“I just experienced your first Divine Alignment video and I have never experienced such jewels of transcendent light! The gratitude I feel for you and your teachings is infinite! I am so radiantly excited by learning more and practicing, then sharing this with others. Thank you, Rishi Devra, for offering this path of divine light for me to walk upon and immerse in.”

Linda Peterson, Transpersonal therapist and teacher

“What an Amazing Enlightened Transmission! The Energy was Astounding, the teaching/guidance what was needed. Rishi Devra is inspirational, truly a gifted Master. I’m so glad I found you! You fed my hungry soul… and lifted my Spirit to the ethers.”

Sharon McGuire

“I am so grateful to have discovered the Universal Archives and Devra Surya Ma. As it is said, ‘when the soul is ready, the master appears.’ I have found my path and my teacher. Every time I enter her Gateway, I know that I have come home to the sanctuary of the master’s heart and the truth of myself. This is what I have longed for and my prayers are answered again and again with each teaching series.”

Maricio Giovanni, Artist/Spiritual Seeker

“To study with Devra Surya Ma is not for the dilettante, the habitual spiritual hobby seeker, nor for the feint-hearted. She is a Spiritual Master and experiential teacher in its most perfected form. Her very presence is electrifying and for me it is a palpable, undeniable and profound encounter. I realized how stupid I would be to accept anything less than this. There are no half measures. The gratitude and love that I feel towards the Rishi for bringing me to the place of decision, to pledge my life, my all, not only to my own awakening but to global awakening, is immeasurable.”

Susan Halliday, Ph.D., Peace Activist/Humanitarian/Seeker

“Truly profound experience, which will live with me forever!!”

Bruno Allaire, Spiritual student, financial consultant, business owner

“One of the most profound things the Master Teacher Surya Ma has said to me is, “You are new in my eyes every, single day.” The timeless light in her eyes bespeaks her abidance in the unchanging sight that sees only perfection. The profundity of her love for every soul leaves me speechless.”

A.G., Life Coach/Sacred Singer

“It was amazing. The deep depths of each person’s love could be felt everywhere. I would have been happy to have simply sat at your feet all day and listen to your wonderful stories and beautiful lessons. There is a great sense of peace in your presence and I am driven to be in it. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to learn from your wisdom and spirit, Rishi Devra. Thank you so much for your love and your laughter.”


“After 27 years studying with teachers claiming mastery, I have found that Master Teacher Devra is the only one actually achieving enlightenment and truly dedicated to teaching with no holds barred.”

Susanna Felder Ph.D., Editor/Meditation Practitioner

“At long last, my life path has crossed with a realized master here in the west who is not only a living example of enlightenment in flesh and blood, she is also a woman who is modern and relatable, as well as authentic in her spirituality. She moves, speaks and teaches with an effortlessness that I have no doubt is the enlightened state, and she does so as a real person with children and grandchildren. It gives me such hope to see women masters doing what she’s been able to do. I feel as though a new fire has been lit deep inside and that what I have always longed for is actually possible.”

Janice Mieyswiser, Therapist/Yoga Studio & Art Gallery Owner


“There can be no words to describe her radiance, other than it was radiance that I saw and experienced. I have attended trainings and conferences from coast to coast for the past 20 years, but my intensives with Rishi Devra are in their own stratosphere. My eyes are now open to the potential of my own enlightenment. Her audio teachings start my day and continually take my healing practice to expansions that I never thought possible.”

Margie Obermeyer Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist/Energy Healer

“I have noticed a tremendous change in the depths of my work as a healer since discovering Devra’s teachings. There are no words to explain the caliber of the impact on my clients from the groundbreaking, healing methods I have learned from the Path of Healing. I am always taken to the next level when I work with Devra.”

Shirley Boyle, Healing Practitioner/Clinical Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Devotee

“I had been looking for years for a teacher of this magnitude. Devra teaches healing at causal levels—pure, simple and straight to the heart.”

Nancy Niswonger, R.N., Dedicated Spiritual Seeker

“My healing experience was tremendous and incomparable. It is difficult for me to speak on the physical, emotional or mental experiences. I was truly in God’s Grace and my will was completely turned over to a higher purpose. For so long I “covered” myself up, unable to reveal myself to anyone who (I believed) could possibly understand, and then it is like WOW. With you, Surya Maa, I am totally “naked”…and amazingly and unexpectedly, I was gladly willing. There is a saying: ‘the unexpected is usually the best that comes’.”

Sharon Parker, Seeker/Healed from Hepatitis C

“You don’t have to be an advanced healer to benefit greatly from this work. Reading her passages and working with her audio teachings is a daily must. As a result, my ability to manifest what I want in my life has increased to levels that are beyond my understanding. And, as a healer, my work has deepened to levels that continue to awe me. As a teacher of young children, my work has grown to all-new levels. The many, many blessings I have received as a result of this work are truly incredible.”

D. K., Montessori Teacher

“The Path of Healership is not only the natural continuation of the Path of Enlightenment, but each day spent with the transmissions of the Sacred Archives is more valuable, shining even greater light on your soul’s purpose. This teaching is NOT about becoming a follower. It is about becoming the person you were meant to be and taking on the true mantle of spiritual responsibility for all aspects of your life.”

