From the Rishi…
“Your sense of hard-won victories is finding a new balance. To live as women of both power and wisdom requires an internal revelation. I say this because we have a greater responsibility than ever before, not just to be heard, but to also lead and to lead impeccably. We are fortunate that the time is now. The omniscient light of The Great Omega is enveloping humanity and our opportunity never has been more auspicious.”


The Fire of the Feminine has been ignited around the world. Enlightened mastery is the holy calling of the female initiate. Awakened leadership is the calling of women of power and light. Compassionate opportunity for one and all is our united call and our sacred flame is made manifest.

The Omega Initiative

Spiritual Awakening for Women of Power

The Awakened Woman

Omega Council Intensive

for women of power & purpose 

THE OMEGA DYNAMIC…  Whether you are accepted for private sessions, VIP retreats or an in-depth mentorship with the Mataji Rishi, you will be endowed with an omniscient activation of wisdom and power. Candidates are selected from an exclusive global community of highly accomplished women whom the Rishi has recognized for their substance of sacrifice, depth of integrity, potential of influence, karmic merit and overall readiness to receive the dynamic energetics of The Divine Omega— a profound transmission of pure consciousness that awakens your Master Self, to reveal your true potential for actualizing your higher calling.






You will immerse in the synergy of an extraordinary circle of women for this unprecedented venture into the awakening of supra-consciousness. The Rishi’s commitment to “the few who will influence the many,” informs the selective nature of the Omega Council Initiative, the first program of its kind convened by an enlightened master in the West. Each day of the retreat will be a “forever day” that transcends time. Each day will be an opening of the veils that reveals personal and planetary, prophetic insight. To ignite your inner-omega is to bring the holy fire of the Divine Feminine into manifest reality and contemporary embodiment.


You will be profoundly, tangibly infused with divine activations that bring forth the divine power that stands behind your soul mandates. You will receive the direct revelation of your true and unlimited potential. Your potential of destiny will be revealed to you far beyond an intellectual understanding. Your revelation will be a visceral embodiment of your supra genius. You will also be part of historic unleashing of divine power that makes manifest the palpable presence of the Great Omega.


The Mataji Rishi is a master of the divine power of the Omega Principle and the sacred knowledge of the female masters who embody the right use of power and the timeless principles that will define the coming era of feminine influence and leadership. She is a master of the direct transmission of omnipresence. Her transmittal directly infuses and quickens not only the phenomena of omni awakening, but also realization of the enlightened use of power. To support, mentor and facilitate female enlightenment is essential. The gateway for female initiates has opened to enter the spiritual hierarchy which, in turn, activates the tipping point for the collective empowerment of women across the globe. The Omega Transmission is love-in-action and mercy-in-action. It is the brilliance of the Divine Plan to issue forth a supreme dispensation that imparts a majestic leap forward for “the few who will lead and uplift the many “ and the genius of the soul to lead the way.

“A single enlightened soul, counteracts the negativity of many millions and changes the course of history for the whole of humanity.”


Intensives & Retreats

Private Sessions & Mentoring

Fellowship & Service

The Omega 1-day Intensive

Exquisite full-day private intensives for women of power and substance, who are dedicated to a higher life purpose. Divine alignment and sacred knowledge teachings for rapid inner-transformation and Omega Principle Empowerment.

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The Omega 3-day VIP Retreats

An opportunity like none other for uplift-leveling self-awareness and personal mastery for accomplished women of substance and vision. Convening candidates whose life mission contributes to the transformation and betterment of humanity, each retreat is an experiential gateway for major shifts of higher consciousness and spiritual endowments of divine power. *inclusive of daily luncheon.

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The Omega Private Sessions

Private sessions with the Rishi bring enlightened counseling, spiritual activation, impeccable higher guidance and clairvoyant insight into a brilliance of empowerment for female initiates and women of power, light and substance who are participants in the Omega Council Initiative.

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Omega Personal & Professional Mentoring

In-depth mentoring for ongoing engagement with the Mataji Rishi, provides the precision over-sight of the enlightened eye, applied to leadership, personal life enhancement, professional objectives and visionary projects and pursuits. Enlightened counsel for doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

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To own, direct, utilize and express the Fire of the Feminine in its full measure is to unleash a power that has rarely been witnessed thus far in our planet’s history. The unleashing of the soul’s inner divine power is essential to the global transformation that lies ahead. Living, teaching, and way showing from the dynamics of compassionate power is a necessity of the highest order. Turning the tides of global power must chart a new course that does not compete or mimic the power dynamics of the past yet stands firm in the dynamics of enlightened power that must be inherent to our future.


