a teacher of teachers and a Regent of the Ascended Masters for the Western Hemisphere. Her archives of enlightened teachings are a treasure of sacred knowledge for the modern initiate, that prepares the soul to take initiation, to master cause and effect, to enter a golden era of co-creation, propelling the acceleration of consciousness. She is spiritually commissioned to open the way for the awakened teachers, healers and leaders of this auspicious  time, ushering forth your opportunity to become a living master in your own right.

She is a brilliant beacon of light that heralds the prophecy of one thousand golden years of peace and brotherhood among souls and nations.


Fellowship of Enlightened Beings

From the Rishi…

“The sustaining principle of the spiritual hierarchy is love and service, guiding the souls and kingdoms of through the rounds and chains of the temporal earthly experience that evolve the soul from ignorance and illusion, to illumination, wisdom and mastery. We form an unbroken stream of existence from the heart and source of Supreme Light throughout all dimensions. Our permeation of love empowers expansions of consciousness for the soul, and we are devoted to the great work that transitions the human soul from the involutionary karmic wheel, to the wheels of divine life. Most of us have lived ordinary human lives, surmounting the challenges of our cultural and historic circumstances, to emerge from the temporal cycles of carnal existence, having divested from all illusion. We are the spiritual masters, teachers, guides, and leaders who grace the annals of time. We remain ever-present to receptive minds and hearts, to consummate the Divine Plan, from which peace and prosperity is the sustainable environment for a thriving humanity.”

The above excerpt is from the Rishi’s ground breaking book The Call of Awakening. This book was written as an essential introductory to the presence of the Great Masters, But it is not merely words on page, it provides the direct transmission of Rishi’s grace and her personal story of awakening from childhood to recent decades.

Order Book: The Call of Awakening

View Compilation of Ascended Masters and Avatars


Ascension Gateway

Mataji Rishi is endowed with the profound siddhi-spiritual power to open the divine corridors to the celestial dimensions, allowing the tangible presence of the Great Masters to be seen, felt and experienced. Her empowerment was endowed in May of 1992 in Sedona, Arizona and was further ignited in the Himalayas through direct contact with the immortal masters, in-depth revelation about the real and the unreal, and the phenomena of “walking between the worlds.” Her mission to open designated regional and planetary corridors activates a holy portal of unprecedented magnitude, that enables the decent of the Great Masters into materiality, the acceleration of ascension, and the ultimate lifting up of humanity to the spiritual kingdom.

Walking between the worlds, is a powerful aspect of the Divine Plan, most especially as a divine phenomena in the West will initiate a new frontier of spiritual manifestation, that quickens the merge of the higher dimensions and triggers the DNA of the whole of humanity to a fresh potential for human existence.

Shamballa of the West

The Rishi was called to Sedona in 1990 to open a Divine Corridor of amplified light that would continue to serve many souls for decades to come. Over the years, she has quietly but powerfully opened this corridor of light to ever greater magnitudes of expanse and vibration. The amplification of a Planetary Divine Corridor is underway that ushers forth the higher purpose of Sedona to become the “Shamballa of the West,” a sacred site and a high vibrational region that enhances living at a 7th dimensional plane of reality, for those who are ready to move through the thresholds of expanded existence that reflects the true nature of their timeless being.

Many true and capable guardians of light are being drawn to Sedona, who will together envision and actualize a collective higher purpose for Sedona, to establish a spiritual citadel that become honored and protected on a global basis.


Entering the Rishi’s Presence

The Mataji Rishi Mother makes possible the palpable experience of the divine and the electrifying phenomena of the over-lighting of the Great Masters, a rare opportunity for accepted initiates and adepts for an intensive degree of sacred knowledge transmittal that activates optimum amplification for fulfilling mandates of divine service. The magnitude of her Sedona mission is many-fold and each Sedona Gateway Retreat that she convenes uplifts the vibration of the planet as a whole.

A Gateway Retreat with the Rishi Mother is an unforgettable spiritual experience, convened in the sacred auspices of her Abode of the Masters, a high vibrational spiritual sanctuary in Sedona.

