From the Rishi…
“Royal Fire Mentorships are inherent to collaboration with the Rishi in service the Divine Plan. Simply be willing to delve deeply into the recesses of your being and the life mastery that you are here to embody. Thus, let the line of demarcation be drawn, between true time and the abyss of illusion. Seek the awakening of all souls, that your wisdom of service might be perfected. For, as you dispel the vanity of awakening, the noble nature of the royal fire of creatoship envelopes you, and you too become the Clarion Call upon the world.”


As the new era of enlightenment moves across the world, the synthesis of timeless wisdom between the East and the West has begun that is omniscient by its very nature to manifest an expansion scope of mastery never before been possible. This powerfully endowed synthesis convenes a new human potential for all souls. As the imperative to embody the exquisite nature of enlightenment in this lifetime is ignited, you are called to step forward as the vanguards of the new humanity that is the birthright of all souls.

The Royal Fire of Enlightenment


Royal Fire Mentorships


Welcome Candidates….  to the first program of its kind of in the West, offering profoundly rare opportunity to receive intensive expansions of consciousness and the direct over-lighting of a Living Rishi. The private one-on-one mentoring defines the extraordinary benefit that direct divine encounter with the Rishi brings to your noble endeavors of mastery and the enlightenment that your mastery serves.

Omni Awakening
As a Royal Path Member, you will enter the sacred thresholds of omni awakening, through source-transmission activation from the Rishi, samadhi meditation and the omniscient holiness of spiritual initiation. As a living regent of the Great Masters, the Mataji Rishi wields the empowerment of the Prime Directive Activation, a divine dispensation for those whose karmic merit and commitment to enlightenment is the compelling priority of this lifetime.

Planetary Prophecy
Each private retreat with the Rishi provides a concentrated spectrum of high vibrational energy for conveying spiritual prophecy and timely updates on global conditions for orchestrating personal decisions and world service in the midst of rapid environmental change and social turmoil. Divine Plan directives will be ongoing, empowering initiates to serve as guardians and way showers of a new humanity.

Divine Transmission
Immersive illumination through the direct transmission of omnipresence will be ongoing for intensive vibrational uplifts. The learning forum is optimized by dynamic discourse, and enrichment through shared contribution as teachers, healers, and leaders to enhance the quickening of omnipresence by convening your Master Self Presence in the empowerment of a compounding divine synthesis to empower the transit through the four thresholds of enlightenment.

Individual Mentoring
Fostered through the Rishi’s masterful insight of love and wisdom, The Path of Enlightenment provides for the development of each members’ spiritual endowments. Having privately trained adepts across the globe for three decades, she brings an enlightened knowing to the unique light-body activations and fortification of sacred knowledge that best enhances the growth and life purposes of each initiate.

Activation of Endowments
The Mataji Rishi ignites a rapid opening of the inherent spiritual powers and shiddhi abilities, that serve to enhance the fulfillment of divine mandates. Awakening the god-self abilities of intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and clairaudience, radiatory and magnetic broadcasting is the transformational boon of being in the Rishi’s presence. The Rishi will provide enlightened teachings and spiritual activation for the four stages of enlightenment.

Supreme Overlighting
The Rishi will provide a potent continuum of divine illumination and enlightened teachings for activation of the four stages of enlightenment through the profound phenomena of the over-lighting of the great masters, for progressive entrance into the benevolence of the spiritual hierarchy.

Enlightened Teachings
Initiates of the program receive ongoing mentoring with the Rishi, and online study of the advanced Royal Path Master Teachings for adepts and arhats from her sacred archives of rarified transmissions, that she selects for the group as well as individually for each member. Traversing the four stages of enlightenment provide the timeless milestones for illumination, as well as the power of group synergy.

Private Work 
Path of Enlightenment candidates are admitted on a selective basis. Yet, there are many factors that are taken into consideration,  from your commitment to living a life of higher purpose, to overall positive karmic merit, to receptivity and readiness to transcend the ego, to past life accomplishment, to overall spiritual sensitivity and the divine potential that can be activated through the Rishi’s presence.

