From the Rishi…
“The new era of conscious co-creation is a supreme leap on the evolutionary scale that precipitates the mandates of your soul into conscious awareness.  I am missioned to impart the secrets of divine manifestation for masterful fulfillment of your divine mandates. Yet, it is from your deepest realization that you will embody the full potency of your godhood, as you discover the power of love manifest.”


Your soul is divinely conceived and each of us I endowed with endowed with a soul mandates. The majesty of your divine potential is set up0n a certain course to propel you into the supra genius of the enlightened heart. Leadership, stewardship and creatorship is your birthright. Awakening to your divine mandates, compels the dynamic outflow of higher positives. Manifesting your mandates is the path to  mastery and it is here, that you are called to lead the way.
~ The Rishi

Divine Mandates

Soul Contracts & The Masterself


The Over-lighting of Masters

Although knowledge of soul contracts and spiritual mandates may be recognized as a significant stage of spiritual growth by many seekers, what you receive from the Mataji Rishi activates a powerful influx of dynamic divine energy into your life and higher purposes.  Private work with the Rishi, bestows a potent empowerment that triggers your “soul blueprint” to activate and actualize into the earth plane dimension. As you enter the her presence, she amplifies your divine mandates into realization, with the tangible presence of the spiritual hierarchy. Her over-lighting is an unparalleled boon that calls your mandates into action. Divesting from ego to become empty of attachments, allows the limitless outflow of the enlightened genius that is your true nature. Completing you karmic wheel becomes a natural thrust of endeavor, freeing the soul to fulfill mandates with the mastery of authentic love and service.


Completing Your Karmic Wheel

The Rishi convenes the phenomena of Omni Awakening that ignites accelerated transformation for rapid completion of the karmic wheel, allowing the Master Self to emerge as the instrument that fulfills spiritual mandates. The transformation of density is readily transmuted as the potent light of the Master Self is embodied. Simultaneous “completion and commencement,” commences, whereby the initiate is engaged in completing karmic lessons, while also commencing alignment with the Master Self. As alignment becomes immersion, the soul is freed to no longer be adrift in the morass of outer circumstances. Completing the karmic wheel of carnal involution, commences the spiritual wheel of divine evolution. To be done with one’s karmic becomes a conscious decision the moves from the inner imperative that naturally becomes vividly conscious as the contact with the Master Self is made.

The Rishi is a supreme igniter of the Master Self Presence, long referred by traditions around the world as the Angel of the Presence, the Universal Atma, the Christ-Self, the inner Sat Guru and the Prime Avatar. Her embracing heart and guiding wisdom provides profound expansions of spiritual growth for destiny souls, transformational leaders, initiates and adepts to brilliantly unfold their divine calling to be the instrument of the divine and the master builders of a new and compassionate world. It is the Master Self that is the enlightened instrument. Being in The Rishi’s presence provides the vibrational uplift that activates the  illumination of the Master Self into living manifestation. Her Sedona Gateway Retreats are a profound catalyst for the emergence of the Master Self and a profoundly powerful introduction the Rishi, serving as an indispensable preparation for acceptance into her programs and mentorships.

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Royal Path Master Teachings

The focus of intentional transformation steadily amasses a heightened awareness within the soul, as the ego of the persona relinquishes control. This shift of power reinstates the mastery of conscious co-creation that is an instinctual imperative that begins to flow throughout the chakra system, to not only illumine higher thinking and visionary abilities, but to transmute the survival impulse, to make way for the imperative “to create.” As the soul is no longer entrapped in the entanglement of ego projections, divine mandates become the joyful expression of the Master Self.

It is momentous when the choice point arises, to precipitate the causal power of willed-seed-thought, rather than be a slave to circumstances. It is an evolutionary birthright and a hierarchal principle to awaken initiates to the truth of their universal mastery. The Mataji Rishi is an igniter of this inborn divinity. You are a master-in-the-making the moment you receive the celestial light of omni awakening. As you step forward as an initiate of the sacred knowledge of the Royal Path Master Teachings, you step forward upon the shores of a new time for humanity.

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The Path of Co-Creation

The Rishi’s remarkable syllabus, The Path of Co-Creation, is an ascension “entraining,” that not only accelerates the initiate’s higher life purpose, it endows the mastery of divine manifestation. Ascension training is foundational to her retreats and programs for initiates, adepts and arhats. Mastering the Co-Creation Formulas that actualize the compounding of a seed-thought into physical expression, is an unparalleled opportunity for spiritual development and divine service.  This body of sacred knowledge reveals never before unveiled teachings of the Solar Rishis, that form the basis of the Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation. These rarest of transmissions quicken the awakening of Christ Consciousness.


The Defining Difference

The Rishi’s private teachings in Sedona are an opportunity like none other for accelerated awakening, for the transmittal sacred knowledge with an emphasis on “egoless co-creation” as an evolving progression of mastery. As an incarnating Solar Rishi, our beloved Mataji bestows the omnipotent Methods of the Masters to accepted initiates, through whom a higher human potential will be manifest. Her programs and initiatives include: The Sedona Gateway Retreats, The Omega Counsel Initiative for Women of Purpose, The True North Leadership Initiative for Awakened Leaders, and the Path of Enlightenment for Adepts and Arhats.

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From the Rishi…
 “Behold the supreme anointing of omni awakening, an uplifting samadhi that rouses the mandates of the destiny soul within whose DNA are the light codes of a new humanity.  For as you remember and recognize yourself as you always have been throughout the wheels of time, so too, do you realized that you are the  prodigy of love, the lotus born, one and the same. You are Destiny Souls of the New Genesis.”
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