Solstice Transmission – June 2019

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Receive the palpable transmission of the Rishi’s Solstice Revelation, a profound message about revealing yourself, your light and your divine presence with ever greater actualization. A clarion call from the spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters to lift the veils, drop old ego-identity and become part of the exponential increase of awakening, by unveiling your radiance and higher purpose, as an activated instrument of the Clarion Call.

The Power of the Feminine Genius – Omega Promo

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Invitation to the Sedona Global Fellowship of Women Leaders. Spiritual Master Rishi’s riveting talk on the historic challenges women have faced throughout the centuries that has increased the genius of female intelligence, intuition and determination. Invitation to come to Sedona to become a founding member of The Omega Counsel for the global empowerment of women leaders for world change.

Divine Transmission of Celestial Calm

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The Celestial Calm of Absolute Being - Receive the Rishi’s silent transmission of omnipresence and grace, for healing and awakening, centering and light body activation. Bask in the radiance of this beautiful transmission of silent omnipresence for deepening your meditation, restoring equilibrium and bringing “the celestial calm” into your being for remembrance and realization of your divine origin.

The Sedona Phenomena

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The Rishi’s compelling clarion call to her Sedona Gateway Retreats, that ignite the spiritual phenomena of self-realization, enlightened clarity, and activation to awaken you to your soul’s divine purpose. The quickening of accelerated awakening that takes place in Sedona is unsurpassed.

Sedona, City of Light for World Change

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The Rishi’s Call to Enlightenment and Service to the Divine Plan Sedona, The City of Light that Empowers World Change. A powerful transmission message from the Living Rishi, Devra Adi Maa on the presence of the Great Masters, their continual work behind the scenes on behalf of spiritual seekers and initiates and the empowerments that are building the collective momentum for global awakening, world change and enlightenment as the new frontier.

The Phenomena of Accelerated Awakening

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The Radiance of Pure Consciousness and the Spiritual Heart - The Rishi’s exquisite talk on the all compelling love of God and the expansions of the heart chakra on the path of awakening and intentional transformation. Wisdom teaching on the nobility of the Royal Heart of Enlightenment, and the natural state of the deep heart of love and brotherhood, the many dimensions of The Love Immaculate and celestial calm of absolute existence.

The Question of the Doer

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The Living Rishi Devra Adi Maa, offers a profound discourse on how to detach oneself from the persona-ego and the subtle self-serving agendas that perpetuate the karmic wheel. Surmounting the illusion of ego, by transcending the small Self through Selfless service.

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