David M. Kushner, MD, Radiologist/Seeker

“Now that I have stopped thinking, I can attune to my feelings. The healing of the client with cancer was not only manifest in the high, vibrational energy that saturated the room and those therein, nor was it simply holistic. It was also regenerative. This was the point that affected me most. After Surya Maa ignited new cells and new blood stream and perhaps new DNA, she softly stated, “It is done, it is done.” As we stood by witnessing the healing, I was filled with a sense that the whole cosmos—heaven and earth—rejoiced at the new birth. Four days after, I am still swimming in this sense of pervasive joy. Surya Maa’s offer is as revolutionary as it is regenerative. The practice of medicine as we know it today does not regenerate. At best it suppresses or blocks the disease. For me, Surya Maa’s healing practice is the restoration of all things in Christ.”

Sister Ebere, Ph.D., Catholic Nun

“Devra Surya Maa led me through intense reconnection to the Divine Will in my life. Healing has begun to manifest throughout my body. Through the flow of divine energy, a new height of joy is intensely experienced that has aided me in my healing process. What a marvelous prescription Surya Maa presents about new life!”

Barbara McGrath-Miller, Client Diagnosed with Terminal Illness

“As a result of my experiences in the Path of Healership, I have come into a full understanding that my greatest pain is also my greatest gift. When the light of God illumines my healing ability, I become fully present to my clients and friends, and I’m able to offer the compassionate heart and a clarity of perception that allows true healing and transformation.”

Tanmayo Coffin, Dedicated Seeker/Business Owner


“I knew I had come home to a true path that I had always known just had to exist. The Rishi’s words, “drink from the cup of the sacred,” went straight to my heart and I have not stopped drinking from the Royal Path. Her Sacred Archives are a God-Send. I am here to stay. Her broadcasts are really continuous. Each one is true food for the soul.”

Laylette Agullion PhD., Philosophy Professor/Mediator

“I am so grateful to have discovered the teachings of Devra Surya Maa. As it is said, ‘when the soul is ready, the master appears.’ I have found my path and my teacher. Every time I enter her Gateway and find myself immersed in the light of the Archives, I know that I have come home to the sanctuary of the master’s heart and the truth of myself. This is what I have longed for and my prayers are answered.”

Maricio Giovanni, Artist/Gallery Owner/Spiritual Seeker

“By far, Devra’s masterful work with her teachings brings it all together and has had a greater impact on my spiritual and professional development than anything else I have experienced. The work is phenomenal.”

William H. Leyva, M.D., Dermatologist/Aspirant/Father of 2

“First, a beginner will seek the path, the adept will develop the path and the master will know and embody the Royal Path of the Universal Archives. I have been studying with the Rishi Devra since 1992 and have always been able to turn to the wisdoms of the archives to find needed answers and guidance to develop my daily sadhana practice and to remember who I am. From the beginning, I knew it was where I was meant “to be.” I have read and meditated on the material for countless hours and am now walking the Royal Path. It is the journey of the Life Eternal. Step in–read–study–meditate–receive–vibrate–evolve–and become!”

Danice 'Daniji' Osborn, Master Healer, Board Member, Golden Flame Foundation

“I cannot say enough about the incredible power of her teachings. As the years go by, no matter what I am facing, the Rishi’s words ring true. Every passage from the Sacred Archives is a vibrational teaching in its truest form. Divine Light pours through the pages as if I am sitting with Devra Surya Maa and the masters. I can feel their presence, and they are talking straight to me. My gratitude for something that is so utterly sacred is endless. It’s phenomenal.”

Paula Pantoliani, MD., Body-mind Counseling/Spiritual healer


“My time with the Mataji Rishi Devra has been phenomenal in every way possible–spiritually, personally and professionally. My first response is WOW, WOW, and WOW and with my heart open, I can recently day that this first time that all aspects of my life are moving together in concert and cohesion. I have never been one to give testimonials, but if my words and comments can open the door for someone else, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. You will be not only be awakened to all new dynamics of creatorship, you will be immensely, immensely thankful.”

L. Micheals, Humanitarian/International Non-Profit Director

“We owe a lot to the master Mataji Devra Adi Maa. We owe our very existence. Our private intensive surpassed all expectations and then some! After spending over three years developing a prototype, now intensive with her brought it all together, polished to a shine. We could feel the breakthrough happening from head to toe, all of us. It was one of those ‘aha’ moments, as if the grace of pure genius had descended into the room. This is where the power of divine causes and forces are revealed – absolutely everything we needed and more. Amazing. Amazing Grace.”

