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Welcome to the Rishi’s Glossary of Spiritual Terms…

An eloquent synthesis of ancient and contemporary definitions for words and phrases that can be found in spiritual texts and writings from around the world, many of which can be found in her books, discourses, and sacred writings.  Her compilation is in-depth, but also a work in progress, that features eastern and western sacred knowledge, from rare esoteric nuances to fresh perspectives on new-age wisdom teachings.

The Royal Path Glossary is a tool for transformation at your fingertips and a helpful companion to your Royal Path Archive Membership for online studies with the Rishi’s written and transcribed teachings.

A traditional ceremony or ritual in the Hindu Faith of waving a special platter of of burning camphor before a guru, master teacher or deity in a clock wise direction, representing the offering of one’s individuality to the divine principle of Oneness, Divine Presence or a personification of the Deity in similar fashion when lighting a candle or having a processional for a patron saint of the Christian faith.

An aberration is a mistaken or misdirected pattern of falsehood, a misrepresentation of truth about a circumstance or a distortion in a timeline; also called a rift in time. This term can be used to describe personality flaws that prevent a Divine Quality or Divine Archetype from manifesting.

The divine granting of dispensation for karmic debts as a result of meritable acts of retribution resulting in balancing the karmic scale. Immersion in the Truth of the Absolute, absolving illusionary individuated consciousness – the moment wherein the release from a karmic cycle is granted.

Adam Kadmon
A biblical reference for the Christ-like, perfected human, wherein the flesh sheath becomes the temple of the divine presence and thus the physical life achieves perfection as the house of divine embodiment.

A spiritually mature soul who has achieved the witness state and has brought the mind, emotions and actions under the control of the higher self or soul. Indicates an initiate of higher consciousness, who is gaining mastery and no longer is driven by the lower nature; has command of the lower vehicles of the mental, emotional and physical bodies. The adept has crossed through the veils of separation, thereby dedicating their personal incarnation to be a fact of Oneness and this is in service to humanity and the Earth.

Adi-Ananta means first cause, a Hindu, Buddhist and Theosophical term meaning the first envelope of reality of the first cosmic ether ir the unity of infinity emanating from the first fine one, called the Brahmin Godhead. Also referred to as the divine monad. The name Adam comes from this, sense the first human has its roots in Ad-Ananta.  

An eastern term overarching the general causal principle of fire in the cosmos, as the divine property of mind, power and will. An example of usage that implies the presence of cosmic agni in the term Fire of Mind, which the author has also named her publishing company.

Agni Lords
The Gods and Deity of Cosmic Fire; the High Lords of Divine Will that build and destroy the forms of the cosmos, either withdrawing into dissolution cosmic cycles or setting into motion new galactic and universal cycles of creation into manifestation.

Ajna Center
A Hindu term in origin, commonly accepted to describe the all-seeing third eye or third chakra of spiritual sight. The opening of the ajna center, or third eye, does not in and of itself constitute clairvoyance, but rather enables the initiate to be the recipient of the soul’s intuitive capacity. This largely deals with the ability to receive divine impression, and to comprehend the soul’s mission on Earth as well as the Divine Plan at planetary and universal levels. Clairvoyance, involving the ability to perceive subtle fields, such as the auric field, may or may not be activated when the ajna center opens.

Akasha/Akashic Records
Imperishable records of universes, solar systems, planets and souls. In the case of a soul it is the etheric impression or record of a person’s every word, thought, deed or act; the summation of a soul’s journey from universal birth to cosmic fulfillment.

Alice Bailey
Some years after Rishi Devra commenced the initiations, she discovered that the Alice Bailey writings emphasized similar principles and understandings, to those that Rishi Devra had received since 1967 through direct transmission from the Ascended Masters. Alice Bailey’s books, written between 1919 and 1954, although influenced by the world history of the time, were nonetheless a notable body of channeled material on the teachings Brotherhood of Light, largely transmitted to her through divine impression from Master Djwhal Khul, also known as The Tibetan.

The Nectar of Immortality, understood as Divine essence, the holy distillation of pure love. The substance that nurtures immortal life and is said to commence manifestation as a human soul is nearing ascension in preparation for realization of the Immortal Body. Also related to Soma – Amrit Soma is a sacred secretion that is manifest from the spiritual aspect of the human glandular system, as a result of activation of the life force within this sacred essence. The activation of the highly refined and rarified subtle energy of the kundalini is the more gross level of the Divine Essence of Amrit, which is a phenomena of pure divinity.

A Sanskrit term that translates simply as bliss, but it refers to an abstract plane of cosmic existence and consciousness experienced as bliss. The place of existence correlates with the levels of human enlightenment, in that as enlightened consciousness expands, it accesses the bliss sheath of subtle matter, or ananda-maya-kosa, which is ultimately realized as a state of oneness, oneness with God and with all of life. The Jiva soul is the individualized consciousness, which incarnates through many lifetimes, until it ultimately realizes its oneness with creation and becomes the Ananda soul, which is eternal.

Ancient Elders of Creation
Refers to the councils of creation guardianship that have overseen the emergence and prospering of kingdoms and life forms throughout the universe; humanity’s protectors and guides at the highest levels.

Ancient of Days
Refers to the sacred beginnings of this universe, wherein the higher purpose of the divine plan for creation for the eventuation, maturation and perfecting of the form side of life was set the upon its course of time-bound realization… from concept, to initiating manifestation, to the sustaining and perfecting of the divine decrees and blueprints of creation. As a collective act of creation, the deity of consciousness for this cosmic day convened in pure love, pure mind and pure will to allow for the divine genesis of their union in universal divine purpose to rise upon the tides of time. The mothers and fathers of the Ancient of Days have esoterically been referenced as the Universal Council of 12, as well as the 144,000 godheads collectively.

Angel of the Presence

(1) Also called the Solar Angel, the Godly Presence that is projected into earthly manifestation, as enlightenment is achieved and the human incarnation becomes a Temple for Divine Presence. Since it is one with God, it is angelic in substance. Even though we are humans, we are on a parallel line of evolution with the angelic kingdom, and the Solar Angel is the true higher self and/or spiritual guardian of every human soul until such time as the planetary soul-presence is absorbed into the Solar Presence as a progression of spiritual development and higher evolution.

(2) The Angel of the Presence is one of the names of the human soul, at the level of the seventh dimension. It refers to a state of consciousness in which we are aware that we are the consciousness of divine presence projecting into a human incarnation. As the Solar Presence is anchored through the mastery of omni-enlightment, it becomes the residing primary intelligence and focal point of empowerment for a human incarnation, thus opening the expansion of consciousness to universal and cosmic realms of the One Self which then becomes the over-soul aspect or focal point of consciousness for enlightened masters, cohans, regents and avatars.

Angels/Angelic Kingdom
The angels are the direct manifestations of the creator, The One, sent forth into creation to serve the highest purposes that benefit all life forms. They are direct representatives of The One, and as such, are beings of unfathomable beauty and omnipotence. They are in service solely and absolutely to the creator. Angels oversee the form-building line of evolution, and their work is found at every level of form-building. They supervise the devas and elementals who are charged with ensouling and holding the form for all manifested things.

Anointing in light refers to the descent of the Holy Spirit into human consciousness. More broadly understood as the infusion of the perfection of the God-mind into human receptivity. Spiritual anointing is not to be confused or limited to a mere ceremony, although the sacred anointing through living holy water can also be an activator for the descent of the over-souling light of higher consciousness.

Antahkarana Bridge
The rainbow bridge, the pillar of light, the divine corridor, the soul stream, are all terms commonly used to describe this pathway of entry into higher consciousness. This bridge is built with intent…the mental substance of concentrated focus… the quality of that focus becoming more refined as greater levels of consciousness are accessed.

Greek word meaning revelation, usually referring to events described in the Book of Revelation from the Holy Bible.

Arc of Conveyance
Esoteric term from the Royal Path teachings that broadly relates to a full round of information that conveys a complete idea or scope of sacred knowledge. As a rishi master, the author is an experiential teacher who dwells in the cosmic constant and thus imparts a full arc of conveyance with her transmission of divine presence, as well as an integrated wholeness of understanding to her teachings; also relates to the term arcs of time that are the cosmic force fields that form arcs of interconnection between the dimensions upon which consciousness, information and time travel is possible.

The original aspects and attributes of God Consciousness, coalesced into an aggregate of consciousness based upon the intelligence and characteristics of the 12 great rays; divine archetypes exemplify the universal divine personas that comprise the human blueprint as prototypes; the lens through which we view the world; different roles or characters that are played throughout one’s life which shape thoughts and actions.

