From the Rishi…
“You are here to awaken, you are here to co-create and live in divine partnership. Your soul knows this, your heart knows this. As you engage your karmic learning as an education in higher consciousness, the reality of divine manifestation is revealed.”

Omni Awakening

Come…it is time. The Rishi’s clarion call to Sedona is sent out to “the few who will influence the many.”  As you walk through her door, the permeating power of a great purpose is tangible in the air. Your higher calling is the quickening that you will sense and feel and simply know to be true.

The Sedona Gateway

Awakening, Mastery & Service


For the Few Who Will Influence the Many

The Rishi’s Sedona Gateway Retreats manifest an auspicious gateway for the transmission of Supreme Light, the Akasha of the Ascended Masters and the Holiness of Spiritual Initiation. To experience the Rishi’s presence is to experience the palpable presence of your own source light, your timeless divinity and your birthright of Christ Consciousness. To enter her radiance of transmission is to enter the light of a new potential for humanity. Omni Awakening, Revelation and Ascension is her gift to you. Her sacred knowledge transmittal empowers initiates to navigate rapid transition and world conditions with wisdom and clarity. Four Sedona Gateway Retreats are offered each year, designed to accelerate your progression through the four stages of awakening.

Private Retreats Overview


For Souls of Integrity and Purpose

Convened as exclusive, private retreats, the Rishi extends this extraordinary opportunity to souls of purpose, integrity and substance who seek to be instruments of personal and collective transformation. Whether you are twenty-five or seventy-five, your soul is timeless and your enlightenment is within reach in this lifetime. The beloved Mataji transmits the divine light of Christ Consciousness that brings your true potential into realization. From the moment you enter her grace of presence, you are embraced by the tangible experience of your timeless divinity, a potent activation that awakens the light of your soul and the omnipresence of your Master Self.


Your Soul’s Essential-Learning

There are four gateways of awakening that propel your soul’s progression through the spirals of “essential learning” that manifest your Master Self. Each milestone of progression occurs through an “inner entraining” of higher consciousness that upgrades and evolves the human brain, nervous system and DNA. Each stage of awakening creates a conscious “tool for mastery” that assures your enlightenment through the omniscience of the new genesis of human potential. When the four gateways of awakening are mastered, the “amassing of your soul’s light” manifests the Universal Atma or Universal Christ Presence. The Rishi’s four, yearly gateway retreats correspond to the progression of “consciousness co-creation” and the sacred knowledge of The Solar Doctrine of Divine Manifestation.


Your Conscious Entraining

Completion of your karmic wheel is essential to enlightenment and essential to the mastery of all three planes of existence – the divine, the spiritual and the physical.  Sedona Gateway Retreats are designed to consummate and complete your soul’s karmic learning, clearing the way for actualizing your enlightenment in a single lifetime. Retreats with the Rishi accelerate your progression of awakening and spiritual entraining. Each gateway retreat is divinely endowed and over-lighted with the presence of the Great Masters and a supreme entraining endowment.  The phenomena of omni awakening is embodied by the entrained sacred knowledge that completes your karmic wheel. Each 4-Day Gateway Retreat is inclusive of the omniscience of the four principles of divine manifestation.

The Principle of Amassing

The Principle of Synthesis

The Principle of Compounding

The Principle of Expansion


Awakening for Auspicious New Beginnings

Omni Awakening

Sacred Knowledge

Planetary Prophecy

Divine Service


The Gift
The Gateway Retreat is the Rishi’s gift to your soul. It ignites a new beginning and a new time line that ignites the awakening of your Master Self. It is a divine gateway in time that shifts the very nature of your reality to become aligned with your greatest potential for this lifetime. It is a gateway in time that activates the lines of force that set your greatest positives into actualization. It is a monumental gateway that makes a global difference. It is a celestial opening of the highest order.

Life Mastery
The transmission of Omni Awakening commences the manifestation of the Master Self that brings the sublime truth of higher consciousness into the world of appearances, empowering initiates to be the master of conscious co-creation, rather than be a slave to outer circumstances, through the principle of divine synthesis that empowers initiates to manifest Christ Consciousness.

Prime Activation
The Rishi’s presence is an immaculately igniting force for awakening. Endowed to wield the Great Rod of Initiation, she outflows the omniscience of cosmic fire, a rare phenomenon of divine permeation, that viscerally ignites the Master Self that is anchored in the Absolute Being of Oneness into the full spectrum of the body-mind-soul matrix. Words simply do not suffice to define this holy empowerment.

Inner Transformation
The power of omni awakening brings a merciful closure to the playing out of the push and pull of the inner-polarities that perpetuate karmic episodes of learning that create outer circumstances of cause and effect. Healing the hidden saboteurs of inner conflict and opposition unifies the optimum forces of personal energy, kundalini and Chi, setting into motion a new life potential to love, serve and create as a liberated soul.

Divine Transmission
The Rishi is a living vessel for the continual radiance of illumination that ignites telepathic receptivity to the divine realms. Her direct transmittal of the shakti of omnipresence creates a heightened vibration for the profound quickening of Christ Consciousness, revelations of sacred knowledge, and rapid expansion through the thresholds of enlightenment.

