THE MASTERS PRESENCE.. for Self-Realization, Visionary Leadership & Life Enrichment

Higher Purpose Private Sessions

THE DIVINE MASTER… The Rishi’s profound offering to provide private work to souls who seek to realize their higher purpose provides the pure grace of the divine for optimizing your greatest aspirations. Private work offers the deep eye of a regent master, whose sweeping grasp of modern issues assures a truly enlightened exchange. Her very presence bestows the phenomena of spiritual activation to complete karmic entanglements, infusing your life with the dynamic light of your Master Self.

ROYAL RAJA… The Rishi is a renowned master of Royal Raja, the omniscient light of “divine logic” that was bestowed on queens, kings, emperors and pharaohs throughout history.  Her “eye of raja” sees the unseen, guides the way, and sets into motion the greatest good for divine manifestation. In the timeless tradition of the reclusive sage, oracle or enlightened elder, private sessions are convened solely within the sanctity of her Abode of the Masters in Sedona.

SACRED KNOWLEDGE… The Rishi’s training syllabus, The Path of Co-Creation, is an enlightened resource that is especially paramount for today’s visionary leaders, innovators and initiates and it is applicable across all spectrums to life endeavor. Co-Creation Formulas are the rocket fuel of conscious manifestation, for companies, innovations, projects, personal karmic entanglements and family dynamics.

PERSONAL MASTERY… The Rishi’s private session focus is reserved for those whose life vision welcomes the deep insight and guiding light that empowers pivotal breakthroughs and major shifts in higher consciousness, setting new horizons of life potential into optimum actualization. To activate your timeless Master Self is the Rishi’s majesty of empowerment to… “the few who will lead and influence the many.”

Comments about private sessions….

 “Never did I expect such a sweeping transformation of my entire reality. It is as though the veil was parted, suddenly revealing the truth that I had been so blind to for so long. I can only sit in awe and be grateful to finally know what really matters and what does not. I am undeniably connected to my godself. Now, I understand why the Rishi is called the teacher of teachers and the master of masters.”
~ Alice Holiday, master sound healer and owner of The Sound Center
“I’m not one to give testimonies at all, but my experience with the Rishi was so phenomena that I simply cannot refrain from all but shouting from the mountain top. I was saturated with light for days after what I can only call a sacred encounter with an enlightened being. Her depth of wisdom was astounding. Timeless insight but absolutely spot on at every level.”
~ George Samuels, financial manager and spiritual student
“The healing of the client with cancer was was not only saturated the room and all those therein, nor was it simply holistic. It was also regenerative. Afterward she softly stated, “It is done, it is done.” As we stood by witnessing, I was filled with a sense that the whole cosmos – heaven and earth rejoiced at the new birth. Four days after, I am still swimming in this sense of pervasive joy. The Rishi’s healing grace is as revolutionary, as it is regenerative. It is the restoration of all things in Christ.”
~ Sister Ebere, Ph.D., Catholic Nun



A new potential for authentic success is guided by the Rishi, whose deep eye sees the highest good and advised trajectory for all circumstances. Your deepest aspirations are the golden door for your self-mastery and well-being. The opportunity of a one-on-one encounter with an enlightened master is a rarity. It is also an exponential gateway to a higher life expression and an extraordinary spiritual experience. The Law of Ten is based upon the increases that are set into motion through divine empowerment. To request a private session and prepare yourself for the greatest possible benefit, please read the information below:

We appreciate your patience with the care we take in processing your request for the auspicious opportunity that the Rishi provides. Your request for a private session with an enlightened master is a profoundly life-changing opportunity. It is also a gift and an unprecedented privilege. Trust that divine providence is at work with the way in which you receive the activation of transformation that your soul truly calls for and the manner by which your higher life purpose is served, furthered and made manifest.

THE LAW OF TEN…. As you take a single step toward the divine, the divine takes ten steps towards you.

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Reset, Renew, Regenerate


Private Sessions

To be in the presence of an enlightened master, brings the palpable quickening of truth into a divine immediacy to restore and regenerate the natural vital state of wholeness and well-being. For many, the omniscience of divine intervention occurs when it is most needed, when past merits of karma are synthesized into the present, reversing negatives to positives and illness to health. Spiritual activations and divine grace healing is the Rishi’s gift to those whose restoration of body, mind, and spirit serves their awakening and higher life purpose. Many of you have made deep sacrifices over the course of your lifetimes, your lessons are learned and you are ready for the grace of illumination that opens the way.