Ascended Master
Souls who have made the progression beyond the temporal flesh into the lightbody manifestation of consciousness; many of the world’s great spiritual teachers who have passed to the other side, but remain with Earth and humanity in spirit as lights of wisdom and salvation, guiding the spiritual progression of humanity and earthly kingdoms.


(1) An ashram is a spiritual school, usually gathered around a particular teacher, although there are universal ashrams that are what you might call the working groups of the universal Brotherhood of Light.

(2) Ashram means spiritual school. It is usually used to refer to a school of spiritual teaching, organized by and through an enlightened Master, whether incarnate or discarnate. The Ashram of The Christ is a multidimensional spiritual lineage of universal wisdom. The word ashram here on Earth can also be used to imply any group of like-minded souls joining together in spiritual community for the purpose of establishing a higher order divine life.

Atlantis, first introduced into western thought by Plato, was the home of the 4th root race, and was a profound time for humanity, of unfolding and deepening of individuality, as well as the misuse of power. The Atlantean drama, particularly the way Atlantis was destroyed, set the stage for the intensification of the widespread planetary imbalance that is presently our global dilemma.

Atma Soul
The God-realized soul at universal levels. Is considered as the higher self or oversouling aspect of the Solar Angel of the Presence.

Self; the immortal indwelling self.

One who incarnates in service to God and humanity for a specific time period on any planet. Sathya Sai Baba was considered to be a world avatar, who was born enlightened, manifesting the siddhi abilities of appearing/disappearing, levitation, manifesting objects through the ethers, and controlling the weather and elements.

Science of longevity founded by ancient Indian sages.

Bhagavad Gita
The teachings of Lord Krishna to Arjuna at the beginning of the Mahabharata War. A practical guide for every day life and is the essence of Vedic wisdom. Bhagavad means “that of the Lord” and Gita means “song”, particularly an advice.

Devotional singing in the Hindu tradition.

Bliss Body
The Bliss Body is called the Ananda-Maya-Kosa in the Vedantic tradition. It is the refined subtle energy vehicle of consciousness, having the subtlety to access the Absolute. Objectively, the Bliss Point or the Ananda is the transcendent aspect of the OM, the primeval sound. The Bliss Body is the last body of illusion which must be transcended to unify with pure God Consciousness.

Someone whose spiritual practice is directed towards the achievement of enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings.

Body of Illusion
In the Vedantic tradition, the various vehicles of consciousness are called Maya-Kosa or bodies of illusion. Maya means illusion, and Kosa means body. For instance, the mental body is called the Mano-Maya-Kosa, or the manas sheath, as it is literally made of the substance of the plane of manas. At the highest level of consciousness, within manifestation, pure awareness is sheathed with Ananda – the substance of bliss, and called the Ananda-Maya-Kosa.

Book of Records
Held at the level of akashic substance, which is the finest grade of matter, and is very responsive to mind. It functions as the divine memory by holding the etheric imprint of life experiences, soul lessons, choices and decisions for all souls and all life forms in existence. Clairvoyants and spiritual sensitives can access the akashic level and read from this Book of Records.

The creator intellect aspect of God in the Hindu tradition. Brahma is one with Shiva – the destroyer aspect and Vishnu – the sustainer aspect, in the triune Godhead.

As is the case in India, the Nepalese caste system has four levels, with greatest privilege and prestige attaching to the top caste, the Brahmin. Among many other privileges, Brahmins are taught to read, even the girls, and this is in a culture with a low literacy rate. The ability to read, the reverence for scholars, and the possession of books, as family treasures, has mostly been a Brahmin privilege, until very recently. In addition, all Brahmin males are considered priests, whether or not they show any aptitude for that role.

Brotherhood of Light
A vast host of light beings, including all ascended masters, all who are servants of God, many of whom have been guiding humanity in its evolution for many millennia. Presently, the Brotherhood of Light is focused on the awakening now unfolding for humanity on Earth.

Buddhic Plane
The fifth dimension. The level of consciousness where the oneness of all life becomes apparent and where ascension beyond temporal consciousness begins. The nature of buddhic substance is unconditional love.

Cardinal Cross of the Worlds
A term used by the Masters to refer to that stage in conscious unfolding where the initiate makes the shift from duality and separation consciousness to oneness and Unity Consciousness. This is the point when the divine spark shifts from the octave of the carnal existence of primal humanity to the octave of the illumined soul. This transit merges the first light of God with the second light of God. Thus, by crossing over, our consciousness begins to reside fully in Unity Consciousness, and to detach completely from the world of separation consciousness.

Causal Body
The vehicle of consciousness that holds the Jiva soul/Earth plane soul in bondage until it is dissolved, dissipated and transcended. The Causal Body literally causes incarnation after incarnation, because it holds the accumulated misperceptions and erroneous beliefs of the evolving consciousness as well as the wisdom of lessons learned. As the misperceptions are cleared, the causal body begins to dissolve, and eventually disappears. The soul then stands free and the person walks the Earth as an ascended master, or can drop the body and serve on the inner planes in the spirit body state.

Causal Force
Through the universe the complexity of force interactions one upon the other, produce forces as in trajectories of expansion, line, point, circle, rotary, spiral, and so on; primary forces that are the pure and omniscient emanation of deity, divine decree and the divine plan are considered “causal” in nature because they set into motion secondary forces and the down line factors of cause and effect.

Refers to the Godhead, the eternal source of all being, the Holy of Holies, God and creator, from which all else springs.

Central Sun
At the physical level, is commonly understood to be the center of our galaxy. On the inner planes, the Central Sun is the home of the Galactic Logos and the beings of light known as the Universal Council of 12 who guide the evolution of all the forms and manifestations in the galaxy. In the interior of the Central Sun, the Universal Logos is contacted.

The concept of chakra features in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Chakras are believed to be centers of the subtle body from which a person can collect energy. Chakras correspond to vital points in the physical body but are generally understood as being part of the “subtle body”.

A student on the spiritual path; probationer undergoing the tests of the disciple; a spiritual aspirant in an Ashram.

The Chohan of a ray is the one who controls the use of that ray, for the part of creation assigned (i.e. a planet, a solar system, a galaxy…). Each Ray carries specific potential and interacts with the other rays with specific effects.

The Christ is the world teacher, the divine template for humanity and stands at the head of the world hierarchy. At the atmic and universal levels, the Christ holds the light of God and serves as the angel of the presence for the entire universe. A christed being is one who has realized Christ Consciousness. When a disciple is ready for world service, the Christ may overshadow the entire energy field.

Christ Consciousness
The goal of the aspiring initiate’s path; the state of consciousness wherein the light body is in mature development as the twelve petals of the soul are fully energized, emergent, enlivened and brought from latency to activity; a state of mind wherein the divine qualities and archetypes of the incarnating soul, has surmounted the density of illusion and ego existence, to become “christed in living light, ” as a factual demonstration of the mastery over the lower nature, whereby inspiration and revelation becomes the fact of a embodied divine life; attainment of at-one-ment with the Christ Universal.

Circle of Divine Unity Foundation
Created in September of 1994 to serve as an international focus for the teachings of the Ascended Masters. The Foundation achieved non-profit status in April of 1995, and full Church status in January, 1998 and was later retired as a legal entity when it was no longer relevant to its founding purpose.

Exact reading of the need, and exact choice of method and timing for meeting the need, in any given situation calling for healing or teaching. Cosmic co-measurement is the sequencing of time that creates the dimensions of existence. This concept was introduced into English by El Morya/Master Abraham, in the Agni Yoga book called Heart, where he uses it throughout.

To make holy, to bless, and to establish the sacredness of a person, place or thing.

Also called the Nirmankayas. Holders of the Divine Plan; beings of light who stay in a constant inward meditation on the Plan and mediate between Shamballa and the Hierarchy, and thereby make the Plan available to initiates that can access that level of consciousness.

The centerpoint; the deepest, most intense level of consciousness. There is a core star at the center of each chakra, which is the essence of truth of that chakra.

Cosmic Day and Night
The vast stellar cycles that define time, cognated by the pre-Sanskrit Vedas and the Mayan Priesthood. Cosmic day is manifest form covering trillions upon trillion of light years, whereas the withdrawal of forms is Cosmic Night wherein the cyclic dissolution of all manifestation gives rest and opportunity for the new gestation of genesis.

Cosmic Fire of the Absolute
The supreme causative power of creation. The Omniscience of the Divine in its most exalted form of the unchanging divine force that the manifest, absolute reality beyond all and yet encompassing all. The totality of the manifest universe in which numberless universes and countless manifesting stars, solar systems and life forms are existent. Comic Fire is the extension of the Absolute into manifestation and as such produces all manifestation as the conditioned symbol of the unconditional, formless Absolute.

Cosmic Night
The cosmic resting state, wherein the dissolution and withdrawal of the animation forms allows all to come to rest as the gestation state for unmanifest potential.