Personal Mentoring
The Rishi brings the enlightened eye to the process of awakening the god-self abilities of the initiates who are accepted into her private retreats. New thresholds of intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance and inner- knowing are activated to empower the manifestation of life mandates through over-lighting of the great masters.

Rare ~ Refined ~ Remarkable

Sedona Gateway Retreats are unlike any other retreat experience. Each retreat is specifically attuned to the unique energetics of your retreat group to provide an intensified focus for your awakening, healing and ascension. It is the unique purpose of the Rishi’s private retreats to also activate the siddhi-abilities that enhance your evolving mastery and endeavors of divine service. Each Gateway Retreat creates a living matrix of highly concentrated divine light to trigger tipping points for the succession of positives that most serve your expansion of influence. Of monumental significance is that the Rishi’s private retreats are powerfully over-lighted by the spiritual hierarchy and also serve as a major planetary conduit for the emanation of God Consciousness. *Sedona Gateway Retreats are open to accepted applicants who may attend as often as desired. It is advised not to delay in submitting your application for admittance, if you are sincerely interested in taking part in this extraordinary opportunity.

Four Exquisite Days with the Rishi

Retreat Fee: $30,000
*non-inclusive of lodging
*inclusive of daily luncheon buffet


The Rishi’s private work is purposely monetized to bring the greatest overall benefit to this critical time for humanity. Her offering to seekers and initiates is both selective and inclusive, with the intention that this mutual exchange becomes exponential. Whereas purposeful fees are inherent to retreats and programs, attendance to her monthly Omni Meditation Darshans are offered by donation. Merit-based work-trades and scholarships are offered to those who are truly called to the Rishi regardless of economic circumstances.

Work-trade exchanges are available to assist with retreats, programs, administration and video production. Early requests are advised, made to Omni Institute, the Rishi’s sponsor organization: 480-575-1276

Apply for Retreat Acceptance

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Sedona Gateway Summer Retreat – FULL  4 days August 16-19, 2019
Sedona Gateway Fall Retreat 4 days October 24-27, 2019
Sedona Gateway Winter Retreat 4 days February 15-18, 2020
Sedona Gateway Spring Retreat 4 days March 20-23, 2020


Activating the Divine DNA

The Rishi’s emanation of divine light elevates the structure of our human DNA, the nervous system, and brain-wave cohesion to a higher frequency and dimension of consciousness. Her presence restores the divine blueprint for a new genesis that reprograms karmic repetition. Her divine transmission creates a bridge of light that reconnects the soul with a new time-line of divine evolution. All higher dimensions exist simultaneously to physicality. Because we are divinely conceived to be advanced, benevolent, spiritually developed stellar beings, a shift in time-lines is readily made manifest when the soul’s love, will and intelligence is aligned in the sacred wielding of divine co-creation. The shift to our original Divine DNA is within reach. It exists now and can indeed be activated and restored to foster the higher purpose of humanity. The Rishi’s concentration ion of omni-radiance has a far-reaching benefit. She has incarnated to open the celestial gateway for attaining the supra-genius state that the flowering of enlightenment so effortlessly elicits.

The Rishi Has Opened Her Doors…

The Mataji Rishi bestows the palpable radiance of Christ Consciousness and the profound phenomena of Omni Awakening. Her western sanctuary in Sedona is a sanctified global focal point of the Great Masters. The selective nature of her private retreats and programs is designed to impart the power of accelerated awakening  to those who are called to example the love and wisdom of authentic service. It is your selfless desire to become a divine instrument that attracts divine empowerment into your life, and it is the undeniable light of your inner calling that opens the Rishi’s door.


You are the Rishi’s spiritual guest when you attend a Sedona Gateway Retreat. You not only receive life-changing transformation, you also receive the most enhancing of the “Sedona experiences” offered in the region. The Rishi selects the most gifted healers, teachers, artists and tour guides as contributors to her retreats. When you attend a Gateway Retreat, many doors are opened for you to provide the greatest depth of healing and renewal for the lasting enrichment of body, mind and soul. Every gateway retreat, whether fall, winter, spring or summer, is profound beyond words. Sedona is breathtaking throughout the year and every season is a wonderment to behold.

Learn more about The Sedona Retreat Experience


Sedona Gateway Retreats are held four times seasonally each year. Space is limited to an intimate group of souls who are individually accepted based upon their readiness, karmic merit, unique soul make-up, inner-character and higher life purpose. We invite you to be aware that the Mataji Rishi is committed to mentoring twelve souls into their full enlightenment in the upcoming years, making each of her retreats an auspicious opportunity. *Attendance to a Sedona Gateway Retreat is prerequisite for acceptance into The Path of Enlightenment annual program for initiates, adepts and spiritual protégés.

We warmly invite you to request attendance. Early request is advised for acceptance into each retreat that you wish to attend.