The Sedona Mission

Sedona Gateway Retreats


Initiation, Ascension, Mastery

The Mataji Rishi is a sponsor for spiritual candidates to move through the thresholds of omni awakening, the four stages of enlightenment and ultimately the flowering of mastery. She is a sponsor for new candidates to enter the spiritual hierarchy of masters, by accelerating the process to greater opportunity because she is an embodied Regent. The Celestial Initiations of Christ Consciousness provide a profoundly igniting influx of divine energy and light for lifting human consciousness.

As an externalized regent of the hierarchy, her sponsorship is an auspicious presence as well as a mentorship of the highest accord that takes place in physicality and or the inner planes. The Rishi’s focus with initiates is reserved for eligible initiates, by accepting only a small number of seekers and adepts into her programs each year, preserving the potency of exchange with an enlightened master and the purity of direct transmission. Her private retreats and programs offer the opportunity of a life time for completing the karmic wheel, to set then power of the soul free for serving the divine plan.

Learn more about the Royal Path

Learn more about Rishi’s Retreats and Programs in Sedona


Celestial Initiations


A sanctified master of the Universal Initiations of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Rishi is ordained to activate an unparalleled potency of spiritual quickening, providing the watchful eye of an enlightened master for initiates who choose rapid progression through the initiations. She sponsors entrance into the Fellowship of Masters for those adepts and arhats who have mastered the Planes of Monadic Consciousness. She has taken the highest initiations allowable thus far in our planetary history, and is a master of the the divine science of the initiation for our solar system. As you take the Rishi’s hand, the Spiritual Initiations of the Universal Brotherhood of Light make way for your master self to be manifest, redefining the very nature of human existence.

Below is a link to read the Rishi’s advanced teaching on the divine science of the celestial initiations of the Great Masters, a 43-page chapter The Rapture of Initiation, from her ground-breaking book, The Initiates Path of Gold.

Read: The Rapture of Initiation


World Broadcasts

Our beloved Rishi is a “knower” of the Divine Plan, and as a Regent of the Great Masters, she is apprised of impending global upheavals, transitions and divine formulations, as well as the sacred knowledge that brings the grace of higher consciousness to humanity’s travails. She lives in a permanent continuum of telepathic communication with Shambala Counsels of the Spiritual Hierarchy as a transmitter for guidance and advisement that empowers initiates to better serve the Divine Plan, to wisely orchestrate the timelines and scope of their endeavors for world good. Her Sedona Sanctuary establishes a permanent divine corridor-portal that increases telepathic reception for initiates globally, and most especially for those who are working through her direct auspices. Her World Broadcasts and Global Announcements are recorded and filmed on site and are made available online, to provide the Messages of the Masters to initiates worldwide.

World Broadcast and Global Announcements


Effortless Love-in-Action

While it is true that to simply “be” is essential to transcend the impulses of the “ego-doer,” yet, it is the “letting go and letting God,” that shapes your life as the instrument of divine evolution to fulfill your soul mandates. Omni awakening transitions the ego-doer, to the brilliant mastery of the divine doer, whereby the outflow of divine response is spontaneous and ever-perfecting in exponentials beyond human comprehension. Through your selflessness, you are empowered to serve as the enduring omnipresence of pure existence, known by many names… the Timeless Avatar… the Master Self… the Universal Atma… the Cosmic Christ.

The Rishi’s Path of Enlightenment is the first of its kind in the West, for fulfilling soul mandates with clarity, excellence and grace.

The Path of Enlightenment


Your awakening is being ignited by the spiritual fire of a new genesis, setting forth the coming age of conscious co-creation in direct partnership with the the supreme light of omnipresence that is inherent to the Divine Plan. It is this Infinite Absolute that coalesces the letters of fire, that propel The Word that issues forth the omnipotent activation for awakening. The Rishi is a direct conveyor of this merciful, omniscient empowerment yet, it is from your deepest realization that you simply know that your time has come. Enlightenment is within the reach of the dedicated initiate within a single lifetime.

A single enlightened soul uplifts the what is possible for many, many millions.

From the Rishi…
“Behold the rapture of the supreme anointing. For as you are illumined with the inflow of your timeless being, so too, is the god-light within you ignited. For it is here, in this holiest of union, that you are enlightened of your godly presence from star light to flesh, For you are prodigy of love, the lotus born, one and the same. You are Destiny Souls of the New Genesis.”
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