*It is advised not to delay in submitting your application. The Rishi’s radiance of activation begins the moment acceptance into the program has been granted.

Annual Mentorship Investment $120,000

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The Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation


The Solar Teachings of Creatorship… For adepts and arhats for the sacred knowledge that is being unveiled for the first time in our planet’s history, the rarest of all transmittals thus far conveyed into human incarnation. You will teach and lead, passing your illumination to others through the divine mandates to which you are uniquely assigned. Taking initiation is inherent to your mentorship for the direct transmission of divine illumination that empowers the initiate to comprehend The Solar Teachings of Creatorship and be soundly guided in their integration.

The body of sacred knowledge known as the Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation, is one of the most revered bodies of sacred knowledge in this universe. This holiest of doctrines holds the ageless principles of “willed-seed-thought” that pertains to the precipitation of etheric energy into the permeation of matter, from which the proliferation of manifest materiality evolves upon the wheels of higher evolution. The Rishi will unveil this magnificent repository of avatar-knowledge and the co-creation formulas and creator-codes for this universe. As readiness is proven and the upsweep of the pure heart is evident, she will transmit the treatise unto those who make the ultimate commitment to hold this sacred knowledge in safekeeping according to the will of the Christ Presence and Great Masters for their timely dissemination at the appointed time unto the world at large.


The Path of Enlightenment is a rare opportunity to take initiation and to do so at with an acceleration of frequency and potency that is carefully guided by the Rishi and the Great Masters. Taking initiation is fundamental to all true spiritual advancement. The Celestial Initiations of the Spiritual Hierarchy, bestow an electrifying outpouring of omnipresence directly into your  body, soul and mind of the initiate. The over-lighting of the hierarchy will be  continuous and will occur in ever-greater expanses and intensity of vibration as an essential vibrational quickening throughout your year long participation. Many of your are having spontaneous omni-activations the world over, a merciful divine blessing that rishis and the masters make possible. “Taking Initiation” in its authentic reality is not merely a ceremony, no matter how profound a ceremony it may be.  Each Celestial Initiation issues forth a monumental acceleration of living light that shortens the time of human suffering and accelerates stages of the soul’s spiritual development by many lifetimes.


The Rishi is a revered master of spiritual initiation and became a sanctified holder of the great rod of initiation over twenty five years ago. She ignites this sacred passage through her direct transmittal of divine light, amplifying your body, mind and soul in the increments that best serve your overall capacity of illumination and your ability to integrate increases in vibration and light body expansion. Sacred knowledge transmittals are conveyed in a steaming of consciousness, visioning and revelation that  is most needed by your soul. Taking the full sequence of initiations from the soul merge to the 9th initiation, including the highest allowable influxes of divine energy, builds the light body or “Temple of the Presence”  and ignites the twelve stand DNA of the supra-genius of maha-enlightenment for those who demonstrate readiness.  This omniscient endowment is the foremost means of revealing the divine birthright of godhood that is the basis of all mastery. It is also ultimately also the gateway of ascension to the immortal body. Thus, is the Pillar of Light activation and the Rishi’s signature meditation method is also your sacred ascension chamber.

Below is a link to the Rishi’s in-depth, advanced teaching on the divine science of the spiritual initiations of the Great Masters, a 43-page chapter –  The Rapture of Initiation, from her ground-breaking book, “The Initiates Path of Gold.”

Read: The Rapture of Initiation


Program Overview

The Path ~ Private Sessions
Raja Insight private sessions with the Rishi, brings enlightened counseling, spiritual activation, and clairvoyant reads into a brilliance of empowerment for impeccable higher guidance for each candidate whose commitment meets the criteria of acceptance in the Path Initiative to masterfully guide the selfless expansion through the four thresholds of enlightenment and the integration that actualizes living mastery.

