From the Rishi…
“I am here to ignite the unfailing true north of destiny souls.  Spiritual power restores your godhood of its natural providence, yet, to become the instrument of the Divine Plan, you must the sacrifice of the attachments that invite illusion. Let them burn in the fire of truth and higher knowing. For no untruth is worth the hidden cost of imaginary gain. For by absolute truth, is the power of the heavens bestowed upon the royal scepter that governs the pure mind, and as all is given, all is gained. The Power Omniscient moves from the emptiness that is ever full.”


You are the vanguards. You are the hope. You are the power. Your highest mandate moves from your true north, to master the right use of power. Your inner-knowing is the driving force of your higher calling. You have been prepared to wield the “power of presence,” with the steady hand of compassion and the brilliance of the selfless mind. You are the creators of the new era of service leadership, the unstoppable force for good, that is the rising sun of a new time.

True North Leadership

The Initiative, The Retreats, The Fellowship


An Initiative for Planetary Service

May 16-18, 2019

A Call to World Servers.

A Call to Leaders and Destiny Souls.

A Call to Sovereignty, Purpose and Integrity.  

Accepting candidates for the great work of planetary service…. a profoundly significant divine calling to those whose imperative of motivation moves from the highest accord and the sanctity of an inner knowing that this life time is your legacy lifetime. For who are ready to stand in the unity of heart and mind that is beyond religion, culture and creed, to redirect the future of our planet from the perils of greed and vice, to the prosperity  of  peace and brotherhood and from inequality and division, to opportunity and mindful stewardship.

The Rishi is accepting candidates for the True North Leadership Initiative – an unprecedented entraining with the Great Masters for enlightened leadership, conscious co-creation. personal mastery and collaborative excellence.

True North Retreats 
Sit among the selected few in the inspiring majesty of Sedona experience. The True North Program provides the direct transmission of divine illumination for accomplished souls of substance and vision, convening an exclusive group of master souls who are the vanguards of global change. Each retreat with the Rishi is a penetrating, experiential gateway for phenomenal break-throughs of personal empowerment, elevations of spiritual awareness, the piercing clarity of truth and unprecedented transmissions of sacred knowledge especially convened for your mission and mandate. * True North Retreats are limited is a small, select group. Early request to reserve your space is advised.

Retreat Application

True North Private Sessions
Raja Insight private sessions with the Mataji Rishi, bringing enlightened counseling, spiritual activation, and clairvoyant guidance into a brilliance of empowerment for impeccable higher guidance. As the light that stands behind leaders across the globe, the Rishi is a catalyst for destiny souls to manifest their highest mandates of world service and higher life purpose. *Please note, that not to hesitate when booking private sessions due to the high number of requests.

Private Sessions Request

True North Mentoring
In-depth, ongoing engagement with the Mataji Rishi Devra provides the precision of the enlightened eye for doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. As an omniscient catalyst for the Will-To-Good, she polishes the soul’s of those whose time has come to stand in the light of the true north that will open the way for future generations to live as a free and thriving populace.

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True North Fellowship
The Rishi’s convenes a global group of awakened leaders, innovators and world servers in allied collaboration through the power of the Divine Plan for a benevolent humanity and a sustainable future. As the vanguards of a new era of global guardianship, the fellowship is continually blessed and amplified with the Rishi’s guiding insight.

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3 Profound Days … December 13-15, 2019

As the light that quietly stands behind world servers and innovators from across the globe, the Rishi leads a new era of divine service for world betterment, through the illumination of the pure mind and the radiance of the enlightened heart. This opportunity is convened for the those who feel imperative to rise above the fray of circumstances, from the true north of inner knowing and the passion of the soul. Activating the wisdom and power of your master self to transcend the limitations, actualizes the excellence of awakened mastery. At the heart of this extraordinary invitation to enter the sacred fire of a new genesis of human potential lies the humble humanity of your godliness made manifest.

The Rishi’s leadership retreats are purposely monetized, to bring balance and vitality to her overall mission on behalf of humanity. The Rishi embraces mutual exchange that is exponential. Her private work is both selective and inclusive. There are fees required for attendance to retreats and programs, whereas attendance to her meditations and special occasions are offered by donation. Merit based work trades and scholarships are offered to those who are truly called to the Rishi regardless of economic circumstances.

* A small number of work-trade exchanges are available, to assist during retreats and programs, or with administrative  tasks or post-retreat production of videos. Please make an immediate request to Omni Institute, the Rishi’s sponsor organization: 480-575-1276 or

True North Leadership 3-day Retreat
Retreat Investment Fee: $50,000

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Experience the Rishi’s profoundly powerful methods for conscious manifestation, that ignite Spheres of Focus and Lines of Force from the causal levels of creation into precipitation on the physical plane. A Method of the Masters that combines the omniscient energetics of divine revelation, soul-realization and material activation, an interactive triadic method that reveals all aspects of an endeavor’s potential into a full spectrum of realization. Co-Creation Formulas activate a “living power  matrix” that actualizes intentions, plans or projects from their illumination of divine concept, into the practical lateralization that brings mandates and higher guidance into material expression. A rare but immensly empowering miracle method of divine manifestation, that the ascended masters have gifted to the Rishi, that  reveals what is truly possible, illumines soul-based realization and activates positive trajectories into amplified vectors of precipitation. The activate vectors manifest as “living light” that actualizes the tipping points that lateralize and ground the greatest potential into exponentials of materialization.