Rishi Devra’s spiritual identity as a Universal Creatress.

Dark Night of the Soul
This phrase refers to a period after the third initiation but before complete surrender has rendered higher guidance continuous in the life. The initiate thus feels abandoned and even despairing, even though great progress may have already been made. Ordinary life, in which there is no awareness at all of the higher self, could also be considered the dark night of the soul, intensifying after the second initiation, when the soul begins to affect the personality life directly, and the personality becomes aware of what is missing, or seems to be missing, in its life, and yearns in the darkness for the light of the soul. The term dark night of the soul is also used to describe a period of testing that precedes an initiation passage. Faith opens the dark night to the light of a new day.

A term used to refer to the formal blessing by an avatar, yogi, guru or master teacher, through which the radiance or transmission of Divine Light is bestowed to everyone present. Darshan is also – the gathering to receive the blessing.

A Sanskrit term that means divine slave or special servant to the guru, whose depth of service annihilates the ego with the love and bliss that is derived from acts of devotional service. The initiate who serves the Divine Plan, body and soul is the Dasa of the Plan.

Destiny Soul(s)
Specifically a term the author has coined based upon her knowledge of humanity’s advancement upon the wheels of time and the incoming initiates of sacred knowledge, higher purpose and world service; the group of souls who are operative within the context of specialized soul contracts, to incarnate with a specific role to play in execution of the Divine Plan or other major influence either individually or collectively. Also loosely interpreted as the prophesized 144,000 light-bearers.

The devic kingdom and the angelic kingdom are interspersed and interrelated. A deva is a light being, one of the form-building line of evolution. On Earth, there is a deva for every form in nature. For example, in the plant kingdom, every species has a deva. They supervise and work with the elementals, and when they are ready for their own graduation, they become angels and are initiated into the heavenly host wherein the Archangels abide in service to the Divine.

Devolutionary Forces
The consequence of dense matter building up its own generation of thoughts and consciousness, that create aggregations of force and influence. They are graded in intentional influence at a spectrum of mildly disruptive on a minimal scale to malevolent on a scale of deliberate ill-will. Those beings and energies that hold humanity in separation consciousness, that encourage and meddle to cause fear and separation from each other as fellow human beings and from the Divine. The lower nature of the physical elemental, sometimes called survival consciousness and the lower triad of the mental, emotional, and physical bodies, unified by the personality, have been under the thrall of the devolutionary forces for eons. The process of initiation begins the liberation of the lower triad from this condition. The present time period calls for all of humanity to begin this same liberation.

Right action; means creative work to re-balance what would otherwise surface in our lives as karma; righteousness, in accordance with divine harmony. Sadhana means spiritual practice, such as meditation, participating in group practice of chanting, setting a sacred space, etc. Joining and helping with the work of a spiritual group would count as both dharma and sadhana.

Dimensional Octaves
The construct of cosmic manifestation via planes, levels, sheaths and degrees of time, vibration, consciousness.

There is a period when the path of probation and the path of discipleship overlap, but sooner or later the initiate moves into greater clarity and sureness, and becomes a disciple, firmly and consistently in service, working from higher guidance in every moment.

Divine Archetypes
The ideals, or essence qualities, that guide the overall evolution of a human being. As God, we embody all Archetypes, but as evolving souls, we take on specific aspects of God, for purposes of learning and perfecting mastery.

Divine Corridor
Sacred phenomena of divine presence, solely bequeathed by the great masters and universal guardians through the manifestation of an inter-dimensional vortex or pillar of light, activates a rapid acceleration of vibration, altering the nature time as a heightened vibrational phenomena. A timeless empowerment of divine boon given to earthly rishis, prophets, saints and living teachers and masters, that enables a monumental influx of divine light and existential revelation of to occur. A rarified multi-dimensional gateway of access to the hierarchy of masters, the higher dominions, the akasha of sacred knowledge and the Great Halls of Illumination. The Universal Gateway of the Divine Corridor, is the primary channel through which illumination was first imbued into human consciousness, even though cultural coloration and political leanings transpired to create the great divide of the world’s religions, perpetuating war rather than peace, which is contrary to the founding example of all world teachers.

Divine Decree
A powerful form of invocation, in which one issues forth a command from the Godself – the I Am presence. It can only be successfully used for divine purpose, in alignment with the Will of God.

Divine Expectation
References the Law of Divine Expectation, wherein the perfecting nature of the divine is trusted as playing out beyond the range of common human sight. Thus, regardless of circumstances an awakened soul expects and anticipates the perfection of the divine to be operative and forth coming, while at the same time releases all expectation as to how or when divine boon takes place, becoming neutral of conditions while being receptive and welcoming of the factor Divine Presence moving through all circumstances without exception.

Divine Keynote
An actual tone, a harmonic chord, unique to the Divine Archetype.

Divine Personas
The formulation of a vehicle or personified expression of consciousness that serves a divine purpose. Characteristics of God Consciousness that bring formlessness into form.

Divine Revelation
Occurs when the consciousness has been opened to fifth-dimensional or higher states, and higher or divine truths can then register, either as abstract truths or actual pictures or even divine memory.

Dweller on the Threshold
The complex of limiting and illusory thought forms that hold the individual initiate back from the next initiation. Groups, planets, solar systems, and galaxies also have a collective Dweller on the Threshold. There is a Dweller on the Threshold for every ring-pass-not.

The false concept of identity and misconception, “I am self-existent.” Ignorance of the oneness of the nature of the reality and the orientation of the fallen mind and the false self. The myopic illusion of a self-concentric perspective.

The elementals of creation are the troops of the angelic/devic/elemental line of evolution. They are sometimes also called form-builders, because they are the agents of God’s Will who hold the form, or template, of everything we see in nature, whether it is plants and animals and forms on Earth or stars and solar systems and galaxies in space. The angelic/devic beings oversee this work, but it is the elementals that carry out the will of God for every detail of creation. Your physical body has an elemental, and millions of tiny devic form-builders keeping everything in order. A tree has a deva holding the unity for the whole tree, and thousands of elementals holding the form for each part – each leaf, each flower, each stem.

The Elohim are the highest rank of the hierarchy of angels. They work directly with the final ring-pass-not, which prevents passage of the consciousness of the initiate into the Godhead level until the conditions for passage have been met. They also serve at the interface between form and formlessness. As a unit of being, they are the tube-torus…the cycle of infinity that unfolds itself, and folds into itself, eternally.

Realization of the light of the soul, especially while still incarnate. Sometimes modified by the word full, as in full enlightenment, meaning stabilization of God Consciousness in the physical body.

The Essenes carried the truths of the masters from ancient times, and provided full support for the enlightenment of Jesus, thus helping to launch the Christian stream of faith. It is believed that the Essene group were incarnates of the Universal Order of Melchizedek Priesthood, and that they incarnated as a group for over 400 years, in order to make possible the work undertaken by Jesus.

Etheric Double
Spirit body or over-soul; energy double of the divine imprint of a human soul, although all life forms also have an etheric double perceivable to the clairvoyant eye; a spiritual body of consciousness that is tied, linked and associated with the physical body that serves as a guiding light for developing higher discernment and recognizing the subtleties of our choices in the life experience.

The forward progression of consciousness in its journey back to God/Source.

Fifth Kingdom
The Fourth Kingdom in nature is composed of plant, animal, and human life, which are all on the same line of evolution. The Fifth Kingdom is the kingdom of spirit anchored in Unity, and living in the light of the Divine Plan. As humanity steps into its divine destiny, we will create from fifth dimensional awareness, and become the true stewards and guides of the plant and animal kingdoms.

The word Fire is capitalized to indicate that it refers to Cosmic Fire, the Agni, the Light Substance, from which the whole of manifestation, at all levels, is created.

First Cause
The first fire of God or subtle force issued forth at onset of emanation into creation.

First Fire of God
Is the original divine spark, at the atomic level.

First Light of God
The first outpouring from Source, which then produced the Second Light of God, and the Third Light of God, from which all of manifestation comes. The First Permanent Atom in the Human soul is a spark of the First Light of God.

First Wave
The First Wave refers to the group of souls that are now awakening, worldwide, as precursors to a much larger group that will continue to create a Sacred Earth, and will make the condition of world peace an actuality.

The devas and elementals. The form-building line of evolution parallels, and was intended by God to work with the human line of evolution. The form-builders do not have free will as humanity does. They hold the light of God in the creative form supplied by the mind of God, throughout the life of the form. Angels guide and oversee all form-building activity.

Free Will
The ability to make decisions that are not predetermined.

Geburah and Chesed
Two of the upper sephiroth on the Qabalistic Tree of Life, which is a representation of the human energy system, including the Atmic and Logoic levels. Geburah is usually translated as Severity (including the concept of Discipline) and Chesed is usually translated as Mercy.

