The Rishi’s Legal Victory

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Dr. Devra Patton West's Legal Victory -- Women Against Internet Crime -- Our beloved Rishi relentlessly persevered during her early years of pioneering female mastery in the West, an endeavor that paved the way for feminine empowerment. Like many emerging spiritual masters, she endured the obstruction of the patriarchal power structure that actively sought to deny her sovereign right to exist as a modern, deeply-spiritual woman who was free of patriarchal religious and societal controls.

Progression Through the Four Halls

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Unveiling the Great Halls of Illumination is a part of my mandate as a solar rishi. The existence of the Great Halls assures a glorious degree of consummate mastery for humanity now and in the future. Within several hundred years, the halls will be in full physical externalization, function and orchestration, with high initiates and guardian beings from around the galaxy and beyond, in active congregation and benevolent exchange

The Karmic Wheel and the Akashic Records

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Anyone who is drawn to this book, has heard many wisdoms and philosophies on the nature of karma and the thoughts, words, deeds and energetics that bring merit to the karmic scales of positivity or on the other hand, add to the debt and density to the involutionary counter clockwise spin into greater density. What I offer you is a deeper grasp of the mirror of self-reflection through comprehending the Great Book of Records in which your life’s advancements and set backs are

The Rapture of Initiation

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In the centuries past, taking initiation was rare, secreted and enshrouded in the hidden mysteries of the esoteric. This most holy of spiritual mile-markers was reserved for secluded groups of high initiates, priests and oracles, elders and illumined minds in whose hands the stewardship of souls was entrusted. Most initiates knew that they were chosen among many, to undergo a momentous change beyond the

The Royal Path Prelude

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The life-changing impact of spiritual initiation and the divine science that attends so vast a realm of sacred knowledge is my purpose of conveyance. As I begin this writing, a few words about the profound nature of The Royal Path will serve to lay a foundation of understanding, as you contemplate the timeless wisdom that prospers intentional transformation. As its first convener since very ancient times, I am an original author, preceptor and convener of the Royal Path, a vast universal hall of sacred knowledge that came into being long before our planet earth was seeded with life.

Sedona Mission

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I have come to fulfill a very special commission as the Regent of the Western Hemisphere to provide the planetary prophecy and global orchestration that will guide humanity through the intensity of the widespread upheaval that will take place side-by-side with new opportunity and innovation. I offer a world overview that is balanced with the practical wisdom that will guide and stabilize this time of massive transition. I am especially mandated to guide leaders and way-showers during the upcoming years of catastrophic earth changes and international crisis.

Ascended Masters

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“There is much to be revealed over the coming decades about the existence of the ascended masters and far more regarding the process of externalization that is now in full swing. While I have been prepared for many life times to bring the light of revelation about the great ones into world view,

The Prime Directive

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Your awakening heralds the coming age of conscious creatorship and it is this activation of your soul’s power of manifestation that propels the fulfillment of higher life mandates and the transit into unity consciousness. A benevolent society of world citizens will evolve and prosper, led by a global fellowship of enlightened leaders. It is this supreme leap on the evolutionary scale of developing both the principle and function of mind-over-matter, that precipitates the Divine Plan into materialization...

Rishi’s Names

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An appreciation of the Rishi's names and passages provides a window into her spiritual journey, reflecting a metamorphous of awakening of over six decades, during which time her names of endearment and spiritual endowment have evolved. As you notice her various names throughout the website, we invite you to sense the meaning and purpose that has transpired over the years depending on the setting...

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