The Fire of the Feminine and the mantle of compassionate power must be passed to the young women of the world. This is a new calling of female leadership in its most potent human expression. Teachers and mentors of young women must be ignited with the Fire of the Feminine in their own right. As you sense the profound nature of the photo above of the Rishi with her daughter Anna Jere’ West, her passing of her mantle to her daughter speaks far more than words on a page. Her daughter is an awakened woman, an initiate and a world server. The Omega Initiative passes the mantel of the sacred famine and the deep wisdom of planetary stewardship for Women of power and purpose.


A Program Like None Other

The Omega Council Initiative is endowed with the dynamic light of a Mataji Rishi Regent to ignite, guide and counsel female initiates and leaders with an auspicious optimum of activation. With the highest regard for the anonymity for high-profile individuals, all aspects of the program are convened in the context of confidentiality at the Rishi’s private estate in Sedona. To set awe-inspiring examples of excellence and mastery for women is at the heart of this extraordinary mission to embody the sacred fire of the feminine. As a western, female master the Rishi is especially attuned to surmounting worldly challenges, while rising to the greatest opportunities. The Omega Council Initiative combines retreats, intensives, private sessions, mentorships and a global fellowship for women leaders.

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Each participant in the Omega Initiative has the unprecedented benefit of the Rishi’s guidance, counsel and over-lighting. The Raja of the Master provides the illumination of pure grace, the enlightened eye, the immaculate heart and the unwavering will. Her focus endows a dynamic energetic for those whose higher-purpose spiritual destiny is endowed with the greatest extensions for the lateralization of global transformation. Program members are given priority status for private sessions and ongoing mentoring. The initiative is an instrument of benevolence and global remedy that serves to usher forth the great prophecy of the 1,000 Golden Years of Peace and Prosperity, long foretold by sages and prophets—the reality and the master of manifestation is the task at hand.


The Rishi’s private work is mindfully monetized to sustain her global mission on behalf of humanity and the planet itself. Her private work is both selective and inclusive, seeking mutual exchange that is exponential. Merit-based scholarships are offered to those who are truly called to the Rishi’s private work regardless of economic circumstances.

Retreats, Initiatives and Programs

Monthly Meditations and Special Events


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Online Phone Session $5,000
Private In-Person Session $10,000
Half-day Private Intensive $25,000
Full-day Private Intensive $50,000
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Fire of the Feminine

Manifesting Your Tipping Point

OMEGA COUNCIL INTENSIVES… Welcome to a powerfully transforming intensive format, an unforgettable awakening experience with the Living Rishi that will infuse the empowerment of The Divine Omega throughout your being, for immersion in your sacred feminine surrounded by the profound energy of Sedona.  The Mataji Rishi’s Omega Intensives are designed to usher forth your feminine genius and the new era of “the enlightened female.”


TUITION $2,200

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The Rishi’s potent transmission of the Divine Omega provides a permeating penetration that awakens the inner-forces of omniscient feminine into a powerful emergence throughout body, mind and spirit. To be accepted to this intensive is a personal milestone. It is a gift to yourself and a gift to all whom you love, serve, lead and influence. You will be among those who witness, experience and receive the phenomena of the Rishi’s spiritual endowment to ignite that which is true, that which is inherent and that which is omniscient within you. To awaken your inner-omega opens the gateway to your spiritual power, your primordial power, your intellectual power and your life-giving power. The universal energy of Divine Shakti imparts the divine radiance and charisma of The Awakened Woman.