God Consciousness
The goal of the adept initiate’s path; the state of consciousness wherein immersion in cosmic unity has sustained the shift of all polarities and frameworks of perception to a life of oneness consciousness; attainment of at-one-ment with the universal logos; commences conscious divine genesis and bestows the endowments of the universal priesthoods and the universal guardianship of all souls, all realms and all life-forms throughout creation.

The One, The Godself, The Godhead, are all equivalent terms and refer to the all-pervading higher power, the presence of God.

When used to refer to a specific experience, denotes individual and personal connection, union with the Godhead, and embodiment of God.

Great Emptiness
A Buddhist term for the unmanifest aspect of absolute presence.

Great Jewel of the Eternal
An esoteric divine form that is imbued with a highly concentrated supreme consciousness, wherein all reflections of divine possibility is secreted. The originating Light Rays of Creation are the fire within the lotus, thus the jewel is also the source of all divine aspects of light itself. Also a long revered Hindu reference that honors omnipresence, and the living sacred geometry of all planes of manifest phenomena.

Great Rishis
A spiritual rishi can be defined at a planetary, solar universal or cosmic focus of purpose. The word rishi is eastern in origin, meaning enlightened teacher. The great rishis are those that are solar in focus and are also called surya rishis.

Great Shift
The Great Shift is now taking place, as Earth goes from being non-sacred to being a sacred planet, in full membership in the Galactic Federation of the Planets of Peace. The Great Shift started with the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, and the first stage of it, “cleaning God’s House,” is scheduled to be completed by 2012. Another name for the Great Shift is The New Age, or The Aquarian Age. Earth changes – geophysical changes in the Earth’s continents and weather patterns, is only part of what the Great Shift is about. The spiritual awakening of humanity is the most important feature, and the New Age will indeed be radically new, and better, in every sector of society, in every part of the world.

Halls of Wisdom
The term Halls of Wisdom refers to the great lodges where master beings congregate to study the laws of creation and manifestation. The great logoic beings of planets and suns are often the primary heads of these conclaves of light. These great schools of creation guardianship are found throughout the higher realms for each planet, sun and universe and guide and oversee the unfolding of creation, through incomprehensible wisdom and at-one-ment with the will of God.

The hara is used to describe the pure stream of God-essence that connects all of the chakras and makes a line, clairvoyantly visible, coming into the crown and going all the way down through the Earth star, under the feet. The hara itself notably encompasses the abdominal and solar plexus region of the physical body.

Heart Cave, Heart Cave Initiation
The Heart of The One, which holds All-That-Is in perfect and eternal love. The Heart Cave Initiation is a momentous opening of the heart, in which the initiate becomes aware of the Omnipresence and Omniscience of the Heart of the One.

Our solar logos.

Refers to a vast organization of spiritual beings that serve the illumination of consciousness on Earth.

High Sense Perception
The ability to perceive realities beyond the concretized physical dimension. It encompasses seeing, feeling, and hearing the subtle worlds of the ethers, the fields of energy that surround and interpenetrate all living things (commonly called auric fields), and most importantly, directly perceiving the celestial levels, where the angels, light beings, and ascended masters dwell.

Higher Guidance
Direct input into the consciousness of the seeker, from the soul, the higher self, the Monad, or the Logos. Could also come from a Master, an angel, or the Christ.

Higher Self
Consciousness relative to some lower form. For a human, the higher vehicles, in succession, play the role of higher self. For the personality in the three worlds, the soul is the higher self. For the soul, the monad is the higher self. For the monad, the logos is the higher self.

Higher Soul
The term higher soul is used to differentiate between the soul essence or divine spark that we are inherently born with, and the radiance of the subtle soul body of higher consciousness. The higher soul or illumined soul is also referred to as the Angel of the Presence in Christian tradition.

Conventionally – a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source; an interference pattern which, when suitably illuminated, produces a three-dimensional image. A hologram can also be produced from multiple thought forms amassing as substance, becoming the “projected” reality through which a person lives.

Holographic Resonance
Relay system for information transference from the macrocosm to the microcosm.

The present incarnations of souls upon Earth. The mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms on Earth are all part of the human line of evolution. The spirit body in each of these kingdoms seeks to evolve to the level where it can incarnate as a human. It is these three kingdoms that humanity is charged with care-taking and custodianship of, and when Heaven on Earth is achieved through the worldwide spiritual awakening of mankind, the evolution of these three lower kingdoms will be greatly furthered.

I Am Presence
An English translation of the omnipresent nature of divinity adopted from the Vedic tradition of Om Tat, Om Sat, Om Chit. I am… I Am That… I Am That I Am.

In Lak’ech Philosophy
Mayan philosophy that we are one with all living things.


(1) The term initiation refers to the thrust through the thresholds of consciousness that occurs during transcendental states of samadhi. This attainment is not achieved merely by engaging in ritual or ceremony, but rather is the literal transition through successively higher levels of consciousness, a process which culminates in full enlightenment, or God Consciousness.

(2) Initiation is the term used to mark a specific point in spiritual development, where the conditions required have been met. For instance, in the system unfolded by The Tibetan through Alice Bailey, the second initiation means one has accepted the fact of God and realization that one is a soul incarnate. The third initiation then follows as the heart is opened to the oneness with all of life, and the crown is sufficiently developed to admit the light of the soul. Many humans now on Earth have passed the second initiation and are in line for the third in the near future. There are many higher initiations that must be taken before one can access God Consciousness.

Initiations of Light
Refers to the thrust through the thresholds of consciousness during transcendental states as a result of the amplification of a soul’s lightbody by a master, rishi or deity. This attainment is not achieved merely by engaging in ritual or ceremony, but rather is the literal igniting of the lightbody with divine force, love and light; activates the transition through successively higher levels of consciousness, a process which culminates in enlightenment, or god consciousness.

The downward spiral of descent into greater fear and separation consciousness, wherein the ego strives only for itself without regard for the whole. Evolution is the upward spiral of ascent into greater spirituality, unity and at-one-ment with all of creation.

Jiva Soul
The egoic soul of an individual human; the individuated human soul. The Jiva Soul is transcended and eventually shed altogether, as the initiate takes the major initiations and anchors Christ consciousness in the physical body.

Jiva Soul Membrane
The vehicle, made of lower mental substance, which holds the Jiva Soul in incarnation until it is transcended. It is the personal ring-pass-not.

Kali Yuga
In the Vedantic theory of time, human evolution takes place through a series of Yugas, worldwide templates in time, wherein consciousness undertakes various lessons. In a Kali Yuga, it is known that ignorance will prevail, and the light of spirit will be dishonored. There have been many Kali Yugas in Earth’s past. The lesson for consciousness is to see past the illusion of ignorance and to honor spirit in all of its manifestations. What is special about the Kali Yuga we are just now coming to closure within, is that it may be the last for Earth. If humanity can successfully negotiate the next few decades, so that Earth can become the sacred planet God’s Plan calls for, humanity on Earth will enjoy a perpetual Sat Yuga, a time of enlightenment and joyful co-creation with God. There will still be Kali Yugas on other planets where humanity takes on form for the purpose of evolving, but Earth will at last be finished with the stress and strain that Kali Yugas always bring.

An Indian term or reverence assigned to an Avatar aiming at the enlightenment of humanity, also representing the Divine Presence of Vishnu and Christ Consciousness.

The Sanskrit term karma refers to an important metaphysical concept related to action and its consequences. The concept embraces both the acts themselves and the psychological imprints and tendencies created by such actions. The working of cause and effect whereby positive actions produce happiness and negative actions produce suffering.

Karma Yoga
Union with God through desireless action.

Key of Being
Relates to the chord and key upon which the vibration of a thought, feeling, higher purpose, divine decree, soul or life form is registered upon the cosmic scale of sound and light, which is an exalted ordered progression of divine qualities, attribute, rays, sounds and light signatures. As an example, the masters can be discerned one from another via tuning into their key of being, their vibrational signature of their overall presence.


(1) The term given in the Vedic tradition for the Third Fire of God.

(2) Kundalini is the Cosmic Fire, the essence of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energy from the Godhead, which infuses and feeds all life forms, and in the awakened initiate rejuvenates and renews the physical body. It is customarily represented as a latent primordial force that lies dormant, coiled at the base of the spine of all humans, until it is aroused and begins its transit up the spinal column to, and through the crown chakra. In its dormant state, it has not yet begun its destiny to transform and transfigure physicality. Once it is aroused, it becomes an all-powerful agent of transformative energy, and eventually produces the Immortal Body.

Kundalini Yoga
Union with God through the raising of the life force to the top of the head through visualization of different centers in the spine and by use of the breath.