Exclusive and Private

The Rishi’s True North Program is held at the Rishi’s private sanctuary with the highest regard for anonymity. Upon acceptance, your specific aspirations, divine calling, professional goals and practical needs are embraced in the Rishi’s guiding light. Specialized spiritual activations, clairvoyant guidance and the raja of enlightened presence is the light on your path that assures fulfillment of mandates and a boundless potential.


Guardians of Future Generations

Service leadership is the true north that will change the world, as the Rishi opens the golden doors to the sacred knowledge that will create a monumental tipping point for innovators and change agents, who affirm the principles of integrity, compassion, equality, and inclusiveness that uplifts the human spirit to its most noble expression of Christ Consciousness. Her Path of Co-Creation and renowned co-creation formulas empower the application of sacred knowledge into the enlightenment of enterprise, inclusive of medicine, finances, education, governance, corporate function, technology, science, environmental stewardship, and the arts, restoring the inborn dignity of the]human spirit and a sustainable future that serves all world citizens.

Read: The Seven Laws of Reciprocal Balance


Mastery and Financial Leadership

Attendees to the Rishi’s New North Leadership Retreat are brought into a clarity of empowerment about the principle of enlightened monetization. Program members are also invited to be aware of her vision for the Golden Flame Benefactors Fellowship, to engage philanthropy, wisdom giving and endowments for the Rishi’s enlightened enterprises in a unified sponsorship of her life mission. The great work of her Regency deserves our foremost dedication of expertise to “put the love back into the money,” a profoundly practical quote from the Rishi’s teachings. We serve as the “in the world” backbone that executes a spiritual directive of the highest accord, to not only create sustainable, divinely empowered wealth for world good, but to also change global financial dynamics by doing so. Through our unity of service, we open ourselves to receive divine amplification to the fullest outflow of prosperity consciousness for the transformation of global finances.

Benefactor’s Fellowship


The Rishi’s leadership retreats are an unprecedented opportunity to receive her renowned Co-Creation Master Teachings, a profound transmission of sacred knowledge on the secrets of divine manifestation and master methods for divine empowerment that actualize your highest accord of excellence for endeavors and mandates that manifest your Legacy Lifetime. There are no words to truly description the dynamic nature of a training initiative of this caliber, that sets a new gold standard of mastery for even the most accomplished leaders. The Divine Steward is the basis of the personal development that heralds a new era of supra genius applied to world conditions. The True North Initiative is designed to ignite pivotal breakthroughs that create lasting legacies of world service. The Rishi imparts a modern realism that is catalytic for contemporary leaders who are called to step forward as change agents, innovators, teachers and emissaries of a new potential for enlightened leadership. Each retreat is a mastery training for dynamic expansions of supra-genius consciousness for service to the divine plan as adepts and arhats of enlightened enterprise and global guardianship.


Service leadership is the true north that will change the world, as the Rishi opens the golden doors to the sacred knowledge that will create monumental tipping points for innovators who lead from the integrity, compassion, and inclusiveness that uplifts the human spirit to its most noble expression of Christ Consciousness. Her Path of Co-Creation and renowned co-creation formulas empower the application of sacred knowledge into the enlightened enterprise to transform medicine, finances, education, governance, corporate function, technology, science, environmental stewardship for a sustainable future that serves all world citizens.

Royal Path Calendar

Sedona Retreats, Programs, Darshans and Special Occasions

Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon December 8, 2019 Invitation/RSVP
True North Leadership Initiative 3 days December 13-15, 2019 Submit Application
Winter Solstice Darshan 9am-2pm December 21, 2019 Invitation/RSVP
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon January 19, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Omni Meditation Darshan 9-11am January 26, 2020 FULL
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon February 9, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Winter Retreat 4 days February 15-18, 2020 FULL
Omni Meditation Darshan 9-11am February 16, 2020 Request/RSVP
MARCH, 2020
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon March 1, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Omega Council Women’s Intensive 1 day March 28, 2020 Submit Application
Omni Meditation Darshan 9-11am March 29, 2020 Request/RSVP
APRIL, 2020
Easter Enlightenment Darshan 9-2pm April 12, 2020 Request/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Spring Retreat 4 days April 16-19, 2020 Request Attendance
Omega Council Women’s Retreat 3 days April 24-26, 2020 Submit Application
MAY, 2020
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon May 3, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
True North Leadership Initiative 3 days May 22-24, 2020 Submit Application
JUNE, 2020
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon June 7, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Summer Solstice Darshan 9am-1pm June 21, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
JULY, 2020
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon July 12, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
AUGUST, 2020
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon August 2, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Summer Retreat 4 days August 14-17, 2020 Request Attendance
Omni Meditation Darshan 9-11am August 30, 2020 Request/RSVP
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon September 6, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Omega Council Women’s Intensive 1 day September 11, 2020 Submit Application
Path of Enlightenment 7 days TBA Submit Application
True North Leadership Initiative 3 days September 18-20, 2020 Submit Application
Rishi’s Birthday Darshan 10am-2pm October 4, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Sedona Gateway Fall Retreat 4 days October 22-25, 2020 Submit Application
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon November 1, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Omega Council Women’s Retreat 3 days November 13-15, 2020 Submit Application
Morning Lotus Darshan 9-noon December 6, 2020 Invitation/RSVP
Winter Solstice Darshan 10am-2pm December 20, 2020 Request/RSVP
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