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Leaders, Servers and Innovators

Private sessions are a compliment to those who are engaged with the Rishi’s programs, to create an integral cohesion that allows accelerated awakening, vital realizations and expansions of personal mastery to be rapidly integrated. Sessions are an igniting form of  “divine entraining.” Candidates for the True North & Omega Council & Path of Enlightenment initiatives are given a priority of focus for private sessions. Life legacies of purposeful influence is the Rishi’s hallmark of endowment for those who sense, feel and know the power of the divine calling that now is the time to rise in the light of the new potential for this lifetime.


Options for Focus
Online Phone Session $5,000
Private In-Person Session $10,000
Half-day Private Intensive $25,000
Full-day Private Intensive $50,000
VIP Private Retreats Inquire per Scope
VIP Private Mentorships Inquire per Scope
Active Student Session Inquire per Scope
Scholarship Session Inquire per Scope


Honoring Your Sacred Exchange

For in-person sessions… It is our tradition that you bring a gift of flowers as a sacred exchange. In the east, this small gesture is known as the “prasad” that brings your devotional requests and invocations into a humility of inner reverence. As you enter her presence, it is the time to honor a shared sacred space. It is also time let go of worldly concerns and gift yourself with a day of grace, rest and integration.

For phone sessions… Please prepare yourself for an enlightened exchange in the manner that speaks to your heart.  Please take a moment to set your sacred space as a focus for contemplation and divine receptivity. Take care to give yourself several hours of integration time after your session has completed, to allow for continued realization and inner connection to unfold. Please all the number that will be provided to you, after your session time has been confirmed, at your appointed time, with the understanding that this phone number is strictly confidential. *All sessions times are on Phoenix, Arizona time.


Please review the areas of session focus on the Private Work Overview.

As you complete your session intake form, you may include multiple areas of focus to reference your request. All commentary is assured confidentiality. Include your thoughts and comments about your personal, professional and spiritual background; inclusive of your goals and challenges and your insight into your life circumstances and current intentions. Feel free to express your concerns and aspirations.

Please have patience with our session booking process, due to the number of requests received. Booking in advance is advised. We extend our warmest wishes  for your wisdom to afford yourself with the illumination and clarity that sets a new course for a higher plane of life expression. Blessings for a truly light-filled session.

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Guidance for Your Session

The Rishi honors your life path and especially embraces the destiny soul and world server who opens the way for others. She appreciates your dedication to awaking and transformation and she gives her all to souls who have dedicated their lives to pioneering a new potential for humanity, in all fields and sectors of our shared endeavor to uplift all peoples and nations. The divine light that she transmits can be quite transcendent, as the vibration of holiness saturates the room, beautifully enveloping your body, mind and soul. She may also convey a very powerful spontaneous healing or offer her guidance for your personal path or higher purpose. Should you begin to experience an elevation of transcendence or a streaming-in of divine energy, simply embrace this loving grace, as you deepen in your connection with the guiding light of your soul’s timeless presence.

After seeing the Rishi, you are welcome to rest and integrate to more deeply absorb your experience by sitting quietly in meditation and reflection. You may wish to lie down to immerse in illumination and light. Please feel free to ask for any assistance you might need before leaving her Abode of the Masters or make inquiries about further participation. You may wish to acquire her books or CDs for your continued enrichment.  Thoughtful contemplation is suggested for several days after your session, to deepen your insights and receive further guidance to broaden your wisdom of understanding.

It is our pleasure and privilege to be of service to you.

To Say “Thank You”

After your session, we welcome you to express your gratitude as you may feel guided.  Your donations of time and resources make the rare opportunity of private sessions with an enlightened master possible. Your wisdom of generosity is appreciated in support of the Rishi’s tireless endeavors for global awakening. Please feel free to inquire about the Rishi’s projects and endeavors and our ongoing service support.



“I cannot find words to express my amazement and gratitude. Finding the Rishi is like discovering a waterfall of holy water after thirsting in a dry, barren desert. Her wisdom and guiding light could not have been more timely, more profound or to the point and the term spiritual activation does not do justice to what I experienced or the enormous sense of elevation that literally changed my life. Weeks later, I am renewed, redirected and spiritually grounded in a way that I thought could never be possible. My eyes were opened as if my life potential was shown to me like a crystal clear movie that has ignited my passion and my sense of true north.”

Janice DeWitt PhD, Seeker, Environmental Scientist
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