From the Rishi…
“ The Rishi Teachings memberships are at last a reality. They are the initiate’s gold on the path. They are a stand-alone opportunity. What you receive is priceless.  What you actualize is a supreme leap forward for your soul. They provide entrance to The Great Halls of Sacred Knowledge, and ultimately, the secrets of divine manifestation and immortality.


“For all who discover the majesty of The Rishi Teachings and the profound power of the Royal Path of Sacred Knowledge, always remember that together we are the awakening of a new human potential. Whether you partake of the archive as a novice or an adept, you are an essential to the collective oversoul for humanity. From bud to flower, your soul is unfolding its birthright of mastery, from which your life becomes the instrument of the purely divine.”
~ The Rishi


Initiates, Adepts & World Servers

The Mataji Rishi convenes The Royal Path of Universal Creatorship. Throughout the ages, these transmittals have been reserved solely for advanced adepts, high priests, pharaohs, rishis, and siddhas. The magnitude of this illumination ignites an all-new potential for supra-consciousness for the first time in our planet’s history.

Long-revered as the consummation of all spiritual traditions, the Royal Path transmits the dynamic over-lighting of the universal fellowship of enlightened masters and the supreme raja of the logic of love. An unsurpassed opportunity for the initiate who is devoted to cultivating their greatest mastery within the span of a single lifetime, the Rishi’s radiance is especially dedicated to uplifting the leaders, world servers, and spiritual protégés who are the vanguard of global awakening and the new era of supra-consciousness.

The Rishi Teachings is endowed with The Three Great Halls that serve as a repository of sacred knowledge of this universe. To honor the rarefied nature of the sacred archives and best serve the progression of absorption and integration, three corresponding memberships are offered. As you complete the Hall of Wisdom, you are ready to for entrance into the Hall of Illumination. As you move through the wisdom and illumination halls you are made ready for the Great Hall of Creatorship.

The Three Great Halls



The Hall of Wisdom

The Gold Lotus Membership provides access to a vast body of sacred knowledge that is profoundly timeless yet, also advanced by all definitions. The Hall of Wisdom provides food for the soul for activating sustained awakening and soul-embodiment. Sacred knowledge is offered through the palpable illumination of the “radiance of wisdom.” The Gold Membership level offers highly potent transmissions, practical short discourses, in-depth discourses, guided meditations, training meditations and the Rishi’s renowned “immersion meditations” conveying the high-vibrational spiritual energy that activates accelerated growth on the path of awakening and mastery.

~ The Four Themes of Focus ~

Divine Alignment & Omni Meditation

Awakening & Transformation

Co-Creation & Service Leadership

Prophecy & Global Insight

Gold Membership Enrollment


Hall of Illumination

The Platinum Lotus Membership gives access to the Rishi’s profound master teachings for discerning souls, adepts and high initiates for whom mastering the ego and the divine laws and principles of conscious manifestation is essential. The high vibrational octave of this gateway ignites the solar heart and activation of the Master Self, greater expanses of higher life purpose, and the monumental boon afforded when the soul “takes initiation.” The Mataji’s transmissions are a catalyst for “taking initiation,” providing the advanced sacred knowledge for the mature initiate that is being unveiled for the first time in history. Unparalleled illumination for mastering all three worlds: the material, the spiritual and the divine. *Upgrade Available Soon.

~ The Four Themes of Focus ~

Advanced Omni Meditation

The Science of Initiation

Divine Manifestation

World Service

Membership Enrollment Coming Soon


Hall of Creatorship

The Diamond Lotus Membership is for the seasoned adept whose inner imperative commits their soul to enlightenment, the progression through of higher initiations, and the commencement of Logos Consciousness. This advanced membership level readies the soul to work in unified cohesion with the Great Masters to actively steward the Divine Plan. Honored members access the deeper levels of the Rishi’s sacred archives for the Universal Endowments and Secrets of Creatorship, and The Guardianship Transmissions from the founding guardian masters who serve the advancement of initiates throughout our universe, a profound amplification of your greatest life potential for becoming a standing member of the externalized spiritual hierarchy. *Upgrade to Advanced Teachings Available Fall 2022.

~ The Four Themes of Focus ~




Global Guardianship

Membership Enrollment Coming Soon
From the Rishi…
“Behold the omni awakening that rouses the mandates of the destiny soul within whose DNA lie the light codes of a new humanity.  For as you remember yourself as you always have been throughout the wheels of time, so too, do you realize that you are the prodigy of love, The Lotus Born. You are Destiny Souls of the New Genesis.”
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