Law of Economy
A fundamental condition of tantric relationship that seeks only to unify with, or to move toward greater being, by virtue of synthesizing with all that is. It informs consciousness, achieving synthesis with the least expenditure of effort or energy. It supplies neither too much nor too little. A perfect balance of input and output is eternally maintained as spirit moves to accomplish the Divine Plan with the exact expenditure of energy required.

Law of Harmlessness
One of the primary Divine Laws that govern the path of enlightenment. Harmlessness in feeling, thought, and action is required of every disciple before the power of divine manifestation can be conferred.

Laws of Coherency
The originating premise of cosmic unity that initiates, sustains and perfects the interplay of all spiritual and physical forces, cognated into the an overarching set of principles that govern and prescribe the relativity of resonances. Formulates the basis of conventional science’s acceptance of Shuman’s Law of Resonance as a formulation of the science of vibratory rates.

Ley Lines
Energetic lines surrounding Earth associated with spiritual and mystical theories about alignments of land forms and the energetic patterns that are created; often found aligned to sunrise/sunset at solstice times of the year; and monuments that are aligned to natural landscape features are said to have significant spiritual meaning.

Line of Force of the Masters
The causal energy of the objectives of the hierarchy and all benevolent beings to uplift humanity out of ignorance and suffering into the birthright of awakened divinity and spiritual genius of the illumined state.

Literally, means “the Word “- the name used to refer to the highest life, the spirit created by God, known as the Second Cosmic Principle, individuated yet fully at-one with all of creation: reigning head or primary principle of a system i.e., cosmic, universal, solar or planetary; overarching umbrella of the nesting of the sheaths of unifying consciousness that progressively translate from universal, to solar, to planetary, to group, to personal.

Lotus Born
An incarnating soul originating as a direct emanation from the ancient of days, possessing an intact sense of divine identity upon birth. The Twelve Petals of the Soul are in an awakened state throughout all stages of life, even though all aspects of learning and experience must be grounded into the mastery that brings consciousness into demonstrated embodiment. The lotus born are placed into evolving planets and systems to bring about a major thrust of positive transition or the arising of higher ideals.

Lotus of Being
The opening of the petals of the soul mark important stages in the awakening of the initiate, appearing as petals in the chakra system. When the eastern traditions refer to the lotus they are pointing to the same fact. These are energy structures in very fine grades of the etheric planes, and they are truly organic in their unfolding, going from a bud in the early stages of awakening, then beginning to open just like a flower, with varying numbers of petals – depending on which chakra is involved – then radiating gloriously in full spherical power when fully open. These are not just metaphors – they are commonly observable events in the evolution of human consciousness.

Lotus of the Eternal
Hindu reference that honors the omnipresence that exists as the sacred geometry of all planes of manifest phenomena, that formulate the matrixes and forms of divine energy, perceivable by the clairvoyant eye as lotuses, petals and jewel like structures of divine forms. The lotus is an esoteric divine form that is imbued with supreme consciousness, as well as a vibrational structure or blueprint of living light imbued with spiritual properties.

Lotus Petals of the Divine
Long revered Hindu reference that honors omnipresence, as well as the sacred geometry of all planes of manifest phenomena, that formulate the matrixes of divine energy, perceivable by the clairvoyant eye as lotuses, petals of divine forms and living light geometries, also referred to as the Flower of Life in ancient Egyptian teachings. Lotus Petals each have a divine quality and attribute as an esoteric divine form that is imbued with supreme consciousness, as well as a vibrational structure of living light imbued with subtle divine properties. Each lotus is also imprinted with the language of light – pre-Sanskrit formulations imparting sacred knowledge.

Love Immaculate
A divine term conveyed in the Royal Path Teachings to impart that which is so absolutely pure in the principle of love, that all impurity is accepted, embraced, unified, purified and synthesized into a supremely immaculate state; the omnipresent aspect of love that sees only the divine in all things.

Love Infinite
Divine term conveyed in the Royal Path Teachings to impart that which is an unending source and beingness of pure love, so absolutely pure and omniscient in principle and activity, that its domain of expression and purpose is infinite in infinity; the omnipresent aspect of the divine nature that imbues itself into all creation without exception and for all time.

A great soul – one who has realized Atmic consciousness. Maha means great.

A name derived from Sanskrit maitri, meaning universal love. Buddha in his Christed form, guide of many disciples in the East, and increasingly worldwide. In the Buddhist tradition, the Maitreya Buddha is the next buddha due to incarnate on Earth, but will only do so by the will of the people.

Major Initiations
The Major Initiations begin with the major forces of Fire by Electric Force or Casual Fire opening of the Petals of Love, Knowledge and Power in the human lightbody and auric field, conferring divine radiance and sacred knowledge upon an initiate who ahs passed the tests of illusion that apply for a major level of initiation.

Major Ray
The primary forces of Divine Aspect represented by the colorations’ red, blue, yellow. Relative to spiritual initiations a major ray indicates the initiate has accessed the purity of one or more of the three primary Lights of God – the red ray, blue ray, and yellow ray. The minor ray initiations involve access in consciousness to lesspotent forces and the Fire by Radiance factor involving the the four rays or “attribute,” of green, orange, violet and indigo. The major and minor initiations are fully described and explained in Rishi Devra’s The Christ Heart.


(1) The term Manas has two meanings. One refers to the specific level of consciousness that precedes the Buddhic level, sometimes also called higher mind. The second refers to all higher consciousness or divine mind. Therefore Manas is a term also used to refer to the entire Mind of God.

(2) Manas refers to the level of creative God-infused mind that carries the Divine Plan into form. It is also used in a more specific sense to refer to the Manasic Octave, the range of frequencies that define that particular level of consciousness. The term higher mind is a rough equivalent of Manas.

Sacred word, verse, or formula – the repetition of which can awaken one’s spiritual energies.

A cosmic position held by a Great Being – one who holds God Consciousness and the specifics of the Divine Plan for a given evolutionary form, such as a root race of beings, an epoch of time, a yuga or a planetary scheme. The Manu holds the keys to the beginning, the middle, and the end of the form, and hands over the truths gained during its evolution to the Manu of the next form.

Power of universal illusion that makes the world of manifestation seem to be real and the unmanifest reality seem to be non-existent.

Mayan Astrology
A system of divination developed by the ancient Maya; based on the inherent spiritual energies of time.

Logos of the Universe, and head of the Order of Melchizedek – a collective consciousness that oversees the dispensation of life to the planets on a cosmic scale and guards their evolution. Incarnated on Earth, as a human being – king Melchizedek, in the time before Abraham.

The Archangel at the head of the Archangelic hierarchy; known as the king of angels and the angel of the covenant; led the Hebrews through the forty years in the wilderness and wrestled with Jacob. The Archangel Metatron is the same being as the prophet Enoch in the Old Testament. He is the Time Lord and is able to stand in the eternal and look at the whole of time.

Astral glamours and illusions, and whole patterns of misperception, that cloud the auric field. Can be collective – planetary miasms are glamours that all of humanity have indulged, some for thousands of years.

The One created by the Logos. At the Monadic level of consciousness one is fully aware of the oneness but is not yet receiving logoic light directly. The Monadic Plane is where the archetypes are created and held.

Mount Kailas
Holiest of Tibetan mountains; considered as the center of the universe.

The word mudra refers to sacred hand gestures that signify the octave of divine presence being entered and the transmission to others of those octaves or states of being. As the stages of samadhi and enlightenment are entered, the mudras come of their own accord to distribute the divine essence to aspirants and initiates. The position of the hands in sacred gesture, brings the divine states into manifestation through human expression.

New Wheel of Time
Refers to the reality as well as the prophecy of stellar cycles that are organized into wheels and dimensions of influence and divine purpose, more infamously cognated by the Ancient Mayan Priesthoods of the Yucatan Peninsula, but also conveyed to the ancient Egyptians, Vedics, Tibetans and so on.

Called the Divine Contemplatives, are ascended beings who have achieved such a high degree of concentration that they can hold their attention on the Will of God for centuries, or even forever. They provide a very specific service, bringing the creative force of God’s Plan into a steadily held form that can be accessed by the Brotherhood of Light and Earth based initiates who can tap into it during meditation.

Union with the Absolute; the enlightened state of being.

The ever-perfecting perfection; the all-encompassing, all-prevailing, all infinite reality of aspects, levels, octaves and expressions of being and non-being, form and formlessness; the ever-present oneness that ellipses all duality of forms and circumstances and is absolute, eternal, and ever-unfolding.

The ever-perfecting, limitless realization; the divine nature in absolute being.

Omni… in everything; the unlimited, infinite unfolding of omni-awakening, omni-presence, omni-alignment, omni-genesis, omni-truth, omni-raja, omni-logic, omni-intelligent, omni-enlightenment.