The Path ~ Mentoring
In-depth, ongoing engagement with the Master Rishi Devra Adi Maa through group online tele-broadcasts, provides the precision over-sight of the enlightened eye   to guide the optimum progression of divine evolution for each soul who enters the Lighted Way of The Path. Clear reception to navigate the process of detaching from temporary identity to allow the full absorption into God Consciousness is provided through the over-lighting of divine mentoring.

The Path ~ Enlightenment Retreats
Sit among the selected few. Divine illumination for accomplished souls of substance and vision, convening an exclusive group of master souls and an experiential gateway for phenomenal break-throughs, major shifts of consciousness, elevations of spiritual awareness, piercing clarity and unprecedented transmissions of sacred knowledge. The gift of  divine focus that the Great Masters provide for the overall initiative of The Path is both unprecedented, as well as unspeakably sacred. Each retreat is a gateway to God Consciousness and the stages of enlightenment that truly actualize modern mastery.

The Path ~ Initiative and Annual Program
Mataji Rishi convenes a year-long cycle of accelerated awakening for the adepts, protégées and world servers that come into her auspices, as a timely response to the global need for enlightened presence, selfless leadership and the omniscient power of divine evolution. The word program is inadequate to convey the expansive purposes of The Path of Enlightenment. It is a Holy Initiative.  The initiative to amplify the Divine Directive Activation to establish the path of higher evolution for the whole of humanity is inherent to the Sedona Mission, as well as to the mission of program.  Acceptance into The Path provides optimum over-lighting for the actualization of mastery and the flowering of raja logic, as the omniscient power of spiritual initiation proceeds to its ultimate consummation of full over-lighting that precedes the manifestation of the logos-light-body of The Temple of the Presence. Acceptance is renewed annually for an ever-evolving expansion of benefit to each member and the world at large.

Annual Program Investment $120,000

*non-exclusive of lodging

*inclusive of daily luncheon buffet

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Walking the Path of Royal Raja

A teacher of teachers, the Mataji Rishi is an executor of the Divine Plan, who seamlessly walks between all three worlds; the divine, the spiritual and the material. She is a guardian of the Universal Akasha of the Masters and a preceptor of the Halls of Creation, in which the secrets of the universe and the synthesis of cosmic consciousness is held in safekeeping. Her transmittals of sacred knowledge are an outflow of her timeless teachings, many of which are being revealed for the first time in our planet’s history. A gift to all those who are called to embody the lotus of enlightenment in this lifetime, the Solar Transmissions on Divine Manifestation will be in outflow as a group precepting endeavor throughout the program.


The Sedona Gateway for Enlightenment

After thousands of years of waiting for the appointed time, an auspicious gateway for spiritual advancement has opened, that bestows the tangible experience of the Immortal Masters. The Path of Enlightenment is held in Sedona, Arizona to amplify sustained access to your master self. As a regent of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Rishi emanates the dynamic transmittal of planetary prophecy and vistas of sacred knowledge being unveiled for the first time in our planets history. One hundred years from now, the the Rishi’s Path of Enlightenment will be remembered as a ground breaking mile marker for modern mastery. Convening the supra genius of the enlightened state of embodied mastery, she leads a new era for world service, that sets a new standard for prospering all spectrums of world betterment. What was once, but a shimmer of hope and aspiration, is now divine destiny becoming manifest.


“We have waited thousands of years to unveil the secrets of divine manifestation that will serve to offer resolution and hope during periods of global disruption and change. The Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation is critical to a vast sweep of cause and effect that plays out in the years to come. Your spiritual awakening and development during past years has served you well. For it is those of you who enter the Royal Path, who will carry my life legacy forward through your earnest endeavors of new promise. Above all, I am mandated to assure a dynamic tipping point, not only for the flowering of enlightenment but also for the changing of the tides, wherein sacred knowledge becomes the remedy to human suffering. The mission to precept the Solar Teachings on Divine Manifestation is inherent to the purpose of Path of Enlightenment Retreats. This is a holy initiative of the highest order. Accepted initiates of the unveiling of the great purpose of The Path of Enlightenment,  will become vessels for this illumination and as you wield the great law of divine fixation, and your focus is pointed, you will chart a new course for humanity. The Solar Doctrine commences the unshackling of  the world and the free flow of divine knowledge across the globe. As you recognize the significance of this endeavor, you are the living promise of the Ancient of Days made manifest.”