J. R., CEO/Technology Company

“I feel deeply blessed to have found this master teacher. She is the best kept secret, a true jewel among jewels. Her power of presence is woke me up to what being fully present really means. She is the embodiment of sacred leadership! There was perfection to her every word that have been nothing short of uncanny. Her wisdom is deep where it matters and straight to the heart. My spiritual and professional worlds are truly  guided, on track and thriving. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

S. R., Actress/Mother/Activist

“I am jaw dropping floored and beyond very grateful for my time with The Rishi – very, very grateful. Im not one to fawn over anyone or flatter the obvious But… I ma utterly awake to the fact that she is not just a teacher of teachers, she is a master of masters. Her activation of my life mandates was literally heaven sent, and heaven blessed – practical where it counts and spot-on at every level. It was life changing to say the least. I have my “awakened feet” on the ground with an all-new clarity. I am definitely eager for my next intensive in Sedona – all of it beyond extraordinary.

J. M., Financial Adviser/Corporate Consultant

“There are times when you just know that the fog has lifted and a new day has come. There can be no words that can express my deepest appreciation for everything that Rishi Devra has made possible. She has been a blessing like none other. From A to Z, she pinpointed every issue and every way to rise above it. Now, I look forward to really making a difference and keeping it real, with my sense of higher purpose ringing true. My private sessions are the absolute highlight of my month and my intensives are the absolute critical spiritual tune-up to my year. Put the love back in the money rings true! ”

P. A., Producer/TV Personality


“I have come to know what being a teacher of teachers really means. Thank God, I have begun on fresh ground after over 20 years of being a teacher myself. My meditations have been filled with an intelligence of light that I had known was possible for a very long time. Thank you, Rishi Devra, for all that you have awakened me to know within myself. I will pass on everything that you continue to give me. Because you have changed my life, you have changed the life of others.”

Charles Duane, Yoga-Meditation Master/Devoted Father of 3 Daughters

“I had thought myself to be a seasoned initiate, having sat with spiritual masters for many years. When I began my mentorship with Master Teacher Devra, I was humbled. My meditations were launched into a transcendence that anchored me into what I finally know to be the Oneness of Self. Speechless awe would define my experience, but more than that, it was the impact of her presence that held me in a grace of love that shattered all of my smug assumptions. I had to laugh at myself, and now I’m just grateful that I have come home to the Royal Path of the Rishis. I have searched for this my entire life.”

Maya Masterson Ph.D., Life Coach/Meditation Teacher

“For me, coming into Rishi Devra’s presence has opened the doors to my spiritual life in an all new way, allowing me to palpably experience love and to know that love should be the basis of all healing. Her training sessions have helped me to merge the world of modern medicine with the ancient wisdom of the “Sacred Art of Healing” as it was once practiced and passed on to humanity by the Masters and mystics of ancient times.”

Julio Williams, MD, Cardiovascular Surgeon/Humanitarian


“Everyone has been talking about the World Broadcasts, and I have finally become one of them. I have not stopped talking about it since my first experience several weeks ago, and I will continue to let everyone I know that the Rishi’s divine transmissions are not to be missed. They became central to my path instantly and I knew my heart had been called to make an all-new commitment to my enlightenment and to this teacher of teachers. ‘Thank you’ is too little to say. You have my life-long dedication.”

Jonathan Sizemore, MBA, Business Owner

“Thank you so, so much for your truly profound broadcasts. They have been a remarkable experience. Each one has lifted me up to a higher vibration and my summer has reflected this in every way and with such an immediacy. I feel that the synergy of your transmissions has been pivotal in bringing my creative flow into alignment with my highest spiritual aspiration. Thank you again and again.”

C. Lingray, Artist/Yoga Center Director

“I can’t wait to listen to another of Surya Maa’s broadcasts. I feel that this year is going to be a turning point for the planet, and thank God there’s someone like Surya Maa to open the way. The truth that she speaks and divine energy that she transmits is beyond amazing! This is truly becoming a global experience. Absolutely profound.”

S. Mancott, MD, Owner Alternative Healing Center

“There are no words that can express our gratitude for your World Broadcasts. The energy of our group gatherings seems to be getting more and more intensified as wave after wave of light is showered upon us. We know that what we are receiving is very sacred and so very precious, and, for this, our dedication to our awakening and to world enlightenment has solidified like never before.”

Omni Raja Meditation Group

“I am awed and I am moved to tears even on the day following my first World Broadcast. I simply had to make contact with you, Rishi Devra, and also extend my deeply-felt gratitude for such a remarkable, remarkable experience. I will be at your lotus feet each month for your transmissions, and I will immediately call my friends and spiritual companions to be a part of this incredible transmission of divine light. Amazing!!!”

Ralph Godfrey, Financial Manager/Grandfather of Eight

“I want to thank you for your amazing transmission. I felt so much energy, so much heat, so much love, and I really felt that all of the Masters were talking directly to me. I had tears running down my face…what a wonderful experience. So thank you, thank you, thank you! I will also be visiting your website to learn more. With much Love and Gratitude,”

Doug, Spiritual Seeker/Meditation Student

“Dearest Devra, our wonderful teacher,
Thank you for being with us with such a profound presence. We played your Broadcast during our workshop here in Tel Aviv. We felt your presence and the whole global group’s presence with us, as we also focused on peace in the Middle East. We want to take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation and love to you and thank you for being part of our lives and our work these many years.”

Yishai Almog, Ph.D.

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