An initiation performed by The Christ, acknowledging the attainment by the initiate of Christ Consciousness.

The oversoul of a human is the Angel of the Presence, the level of consciousness in which unity with the angelic kingdom and the Presence of God is fully realized. The oversoul of an animal is the group soul or individualized essence of that species as a whole, and is the same for every member of the species. The oversoul of a plant is the deva of the species, and all plants of that species share in the consciousness of the deva that overlights and guides the elementals that create the plant forms. The oversoul of a planet is usually referred to as the planetary logos. The oversoul is “over” in the perfectly straightforward sense that it is the God-given causal agent in the life form, and it is the higher self of the soul, or fifth-dimensional representative of the Godself.

Path of the Master
Authors reference to the Lighted Way of Divine Geneses, wherein all spiritual paths must ultimately converge, releasing all cultural, societal, political and separation-based religious specificity. The Universal Gateway of the Divine Corridor, is the primary channel through which illumination was first imbued into human consciousness, from which cultural coloration and political leanings transpired to create the great divide of the world’s religions, perpetuating war rather than peace, which is contrary to the founding example of all world teachers. The Path of the Master convenes all universal truth and surmounts all hindrance of temporal truth.

The opening of the petals of the soul mark important stages in the awakening of the initiate. They are called petals because they literally look like flower petals in the chakra system, when seen with higher clairvoyance. When the eastern traditions refer to the lotus they are pointing to the same fact. These are energy structures in very fine grades of the etheric planes, and they are truly organic in their unfolding, going from a bud in the early stages of awakening, then beginning to open just like a flower, with varying numbers of petals – depending on which chakra is involved – then radiating gloriously in full spherical power when fully open. These are not just metaphors, they are commonly observable events in the evolution of human consciousness.

Petals of Consciousness
The three sets of the twelve petals of the soul/lightbody… the petals of knowledge or divine wisdom and intelligence, petals of the heart or divine love and the petals of will or divine power.

Pillar of Light
The phenomena of the subtle energy of the antahkarana bridge which elevates vibration to a higher dimension of spiritual domain, including that of the higher self, universal over-soul or solar presence, etc. A tool for transformation that enhances divine connection and revelation. Can be manifest at individual, group, planetary and universal levels of presence and purpose; is expansive by nature according to the mastery and divine intent of manifestation.

From Hindu, the withdrawal and dissolution of forms; a cosmic cycle of non-existence, rest and non-activity; a state of matter achieved when the principles of matter are in perfect balance; dissolution or by extension, reabsorption, destruction, annihilation, or death but from the cosmic perspective. A cosmic night is considered a cycle of pralaya.

A general term referring to at least five discernable grades, or levels of subtlety, of the etheric substance that carries life and solar intelligence into the physical realm. It is prana that the elementals, the form-builders, use to create the forms of nature, and it is prana that sustains our physical bodies. In Eastern traditions the levels of prana have been named and explored by many adepts and we in the west are just catching up to the truths of this multi-dimensional reality behind all appearances.

That which is awakened to itself in full consciousness and thus is palpably sensed and felt as divine and fully existent in its divine authority.

Means proving. On the path of probation, we seek to prove ourselves to be trustworthy, and dedicated to the higher life. This is a term used by the masters to define the initiates who are moving through the stages of purification that will eventually allow admittance of the initiate into full membership in the Brotherhood of Light.

Progression of Return
A sacred term used to indicate not only the process of enlightenment and the ascent of matter into spirit, but also the process of initiation and ascension throughout the higher realms.

A ceremony performed before sacred wisdom is to be received. It is commonly practiced in India and Nepal as a purification ritual before entry to a sacred shrine. It usually involves offerings of flowers, fruit, incense, or the lighting of a candle.

The absolute formless state of pure consciousness, what the Greeks called “the unmoved mover.” Prakriti is the Divine Mother, the emanation of Purusha, which creates all of manifestation, all forms and creatures. Pralaya is the state of rest, when the consciousness withdraws into itself and lets go of all the forms, all activity, all manifestations.

Life force energy; prana.

Aztec name for the plumed or feathered serpent, called Kukulcan by the Yucatan Maya.

Divine logic; a timeless eastern term meaning supreme consciousness, supreme logic, royal logic; also the kingly presence of divine majesty.

Raja Gateway
A term from Rishi Devra’s vernacular of sacred language, meaning the gateway to supreme divine logic; also references the entrance into the wisdom of sacred knowledge that aggregates the supreme divine logic upon which our universe is operative.


(1) There are twelve great rays or emanations of God that are now infusing life and intelligence into human affairs. A ray type is characteristic of a personality, a soul, a group soul of the animal kingdom, a planet, a solar system, or any vehicle of expression in any dimension. Each ray has a color and a specific set of qualities unique to it, but in the white light of God, each ray is harmonious with and complementary to all other rays.

(2) Rays are aspects and attributes of God manifested through light. They are expressions of God qualities manifesting as color. Each ray expresses as a different color frequency and is imbued with a specific and unique essence.

Rays and the Initiations
A full-scale treatise on the nine levels of initiation, and the correlations with the rays, the rules for group initiation, and much other information. The nine levels are: Birth, Baptism, Transfiguration, Renunciation (or Crucifixion), the Revelation, The Decision, The Resurrection, The Great Transition, and finally, The Refusal. This terminology makes plain the universal significance of the life of Jesus Christ, and the Son of Man, which is humanity itself. The character of each initiation level is visited again and again, and is revealed at a new level of understanding, at each higher turn of the spiral.

The cyclical evolution of a person’s soul as it repeatedly passes from one body to another; from one lifetime to another. This process continues until the soul reaches a state of perfection.

It is worth noting here that the word religion is etymologically derived from the same root-word as yoga. Re-ligio is Latin for re-linking, re-connection, with God. It derives directly from the Sanskrit word yoga which means union, or joining with God.

Term used to refer to the successive barriers, force fields and dimensional thresholds that bring divine order to the greater cosmic reality. Each ring or threshold is a veil that the initiate faces and must penetrate as the expansions of consciousness proceed. Resonant oneness with the threshold is the manner in which penetration proceeds and each veil is lifted. Each expansion requires the integration of a new level of both spiritual freedom from illusion and self-responsibility, which permits passage through each progressive ring-pass-not. If the integration of sacred knowledge does not happen, or the personal life choices which demonstrate trusted status of discipleship are not made, the ring-pass-not stays and will not open and the initiation to the next level cannot happen. The energetic barrier is held in place by agni – the Will of God.

The Rinpoche is the spiritual leader, senior teacher, and ceremonial head of a Buddhist Monastery.

Means knower or seer; Maharishi means great knower, or great seer.

Sacred Art of Divine Alignment
A method of the masters that guides, trains and empowers spiritual seekers and initiates to establish and sustain divine contact with their higher self, masters and divine presence; one of the authors most advocated practices for awakening.

Personal spiritual practice, daily devotion, meditation, sacred mantras, and other practices oriented toward further spiritual growth and service, on the inward path of truth seeking.

A sadhu is a Hindu holy man, who wanders from place to place. Sadhus can be seen all over India. The sadhu, who is usually male, has given up all worldly possessions, position, and family relationships. He lives on tithes and handouts from villagers. Some become self-assigned caretakers of sacred shrines, caves, or temples, and dedicate themselves to the service of the deity of the place. A brahmacharya is a spiritual aspirant who has become totally devoted to the path, a master, or an ashram, and has taken vows of celibacy, austerity, purity, and spiritual service. The word, brahmacharya, means – moving in the immensity.

A heightened state of consciousness involving transcendence of the ordinary mind, whereby the ecstasy of unity with the divine is experienced. As polarization is unified within the personality, the unceasing focus upon the unity of the Godself takes place. This results in the energetic upliftment or thrust through the sheaths of higher consciousness. The movement through these membranes produces the samadhi of the direct experience of transcendent, exalted, divine states of being. Often this is accompanied with periods of divine revelation. “Sama-dhi” means settled mind in Sanskrit.

A Sanskrit word referring to the lingering effect of misperception, once it has become the illusionary memory of separation consciousness, stored in the subconscious mind. These latent seeds of misperception become unconscious motivating factors, and as energy forms in the causal body. They are the agents of karma that magnetize our experiences to us, following us from lifetime to lifetime, until they are cleared. Samskaras produce the miasms and fogs that cloud the human energy fields.

Sanat Kumara
One of the seven Kumaras that are associated with Earth. Sanat Kumara came to Earth about 18 million years ago, from Venus, and works under the Planetary Logos.