The Royal Path Archives are a timeless resource of enlightened teachings that are imparted during the Rishi’s retreats, programs, and intensives. Their potent transmittal of omnipresence is what makes the teachings foundational to being accepted for entrance into the spiritual hierarchy. As you persevere to take you place amongst the awakened souls of humanity who gain passage into the ranks of the Great Masters, you become an accepted candidate and ranking member of the Great Counsels of Light for our planet, you virtually ascend beyond the ego’s framework to one again live in your timeless light of your universal atma of being.  The sacred teachings of the Path of Enlightenment, provide a plethora of wisdom transmittals, practicums and tutorials, both during retreats and for online study. Many of the Rishi’s transmission activate the sacred passage of taking initiation. Royal Path Master Teachings will serve you well as a foundation of illumined learning, however, it is the Rishi’s over-lighting and the guiding omniscience of the Great Masters that accelerates completion of your karmic wheel, setting your soul free to abide in Mukti of Liberation, from which the boundless nature of your Master Self is made manifest.


The Rishi’s private work with Royal Fire Initiates is mindfully monetized, to bring both balance and vitality to her overall mission on behalf of humanity and the planet itself. The divine principle of universal abundance is in conscious activation to prosper her endeavors, initiatives and scholarships. We invite all participants to embrace mindful nature of purpose giving and to appreciate that she embraces mutual exchange that is exponential. Her private work is both selective and inclusive.

Fees required for attendance to retreats and programs, whereas attendance to meditations & darshans  are offered by donation. Merit based work trades and scholarships are offered to those who are truly called to the Rishi and Royal Path Master Teachings regardless of economic circumstances. Our Sacred Knowledge Scholarship and Spiritual Protege’ Scholarship provides for attendance to retreats and programs by request, application & acceptance.

Learn More About Purpose Giving

Online Phone Session….  membership entry fee plus donation
Private In-Person Session… membership entry fee plus donation
Half-day Private Intensive… membership entry fee plus donation
Full-day Private Intensive… membership entry fee plus donation
VIP Private Retreats…. membership entry fee Inquire per Scope
VIP Private Mentorships… membership entry fee Inquire per Scope
Active Student Session Inquire per Scope
Scholarship Session Inquire per Scope


Please refer to our web pages on Sedona for information about retreats, initiatives and programs with The Rishi.

Lodging is available throughout Sedona, and in near by towns with many lodging options in all price ranges, However, please note that due to the possibility of full occupancy during holidays and the fall/spring tourist seasons, early hotel reservations are advised.

Attendance to one or more Sedona Gateway Retreats is required for acceptance into The Path of Enlightenment Program, which is an annual program of two, 7-day sessions per year with an advised attendance to as many of the four Sedona Gateway Retreats per year as possible.

Initiates of the Path of Enlightenment receive ongoing personal mentoring with the Rishi, online study of the advanced sacred knowledge transmissions for adepts and arhats that are selected for group illumination, as well for each member individually.

Each retreat is inclusive of buffet lunches each day, blessed by the Rishi, to enhance the concentration of spiritual energy throughout the day and provide time for fellowship with group members.

Special activities and presentations from Sedona metaphysical teachers, sacred-sound musicians and transformational healers will be offered to enhance, deepen and ground the essential process of integration. The Rishi’s personal sacred site guide will provide private excursions into the outback of Sedona to visit sacred sites known only to the spiritually attuned.

** A small number of work-trade exchanges will be available. If you are interested in assisting with retreats as a facilitating staff member of the Path of Enlightenment,  please make your request to serve on the Omni Institute staff ASAP.
Call: 480-575-1246  or Email:

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Read Retreat Attendance Guidelines

Royal Fire Intensives

Sedona Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

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