Divine Service and Philanthrophy

Welcome Sponsors

Omni Institute welcomes new sponsorship of the Rishi’s endeavors. Each sponsor can have a unique role to play and a valuable focus of contribution to make. Your expertise, knowledge and heart-felt commitment to service and philanthropy is called into action now more than ever. The Rishi’s primary areas of service welcome a hands-on, unified effort for each of her sponsors that fosters the stewardship of a sacred earth and a compassionate humanity. As you step forward, a amazing journey of shared learning, and giving and receiving awaits you.

Current Projects and Initiatives

  • The Royal Path Archives Project

  • Programs for Enlightened Children

  • Initiatives for Eco-Stewardship

  • Women’s Empowerment Endeavors

  • Scholarships for the Rishi’s Programs

  • Service Leadership Initiatives

  • Spiritual Protege Scholarship Program

  • Sedona Community Betterment

  • Upstart an Omni Meditation Center

Are You Interested?

~To Sponsor the Rishi  in the US or country of choice
~To Collaborate on Community Interests
~To Host her Private Gatherings
~To Sponsor a Project or Endeavor
~To Offer  Philanthropic Support
~To Provide Business expertise
~To Collaborate on Community Interests

Please email us at: info@TheRishi.com

Call us: 480.575.1276.

Comments From A Sponsor

“I have been a deeply grateful sponsor of the Rishi and her life’s work for over twenty years, and I cannot imagine a more purposeful way to serve as an instrument of the divine. There are endless ways to give and serve, however, to serve a master who is truly examples enlightenment in such a seamless way, is a continually astounding experience that leaves me speechless again and again. She has taken my hand and shown me the way, but she has also given me the perfect challenges for the break-throughs that my soul longs for, and always with the all-knowing grace of a rishi master.”

Julio Williams MD, Cardio surgeon and Board Member of the Omni Institute


Hands-On, Heart-Opening Service

Our institute is honored to sponsor the life work and teachings of the Living Rishi, Devra Adi Maa, a planetary luminary and tireless servant the divine. We are the educational arm of the Rishi’s endeavors. Our sponsorship is focused on her teachings, books, courses and programs and making it possible for her to produce them. Due to the astounding nature and extent of her archive of teachings, we can only hope to do justice to the mind of their creator, by organizing and maintaining what is nothing less than a hallowed library of universal proportions. We extend our heart-felt welcome to join us is making it possible to extend this repository of enlightened knowledge to as many souls as possible. The Online opportunity indeed provides an exponential outreach.

To be in the presence of an enlightened master, brings the palpable quickening of truth into a divine immediacy to restore and regenerate the natural vital state of wholeness and well-being. Our service is covened in the auspicious of the Rishi and it is ever our delight and privilege to do the work of divine service.


Websites and Social Media

(Ongoing Outreach)

Website Development

Omni Institute funds and sponsors the Rishi’s websites and development and updating is continual. The current site is Phase One of the website plan. Phase Two will include pages for the Royal Path Archive Membership Subscriptions and her phenomenal glossary of terms and definitions for spiritual topics. We are grateful for the exponential factor that modern technology offers. An introductory selection of her teachings are posted regularly on her primary website, as well as through Face Book, You Tube, eBlasts and current social media formats. The work of creating functional, inspiring, informative websites is ongoing and we invite any and all expertise in this vital arena of our outreach efforts.

To assist with websites and social media

Archive Memberships

Subscription Access to the Royal Path
Very soon we look forward to offering membership subscriptions to the entirety of the Rishi’s archives, a substantial body of sacred knowledge, which houses over 35 years of her videoed courses and her discourses and transmissions, some of whom are several hours in length and offer an in-depth exploration of sacred knowledge for an unprecedented experience of the direct emanation of divine illumination. This is a large undertaking of exponential benefit to countless souls.  We invite your assistance if you are an editor, copy writer, or digtal manager. The first Tier of the archives is scheduled to go online this coming fall 2019.

To pre-subscribe your membership

On Line Teachings

Modern Technology and Limitless Outreach
The internet is a Godsend for externalizing the presence of the spiritual hierarchy and we say this literally. The inception of the concept for the internet was inspired by the patient amplification of the Great Masters, who worked behind the scenes to guide the creation of the internet.  It is very fitting that the Rishi’s teachings, presence and world message to extended to the greatest degree possible from websites, to online courses, to the creation of empowering apps that serve the Rishi’s broadcast of illumination.

To assist with technology


Education for the Soul

Our institute is a non-profit organization, missioned to bring the Mataji Rishi’s prolific archives of teachings and courses on the divine science of meditation, higher consciousness, healing and transformation and light body activation to all who seek spiritual development, transpersonal healing, the inner-cohesion of body, mind and soul that defines the supra-genius of enlightenment. We believe that soul-based education is the power that will change and uplift the world, her peoples and her nations. Sacred knowledge, divine principles, universal law, planetary prophecy, transformational healing and divine plan directives are all aspects of higher consciousness education that will foster a new era of intelligent, compassionate global governance.