Sat Guru
Literally means Pure Teacher; generally meaning the infallible supreme inner guide, the Light of the divine within the spiritual domains of the heart chakra; especially applies to the energetic initiations that open the petals of the heart, revealing its inner sacredness and the consciousness of pure divinity.

A coming together in purity; gathering together for worship, devotion, and truth, usually in the presence of a master.

Purity, contrasted with Rajas and Tamas. Sat = truth. Sattva, the element of truth, purity.

Science of Soul Astrology
The true Science of Astrology is the astrology of the soul, and this will flourish in the Aquarian Age. The Piscean Age has been characterized by the astrology of the personality, with all of its fears, desires, and limitations. The Astrology of the Soul is already being practiced by initiates who have trained for this work and are presently bringing it into the literature. A magazine that is at the cutting edge of this development is Planet Earth Astrology, published in Eugene, Oregon by The Great Bear.

Second Light of God
Refers to the next level of potency of consciousness now available to humanity. The first ignition was the light of the Divine Spark, the Light of the Godhead within each physical incarnation. The second ignition was the Light of the Soul, one of the subtle bodies that the divine spark projects into matter, and which is experienced as illumination when it is awakened.

Seed Thought
A seed thought is a fully benevolent, co-creative thought cast forth into creation for the purpose of manifestation.

Historical term used to describe the prophetic capacity to see the future and anticipate events; the ability to perceive beyond the concretized physical; the ability to sense, see and perceive the subtle worlds of the ethers, the fields of energy that surround all living things commonly called the auric field and most importantly to perceive life at the celestial levels, such as angels, light beings, ascended masters.

Refers to the point in an aspirant’s life when the movement through the Buddhic planes of initiation is completed, and the Soul Star of that plane is fused into the heart. In the Alice Bailey writings, this attainment is called the Fifth Initiation.

Selway-Bitterroot Valley
Situated in western Montana and northeastern Idaho, encompasses over 2 million acres, set aside as prime wilderness, wildlife habitat, and watershed preservation territory, protected by Federal law from all logging, mining and other extractive industries that lay waste to our National Forests in other parts of the country.

Seven Rishis Before the Throne
Primary agents of God, wielders of the seven rays on behalf of all of creation.

The transmission of spiritual energy from a spiritual master, rishi, yogi or teacher.

A conferring of Shakti, the divine radiance, also known as kundalini. This is usually done by a master, by touching the forehead/third eye of the initiate. Shaktipat can ignite a soul merge, for an initiate who is ready.

The name given to a great seventh dimensional center of light (anchored in the high etheric over the Gobi Desert) where the Will of God is known, and where the Divine Contemplatives maintain 24-hour, year-round, centuries long, meditation on the Divine Plan. This enables aspirants and the Hierarchy to access The Plan as needed. Shamballa also maintains a continuous link between Solar intelligence and our planetary scheme, and it is where our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara, communicates with disciples.

The sheaths are layers of cosmic substance, ranging from denser to subtler, that clothe the Divine Spark throughout its long series of incarnations in physical matter. The merging of the lightbody with the physical body requires purification of all the sheaths, so that the higher vibrations of the Monadic triad can fully enliven and merge with the cells of the body. The completion of this process results in fully embodied enlightenment and the realization of the immortal body.

One of the triune Godhead of the Hindu faith, called The Destroyer, because he represents the aspect of Divine Will that literally destroys illusory forms, including physical forms, that have outworn their usefulness for spirit. Any form, in any dimension, that has become a hindrance to the light, is ripe for the work of Shiva. Metaphysically, Shiva could be regarded as the force behind the principle of impermanence inherent in all form, since only the formless is eternal.

Shiva Nataraj
The soul seeking its origin in the mother and father of creation.

The word siddhi means perfected mind or more simply, the perfection of all the senses and abilities that are inherent to the illumined soul. For instance, perfection of sight means being able to literally see all the layers of the etheric fields and all the way up through all the subtler realms of manifestation. Perfection of hearing means being able to telepathically tune into any level of sound, including the music of the spheres, and the other exquisite sounds intrinsic to creation at higher levels of vibration. Siddhis mean nothing without love and a full commitment to the highest good for all. There are dozens of Siddhis. A classic reference for more information is The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, book III. I.K. Taimni’s translation is a good place to start.

Siddhi Abilities/Siddhi Powers
The word siddhi means perfected mind or more simply, the perfection of all the senses and abilities that are inherent to the illumined soul. For instance, perfection of sight means being able to literally see all the layers of the etheric fields and through all the subtler realms of manifestation. Perfection of hearing means being able to telepathically tune into any level of sound, including the music of the spheres, and the other exquisite sounds intrinsic to creation at higher levels of vibration. Siddhis mean nothing without love and a full commitment to the highest good for all.

Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation
A sacred body of work that the Rishi has scribed on an ongoing basis over three decades and will continue to bring into the. consummation of a sacred treatise. The doctrine presents the holy tenants of the Solar Rishis for the process of divine manifestation and the wielding of casual thought. These sacred writings are revealed in her Path of Enlightenment archives and is one of her most profound legacies as a living master and conveyor of sacred knowledge.

Soul Merge
A spiritual passage is initiated by an intensified period of contact with the “lightbody, or spirit-body” to produce an ecstatic experience of union with divine light, deity, god, or Christ. The light of the soul descends from above the head, through the antahkarana pillar of light and literally pours itself into its human counterpart with profound surges of divine light; a physical as well as a spiritual event. Commences the dissolution and purification of the personality aspect, to manifest that of the higher soul aspect. The soul merge initiates the literal light activation or “christing” of form, via the illumination of consciousness from temporal mortal reality to the timeless immortal reality of enlightenment, thus initiating the truth of the universal soul and its eternal life as a conscious experience. The soul merge reveals the fact of eternal truth, for its eventual mastery of sacred knowledge and divine embodiment in the third dimension.

Soul Retrieval
The process of reclaiming some forgotten part of ourselves that fragmented and separated from the primary soul subtle body as a result of a past life trauma. Retrieval takes place when a lost fragment or aspect of the soul is returned to consciousness. A profoundly moving experience in most instances, retrieval brings a soul into wholeness once again. The lost fragments are the orphans that we have created by mistrusting, rejecting, condemning, judging, cursing, or suppressing an experience, that results in a separation from ourselves, from God and creation. The root cause of soul fragmentation is the lack of ability to see the truth.

Soul Star
A sphere of divine energy of concentrated spiritual intelligence; a reservoir of the subtle essence of the soul’s timeless higher consciousness that is released into the body-mind-heart continuum during a Soul Merge or Initiation of Light or transcendent Samadhi.

Soul/Higher Soul
The term higher soul is used to differentiate between the soul essence or divine spark that we are inherently born with, and the radiance of the subtle spirit body/light body of higher consciousness. The higher soul or illumined soul is also referred to as the Angel of the Presence in Christian tradition. Throughout this book, the term soul is also used in a general context to refer to the higher nature of humankind or the higher nature of an individual.

Spin State
Refers to the actual spin of a chakra, atom, or planet. It can be involutionary – in a downward negative spin, or evolutionary – a positive upward spin.

Spiritual Passage
Any opening to spirit, any revelation or expansion of the mind, heart, or soul, or contact with angels or masters, that serves to stimulate our awakening by spurring us on to seek our ultimate and absolute divinity. It can take many, many such passages, and consistent work integrating them, to reach the degree of readiness to then take initiation. An initiation is a major opening to divinity, marking the attainment of a new level of being.

Subtle Bodies of the Auric Field
The energy composition of the lightbody which is organized and layered in sheaths, in interrelated function and subtly of structure.

Supreme Cause
Refers to the Godhead, the eternal source of all being, the Holy of Holies, God and creator, from which all else springs.

Supreme Raja of Divine Will/Supreme Logic of Divine Will
A simplified to tis essence Raja is the prevailing Divine Logic of the enlightened state and the operative benevolent logic of the cosmos.

Technique of the Presence
A method of the masters for dispelling illusion, negativity, dross and density, using the principle of divine synthesis, activated by holding the focus of mind, love and will upon divine presence, light, deity or agni, the creative fire of the universe.

Tension Point
A point in awareness where there is an apparent conflict, usually related to polarized thinking. May be entirely private, may relate to the current life and/or a past life, or may occur in a relationship with another.

The Golden Ray
The great ray of unity, synthesis and divine potential; cosmic light of consciousness that convenes and conveys the premise and principle of synthesized divine potential through the unity of all rays; bestows an active influence bringing about a given divine potential for a solar cycle, a soul, a nation, a planet, a universe.