Sedona is renowned as a sacred site for high vibrational experiences, inner transformation and new beginnings. The energy of the region imparts revered ancient wisdom and realizations of modern understanding. The purpose of the Omega Intensive is to unify the Omnipresent Omega with the modern mastery of a new brilliance of timeless love, wisdom and courage to enlighten women to step forward as living examples of supra consciousness and compassionate power. This private intensive will manifest a sacred synergy of the highest order. The profound nature of an intensive with the Living Rishi cannot be overestimated.  Early registration is advised. ~ For work-trade exchanges to assist with retreats, programs, office administrative or video production, make early requests to Omni Institute, the Rishi’s sponsor organization: 480-575-1276

1-Day Private Intensive: $12,000

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Reviving the ancient tradition of the feminine wisdom, the Rishi convenes a supreme and timely activation for transformational focus, exploring the critical role that female initiates play in the process of global stewardship and the planetary ascension into Christ Consciousness. Throughout the program, you will learn to connect with the power and wisdom that lies within your ancestral lineages, your lifetimes of greatest mastery and the omniscience of the Divine Omega that endows The Awakened Woman with the supra-consciousness that brings mastery into its most perfected form.

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The Right Use of Feminine Power

The Rishi’s Clarion Call for a new era of divine service and enlightened leadership engages the wide-sweeping magnitude of critical change that is urgently needed throughout global affairs. The power of the Divine Omega is one of the primary spiritual energetics that is literally igniting the transition to true planetary stewardship. It is accelerating women’s empowerment from the spiritual to the material and from the home to the boardroom. The rise of the divine feminine translates to all forms of the inner and outer governance, from which women of all walks of life are called to bring into actualization.

Each leader, initiate or world service who takes part in Omega Retreats will receive dynamic activations and clairvoyant insight from the Mataji Rishi to bring guidance, clarity and an influx of divine empowerment to your mandates and endeavors. *Participation in the Omega Council Initiative gives preferential opportunity for private sessions and mentoring with the Rishi. Please refer to the website page, “Private Work Overview,” for private program information and application guidelines.

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Modern Mastery

The Mataji Rishi is a modern woman of substance and accomplishments with a brilliant comprehension of global dynamics. She is wisdom keeper for the Akashic Records of the Female Masters and has had many lifetimes in major leadership roles of historic relevance. The Omega Council is inclusive of all traditions of culture and creed. The Mataji blends ancient wisdom and modern genius in a grand synthesis to pass the timeless genius of female enlightenment that endures throughout the cosmos into contemporary manifestation. She is living conduit for the Omega Principle, as her own life accomplishments and spiritual mastery exemplifies. Her transmission of the omnipresence of feminine fire is potent. Sacred knowledge transmission is inherent to Omega intensives and retreats.


Reading the akashic records of your ancestral bloodlines reveals the true strength, wisdom and fortitude that is available to you. The sacrifices of your grandmothers hold great power. The time has come to fulfill their dreams and visions. Tapping into your most empowered lifetimes awakens latent gift strengths and spiritual powers from the historic wellspring of your many lifetimes of mastery—Egyptian, Vedic, Christian, Tibetan, Native American, Druid, Nordic, Judaic, Islamic, Buddhist, Celestial and Indigenous. The Mataji Rishi brings a modern genius to the ancient wisdom that has endured throughout the centuries. The Omega Council convenes an unprecedented scope of integrated mastery, from deep inner realization, to actualizing personal mandates, to making significant contributions to the greater world.


The Omega Council Influence

The Omega Council is the first platform of its kind conceived by an enlightened master in modern times. It is a rare and sacred endeavor, yet it is created to provide a pragmatic focus for bringing the intelligent guardianship of our planet into the wisdom of women. All aspects of the initiative receive a prime-activation of potent amplification from the spiritual hierarchy. From the sublime nature of enlightened teachings to the practical outflow of endeavors of service, the Rishi’s Omega Council in Sedona will provide a global stronghold for planetary transition. The Rishi foresees leaders and change agents from all sectors of global orchestration seeking guidance and counsel from the Omega Council Fellowship of female masters and leaders, as humanity moves away from male-centralized governance to the providence of female wisdom, a transition of singular impact and magnitude for the sensible observance of human values and environmental stewardship.

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The Fire of the Feminine

The Rishi’s teaching series for women’s awakening and empowerment offers excerpts from intensives and retreats that include powerful guided mediations, talks and transmissions for spiritual growth. Providing a wealth of sacred knowledge and the Rishi’s personal reflections, the series offers experiential enrichment on retrieving the ancient bloodlines of the soul, wisdom teachings from female masters of the spiritual hierarchy, and activation of the spiritual fire of the Omega Principle. The Rishi’s call to the Divine Feminine began in childhood through her grandmother's wisdom of mastery and has continued throughout a lifetime of pioneering women’s empowerment, bringing an authentic voice to this profoundly uplifting video experience.

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