Sacred Knowledge for Initiates

The Rishi is the prolific author of the Royal Path Archives, renowned as one of the world’s most revered repositories of enlightened teachings. The institute is a licensed sponsor Royal Path Master Teachings and her signature Omni Meditation modality, through classes, intensives and retreats for soul-based learning, and online teachings that empower each practitioner to immerse in the transcendence of direct transmission and expansive states of higher consciousness. The rarity of her sacred knowledge is beyond extraordinary. It is our privilege to serve a master of her caliber and mastery.

Omni Meditation

The institute sponsors the outreach activities for the Rishi’s signature meditation, the Omni Meditation modality, through classes and intensives and online videos and audios to empower each practitioner to immerse in the transcendence of direct transmission for expansive states of higher consciousness. The Rishi development of this method, is the primary means of amplification on the part of the Great Masters through which divine contact is made. It is through building this bridge of consciousness that the the every-day ego awareness is empowered to sustain a permanent connection to the radiant presence of the soul and the soul as the intermediary is empowered to sustain immersion in the divine. Divine immersion in the light of the Master Self is the wellspring from which supreme raja of pure consciousness outflows, for an effortless logic that brings love and wisdom to all things within all things.


The Great Work… Like all aspects of world service and philanthropy, our vision for peace and prosperity is a work in progress. We welcome your outreach and networking to bring aspirations of higher purpose into a sustainable reality. Prior to the Rishi’s divine call to live a more reclusive life that is ideal for private work with initiates and world servers, she led many noble initiatives around the world, from major eco-conservation initiatives in the Rocky Mountains, Enlightened enterprise education for new corporate governance,  to her memorable peace efforts in the Middle East, to her wonderful summer programs for kids and parents.

Seminars & Initiatives

Big Sky Women’s CEO Seminars
The Peace Promise Initiative
Naka’Shela Summer Programs for Children
Expanses for New Finances
Corporate Governance Ethics Retreats

TO SAY “Thank You”

After your session, we welcome you to express your gratitude as you may feel guided.  Your donations of time and resources make the rare opportunity of private sessions with an enlightened master possible. Your wisdom of generosity is appreciated in support of the Rishi’s tireless endeavors for global awakening. Please feel free to inquire about the Rishi’s projects and endeavors and our ongoing service support.

May we be of service…

The Rishi honors your life path and especially embraces those who open the way for others. She appreciates your dedication and gives her all to all whom she encounters. Pioneering a new potential for humanity is a collective mission to uplift all peoples and nations. We welcome your vision and expertise  Please feel free to ask for any assistance you might need or make inquiries about further participation. You may wish to acquire her books or CDs for your continued enrichment, and after working with her teachings on this website, you mat wish to watch her videos on You Tube or listen to her audios on Sound Cloud.  A contemplation state of mind is suggested to deepen your insights and  broaden your wisdom of understanding.

It is our privilege to serve to you,




“It is rare that I would ever say much about money and spirituality, a delicate topic for many, but I feel called in a very compelling way to say, that while the scope of the Rishi’s mission is so very ground-breaking and unprecedented, it is her presence that is a golden capstone for humanity, deserving of every penny that I could ever contribute.”

Marion McMillion

“We have a long way to go to bring western values into balance. But after giving money to so many causes, I have found something of great value that deserves all that I can give. I have finally learned to value the sacred in a very real way. I cannot emphasize enough what a rare and priceless jewel the Rishi is. With a single sentence or word of wisdom she can instantly cut through the crazy-making of ego. My realizations keep coming for months thereafter.  Just being in her energy field is an incredible, incredible gift, nothing short of life changing and amazing. It is priceless!”

Susan Baldwin

“When you think about the onslaught of charities that need funding, there is really no comparison to benefaction of the Rishi, due to the profound impact her teachings and transmissions will have on an ever-growing number of people even hundreds of years from now. It’s worth everything we can give, is the short and long of it. She has always been ahead of her times, but that is the point. I have opened my eyes in uncountable ways, as to why for thousands of years the wise ones recommend an enlightened master to guide the way.”

John Gimeni

“Om Shree Mataji Rishi Maa, There are teachers and then there are teachers of teachers. But, now I know why many believe that you are a master of masters. My life has been lived from spirit for decades, but you have opened new doors for me. So powerful. Beyond all words. What a gift. What a discovery to have found you. I very humbly offer my gratitude.”

Patrick Mason

“Some people give me attention because I have been a benefactor of the Rishi for over twenty years. But I know that I have given little in consideration of what I have received. Her enlightenment is a historic milestone for women of all faiths. I am a humble witness that her mastery of the modern world as well as the spiritual world is astounding, as well as impeccable. What better cause could there be? I have made a life time commitment. It is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done.”

Julio Williams, MD
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