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The Sublime Nature of Private Retreats

All Sedona Gateway Retreats are held in the tranquility of the Rishi’s Abode of the Masters, a private estate setting that is surrounded by breath-taking vistas that silence the mind and inspire the soul.  The Abode is profoundly over-lighted by her holy presence and receives one of the most intensive amplifications of divine light on the planet. You will receive rapid elevations of consciousness, yet it is the Rishi’s extraordinary radiance and effortless ease of mastery that is the ultimate experience that is forever yours. What she examples is your birthright revealed to you through the perfection of your own direct experience.

Sedona Program Overview


Gateway Retreats are a sacred space for The Celestial Initiations of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Great Masters that bestows an electrifying outpouring of omnipresence directly into the body, soul and mind of the initiate. Many of you are having spontaneous omni-activations the world over, a merciful divine blessing that rishis and the masters make possible. “Taking Initiation” in its authentic reality is not merely a ceremony, no matter how profound a ceremony may be. Each Celestial Initiation issues forth a monumental acceleration of living light that shortens the time of human suffering and the stages of the soul’s spiritual development by many lifetimes.


The Rishi is a revered master of spiritual initiation. She ignites this sacred passage through the direct transmittal of divine light and the sacred knowledge that is most needed by your soul. Taking the full sequence of initiations from the 1st to the 9th, including the highest allowable, builds the light body or “Temple of the Presence.” This omniscient endowment is the foremost means of revealing the divine birthright of godhood that is the basis of all mastery. It is ultimately also the gateway of ascension to the immortal body. Thus, the Pillar of Light activation and meditation method is also your sacred ascension chamber.


The Rishi embodies a refreshing modern realism while also serving as a guardian of the ancient traditions. She activates your God-given potential, an opportunity like none other. We appreciate that the Mataji Rishi is a contemporary master who remains involved on a daily basis with her children and grandchildren as their guiding light. She attained enlightenment as a householder, which is living proof of what is possible for all initiates living contemporary lives. Her life example over the decades bespeaks a hands-on response to the most critical global issues of our times, making her a true teacher of teachers and master of masters. Her wisdom and clarity as a western regent are rarities among awakened teachers.


The Few Who will Influence the Many

The Rishi’s wisdom of focus is divinely designed to awaken and guide the “few who will influence the many,” those souls who are called to the great work of transformational global change. The profundity of exchange with an enlightened master cannot be over-estimated. Her Path of Co-Creation teachings are a groundbreaking instrument of the divine plan.  You may or may not be aware of what it means to be a destiny soul, but if you are aware of an inner calling to serve the new era of conscious co-creation, you are ready to receive the sacred knowledge that will guide your soul.

From the Rishi…
“Dear Ones,
My Abode of the Masters in Sedona fulfills a very special commission to provide a high vibrational stronghold for divine partnership with the Great Masters for enlightened world service. I am here to bring clarity to the global orchestration that will guide humanity through the coming years of  upheaval and change that will take place side-by-side with new opportunity and innovation. I am especially mandated to guide, activate and counsel transformational leaders, teachers, healers and innovators for world betterment. Unto this auspicious endeavor, an enlightened unity amongst world servers is the rising star that shines the rays of hope upon future generations.”

Royal Path Calendar

Sedona Retreats, Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

Sedona Gateway Summer Retreat  – FULL 4 days August 16 – 19, 2019 Request Attendance
Omega Council Women’s Intensive – FULL 1 day September 15, 2019 Submit Application
Omni Meditation Evening Darshan – FULL 7-9pm September 27, 2019 Request/RSVP
Rishi’s Birthday Observance – FULL 10am-2pm October 6, 2019 Request/RSVP
Omni Meditation Morning Darshan – FULL 9-11am October 13, 2019 Invitation/RSVP
Omni Meditation Evening Darshan – FULL 7-9pm October 18, 2019 Request/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Fall Retreat – FULL 4 days October 24 – 27, 2019 Request Attendance
Omega Council Women’s Retreat  3 days November 15 – 17, 2019 Submit Application
Omni Meditation Morning Darshan 9-11am November 10, 2019 Request/RSVP
Omni Meditation Evening Darshan 7-9pm November 22, 2019 Request/RSVP
True North Leadership Initiative 3 days December 7-9, 2019 Submit Application
Winter Solstice Observance 7-9pm December 21, 2019 Invitation/RSVP
Omni Meditation Morning Darshan 9-11am December 29, 2019 Request/RSVP
Omni Meditation Morning Darshan 9-11am January 19, 2020 Request/RSVP
Omni Meditation Evening Darshan 7-9pm January 31, 2020 Request/RSVP
Omni Meditation Morning Darshan 9-11am February 9, 2020 Request/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Winter Retreat 4 days February 15 – 18, 2020 Request Attendance
Omni Meditation Evening Darshan 7-9pm February 21, 2020 Request/RSVP
Omega Council Women’s Intensive 1 day March, 7-9 2020 Submit Application
Sedona Gateway Spring Retreat 4 days March 20 – 23, 2020 Request Attendance
Path of Enlightenment 7 days April 20 – 26, 2020 Submit Application
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