The Initiations of Light
A term the Rishi uses in her books and discourses that refers to the influx of divine illumination and spiritual energy, as a result of the amplification of a soul’s light-body by a master, rishi or deity; this attainment is not to be confused with a ritual or ceremony, but rather is the literal igniting of the timeless universal light-body to begin its transit and merge with the physical body. Spiritual Initiations provide a monumental acceleration of consciousness, through the activation of divine forces, that ignite the transition through successively higher levels of consciousness, a process which culminates in enlightenment, or god consciousness.

The Keys of Life
Esoterically references the vibrational aggregations of sound and light that harmonically co-exist within the Great and Singular Chord, otherwise known as the sacred OM. The keys are resplendent in sound and light, but also are That which provisions the sacred laws and secrets of creation itself. Also known as the keys of sacred knowledge of the raja gateways. Also referenced in Ancient Egypt as the Keys of Life that are the harmonic structure of the Flower of Life.

The Royal Path
Author’s reference to the Raja Teachings of the Royal Path, Royal Path of Divine Science, Royal Path of the Solar Rishis, Royal Path of the Golden Flame Fellowship of Creation Guardianship etc. Royal Raja confers divine logic upon which our shared cosmic life is operative. The Royal Path is the confluence of illumination wherein all spiritual paths must ultimately converge, releasing all cultural, societal, political and separation-based religious specificity.

Three Worlds

(1) The realms of the Physical, the Emotional (or Astral), and the Mental (or Manas). These are the three grades of substance that make up the three lower vehicles through which consciousness evolves. Master over the lower nature, the three worlds, is a very important stage of achievement.

(2) The idea of the three worlds is part of a concept of human nature that is well-developed in the Vedic streams of metaphysical thought. In this system, the human being in the world is conceived of and composed of not one but three bodies – the physical, the astral (or emotional), and the mental. Each subtle body or vehicle is composed of the matter intrinsic to that plane of cosmic reality, and the three bodies are actually created by and held together by the soul, the fifth-dimensional representative of the Godself, which incarnates in the physical world for the purpose of growing and learning to co-create with God. There are literally three worlds of being for the human to evolve in and master.

Time Lords
The Beings who stand at the threshold between Time and Eternity, and hold the space/time for evolution for a Cosmic Day. Archangel Metatron is considered the Time Lord.

Time Rift/Rift in Time
In the esoteric, metaphysical framework it is a term meaning an implosion of the ley lines of the universal grid, creating a warp in time, whereby a cul-de-sac is created of karmic repetition and involutionary density; a reversal of the evolutionary lines of force of spiritual advancement. As an example, energy healing that transforms all levels of consciousness can be seen as a time jump to a more perfected state. This can be applied to a person, place or circumstance. Correcting a time warp allows light to prevail unaltered and uncompromised, thus restoring a divine line of force, mandate, soul contract or higher purpose.

True Life
Existential being and the divine genesis of spiritual life in its omniscient capacity.

True Self
References the eternal nature of the universal over-soul, also known as The Atma in eastern tradition and the Angel of the Presence in western traditions.

Truth Infinite
Divine term conveyed in the Royal Path Teachings to impart that which is an unending source and manifest expression, so absolutely pure and omniscient in principle and activity, that its domain of expressed purpose is infinite in infinity; the omnipresent aspect of the divine nature that imbues itself into all creation without exception and for all time as the singular cosmic constant of absolute truth. I am.. I am That… I am That I am.

Truth of Existence/True Existence
A factual revelation of existential being and the divine genesis of spiritual life in its omniscient capacity.

Applicable or common to all purposes, conditions, or situations; of or relating to a universal concept and the universal planes of existence.

Universal Christ
The Universal Christ has multiple references such as the perfected divine principle for spiritualized human expression of the Adam Kadmon. As the head of the Brotherhood of Light, the Universal Christ overshadowed Jesus for the last three years of his life. This is a necessary step on the path for any initiate. The Universal Christ can also be referred to as the universal Melchizedeck logos that is presumed to have overshadowed Master Jesus. When Jesus Christ is quoted in the Bible as saying “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me,” he was referring to this fact, that no one can approach god consciousness without going through the universality of christ consciousness of the Melchezideck logos and priesthood.

Universal Feminine Principle
Counterpart to the masculine principle, as a balancing principle that initiates, sustains and perfects creation and all life forms; understood as a vast universal presence, a principle of creation, a force of manifestation, and a state of consciousness; an essential aspect of divine over-shadowing for the spiritual enlightenment of the female master embodying the awakened divine feminine principle, a natural outcome of enlightenment. All beings whether male or female have this principle within their make-up and inner nature, however it must be awakened, illumined, activated and embodied for the sacred balance of divine union to occur.

Universal Life
Refers to the overarching principle of the unified Great Life within which all smaller lives dwell.

Universal Self
The Atma, the perfected Adam Kadmon; the divine selfhood that is anchored in a state of oneness with all aspects of creation, transcending all sense of separation or small “I” identity.

Universal Soul
One’s spiritual aspect existence throughout all time, inclusive of all incarnations and all manifestations of selfhood in all dominions and realms.

The Vedas are a large body of literature that is arguably the oldest on the planet. They were written down by rishis – knowers or sages – at the dawn of our present historical cycle, about 6000 years ago, and the oral tradition from which they emerged is even older. They contain timeless wisdom, far more abstract and clear about the nature of reality than most of the Bible or any sacred literature deriving from a later time. Each of the forty books of the Vedas is a multi-volume set of books, and there is a huge stream of commentary and scholarship built on this ancient base. The originals Vedas are all in Sanskrit and are being translated into English and other languages. The Vedanta Press and the Age of Enlightenment Press carry Vedic literature.

Sanskrit word that is usually rendered as sacred ash in English. It refers to the fine white powder that comes out of the hands of an avatar, and sometimes also is seen growing on the surface of pictures of the avatar that are in the possession of devoted disciples. It is considered to be a powerful token of the avatar’s presence, and to carry the energy of the higher light.

The scientifically measured frequency of vibration of all matter on Earth, as expressed in megahertz, has been increasing rapidly over the last decade and is causing great excitement in the scientific community. The megahertz reading of the Earth’s ionosphere – The Schumann Resonance – was thought be a constant, yet our planet’s vibrational acceleration has now become an established fact. As the vibration of matter is now surging upward, higher states of consciousness are simultaneously increasing throughout the world.

In the Vedantic tradition – manifestation of the Supreme Being; Lord of Preservation.

Wailing Wall
The Wailing Wall is located in the old city of Jerusalem. It contains remnants of the original Temple of Solomon, built in 970 BC. Jews keep a continuous vigil there, at times numbering thousands of people.

Web of Awareness
The etheric, subtle energy templates, visible as an intricate all-pervasive web of light filaments, connecting all multidimensional forms. The etheric web carries the life energy that supports all life forms, and the intelligence, or template, that determines the specifics of each structure.

Honored throughout Asian countries as the day of Guatama Buddha’s enlightenment. It is also a time period of major spiritual focus for our planet by the Ascended Masters, Divine Contemplatives and World Servers.

Wheels of Light
A term used to define the cycles of time and creation that create the evolutionary spirals comprising the multidimensional nature of manifested reality at the higher realms. The realms of light begin with the fifth dimensional octave. Therefore, the first wheel of light is a fifth dimensional realm of reality.

Union of the individual soul with the universal soul; union with God.


(1) A Yuga is a time period defined by the necessities of the evolution of consciousness. It is not related at all to third dimensional time, the specifics of the Earth’s turning on its axis or Earth’s movement around the sun. The Yugas unfold in a series. For instance we are now moving out of the Kali Yuga that has been dominant on Earth for the last few thousand years, into the next Sat Yuga, where enlightenment will once again become the common state of humanity. It normally takes a few hundred years to make the transition from one Yuga to the next.

(2) A Yuga is a period of time defined by the evolution of consciousness as it expresses in and masters form. In the great cycles of time as seen in the Vedic system, the Kali Yuga is a time of darkness, where wickedness of all kind flourishes, and spirit is eclipsed. It is followed by a Sat Yuga, where spirit is re-born and an age of peace and abundance reigns on Earth. We are now moving out of a Kali Yuga and into a Sat Yuga. The signs are all around us, and The Christ Heart is a harbinger of the Sat Yuga now dawning.

(3) The Yuga is a time period defined by spirit, in which specific types of evolutionary energy are at play. In the Kali Yuga, the forces of darkness and inertia have predominance, and we have seen the effects of this in our conventional historical accounts of the past few thousand years. At present, we are at the end of a Kali Yuga, and a Sat Yuga is rapidly approaching; Sat means truth or purity, and so a Sat Yuga is a time when spirit can flourish and peace and good will reign.

A name for God, or the sacred fire, used by the ancient Persians, hence their religion was called Zoroasterism. Saraydarian tells us that it was Lord Buddha who incarnated as Zoroaster in ancient Persia and gave humanity the religion of the Sacred Fire.

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